FSX Vans RV-7 (BayTower Studio) Livery Pack

PreviewA pack of freeware liveries/repaints for the payware BayTower Studio Vans RV-7 aircraft mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. This pack is textures only and will require the payware base model to be installed first.

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Repaint for Payware Model
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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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A pack of freeware liveries/repaints for the payware BayTower Studio Vans RV-7 aircraft mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. This pack is textures only and will require the payware base model to be installed first.

One of the repaints applied to the aircraft displayed in Microsoft Flight Simulator X.This pack contains 12 different liveries which are mostly fictional however a selection is based on real-world aircraft paints of the Vans RV-7.

All textures are high definition and screenshots of each livery have been included below.

Liveries Included

  • H-BYKD - real-world Swiss RV6A HB-YKD
  • F-PJRV - a real French RV7
  • C-GZMZ - real-world Canadian RV7 C-GZMZ
  • C-DANM - Fictional repaint
  • F-ZINJ - The theme for this repaint is the movie star and model Scarlett Johansson.
  • C-GREY - Fictional repaint
  • NAVY 02 - Fictional repaint
  • N67RV - Fictional repaint
  • N72KH - repaint is based on a real-world US RV7 N72KH
  • N2HOT - Fictional repaint
  • NAVY 01 Yellow - Fictional repaint
  • NAVY 030 - Fictional repaint

The Vans RV-7 is an esteemed, high-performance aircraft designed by Richard VanGrunsven and produced by Vans Aircraft. This exemplary two-seat, single-engine machine presents an all-metal airframe, characterized by its low-wing, aerodynamically efficient construction. The RV-7 variant, as opposed to its sibling the RV-7A, features conventional (tailwheel) landing gear, catering to purist pilots who appreciate the traditional handling and nostalgic aesthetics this configuration affords.

Sporting a typical cruise speed of 200 mph and a range of around 800 nautical miles, the RV-7 has proven to be a popular choice among homebuilders and aviation enthusiasts alike. Its impressive climb rate and agility make it a versatile aircraft, suited for a range of missions, including cross-country flights, aerobatics, and recreational adventures. The Vans RV-7's durability, performance, and adaptability have earned it a well-deserved place in the pantheon of general aviation aircraft.

In order to utilize this freeware livery pack, it is essential that users have the BayTower Studio Vans RV-7 model already installed in their simulation environment. This add-on pack solely provides additional textures for the existing payware aircraft model, and does not include the base model itself. As such, make sure to acquire and install the BayTower Studio Vans RV-7 before attempting to integrate these new liveries into your FSX experience.

Developer: Richard Luycx.

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5Screenshot 6Screenshot 7Screenshot 8Screenshot 9Screenshot 10Screenshot 11Screenshot 12Screenshot 13Screenshot 14Screenshot 15Screenshot 16Screenshot 17Screenshot 18Screenshot 19Screenshot 20Screenshot 21Screenshot 22Screenshot 23Screenshot 24Screenshot 25Screenshot 26Screenshot 27Screenshot 28Screenshot 29Screenshot 30Screenshot 31Screenshot 32Screenshot 33Screenshot 34Screenshot 35Screenshot 36Screenshot 37Screenshot 38Screenshot 39Screenshot 40Screenshot 41Screenshot 42Screenshot 43Screenshot 44Screenshot 45Screenshot 46Screenshot 47Screenshot 48Screenshot 49Screenshot 50Screenshot 51Screenshot 52Screenshot 53Screenshot 54Screenshot 55Screenshot 56

