FSX TAR Transportes Aereos Regionales Embraer ERJ145

PreviewA repaint for the payware feelThere ERJ-145 model. TAR is a Mexican airline based in Queretaro. By Alex Lgz.

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Repaint for Payware Model
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A repaint for the payware feelThere ERJ-145 model. TAR is a Mexican airline based in Queretaro. By Alex Lgz.

Screenshot of TAR Embraer ERJ145 in flight.

Screenshot of TAR Embraer ERJ145 in flight.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Texture Transportes Aereos Regionales04.17.140 B
thumbnail.jpg04.17.14389.88 kB
1.jpg04.17.14492.96 kB
2.jpg04.17.14657.83 kB
Readme.txt04.17.141.73 kB
4.jpg04.17.14593.20 kB
5.jpg04.17.14685.33 kB
texture.TAR04.17.140 B
ERJ1X5WD1CM_t.bmp08.17.091.00 MB
ERJ1X5LWCM_l.bmp10.29.094.00 MB
ERJ1X5F1LCM_l.bmp12.09.094.00 MB
ERJ1X5G2CM_l.bmp03.28.0916.07 kB
ERJ1X5WD3CM_t.bmp04.17.145.33 MB
ERJ1X5OH2CM_l.BMP03.09.091.00 MB
ERJ1X5OH3CM_t.bmp10.01.09256.07 kB
ERJ1X5WD2CM_t.bmp03.06.09682.75 kB
ERJXRJCH_l.bmp03.28.09256.07 kB
ERJ1X5PCCM_l.bmp08.05.09256.07 kB
ERJ1X5PSCM_t.bmp08.04.09682.75 kB
ERJ1X5MPCM_t.bmp03.06.09682.75 kB
ERJ1X5IAS_l.bmp03.06.09170.75 kB
ERJ1X5FYCM_t.bmp09.30.09512.07 kB
ERJ1X5IP_l.bmp03.28.09256.07 kB
ERJ1X5APCM_l.BMP03.09.0964.07 kB
ERJ1X5WD4CM_t.bmp10.01.09512.07 kB
ERJ1X5SVCM_t.bmp10.05.09512.07 kB
ERJ1X5HVSCM_l.bmp11.26.094.00 MB
ERJ1X5WD1CM_l.bmp08.17.094.00 MB
ERJ1X5FBCM_l.BMP03.09.091.00 MB
ERJ1X5F2CM_t.bmp04.17.145.33 MB
ERJ1X5WD1ASCM_t.bmp08.17.091.00 MB
ERJ1X5F3CM_l.bmp12.09.094.00 MB
ERJ1X5WD1ASCM_l.bmp08.17.094.00 MB
ERJ1X5MHCCM_l.BMP03.09.09256.07 kB
ERJ1X5GCM_l.bmp03.28.09256.07 kB
ERJXRJCH_t.bmp10.29.091.00 MB
ERJ1X5SCM_t.bmp03.06.09341.42 kB
ERJ1X5MCCM_l.BMP03.09.09256.07 kB
ERJ1X5ED_l.bmp03.28.09256.07 kB
ERJ1X5F1RCM_l.bmp12.09.094.00 MB
ERJ1X5WD4CM_l.bmp08.05.09256.07 kB
ERJ1X5MCCM_t.bmp03.06.09682.75 kB
ERJ1X5HVSCM_t.bmp04.17.145.33 MB
ERJ1X5EP_l.bmp10.29.094.00 MB
ERJ1X5SPCM_l.BMP03.09.09256.07 kB
ERJ1X5F1LCM_t.bmp04.17.145.33 MB
ERJ1X5WVCCM_l.bmp03.28.09256.07 kB
ERJ1X5SPCM_t.bmp03.06.09682.75 kB
ERJ1X5PCCM_t.bmp03.06.09682.75 kB
ERJ1X5WD3CM_l.bmp08.05.09256.07 kB
ERJ1X5NGTCM_t.bmp03.03.09170.75 kB
ERJ1X5MDCM_t.bmp03.06.09682.75 kB
ERJ1X5LWCM_t.bmp04.17.145.33 MB
ERJ1X5IP_t.bmp03.03.09682.75 kB
ERJ1X5MPCM_l.BMP03.09.09256.07 kB
