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FSX F-22 Raptor Thunderbirds Version 2

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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Original aircraft designed by Kazunori Ito Textures by Duane Tarbox D.L. Textures 2D Panel by Pete BOleng modified from a Chuck Dome/Bob Chicolo Panel. No VC.

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The archive has 1681 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
thunderrap.gif09.10.06175.71 kB
model01.16.070 B
F-22.mdl07.26.04678.53 kB
Model.cfg07.26.0423 B
panel01.18.070 B
AB_18Radio.bmp06.15.0663.50 kB
ab_fd4_autopilot1.cab11.21.0644.52 kB
ab_fd4_c2a201.18.070 B
adf.bmp10.05.0614.42 kB
adf.xml07.31.06913 B
ADF1.XML08.15.05505 B
ADFADJ1.xml08.15.05438 B
ADFADJ10.xml08.15.05441 B
ADFADJ100.xml08.15.05444 B
ADFARW.bmp12.03.0516.94 kB
adf_adf.bmp11.10.022.60 kB
adf_mask.bmp07.31.0639.23 kB
adf_rose.bmp10.07.0617.05 kB
ADJ.bmp12.11.0311.77 kB
AllLights.xml11.07.02568 B
alpha.bmp12.11.038.32 kB
alt.bmp10.05.0614.42 kB
alt.xml10.07.062.82 kB
Alternator.xml11.07.02553 B
alt_mask.bmp02.13.0339.23 kB
alt_pointer.bmp02.13.031.70 kB
AoA_ind_001-background2.bmp06.04.054.66 kB
AoA_ind_001-green.bmp06.05.054.66 kB
AoA_ind_001-greenyellow.bmp06.05.054.66 kB
AoA_ind_001-red.bmp06.05.054.66 kB
AoA_ind_001-yellow.bmp06.05.054.66 kB
AoA_ind_001-yellowred.bmp06.05.054.66 kB
AP Alt Switch.bmp02.24.061.72 kB
AP Apr Switch.bmp02.24.061.72 kB
AP Background.bmp10.05.0681.29 kB
AP BC Switch.bmp02.24.061.72 kB
AP FD Switch.bmp02.24.061.72 kB
AP Gauge.xml02.28.0611.23 kB
AP Hdg Switch.bmp02.24.061.72 kB
AP Lvl Switch.bmp02.24.061.72 kB
AP Mach Switch.bmp02.24.061.72 kB
AP Nav Switch.bmp02.24.061.72 kB
AP On Switch.bmp02.23.061.72 kB
AP Spd Switch.bmp02.24.061.72 kB
AP YD Switch.bmp02.24.061.72 kB
asi.bmp10.05.0613.41 kB
asi.xml07.31.061.33 kB
asi_barber.bmp02.13.031.70 kB
asi_pointer.bmp02.13.032.63 kB
Attitude indicator.xml02.27.062.05 kB
Autospoiler.xml11.07.02548 B
Autostart.xml11.07.02526 B
Avionics.xml10.09.06533 B
BALL.bmp06.15.062.28 kB
Battery.xml11.07.02533 B
BatteryAltenator.xml11.07.02554 B
BatteryAlternator.xml11.07.02554 B
BeaconLights.xml11.07.02529 B
brake_off.bmp05.21.0610.82 kB
brake_on.bmp05.21.0610.82 kB
Caution Annunciator.xml05.01.0313.21 kB
Caution_Annunciators.bmp10.05.0669.75 kB
Clock Background.bmp10.05.0675.44 kB
Clock Hours.bmp02.18.063.03 kB
Clock Minutes.bmp02.18.063.66 kB
Clock Seconds.bmp02.18.063.34 kB
Clock.xml02.18.061.90 kB
COM1_ACTIVE.xml08.15.05570 B
COM2_ACTIVE.xml08.15.05571 B
COMADJ_1.xml08.15.05790 B
COMADJ_2.xml08.15.05794 B
COMSTBY_1.XML08.15.05511 B
COMSTBY_2.XML08.15.05511 B
COM_1.XML08.15.05505 B
COM_2.XML08.15.05505 B
console_popup.bmp05.21.06168.16 kB
DeIce.xml11.07.02576 B
DeIceProp.xml10.05.06607 B
Engine_RPM_Background.bmp10.05.066.69 kB
Engine_RPM_Needle.bmp01.30.031.68 kB
ENG_OFF.bmp06.04.049.23 kB
ENG_ON.bmp06.04.049.23 kB
Exits.xml10.09.06567 B
Flaps 5 Position Background.bmp10.07.066.69 kB