The archive rl_rv7_liveries.zip has 240 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url08.22.1952 B
Repaints04.29.230 B
rl_rv7_can04.29.230 B
RL_RV7_CAN04.29.230 B
CDANM.gif08.24.1110.04 kB
CDANM_1.jpg08.24.11164.42 kB
CDANM_2.jpg08.24.11267.19 kB
CDANM_3.jpg08.24.11243.52 kB
Readme.txt08.24.111.41 kB
texture.paint_7sldr_CAN04.29.230 B
btsLabels.dds08.23.1164.12 kB
exterior_T.dds08.23.114.00 MB
texture.cfg04.24.11317 B
thumbnail.jpg08.23.1148.79 kB
rl_rv7_cgrey04.29.230 B
RL_RV7_CGREY04.29.230 B
1.jpg03.03.12193.62 kB
150.gif03.03.1215.32 kB
2.jpg03.03.12189.89 kB
3.jpg03.03.12187.76 kB
4.jpg03.03.1271.52 kB
500.jpg03.03.12282.97 kB
Readme.txt03.03.126.50 kB
texture.paint_7Asldr_GREY04.29.230 B
btsFresnelExterior.dds05.14.11640 B
btsLabels.dds03.01.1264.12 kB
exterior_T.dds02.28.124.00 MB
interior_T.dds03.01.124.00 MB
texture.cfg04.24.11357 B
thumbnail.jpg03.01.1248.70 kB
rl_rv7_cgzmz04.29.230 B
RL_RV7_CGZMZ04.29.230 B
1.jpg05.29.12189.21 kB
150.gif05.29.1210.93 kB
2.jpg05.29.12181.68 kB
3.jpg05.29.12186.10 kB
500.jpg05.29.12151.87 kB
Readme.txt05.29.126.49 kB
texture.paint_7Asldr_CGZMZ04.29.230 B
btsFresnelExterior.dds05.14.11640 B
btsLabels.dds05.06.1264.12 kB
exterior_T.dds05.29.124.00 MB
interior_T.dds04.22.124.00 MB
texture.cfg04.24.11357 B
thumbnail.jpg05.29.1236.24 kB
rl_rv7_fpjrv04.29.230 B
RL_RV7_FPJRV04.29.230 B
FPJRV.gif08.24.117.22 kB
FPJRV_1.jpg08.24.11212.25 kB
FPJRV_2.jpg08.24.11226.59 kB
Readme.txt08.24.111.44 kB
texture.paint_7tip_FPJRV04.29.230 B
btsLabels.dds08.23.1164.12 kB
exterior_T.dds08.23.114.00 MB
interior_T.dds08.23.114.00 MB
texture.cfg04.24.11314 B
thumbnail.jpg08.23.1141.35 kB
rl_rv7_fzinj04.29.230 B
RL_RV7_FZINJ04.29.230 B
150.gif03.18.1212.49 kB
485.jpg03.18.12305.90 kB
A.jpg03.18.12175.54 kB
B.jpg03.18.12191.86 kB
C.jpg03.18.12177.67 kB
D.jpg03.18.12189.54 kB
E.jpg03.18.12189.44 kB
F.jpg03.18.12181.78 kB
G.jpg03.18.12179.39 kB
Readme.txt03.18.126.46 kB
texture.paint_7Asldr_FZINJ04.29.230 B
btsLabels.dds03.14.1264.12 kB
exterior_T.dds03.15.124.00 MB
exterior_bump.dds03.09.124.00 MB
interior_T.dds03.15.124.00 MB
texture.cfg04.24.11357 B
thumbnail.jpg03.18.1247.69 kB
rl_rv7_hbykd04.29.230 B
RL_RV7_HBYKD04.29.230 B
RV7.gif09.24.1112.54 kB
RV7.jpg09.24.11200.30 kB
Readme.txt09.24.112.05 kB
s0.jpg09.24.11269.66 kB
s1.jpg09.24.11140.94 kB
s2.jpg09.24.11126.13 kB
s3.jpg09.24.11184.14 kB
s4.jpg09.24.11146.71 kB
s5.jpg09.24.11157.43 kB
texture.paint_7Asldr_HBYKD04.29.230 B
btsLabels.dds09.23.1164.12 kB
exterior_T.dds09.24.114.00 MB
interior_T.dds09.24.114.00 MB
texture.cfg04.24.11357 B
thumbnail.jpg09.24.1159.86 kB
rl_rv7_n2hot04.29.230 B
RL_RV7_N2HOT04.29.230 B
!readMe.txt09.20.112.01 kB
1.jpg09.19.11140.91 kB
2.jpg09.19.11145.94 kB
3.jpg09.19.11167.16 kB
4.jpg09.19.11140.33 kB
5.jpg09.19.11206.68 kB
6.jpg09.19.11223.59 kB
A.gif09.19.1111.53 kB
texture.paint_7Asldr_FIRE04.29.230 B
btsLabels.dds09.17.1164.12 kB
exterior_T.dds09.20.114.00 MB
interior_T.dds09.17.114.00 MB
texture.cfg04.24.11357 B
thumbnail.jpg09.18.1142.94 kB
rl_rv7_n72kh04.29.230 B
RL_RV7_N72KH04.29.230 B
1.jpg01.11.12188.95 kB
150.gif01.11.1213.34 kB
2.jpg01.11.12193.80 kB
3.jpg01.11.12189.72 kB
4.jpg01.11.12184.33 kB
500.jpg01.12.12281.30 kB
Readme.txt01.11.121.68 kB
texture.paint_7Asldr_N72KH04.29.230 B
btsFresnelExterior.dds05.14.11640 B
btsLabels.dds01.12.1264.12 kB
exterior_T.dds01.08.124.00 MB
texture.cfg04.24.11357 B
thumbnail.jpg01.11.1240.16 kB
rl_rv7_nav0204.29.230 B
RL_RV7_NAV0204.29.230 B
1.jpg04.29.12189.57 kB
150.gif04.29.129.41 kB
485.jpg04.29.12276.71 kB
Readme.txt04.29.126.50 kB
texture.paint_7Asldr_NAVRAY04.29.230 B
btsFresnelExterior.dds05.14.11640 B
btsLabels.dds04.26.1264.12 kB
exterior_T.dds04.26.124.00 MB
interior_T.dds04.22.124.00 MB
texture.cfg04.24.11357 B
thumbnail.jpg04.26.1252.79 kB
rl_rv7_nav03004.29.230 B
RL_RV7_NAV03004.29.230 B
1.jpg04.26.12161.44 kB
150.gif04.26.128.81 kB
2.jpg04.26.12189.14 kB
3.jpg04.26.12188.27 kB
485.jpg04.26.12125.81 kB
Readme.txt04.29.126.50 kB
texture.paint_7Asldr_NAVY04.29.230 B
btsFresnelExterior.dds05.14.11640 B
btsLabels.dds04.22.1264.12 kB
exterior_T.dds04.26.124.00 MB
interior_T.dds04.22.124.00 MB
texture.cfg04.24.11357 B
thumbnail.jpg04.26.1244.03 kB
rl_rv7_navyellow04.29.230 B
RL_RV7_NAVYellow04.29.230 B
150.gif08.19.1213.75 kB
44.jpg08.18.12168.07 kB
675.jpg08.18.12188.67 kB
80.jpg08.19.12178.52 kB
85.jpg08.18.12171.16 kB
Readme.txt08.19.126.52 kB
texture.paint_7Atip_NAVYellow04.29.230 B
btsLabels.dds08.18.1264.12 kB
exterior_T.dds08.19.124.00 MB
interior_T.dds08.19.124.00 MB
