FSX Kaula Lumpur International Airport Scenery

Preview (WMKK), Malaysia. This file includes photoscenery, generic buildings and default jetways to fit on the right place of real world airport. Almost all the things in default one are in the wrong place. By Jirayu Tanabodee from A A Sceneries.

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(WMKK), Malaysia. This file includes photoscenery, generic buildings and default jetways to fit on the right place of real world airport. Almost all the things in default one are in the wrong place. By Jirayu Tanabodee from A A Sceneries.

Aerial view of Kaula Lumpur International Airport scenery.

Aerial view of Kaula Lumpur International Airport scenery.

Kaula Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) (IATA: KUL, ICAO: WMKK) is Malaysia's main international airport and is also one of the major airports of South East Asia, giving it huge, even multinational, catchment area. It is about 50 kilometres (31 mi) from Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur. The airport is in the Sepang district of southern Selangor state.

The airport can currently handle 35 million passengers and 1.2 million tonnes of cargo a year. In 2010, it handled 34,087,636 passengers; in 2008 it handled 667,495 metric tonnes of cargo. It was ranked the 18th busiest airport in the world by international passenger traffic, and is the 7th busiest international airport in Asia. It was ranked the 28th busiest airport by cargo traffic in 2009.

The airport is operated by Malaysia Airports (MAHB) Sepang Sdn Bhd and is the major hub of Malaysia Airlines, MASkargo, AirAsia, and AirAsia X.
(from Wikipedia)

KLIA in flight simulator is another story, lack of both freeware and payware. Default airport is decent but all the taxiways, aprons and buildings are not on their real world place. Just only AFCAD file is difficult enough. I made this freeware to make it fits to the photoscenery and make generic buildings to replace the default buildings that are not on the real world coordinate too. The purpose of this is for people who fly IVAO and don't want to buy a payware are able to use the same AFCAD.

A_A Sceneries will release a detailed payware- airport in near future. Please enjoy this freeware as a preview version.


Unzip to the Addon Scenery folder in FSX. There are two folders including WMKK landclass and WMKK_FSX. Put them into the scenery library, set WMKK_landclass to lower priority than WMKK_FSX.

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Scenery07.05.120 B
CVX_WMKK.BGL05.08.122.12 kB
Photo_WMKKLower.bgl04.30.122.21 MB
Photo_WMKKUpper.bgl04.30.122.27 MB
WMKK_ADEX_TIC.BGL05.03.1272.59 kB
WMKK_OBX.BGL05.03.1215.26 kB
Texture05.25.120 B
102323300011031an.agn05.14.127.18 kB
102323300011033an.agn05.14.1211.74 kB
102323300011120an.agn05.18.1210.52 kB
102323300011121an.agn05.15.127.33 kB
102323300011122an.agn05.18.1210.08 kB
102323300011123an.agn05.15.126.49 kB
102323300011130an.agn05.16.125.02 kB
102323300011131an.agn05.16.126.91 kB
102323300011132an.agn05.16.126.41 kB
102323300011133an.agn05.16.123.84 kB
102323300011211an.agn05.21.124.16 kB
102323300011213an.agn05.17.129.95 kB
102323300011231an.agn05.17.126.55 kB
102323300011233an.agn05.17.126.48 kB
102323300011300an.agn05.17.124.88 kB
102323300011301an.agn05.17.121.87 kB
102323300011302an.agn05.17.127.46 kB
102323300011303an.agn05.17.121.84 kB
102323300011310an.agn05.18.124.11 kB
102323300011311an.agn05.18.123.86 kB
102323300011312an.agn05.18.126.12 kB
102323300011313an.agn05.18.12712 B
102323300011320an.agn05.17.126.07 kB
102323300011321an.agn05.17.121.15 kB
102323300011322an.agn05.17.12504 B
102323300011323an.agn05.17.12648 B
102323300011330an.agn05.18.123.16 kB
102323300011331an.agn05.18.12592 B
102323300011332an.agn05.18.127.49 kB
102323300013011an.agn05.18.12824 B
102323300013013an.agn05.17.12648 B
102323300013100an.agn05.17.12440 B
102323300013101an.agn05.17.124.54 kB
102323300013102an.agn05.17.121000 B
102323300013103an.agn05.17.12456 B
102323300013110an.agn05.18.128.99 kB
102323300013112an.agn05.18.125.60 kB
102323300013113an.agn05.21.122.27 kB
102323300013130an.agn05.11.124.55 kB
102323300013131an.agn05.11.124.05 kB
102323300013132an.agn05.11.124.55 kB
102323300013133an.agn05.21.124.88 kB
102323300013310an.agn05.11.124.85 kB
102323300013311an.agn05.11.124.85 kB
102323300013312an.agn05.11.124.85 kB
102323300013313an.agn05.11.124.85 kB
102323300013330an.agn05.11.124.85 kB
102323300013331an.agn05.11.124.26 kB
102323300013332an.agn05.11.124.85 kB
102323300013333an.agn05.11.124.85 kB
102323300031110an.agn05.17.128.35 kB
102323300031111an.agn05.17.127.98 kB
102323300031112an.agn05.17.1210.20 kB
102323300031113an.agn05.17.129.10 kB
102323300100022an.agn05.18.123.95 kB
102323300100023an.agn05.18.122.72 kB
102323300100030an.agn05.22.129.11 kB
102323300100031an.agn05.22.124.03 kB
102323300100032an.agn05.18.125.46 kB
102323300100033an.agn05.22.127.01 kB
102323300100120an.agn05.22.128.09 kB
102323300100122an.agn05.22.124.23 kB
102323300100200an.agn05.19.124.16 kB
102323300100202an.agn05.18.124.20 kB
102323300100203an.agn05.19.124.92 kB
102323300100210an.agn05.22.124.13 kB
102323300100211an.agn05.22.126.62 kB
102323300100212an.agn05.22.125.32 kB
102323300100213an.agn05.22.125.17 kB
102323300100220an.agn05.23.122.13 kB
102323300100221an.agn05.19.125.52 kB
102323300100222an.agn05.23.123.37 kB
102323300100223an.agn05.19.124.66 kB
102323300100230an.agn05.16.124.58 kB
102323300100231an.agn05.16.124.04 kB
102323300100232an.agn05.22.122.64 kB
102323300100233an.agn05.21.123.02 kB
102323300100300an.agn05.22.123.50 kB
102323300100302an.agn05.22.124.34 kB
102323300100320an.agn05.22.124.00 kB
102323300100322an.agn05.22.121.54 kB
102323300102000an.agn05.23.124.52 kB
102323300102001an.agn05.22.126.20 kB
102323300102002an.agn05.21.122.66 kB
102323300102003an.agn05.21.129.12 kB
102323300102011an.agn05.22.122.43 kB
102323300102012an.agn05.21.122.16 kB
102323300102013an.agn05.22.123.95 kB
102323300102020an.agn05.21.12360 B
102323300102021an.agn05.21.121.85 kB
102323300102022an.agn05.21.121.74 kB
102323300102023an.agn05.21.122.57 kB
102323300102030an.agn05.21.12952 B
102323300102032an.agn05.21.121.18 kB
102323300102100an.agn05.22.12184 B
102323300102120an.agn05.22.12168 B
Scenery05.03.120 B
LC_7530.bgl05.03.12443 B
LC_7531.bgl05.03.12520 B
WMKK_readme.txt07.11.122.79 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ07.11.12320 B
WMKK_FSX.gif07.11.1210.79 kB
wmkk02.jpg07.11.12150.00 kB
wmkk01.jpg07.10.12102.20 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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