ERJ1X5MGCM_t.bmp03.03.091.00 MB
ERJ1X5SCM_l.bmp08.05.09128.07 kB
ERJ1X5F2CM_l.bmp12.09.094.00 MB
ERJ1X5WD2CM_l.bmp08.05.09256.07 kB
ERJ1X5F3CM_t.bmp04.17.145.33 MB
ERJ1X5IAS_t.bmp03.06.09170.75 kB
ERJ1X5MDCM_L.BMP08.17.091.00 MB
ERJ1X5CPCM_l.BMP03.09.091.00 MB
ERJ1X5NGCM_t.bmp03.03.091.00 MB
ERJ1X5NGCM_l.bmp03.28.09256.07 kB
ERJ1X5EP_t.bmp10.29.094.00 MB
ERJ1X5MGCM_l.bmp03.28.09256.07 kB
ERJ1X5OH1CM_l.BMP03.09.091.00 MB
ERJ1X5OHCCM_l.BMP03.09.091.00 MB
ERJ1X5FDCM_t.bmp03.06.09682.75 kB
ERJ1X5OH1CM_t.bmp03.06.09682.75 kB
ERJ1X5MGTCM_t.bmp10.29.091.00 MB
ERJ1X5CPCM_t.bmp03.06.09682.75 kB
ERJ1X5APCM_t.bmp03.06.09682.75 kB
ERJ1X5NGTCM_l.bmp03.28.09256.07 kB
ERJ1X5G2CM_t.bmp03.06.092.74 kB
ERJ1X5SVCM_l.BMP03.09.09256.07 kB
ERJ1X5F1RCM_t.bmp04.17.145.33 MB
ERJ1X5MHCCM_t.bmp11.16.094.00 MB
ERJ1X5GCM_t.bmp11.16.09256.07 kB
ERJ1X5FDCM_l.BMP03.09.09256.07 kB
ERJ1X5FYCM_l.BMP03.09.09256.07 kB
ERJ1X5MGTCM_l.bmp03.28.09256.07 kB
ERJ1X5ICM_t.bmp08.17.091.00 MB
ERJ1X5PSCM_l.BMP03.09.09256.07 kB
ERJ1X5ED_t.bmp10.29.09256.07 kB
ERJ1X5FBCM_t.bmp03.06.09682.75 kB
ERJ1X5OH2CM_t.bmp03.06.09682.75 kB
ERJ1X5WVCCM_t.bmp03.03.0942.75 kB
ERJ1X5ICM_l.bmp03.03.09682.75 kB
ERJ1X5OH3CM_l.BMP03.09.098.07 kB
ERJ1X5OHCCM_t.bmp03.06.09682.75 kB
panel01_L.bmp11.24.0516.07 kB
3.jpg04.17.14280.58 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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Ulrich ConradtTue, 14 Sep 2021 12:38:16 GMT

Hi, I downloaded this TAR/Mexico repaint for feelThere ERJ 145 by Alex Lagunes. The repaint in thumbnail and the texture graphics in the texture folder shows a white body and red rudder despite installing the usual way and as the readme says, no plane variant showed up.

After adding the missing thumbnail to the texture.TAR folder, looking for similar lines in the aircraft.cfg as in the other variants I managed to show up the aircraft, but first with complete black body and interior. After further corrections in the aircraft.cfg the plane now starts with a completely gray body, red rudder. I don´t use DXpreview, but with it some parts of the body front and aft left now are white; the right side again is grey.

I posted this in the repaint Q & A with a copy of my aircraft.cfg.

Anyone or the author ready to help?

Thanks and greets.

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