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FSX Civil Aircraft

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United Airlines Airbus A350-900 V4Complete with Base Model

This CamSim version 4 features more Animated Ground Servicing (AGS), featuring trucks hooking and unhooking trailers and static displays. Model design and paint by Camil Valiquette. Screenshot of United Airlines Airbus A350-900 and ground services. Installation: FSX Unzip all files in your FSX /Airplane folder. (Skip this step if you already have one of my AGS aircrafts.) Unzip the (night effects) in your FSX main folder. (Should goes in Effects...

File size: 5.32 MB | Download hits: 295

Airbus A350-9 Air Martinique CJComplete with Base Model

This CamSim features an improved aircraft wing root design, new wider pax doors with revised window shapes, additional animated air ducts, additional comm and satellite antennas, increasingly more Animated Ground Servicing (AGS), including additional animations featuring trucks hooking and unhooking trailers and static displays. Model design by Camil Valiquette and paint by Christophe COUDIN. Screenshot of Airbus A350-9 Air Martinique CJ in flight. Installation: FSX Unzip...

File size: 2.22 MB | Download hits: 291

Dominican Airway Boeing 757-200Complete with Base Model

Dominican Airway Boeing 757-200 RR. Model by Project Open Sky. Dominican Airway Boeing 757-200 in flight. ...

File size: 12.49 MB | Download hits: 290

Corsairfly Boeing B747-400Complete with Base Model

This is a B747-400 of Corsairfly, registration F-HLOV. Repaint by Mathieu Vos (APSS), model by Project Open Sky. Screenshot of Corsairfly Boeing B747-400 in flight. Features: Dynamic flexing wings. Body gear steering under 15kt above 1kt. Nose gear steering under 60kt above 1kt. Rudder lock under 60kt above 1kt. Ground spoiler only works on ground. Low speed aileron locks at high speed. Fully animated control surfaces. Fully independent suspension. Trim...

File size: 15.60 MB | Download hits: 289

FSA AirGroup Airbus A319Complete with Base Model

FSA AirGroup Airbus A319. A Virtual Airline Alliance named FSA AirGroup the Airlines Dominican Airways Dominican Connction owner Orlandy Perez JetRed and JetRed Express Owner Wayne Jarrett Cedar Air owner Hassib Mawad and FlyLo owner Paolo Ramos. By FSA AirGroup. FSA AirGroup Airbus A319 on runway. If you prefer any of these turbo sound samples instead of the original one, then just delete the number before the file name and "copy&past" the file you want into the...

File size: 51.18 MB | Download hits: 288

Atlas Air Boeing 767-300 N640GTComplete with Base Model

This is a B767-300 of Atlas Air, registration N640GT. Repaint by Mathieu Vos (APSS), model by SkySpirit2010. Screenshot of Atlas Air Boeing 767-300 in flight. Features: Dynamic flexing wings Nose gear steering under 60kt above 1kt. Rudder lock under 60kt above 1kt. Ground spoiler only works on ground. Low speed aileron locks at high speed. Fully animated control surfaces. Fully independent suspension. Trim Animation. Opening Passenger Doors. Animated...

File size: 22.00 MB | Download hits: 287

Air Sahara Boeing 737-800Complete with Base Model

Air Sahara Boeing 737-800, registration VT-SJH. Repaint for the Project Open Sky B737-800 model. Now Air Shahara is taken over by Jet Airways and is renamed as 'JetLite'. Now VT-SJH is operating Jetlite flights. By Yash R Shinde. Air Sahara Boeing 737-800 in flight. Aircraft Info --------------- Model: B737-800W Eyebrow Winglets Version for FSX by Project Opensky Team Panel & Sound: FSX Default B737-800 by Microsoft Corporation Virtual Cockpit: FSX Default...

File size: 12.98 MB | Download hits: 284

TUIfly Boeing 737-800WLComplete with Base Model

TUIfly Boeing 737-800WL in Baerenmarke / UEBAERflieger livery, registration D-AHFR. Highly detailed 32 bit textures. New photorealistic window textures and night textures. Model by Project Open Sky (Posky) with default B737-800 VC are included. By FSRepaintsGER / Benjamin Spranger. Screenshot of TUIfly Boeing 737-800WL in flight. Installation: Copy the 'Project Opensky B737-800WL Tuifly UEBAERflieger' folder in to your Project Open Sky -folder (C:Program Files...

File size: 9.24 MB | Download hits: 284

Norwegian Long Haul Boeing 787-8 EI-LNAComplete with Base Model

Norwegian Long Haul Boeing 787-8, registration EI-LNA. Repaint by Mathieu Vos (APSS), model by Camsim. Screenshot of Norwegian Long Haul Boeing 787-8 in flight. Installation: FSX Unzip all files in your FSX /Airplane folder. (Skip this step if you already have one of my AGS airplanes.) Unzip the (night effects) in your FSX main folder. (Should goes in Effects folder.) Animations Info: This aircraft come with Animated Ground Servicing (AGS) Press...

File size: 7.52 MB | Download hits: 283

Westjet Boeing 737-700Complete with Base Model

Flight model created by KittyHawk. All other updates were added by David Grindele. Screenshot of Westjet Boeing 737-700 in flight. This aircraft has been tested with FSX, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows7 32bit with no known issues or problems at time of release and has been scanned for viruses and malware and is virus and malware free. As with all 3RD party add-ons. The FSLightman will not be held responsible for computer problems or crashes. You use this add-on at your...

