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FSX Scenery

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Manchester Airport

Scenery Manchester Airport (KMHT), New Hampshire (NH). This airport was designed with the latest version of ADE with two files made only for the FSX default airport: one file with the crosswind runway activated and in full operation, now activated by ADE where both runways will be used for takeoff/landing, and one file as the default runway operation. Also assigned parking with extra parking, taxiways and taxi signs updated to the latest charts, new control tower now moved to the correct...

File size: 37.25 kB | Download hits: 739

openVFR Switzerland Terrain

Scenery openVFR Switzerland Terrain. openVFR is a free scenery for FSX based on data taken from OpenStreetMap (OSM). The goal of this project is to enhance the world in MS Flight Simulator and bring a completely new level of realism to VFR pilots, who mainly navigate visually. As the standard scenery doesn't fulfill their needs this project has taken a lot of different information from the open streetmap project, including landuse information, leisure information, natural information,...

File size: 8.45 MB | Download hits: 736

San Diego Buildings Part 1

California (CA), USA. Scenery includes buildings for the downtown, Balboa Park, and Little Italy areas. Designed for use with Megascenery. Tested with Glenn Johnson's KSAN. By Brian N. Winton. Screenshot of San Diego buildings, taken from the air.   ...

File size: 398.83 MB | Download hits: 736


Decimomannu (LIED), Italy. An important Italian military airbase located on the island of Sardinia, this field is used by NATO air forces and others for gunnery training. The base has excellent facilities plus there is usually good flying weather. By Bob Hinckley. Decimomannu Scenery. BASE HISTORY The airfield was used by both the Italian Air Force and the German Luftwaffe during WWII for bombing raids on allied fleets in the Mediterranean. It was subsequently captured...

File size: 13.92 MB | Download hits: 734

Schonefeld Airport

Schonefeld Airport (EDDB), Berlin, Germany. Updates the default scenery with assigned parking, new control tower, redesigned terminal, rebuilt roads and more. By Ray Smith. This BGL file was designed with the latest version of ADE (v1.37) and made only for the FSX default airport: assigned parking with extra parking, new control tower, the main terminal has been redesigned, support vehicle roads rebuilt and many other improvements, airport views are from the roof of the control tower (when...

File size: 35.73 kB | Download hits: 734

Effects For Trinad

Effects missing from original file TRINIDADV2.ZIP. By Valladier Jean Louis. Aerial view of Trinad scenery. Unzip the EffectsV2.ZIP into a work subfolder. From your work subfolder: Open subfolder. Copy all files into <Microsoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XEffectstexture. Open subfolder. Copy all files into <Microsoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XEffects. ...

File size: 24.38 kB | Download hits: 734

Campo Grande International Airport

Campo Grande International Airport, Mato Grosso de Sul, Brazil (SBCG). By Cristobal Laje. Campo Grande International Airport Scenery. Requirements for use and you'll enjoy the scenery: The scenario was made with default objects for Flight Simulator X (R) Acceleration (R) pack. It has not been tested with others versions of FSX! All items except the radar that is attached to this folder, belong to the libraries of fsx acceleration pack. INSTALATION: 1) Copy the...

File size: 5.72 MB | Download hits: 733

Pittsburgh International Airport (KPIT)

Pittsburgh International Airport (KPIT), Pennsylvania (PA). An update of the default airport including one version with crosswind runways active and one without. Also includes assigned parking, updated taxiways, rebuilt support roads and much more. By Ray Smith. Fly Pittsburgh Logo. This airport was designed with the latest version of ADE (v1.47) and made only for the FSX default airport: one file with the Crosswind runway's activated and in full operation where all...

File size: 66.27 kB | Download hits: 733

Bristol International Airport

Scenery Bristol International Airport. Make over of EGGD Bristol International Airport UK, showing new and old terminals, added new cargo terminal and over spill parking area. Vehicles including fuel trucks increased. Made with ADE for FSX. World Of AI craft makes it come alive. By MG Madden. Screenshot of Bristol International Airport. Many thanks for downloading this scenery of the Bristol International Airport. The airport code is EGGD It is for Microsoft Flight...

File size: 337.35 kB | Download hits: 732

Victorian Airport Pack One

Victorian Airport Pack One. Updated and new airports in Victoria, Australia. Includes YBBT Boort, YBDG Bendigo, YBGR Bridgewater, YBIR Birchip, YBNS Bairnsdale, YBRS Barwon Heads, YBSS Bacchus Marsh, YCDE Cobden, YMAV Avalon, YOLA Colac. By Kym Burton. Upgraded and new airports for FSX. Created with the aid of Google Earth and Australian Airservices website. Included: YBBT Boort (Small rural town in Mallee) YBDG Bendigo (Beautiful historic city central VIC) YBGR Bridgewater...