Flaps 5 Position.xml10.07.06834 B
Flaps Control.xml06.26.031.26 kB
Flaps_Lever_00.bmp02.28.0633.20 kB
Flaps_Lever_01.bmp02.28.0633.20 kB
Flaps_Lever_02.bmp02.28.0633.20 kB
Flaps_Lever_03.bmp02.28.0633.20 kB
Flaps_Lever_04.bmp02.28.0633.20 kB
FlightDirector.xml10.05.06760 B
Fuel Valve All.xml11.07.02542 B
Fuel1.xml11.07.02669 B
Fuel2.xml11.07.02669 B
Fuel_Background.bmp10.07.066.69 kB
Fuel_Needle.bmp01.30.031.48 kB
Gear_Down.bmp05.21.066.48 kB
Gear_Green.bmp07.22.061.43 kB
Gear_Indicators.bmp07.09.0521.15 kB
Gear_Indicators.xml07.25.062.66 kB
Gear_Red.bmp07.22.061.16 kB
Gear_Up.bmp05.21.066.48 kB
GPSARW.bmp03.31.0616.94 kB
GPSSYM3.bmp03.31.061.76 kB
greenlight_off.bmp11.06.0223.47 kB
greenlight_on.bmp11.06.0223.47 kB
GRNHGH.bmp06.15.0612.77 kB
Hornet_AoA_Indexer_81.xml12.01.051.68 kB
HSELBUG.bmp12.06.0516.94 kB
HSIBACK.bmp03.28.06204.12 kB
HSIMil.xml07.31.0614.78 kB
HUDHornet.xml03.30.06104.67 kB
IdentADF.xml06.08.04601 B
IdentNAV1.xml08.15.05592 B
IdentNAV2.xml08.15.05663 B
IDENT_OFF.bmp08.15.051.15 kB
IDENT_ON.bmp08.15.051.15 kB
ITT_Background.bmp10.05.066.69 kB
ITT_Needle.bmp01.29.031.54 kB
Landing Gear Control.xml05.21.06544 B
LandingLights.xml11.07.02533 B
Left Engine RPM Ind.xml10.07.06701 B
Left Fuel Lbs.xml10.07.06661 B
Left ITT Ind.xml10.07.06699 B
Left Oil Temp Press.xml10.07.061.22 kB
Left RPM Ind.xml10.07.06685 B
Left Torque Ind.xml10.07.06615 B
light_off.bmp07.22.0623.46 kB
light_on.bmp07.22.0623.46 kB
LOC-HSI2.bmp12.04.0513.01 kB
LOCIND2.bmp12.04.0575.39 kB
LogoLights.xml11.07.02521 B
Lt_AFX_Disable.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_Alt_Warn.bmp02.16.031.58 kB
Lt_Amber_Blank.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_Ann_Pwr_Source.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_Anti_Skid_Fail.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_AP_Disc.bmp02.16.031.58 kB
Lt_AP_Fail.bmp02.26.032.65 kB
Lt_AP_Trim_Fail.bmp02.26.032.65 kB
Lt_Autofeather_Off.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_Battery_Charge.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_Batt_Tie_Open.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_Brake_Deice_On.bmp02.16.031.87 kB
Lt_Cabin_Alt_Hi.bmp02.26.032.65 kB
Lt_Cabin_Diff_Hi.bmp02.26.032.65 kB
Lt_Cabin_Door.bmp02.26.032.65 kB
Lt_Cargo_Door.bmp02.26.032.65 kB
Lt_Duct_Overtemp.bmp02.16.031.87 kB
Lt_Elec_Trim_Off.bmp02.16.031.87 kB
Lt_External_Pwr.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_Ext_Pwr.bmp02.16.031.87 kB
Lt_Fuel_Crossfeed.bmp02.16.031.87 kB
Lt_Fuel_Xfer.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_Green_Blank.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_Hyd_Fluid_Low.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_Hyd_Press_Low.bmp02.16.031.87 kB
Lt_Inbd_Wing_Deice.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_Inverter.bmp02.16.031.58 kB
Lt_LdgTaxi_Light.bmp02.16.031.87 kB
Lt_L_AC_Bus.bmp02.26.032.65 kB