texture.cfg04.24.11354 B
thumbnail.jpg08.19.1245.42 kB
rl_rv7_reno04.29.230 B
RL_RV7_Reno04.29.230 B
R0.gif09.27.1113.06 kB
R1.jpg09.27.11244.43 kB
R2.jpg09.25.11124.95 kB
R3.jpg09.25.11118.08 kB
R4.jpg09.27.11150.28 kB
R5.jpg09.27.11142.67 kB
R6.jpg09.25.11211.82 kB
Readme.txt09.27.112.05 kB
texture.paint_7sldr_RENO04.29.230 B
btsLabels.dds09.26.1164.12 kB
exterior_T.dds09.26.114.00 MB
interior_T.dds09.26.114.00 MB
texture.cfg04.24.11317 B
thumbnail.jpg09.26.1139.57 kB
Screenshots04.29.230 B
1 2-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.233.08 MB
1 3-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.233.38 MB
1 4-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.231.93 MB
1 5-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.233.23 MB
1 6-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.232.52 MB
1-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.233.03 MB
2 2-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.232.30 MB
2 3-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.232.66 MB
2 4-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.232.88 MB
2 5-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.232.81 MB
2-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.233.40 MB
3 2-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.234.13 MB
3 3-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.233.39 MB
3 4-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.231.97 MB
3 5-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.232.17 MB
3-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.233.01 MB
4 2-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.233.40 MB
4 3-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.231.67 MB
4-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.233.33 MB
44-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.234.67 MB
485 2-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.237.34 MB
485 3-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.237.31 MB
485-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.233.43 MB
5-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.234.11 MB
500 2-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.234.33 MB
500 3-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.236.04 MB
500-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.236.74 MB
6-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.236.13 MB
675-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.233.09 MB
80-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.232.24 MB
85-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.232.01 MB
A-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.232.95 MB
B-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.233.82 MB
C-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.232.18 MB
CDANM_1-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.232.68 MB
CDANM_2-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.234.17 MB
CDANM_3-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.234.29 MB
D-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.233.01 MB
E-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.233.37 MB
F-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.232.66 MB
FPJRV_1-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.233.62 MB
FPJRV_2-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.234.03 MB
G-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.232.50 MB
R1-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.236.27 MB
R2-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.232.24 MB
R3-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.232.18 MB
R4-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.233.22 MB
R5-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.232.78 MB
R6-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.234.31 MB
RV7-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.235.54 MB
s0-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.234.77 MB
s1-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.232.75 MB
s2-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.232.74 MB
s3-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.233.77 MB
s4-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.233.18 MB
s5-standard-width-3840px.jpg04.29.233.29 MB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.02.201.20 kB
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Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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