File size: 21.86 kB | Download hits: 727

Mesh In LOD 10 (30m) Of West Indies Arc

Mesh In LOD 10 (30m) Of West Indies Arc, Caribbean. By Valladier Jean-Louis. Overview of West Indies Arc Mesh. Run under Window XP and Vista: FSX SP1 and SP2. Since June 29, 2009, NASA and the Ministry of economy, of the trade and industry of Japan put on line a new database of digital models of ground, carried out with the radar ASTER of the Terra satellite of NASA.It is the GDEM (Total DIGITAL Elevation Model). In addition to a better geographic coverage than the...

File size: 2.06 MB | Download hits: 727


FRPX v1, France. Adds the most celebrated monuments of French cities more than 100 cities are included. For FSX with SP1. By Olivier Bochu. FRPX Scenery. For FSX for the good placement. See word file or more informations about France and what you' ll see. This file was made by Guy Rosello Culliere (great thanks to him). Perfect situation of Monumentsin FSX. France is now no more empty. Eiffel tower shine. BUT. No more night textures (old files not compatible...

File size: 9.57 MB | Download hits: 724

Los Angeles Scenery "clean-up"

This is a small project undertaken as a learning process for the new scenery design tools for FSX. It serves to "fix" two small areas of the Los Angeles, CA. area; the Hollywood sign and Dodger Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team. In default FSX the Hollywood sign sits atop of the hill, while in real life it sits slightly south, on the downslope towards the area referred to as Hollywood. Dodger Stadium sits in an area known as Chavez Ravine, which in default FSX meant sitting...

File size: 466.25 kB | Download hits: 723

RAF Leeming

RAF Leeming. This scenery is 'representative' and is NOT true to life in every way. It is designed to give a better than default feel to FSX. Please do not expect a perfect true to life version. Also includes a new Hawk AI aircraft, with flight plans. There is also packaged the AI Tornado ADV from Fernando Martinez. By UKMIL. Screenshot of RAF Leeming Scenery. UKMIL RAF Leeming FOR FSX. Welcome to the RAF Leeming for FSX package. THis scenery is...

File size: 22.00 MB | Download hits: 723

Charlotte Douglas Airport

Scenery Charlotte Douglas Airport (KCLT), North Carolina (NC). This scenery is for FSX SP2 only. It updates all gates and parking to the default KCLT airport. All jetways and buildings are visable and work. Also added a new tower and cargo terminal with cargo jet parking. Made using ADE. No extra files needed. By Rob Touchtone. Charlotte Douglas Logo. This updates KCLT_1. Fixes taxi way issue. This file is for FSX SP2.(Service Pack 2 needed for texture files and shapes)...

File size: 1.87 MB | Download hits: 720

Grand Bahama International Airport

(MYGF). Grand Bahama International is the main gateway into Freeport, Bahamas. It serves as the second capital city after Nassau. Created by Bahamasflyers. By Shawn Penn. Screenshot of Grand Bahama International Airport scenery. This scenery was built accordingly to all specs and information received about Grand Bahama Intl Airportto make it realistic as possible and close to the real thing. ...

File size: 2.76 MB | Download hits: 717

Whole India Soaring

This file adds thermals lifts to gliders flights over whole India....

File size: 7.08 MB | Download hits: 715

Majuro Atoll

Majuro Atoll. This is a scenery for Majuro Atoll (PKMJ), Marshall Islands. It will add some people, baggage, vehicles etc. Please also download the AFCAD from Chris Peschke (TFSAIRMARSHALLISLANDSDH8200.ZIP). Aerial shot of Majuro Atoll Scenery. Marshall Islands International Airport (IATA: MAJ, ICAO: PKMJ, FAA LID: MAJ), also known as Amata Kabua International Airport, is an airport located in Majuro, the capital of the Republic of the Marshall Islands. The airport was built...

File size: 58.80 kB | Download hits: 715

Townsville International Airport

Townsville International Airport (YBTL), Queensland, Australia, v1.0. This is an upgrade to the default Townsville International. Includes new GA parking, upgraded RAAF base, static B-52, added jetways, new apron for virtual airlines (one gate small, five GA medium), small carpark, new buildings. By Jordan Gough. Acceleration. YBTL Townsville Intl YBTL Upgrade v1.0 Installation: Exract contents of folder to temporary location. Navigate to your FSX Addon Scenery folder (default:...

File size: 14.99 kB | Download hits: 714

Ippokratis Airport

Ippokratis Airport (LGKO), Kos Island, Greece. Includes runways, parking, taxiways, signs, turning bays, windsock and fuel truck. This file includes the .BGL file Ippokratis LGKO, a Readme file, and a chart for Ippokratis in .PDF! What I added/adapted at the airport: Runway, Parking spots, Taxiways, Taxiway signs, Turning bay's, Windsock and a fuel truck. Installation: Just put the Ippokratis LGKO.BGL file in you're FSX Addons Scenery folder. Normally...

File size: 249.73 kB | Download hits: 713


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