Lt_L_Autofeather.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_L_BK_DI_Ovht.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_L_Bl_Air_Fail.bmp02.26.032.65 kB
Lt_L_Bl_Air_Off.bmp02.16.031.87 kB
Lt_L_Chip_Detect.bmp02.16.031.58 kB
Lt_L_Col_Tank_Low.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_L_DC_Gen.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_L_Eng_Anti_Ice.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_L_Eng_Fire.bmp02.16.031.58 kB
Lt_L_Eng_Ice_Fail.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_L_Envir_Fail.bmp02.26.032.65 kB
Lt_L_Envir_Off.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_L_Fire_Loop.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_L_Fuel_Press.bmp02.26.032.65 kB
Lt_L_Fuel_Qty.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_L_FW_Fuel_Valve.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_L_Gear.bmp03.06.031.35 kB
Lt_L_Gear_2.bmp03.06.031.35 kB
Lt_L_Gen_Ovht.bmp02.16.031.58 kB
Lt_L_Gen_Tie_Open.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_L_Ice_Vane.bmp02.16.031.87 kB
Lt_L_Ice_Vane_Ext.bmp02.16.031.87 kB
Lt_L_Ignition_On.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_L_No_Aux_Xfer.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_L_Oil_Press.bmp02.26.032.65 kB
Lt_L_Pitot_Heat.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_Man_Steer_Fail.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_Man_Ties_Close.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_Nose.bmp02.22.031.70 kB
Lt_Outbd_Wing_Deice.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_Pitch_Trim_Off.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_Pwr_Steer_Fail.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_Rdr_Power_On.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_Rud_Boost_Off.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_R_AC_Bus.bmp02.26.032.65 kB
Lt_R_Autofeather.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_R_BK_DI_Ovht.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_R_Bl_Air_Fail.bmp02.26.032.65 kB
Lt_R_Bl_Air_Off.bmp02.16.031.87 kB
Lt_R_Chip_Detect.bmp02.16.031.58 kB
Lt_R_Col_Tank_Low.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_R_DC_Gen.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_R_Eng_Anti_Ice.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_R_Eng_Fire.bmp02.16.031.58 kB
Lt_R_Eng_Ice_Fail.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_R_Envir_Fail.bmp02.26.032.65 kB
Lt_R_Envir_Off.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_R_Fire_Loop.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_R_Fuel_Press.bmp02.26.032.65 kB
Lt_R_Fuel_Qty.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_R_FW_Fuel_Valve.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_R_Gear.bmp03.06.031.35 kB
Lt_R_Gear_2.bmp03.06.031.35 kB
Lt_R_Gen_Ovht.bmp02.16.031.58 kB
Lt_R_Gen_Tie_Open.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_R_Ice_Vane.bmp02.16.031.87 kB
Lt_R_Ice_Vane_Ext.bmp02.16.031.87 kB
