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FSX Civil Aircraft

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Thomas Cook Airbus A321 RepaintRepaint

Thomas Cook Airbus A321. Textures only for the default A321 by R. Svit. This is Thomas Cook repaint for FSX Airbus A321. Created by RSvit Installation: 1 - Place into folder .../Simobjects/Airplane/airbus_a321 2 - Open aircraft.CFG using notepad and copy the following replacing X with the next number in the sequence. Save the modified ‘aircraft.cfg’ file. [fltsim.x] title=Airbus A321 Thomas...

File size: 3.73 MB | Download hits: 1203

Jet2 Boeing 757-200Repaint for Payware Model

Jet2 Boeing 757-200 FSX Jet2 Boeing 757-200 G-LSAC. Textures for Captain Sim 757-200 Winglets model. Compatable with the Captainsim ACE utility. By Lee Marrow. Captain Sim Boeing 757-200 Jet2 G-LSAC Flight Simulator X only !! Author Lee Marrow Install: To install unzip to your Flight Simulator XCaptainsim757Variants folder Then run the captainsim ACE utility and add New livery. Jet2 Boeing 757-200. ...

File size: 4.57 MB | Download hits: 1202

Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800 Mega-PackRepaint

Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800 Mega-Pack. Here is a repaint collection of Alaska Airlines default B737-800. All aircraft have been put in DDS 32 bit for high-res textures (even if texture res is low!). The aircraft included are: standard Alaska 737-800, Alaska Hawaiian Lei 737-800, Alaska Spirit of Seattle 737-800, 737-800, and Alaska 75th Anniversary 737-800, By Christopher Gregg. Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800 in flight. Repaint of default FSX Boeing 737-800 in...

File size: 12.76 MB | Download hits: 1202

Air India Boeing 777-200LRComplete with Base Model

Air India Boeing 777-200LR. Original model by Melvin Rafi. Updates and conversion to FSX by David Grindele. "MELJET" Original Model By: MELVIN RAFI Updates and Conversion to FSX By: David Grindele "Whats new" Most of Mel's aircraft were designed to fly in FS 2000 OR FS 2002 and very few were converted to FS2004 and the ones that were converted to 2004 had afew flight dynamic problems I guess one of the reason's for this was know one tweaked the air...

File size: 54.74 MB | Download hits: 1197

AeroMexico Boeing 787-8 V2Complete with Base Model

AeroMexico Boeing 787-8 v2. This CamSim version 2 features an improved aircraft design with new Animated Ground Servicing (AGS). Model design and paint by Camil Valiquette. AeroMexico Boeing 787-8 in flight. ============================= CAMSIM Aviation Simulation =============================== Aircraft: Boeing 787-8 V2 AeroMexico Model design and paint by Camil...

File size: 2.29 MB | Download hits: 1197

Finnair McDonnell Douglas MD-11Repaint for Payware Model

Finnair McDonnell Douglas MD-11. Although Finnair has recently replaced their MD-11s (it was one of the launch customers and got the first delivered MD-11 in 1990), this repaint for the PMDG model shows the current minimalistic Finnair livery on this beautiful aircraft. Textures only for the PMDG MD11. By Thomas Sappl. Finnair McDonnell Douglas MD-11 in flight. Installation: 1. Unzip this zip-file to a tempory folder 2. Place the "texture.FINNAIR_NEW" into your PMDG...

File size: 1.67 MB | Download hits: 1197

Avianca Boeing 777-200ERComplete with Base Model

Avianca Boeing 777-200ER GE (new colors), registration N777AV. Original model by Melvin Rafi. Updates and conversion to FSX by David Grindele. "MELJET" Original Model By: MELVIN RAFI Updates and Conversion to FSX By: David Grindele "Whats new" Most of Mel's aircraft were designed to fly in FS 2000 OR FS 2002 and very few were converted to FS2004 and the ones that were converted to 2004 had afew flight dynamic problems I guess one of the reason's for...

File size: 54.14 MB | Download hits: 1196

US Airways Airbus A321 RepaintRepaint for Payware Model

US Airways Airbus A321. This is a repaint of Wilco's A321 with IAE engines in US Airways new colors. The textures are DDS files, so FSX only. By Todd Marks. US Airways Airbus A321 in flight. [fltsim.x] title=Feelthere A321 IAE US Airways New Colors sim=FeelThere_A321IAE sound= model= texture=USANC atc_airline=US Airways panel= checklists= atc_id=N519UW atc_flight_number= atc_heavy=0 ui_manufacturer=feelThere/Wilco Airbus Series Vol 1 ui_type=A321...

File size: 11.06 MB | Download hits: 1193

Iran Airbus A340-300Complete with Base Model

First A340 in Iran for Aseman and after Mahan bought A340. Model by Thomas Ruth. Repaint by Mohammad Taghi Etemadian. Looking up at an Iran Airbus A340-300 in flight. Installation: Make sure FSX is not running Make a copy of your aircraft.cfg file. Open the aircraft.cfg file. Delete all existing camera definitions. Open the camera definitions.txt file provided by me. Select and copy all the camera definitions. Paste the new camera definitions into the...

File size: 42.11 MB | Download hits: 1192

Thomson Airways Boeing 787-8Complete with Base Model

Thomson Airways Boeing 787-8. Thomson Airways is the largest charter airline in the world. Operating from 22 airports in the U.K. to holiday destinations in Europe, North/South America, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. This is a repaint in the new livery which has a darker blue on the fuselage and tail, and drops the '' from the logo (based on the repaint of First Choice Airways 757 G-OOBA). Thomson Airways will be the European launch airline for the 787. Repaint is by Ben Thomson...