File size: 61.75 MB | Download hits: 283

Hainan Airlines Boeing 737-800 WLComplete with Base Model

Hainan Airlines Boeing 737-800 WL. The Project Open Sky (Free Sky) B737-800 winglets version China Hainan Airlines B-5408 complete package for FSX. Texture by Hinrich Kaestner and He Lingyuan, using panel, sound and virtual cockpit of the default B737-800. Operation manual by Warren C. Daniel of Project Open Sky Team is also included. Hainan Airlines Boeing 737-800 WL in flight. --------------- Introduction --------------- As one of the largest airlines companies in China,...

File size: 15.30 MB | Download hits: 282

Platinum Airways - Airbus A330-200Complete with Base Model

Thomas Ruth A330-200. Full aircraft, repainted in Platinum Airways' new livery by Al Nel, auto-installer by Vic Ayres. Platinum Airways is the Open Skies VA that allows its pilots to fly the mission of their choice with the aircraft of their choice at the time of their choice. Screenshot of Platinum Airways Airbus A330-200 in flight. Comes with working virtual cockpit. Works with SP1 and SP2. Not testet with DX10. Version2 with many bugs fixed plus multiplayer compatible...

File size: 25.08 MB | Download hits: 282

Air New Zealand Boeing 777-200ERComplete with Base Model

The SkySpirit2012 B777-200ER model painted in Air New Zealand livery, registered ZK-OKH, the youngest 777-200ER in the fleet. This file includes reworked and improved textures. By Ryan Gabuyo. Screenshot of Air New Zealand Boeing 777-200ER in flight. Features: Dynamic flexing wings Body gear steering under 15kt above 1kt. Nose gear steering under 60kt above 1kt. Rudder lock under 60kt above 1kt. Ground spoiler only works on ground. Low speed aileron locks at high...

File size: 10.16 MB | Download hits: 281

Aeromexico Boeing 767-3Q8ER/WLComplete with Base Model

Complete package of the Skyspirit2010 B767-300ER in Aeromexico livery, registration XA-APB, c/n 27618/727. Comes with default B738 VC and 2D panel with the Posky utility panel to control animations (tow truck, cargo vehicles and catering trucks, etc.). Repaint by Paul Craig. (See also SSP2010_AMX_B767-3Q8ER__WL__FIX.ZIP). Screenshot of Aeromexico Boeing 767-3Q8ER/WL in flight. Includes animation updates for Aileron & Wingflex. Shift+1 - Opens Port front Pax Door Shift+2 -...

File size: 16.43 MB | Download hits: 279

Potronian Air Boeing 747-8IComplete with Base Model

Potronian Air Boeing 747-8I, in special Boeing 747-8I livery. Design by Orlandy Perez added to aircraft by Sher Ming. Screenshot of Potronian Air Boeing 747-8I on runway. [fltsim.0] title=SkySpirit 2011 - Boeing 747-8i Potronian Air sim=Skyspirit 747-8 Series model= panel= sound= texture=Potronian kb_checklists=boeing747_check kb_reference=boeing747_ref atc_airline=POTRONIAN atc_flight_number=112 atc_parking_types=GATE,...

File size: 15.18 MB | Download hits: 279

Arrow Cargo VA Airbus A300-600FComplete with Base Model

This is an Airbus A300-600F of Arrow Cargo VA, registration N882AC. Repaint by Mathieu Vos (APSS), model by Thomas Ruth. Screenshot of Arrow Cargo VA Airbus A300-600F in flight. Installation: Unzip folder to your FS X > Simobjects > Airplanes. Open the folder Tom Ruth Airbus A300-600F Arrow Cargo folder. Open Gauges folder end copy the tom306 in to your main Gauges folder of FSX. Click to the lightseffects folder and copy all thes files to your main...

File size: 19.70 MB | Download hits: 279

Western Airlines Boeing 707-320CComplete with Base Model

This flight model was created by Vista Liners. A2A 3D Lights & Redux codes, texture and paint kit added by David Grindele / FS Lightman. Screenshot of Western Airlines Boeing 707-320C in flight. Things to know so you won't have trouble when using converted aircraft. Definition Converted Aircraft: And Aircraft made for FS9 and converted to run and be compatible with FSX. Most converted aircraft were made using C++ and were made to be used on a 32bit system and DirectX...

File size: 31.31 MB | Download hits: 279

Swiss Airbus A320Complete with Base Model

Swiss Airbus A320. Swiss International textures for the Project Airbus model. Repaint by Tobias Viltz. Swiss Airbus A320. =============================================== PROJECT AIRBUS A320 swiss =============================================== testet with SP2 with VC Repaint and Remarks =================== Repaint of an Airbus A320 by swiss international airlines. Repaint - Tobias V. Installation...

File size: 16.84 MB | Download hits: 277

Skyservice W10 Fleet And Flight Plans PackComplete with Base Model

This is an AI fleet texture pack for Skyservice Airlines. It includes all the aircraft they operated in March 2010 before they ceased operations. Also included are 100% accurate flight plans thanks to historical airport departure data AIG and FAIB models included, quick install .bgl also included to create the AI traffic. Repaints by Ryan O'Reilly, models by AIG and FAIB. Image showing profiles of the Skyservice Winter 2010 Fleet. Skyservice Winter 2010 Fleet &...

File size: 15.33 MB | Download hits: 277

Arrow Cargo Boeing 757-28A(PCF)Complete with Base Model

A repaint of the Project Open Sky B757-200 in Arrow Cargo livery, registration N822PB. Repainted by Mohammed Al-Khalifa. Screenshot of Arrow Cargo Boeing 757-28A(PCF) on runway. Installation: Copy the 'Arrow 757-28A(PCF)' folder into 'Microsoft Flight Simulator XSimObjectsAirplanes'. That's it enjoy flying! ...

File size: 4.04 MB | Download hits: 276


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