Lt_R_Ignition_On.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_R_No_Aux_Xfer.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_R_Oil_Press.bmp02.26.032.65 kB
Lt_R_Pitot_Heat.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_Stall_Heat.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_Tail_Deice.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_Taxi_Lt.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_White_Blank.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_Xfer_Valve_Fail.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
Lt_YD_RB_Fail.bmp02.26.032.87 kB
magnetic_compass.xml10.07.06964 B
magnetic_compass_background.bmp10.05.0611.32 kB
magnetic_compass_highlight_alpha.bmp06.12.0311.74 kB
magnetic_compass_line.bmp06.12.03742 B
magnetic_compass_shadow_alpha.bmp06.12.0311.74 kB
magnetic_compass_strip.bmp10.05.0618.82 kB
magnetic_compass_window.bmp06.12.032.81 kB
Master Caution.xml07.25.06627 B
Master Warning.xml07.25.06458 B
Master_Caut_Off.bmp07.25.061.30 kB
Master_Caut_On.bmp07.25.061.91 kB
Master_Warn_Off.bmp07.25.061.31 kB
Master_Warn_On.bmp07.25.062.11 kB
MEATBALL.bmp06.15.06137.36 kB
Meatball.xml10.03.051.43 kB
Nav-GPS.xml07.25.06543 B
Nav-GPSSwitch.xml10.07.06564 B
NAVADJ_1.xml08.15.05794 B
NAVADJ_2.xml08.15.05794 B
NavLights.xml11.07.02517 B
NAVSTBY_1.XML08.15.05505 B
NAVSTBY_2.XML08.15.05505 B
NAV_1.XML08.15.05499 B
NAV_2.XML08.15.05499 B
Oil_Background.bmp10.05.066.69 kB
Oil_Needle.bmp01.30.031.68 kB
PanelLights.xml11.07.02525 B
ParkingBrake.xml10.05.06594 B
ParkingBrakelever.xml05.21.06628 B
Park_Brake.xml01.10.06566 B
PitotHeat.xml10.12.06606 B
redlight_off.bmp11.06.0223.45 kB
redlight_on.bmp11.06.0223.47 kB
REDLOW.bmp06.15.064.63 kB
Right Engine RPM Ind.xml10.07.06702 B
Right Fuel Lbs.xml10.07.06663 B
Right ITT Ind.xml10.07.06700 B
Right Oil Temp Press.xml10.07.061.22 kB
Right RPM Ind.xml10.07.06685 B
Right Torque Ind.xml10.07.06616 B
ROSE3.bmp12.05.05157.15 kB
RPM_Background.bmp10.05.066.69 kB
RPM_Needle.bmp01.28.031.54 kB
sb_att_aircraft.bmp05.30.037.33 kB
sb_att_background.bmp10.05.0633.21 kB
sb_att_card.bmp07.22.0365.05 kB
sb_att_mask.bmp02.27.0696.01 kB
sb_att_pointer.bmp05.30.0396.01 kB
sb_att_pointer_index.bmp05.30.0396.01 kB
Spoiler.xml10.05.06579 B
StartJet1.xml08.15.05650 B
StartJet2.xml10.09.06650 B
strip1_ones_alt.bmp02.13.036.24 kB
strip1_ones_alt1.bmp02.13.036.24 kB
strip_tens_alt.bmp02.13.033.90 kB
StrobeLights.xml11.07.02523 B
SUPERLOW.bmp06.15.0634.69 kB
SW.bmp05.20.04950 B
SWAP_COM_1.xml08.15.05195 B
SWAP_COM_2.xml08.15.05191 B
SWAP_NAV_1.xml08.15.05191 B
SWAP_NAV_2.xml08.15.05191 B
switch_off.bmp07.05.022.12 kB
switch_on.bmp07.05.022.12 kB
TaxiLights.xml11.07.02521 B
throttle.bmp05.21.0620.93 kB
Throttle.xml05.21.06415 B
Thumbs.db01.09.07255.50 kB
toggle_off.bmp07.05.022.76 kB
toggle_on.bmp07.05.022.82 kB
Torque_Background.bmp10.05.066.69 kB
Torque_Needle.bmp01.29.031.60 kB
TRI.xml07.25.065.51 kB
TRI_backgrnd.bmp10.05.0614.57 kB
TRI_card.bmp10.05.0615.11 kB
TRI_G_flag.BMP07.22.06268 B
TRI_G_Needle.BMP04.07.04212 B
TRI_knob.BMP07.22.061.25 kB