File size: 3.64 MB | Download hits: 1191

US Airways Airbus A319-132Complete with Base Model

US Airways Airbus A319-132 IAE. A repaint of Project Airbus A319 model in the special colors of US Airways "The Arizona Cardinals", registration N837AE. Repainted by Mohammed Al-Khalifa. US Airways Airbus A319-132 in flight. Installation ------------ copy & paste the "A319 IAE US Airways" folder into your (Microsoft Flight Simulator XSimObjectsAirplanes) directory. That's it,Enjoy flying. If you have any comments please contact me. Mohammed...

File size: 20.07 MB | Download hits: 1189

Saudi Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-90Repaint

Saudi Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-90. A repaint of FSX Aerostar Virtual Airlines MD90, file name MD90AE.ZIP. Repainted by Shoaib Khan. Saudi Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-90. This is a repaint of FSX Aerostar Virtual Airlines MD-90. First, I want to thank Erick Cantu, Fraser Turner, and Steven Martini for the original aircraft. Repainted by Shoaib Khan. [fltsim.X] ui_typerole= twin engine jet ui_createdby= FS9toFSX Migration Tool ui_typerole= twin engine...

File size: 1.46 MB | Download hits: 1188

Flydubai Boeing 737-8K2 (WL)Complete with Base Model

Complete package for FSX only of the Project Open Sky B737-800WL model in Flydubai livery, registration A6-FDW, the 7000th 737 produced by Boeing. Comes with the default B738 VC and FSX WE model included. Repaint by Mohammed Al-Khalifa. Screenshot of Flydubai Boeing 737-8K2 (WL) in flight. Installation: Unzip downloaded files to a temporary folder Copy & paste the "Flydubai Project Opensky B737-800" into your FSX Airplanes folder located by default as...

File size: 16.32 MB | Download hits: 1186

Qantas Boeing 737-800 Yananji Dreaming liveryRepaint

FSX Qantas Boeing 737-800 in Yananji Dreaming livery. Textures only for the default B737-800. Repaint by Jon Murchison. ...

File size: 1.68 MB | Download hits: 1185

Aeromexico Boeing 777-200ER N746AMComplete with Base Model

Aeromexico Boeing 777-200ER, registration N746AM. Original model by Melvin Rafi. Updates and conversion to FSX by David Grindele. Repaint by Julien Scavini. "MELJET" Original Model By: MELVIN RAFI Updates and Conversion to FSX By: David Grindele "Whats new" Most of Mel's aircraft were designed to fly in FS 2000 OR FS 2002 and very few were converted to FS2004 and the ones that were converted to 2004 had afew flight dynamic problems I guess one of the reason's for this was know...

File size: 57.05 MB | Download hits: 1182

Orbit Airlines Boeing 787-8Repaint

Requires TDS B787 base packs (TDS788TRENT_BOEING_N787BA.ZIP and TDS788GENX_JAL_JA822J.ZIP) and the version 2 updates (TDSX788MDL_IE80.ZIP and TDSX788MDL_IE90.ZIP). Ken Wigginton's new B787 BBJ panel is highly recommended (FSX_TDS_B787-8_BBJ_PANEL_PROJECT.ZIP), but not required. Tested with FSX Acceleration. Painted by Darrin Redick. Screenshot of Orbit Airlines Boeing 787-8 on the ground. Installation: To begin, unzip the contents of this archive into a TEMPORARY folder on...

File size: 3.61 MB | Download hits: 1182

Shenzhen Airlines Boeing 737-900Complete with Base Model

Shenzhen Airlines Boeing 737-900, registration B-5106, Model by Project Open Sky (non-winlets), using sound and panel (including VC) of default B738. By He Lingyuan. Install: Just unzip the file and send "Project Opensky B737-900 Shenzhen Airlines" folder to SIMOBJECTS/AIRPLANES folder (FSX). Copy the files in Effects to FSX/EFFECTS folder. Introduction: Shenzhen Airlines has a large fleet of 737NG series,and it is the only one airline company in china operating 737-900...

File size: 12.39 MB | Download hits: 1179

SP2 Douglas DC-9-10Complete with Base Model

SP2 Douglas DC-9-10 originally for AI use in FS2002/FS2004, now made compatible and flyable in FSX-SP2. Freeware model by Dee Waldron, freeware DC-9 panel by Enrique Medal (no VC), freeware DC9 sound by Ali Zied. Texture converted to 32 bit (no mips) for clarity, landing gear contact points adjusted for FSX-SP2 so that the tires are no longer embedded in the runway, thumbnail added, and engine smoke added. Easy installation. Compiled by Tom Tiedman. SP2 Douglas DC-9-10 in...

File size: 31.16 MB | Download hits: 1179

Virgin Blue Airlines Embraer 190-LRComplete with Base Model

FSX Virgin Blue Airlines Embraer 190-LR. A 98-114 seat regional airliner. Full package for FSX; compatible with Acceleration/SP2. By Jean-Pierre Brisard, Barry Blaisdell, Bob May, Kevin Pardy and Danny Crance - Premier Aircraft Design. ...

File size: 12.12 MB | Download hits: 1178

GOL Boeing 737-800 PR-GTHRepaint

Textures only for the default B737-800. Repaint by Marcelo Vianna. Screenshot of GOL Boeing 737-800 on the ground. Locate the aircraft folder: "..Microsoft Flight Simulator XSimObjectsAirplanesB737_800". Inside this folder, extract "Texture.Gol" folder included in this package. Open "AIRCRAFT.CFG" file in Notepad and insert the following block of text: [fltsim.x] title=Boeing 737-800 Gol...

File size: 8.58 MB | Download hits: 1176


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