TRI_L_flag.BMP07.22.06288 B
TRI_L_Needle.BMP10.28.04340 B
TRI_mask.bmp04.07.046.32 kB
TRI_mask1.bmp04.07.04212 B
TRI_needle.bmp07.22.066.61 kB
TRI_strip.bmp04.09.042.55 kB
turn_and_bank.xml10.07.061.70 kB
turn_and_bank_background.bmp10.05.0614.76 kB
turn_and_bank_ball.bmp06.12.03610 B
turn_and_bank_highlight.bmp06.12.0314.78 kB
turn_and_bank_needle.bmp06.12.031.95 kB
turn_and_bank_tube_lines.bmp06.12.032.07 kB
VOR1ARW.bmp12.05.0516.94 kB
VOR1SYM3.bmp03.31.061.76 kB
VOR2ARW2.bmp12.05.0516.94 kB
VOR2SYM3.bmp03.31.061.76 kB
vsi.bmp10.05.0611.61 kB
vsi.xml03.13.031.06 kB
vsi_pointer.bmp10.07.06432 B
WingLights.xml11.07.02521 B
W_Fuel.xml01.10.06917 B
W_Stall.xml01.10.06546 B
XPND.XML08.15.05500 B
XPNDADJ1.xml08.15.05285 B
XPNDADJ10.xml08.15.05287 B
XPNDADJ100.xml08.15.05289 B
XPNDADJ1000.xml08.15.05291 B
AB_FD4_F18C201.18.070 B
ABswitch_off.bmp07.05.022.76 kB
ABswitch_on.bmp07.05.022.82 kB
AB_off.bmp01.03.049.82 kB
AB_on.bmp01.03.049.82 kB
AB_PANEL_A.xml06.05.06795 B
AB_PANEL_B.xml06.05.06793 B
AB_TOGGLE_A.xml02.03.04912 B
AB_TOGGLE_B.xml02.03.04912 B
ACLS_tadpole-003300.bmp06.09.061.37 kB
ACLS_tadpole-00BE00.bmp06.08.061.37 kB
ADFARW.bmp12.03.0516.94 kB
ADImsk.bmp12.01.05113.56 kB
Afterburner.xml02.14.03554 B
AfterburnerSwitch.xml02.14.03554 B
AfterburnerToggle.xml05.18.06558 B
AircraftLabels.xml11.07.02580 B
Airspeed_box-003300.bmp06.09.061.94 kB
Airspeed_box-00BE00.bmp06.07.061.94 kB
AllLights.xml11.07.02568 B
Alpha-003300.bmp06.09.061.40 kB
Alpha-00BE00.bmp06.09.061.40 kB
ALPHA.bmp03.28.061.82 kB
ALPHA2.bmp12.02.051.82 kB
alt.bmp10.05.0614.42 kB
alt.xml10.07.062.82 kB
Alternator1.xml11.07.02546 B
Alternator2.xml11.07.02547 B
Altitude_Box-003300.bmp06.09.062.17 kB
Altitude_Box-00BE00.bmp06.07.062.17 kB
alt_mask.bmp02.13.0339.23 kB
alt_pointer.bmp02.13.031.70 kB
AOABRK2.bmp11.09.051.60 kB
AOABRKT.bmp03.28.061.60 kB
AoA_bracket-003300.BMP06.09.061.60 kB
AoA_bracket-00BE00.BMP06.06.061.60 kB
AoA_ind_001-background2.bmp06.04.054.66 kB
AoA_ind_001-green.bmp06.05.054.66 kB
AoA_ind_001-greenyellow.bmp06.05.054.66 kB
AoA_ind_001-red.bmp06.05.054.66 kB
AoA_ind_001-yellow.bmp06.05.054.66 kB
AoA_ind_001-yellowred.bmp06.05.054.66 kB
AP Alt Switch.bmp02.24.061.72 kB
AP Apr Switch.bmp02.24.061.72 kB
AP Background.bmp10.05.0681.29 kB
AP BC Switch.bmp02.24.061.72 kB
AP FD Switch.bmp02.24.061.72 kB
AP Gauge.xml02.28.0611.23 kB
AP Hdg Switch.bmp02.24.061.72 kB
AP Lvl Switch.bmp02.24.061.72 kB
AP Mach Switch.bmp02.24.061.72 kB
AP Nav Switch.bmp02.24.061.72 kB
AP On Switch.bmp02.23.061.72 kB
AP Spd Switch.bmp02.24.061.72 kB
AP YD Switch.bmp02.24.061.72 kB
asi.bmp10.05.0613.41 kB
asi.xml10.23.061.25 kB
asi_barber.bmp02.13.031.70 kB
asi_pointer.bmp02.13.032.63 kB
ATTALPHA.bmp12.03.051.57 kB
ATTBRKT.bmp12.02.052.41 kB
attcrd.bmp12.03.05383.87 kB
ATTGSNDL.bmp12.02.051.46 kB
ATTHDGPT.bmp12.02.051.35 kB
Attitude indicator.xml10.15.062.05 kB
ATTLOCND.bmp12.02.051.45 kB
Attwtrln.bmp12.02.052.46 kB
Autospoiler.xml11.07.02548 B
Autostart.xml11.07.02526 B
AutostartLight.xml11.07.02530 B
AutostartLight2.xml05.18.06528 B
Autothrottle.xml11.07.02597 B
Avionics.xml11.07.02533 B
BALL.bmp06.15.062.28 kB
Bank_arrow-003300.bmp06.09.064.35 kB
Bank_arrow-00BE00.bmp06.07.064.35 kB
Bank_Scale-003300.bmp06.09.0622.57 kB
Bank_Scale-00BE00.bmp06.07.0622.57 kB
Battery.xml11.07.02533 B
BatteryAltenator.xml11.07.02554 B
BeaconLights.xml11.07.02529 B
Bingo Caution Reset.xml12.04.051.68 kB
BLLMSK.bmp09.30.05137.36 kB
BNGOlgt.bmp12.04.051.52 kB
BNGOlgtR.bmp12.04.051.52 kB
BNKARRW.bmp03.28.068.93 kB
BNKARRW2.bmp11.27.058.93 kB
BNKSCL.bmp03.28.0633.87 kB
BNKSCL2.bmp12.02.0533.87 kB
BNKSCLA.bmp11.27.0530.58 kB
BNKSCLB.bmp03.28.0630.58 kB
BOX333.bmp12.02.051.65 kB
brake_off.bmp05.21.0610.82 kB
brake_on.bmp05.21.0610.82 kB
bttnmid1.bmp10.05.052.62 kB
bttnmid2.bmp10.05.052.62 kB
bttnoff.bmp10.05.052.62 kB
bttnon.bmp10.05.052.62 kB
Chase.xml11.07.02561 B
Clock Background.bmp10.05.0675.44 kB
Clock Hours.bmp02.18.063.03 kB
Clock Minutes.bmp02.18.063.66 kB
Clock Seconds.bmp02.18.063.34 kB
Clock.xml02.18.061.90 kB
console_popup.bmp05.21.06168.16 kB
CRSBck.bmp12.02.053.87 kB
CRSBUG.bmp03.28.061.38 kB
CRSBUG2.bmp11.09.051.38 kB
CRS_tic-003300.bmp06.11.061.24 kB
CRS_tic-00BE00.bmp06.11.061.24 kB
DeIce.xml11.07.02576 B
Dummy.xml11.07.02541 B
Dummyknob.xml05.18.06565 B
Energy_caret-003300.bmp06.09.061.37 kB
Energy_caret-00BE00.bmp06.06.061.37 kB
Exits.xml11.07.02567 B
Flaps 5 Position Background.bmp10.07.066.69 kB
Flaps 5 Position.xml10.07.06834 B
Fuel Valve All.xml11.07.02542 B
Fuel1.xml11.07.02669 B
Fuel2.xml11.07.02669 B
Fuell_off.bmp10.23.067.64 kB
Fuell_on.bmp10.23.067.67 kB
Fuelr_off.bmp10.23.067.64 kB
Fuelr_on.bmp10.23.067.71 kB
Gear_Down.bmp05.21.066.48 kB
Gear_Up.bmp05.21.066.48 kB
Glideslope_needle-003300.bmp06.09.061.22 kB
Glideslope_needle-00BE00.bmp06.08.061.22 kB
GPS Icon.xml05.15.06261 B
GPSARW.bmp03.31.0616.94 kB
GPSSYM.bmp12.05.051.76 kB
GPSSYM3.bmp03.31.061.76 kB
GRNHGH.bmp06.15.0612.77 kB
GSNDL.bmp03.28.061.22 kB
GSNDL2.bmp11.09.051.22 kB
HALTBOX.bmp03.28.062.24 kB
HALTBOX2.bmp12.06.052.24 kB
HASPBOX.bmp03.28.061.94 kB
HASPBOX2.bmp12.06.051.94 kB
HDGBOX.bmp03.28.061.94 kB
HDGBOX2.bmp11.09.051.94 kB
HDGPTR.bmp03.28.061.58 kB
HDGPTR2.bmp12.02.051.58 kB
HDGTAPE.bmp09.26.0520.05 kB
HDGTAPE2.bmp09.27.0520.05 kB
HDGTAPEB.bmp09.28.0531.19 kB
HDGTPG1.bmp09.28.0531.19 kB
HDGTPG12.bmp11.24.0563.21 kB
HDGTPG1T.bmp03.28.0663.21 kB
HDGTPG2.bmp09.28.0531.19 kB
HDGTPG22.bmp11.24.0563.21 kB
HDGTPG2T.bmp03.28.0663.21 kB
HDGTP_G.bmp09.28.0520.05 kB
Heading_box-003300.bmp06.09.061.94 kB
Heading_box-00BE00.bmp06.07.061.94 kB
Heading_Pointer-003300.bmp06.11.061.27 kB
Heading_Pointer-00BE00.bmp06.10.061.27 kB
Heading_tape-003300.bmp06.11.0640.12 kB
Heading_tape-00BE00.bmp06.11.0640.12 kB
Heading_Tape_12_29-00BE00.bmp06.10.0663.21 kB
Heading_Tape_30_11-00BE00.bmp06.10.0631.19 kB
HILSBOX.bmp03.28.065.97 kB
HILSBOX2.bmp12.08.055.97 kB
HILSBOXd.bmp12.08.055.97 kB
Horizon_Narrow-003300.bmp06.11.067.72 kB
Horizon_Narrow-00BE00.bmp06.11.067.72 kB


I downloaded this package to try out one of the original aircraft designs by Kazunori Ito to see what I made of its overall look and feel. One thing that immediately impressed me about it was the depth of care and the overall look & feel that this brought to the table.

I was recommend to try it out to see what I made of its rather unique set of panels and features, and I have to say that I was very impressed with how it handled itself.

Not only was it incredibly fun to mess around with this mod, but I found that it had many impressive little side-features and add-ons that really did capture the eye. One thing that I was hugely impressed by, for example, was the adherence to the authentic features of the real aircraft.

From fresh flight dynamics that do everything they can to capture the aircrafts strengths and weaknesses right through to awesome attention to detail, this just feels like marvelous fun to fly around with. It’s got that unique look and feel to it that can be quite tough to manage and work with, so I spend a huge amount of time just getting used to the features inside the cockpit and its rather quirky flight style.

However, that aside, I found that it was a major enjoyment to fly this mod. It feels really fresh and engaging whilst also making it easy for me to buy into its overall look and feel, whilst offering something away from the usual civilian flight styles with a deeply powerful, uniquely energizing aircraft.

If you are looking for something to fly that breaks many of the traditional rulings then this might be the place to start with; it certainly feels that way. One of the most enjoyable parts of it, though, comes from the attention to detail the developers have put into every last rivet and bolt. For fans of this kind of aviation this might be the best base model package you’ll come across for the F-22 Raptor.

This carefully captures that look and feel and brings it into a new level of realism, making it something you’ll absolutely love flying around with.

It’s not always to my tastes, to fly military aircraft, but this is very much different! A hugely impressive, engaging system that I absolutely love flying around with today.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Knowledge Center for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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JimboTue, 06 Feb 2018 05:45:31 GMT

A beautiful flying aircraft, but why aren't the after burner flames in line with the exhaust nozzles ? Is anyone else seeing the same thing ? The burner flames are about 3 feet above the exhaust nozzles. Check it out. Is there a fix for this ? It looks goofy !

German DiazWed, 25 Oct 2017 16:52:07 GMT

Realy I like it; very nice airplane. Wonderfull thunderbirds.


EdmeisterMon, 23 Oct 2017 11:20:21 GMT

The textures were nice. The guages were not. On a scale of one to ten, ten being the best, I'd give it a seven.

toddstotmanFri, 26 Dec 2008 14:18:15 GMT
Didn't like it much.
grayamSun, 23 Dec 2007 14:48:08 GMT
Nothin special
jewkid80Sat, 03 Nov 2007 19:44:18 GMT
it work great panels is ok ... it takes some time to load and you have to try running it a couple time till it works correctly.
whale75Sun, 06 May 2007 19:22:05 GMT
I had to extract into its own folder in the aiplanes directory like this (D:Microsoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XSimObjectsAirplanesThunderRaptor) to get it in but once in the aircraft looked and worked great

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