Red And Blue BD-5

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Red and blue repaint of the BD5 by "Jez G". This file includes the complete aircraft. Repaint includes gloss paint, a clear canopy, and a thinner seam where the canopy meets the windscreen. The static panel (exterior view) now matches the cockpit view. Repaint by Rick Federmann.

Screenshot of a red, white and blue BD-5.

Screenshot of a red, white and blue BD-5.

The original design for the BD-5 was penned in the late 60's by Jim Bede. This was then made into a home build kit available to anyone for the asking price of around $3000 including a 70hp engine. Later the jet "J" version came along powered by a TRS-18 microturbo jet engine. In 1983 the BD-5J became famous due to its appearance in the James Bond film 'Octopussy' which was flown by 'Corkey'Fornof.

Over 5000 kits were produced and shipped to builders, sadly only around 150 remain flying but in recent years it has been certified as a cruise missile substitute for training and radar testing. The BD5 is not permitted to fly in the United Kingdom though.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
bd5collection.gif01.12.0710.15 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ01.12.07398 B
readme.txt01.12.074.99 kB
aircraft.cfg01.12.0710.06 kB
BD-5.air12.25.068.81 kB
bd-5.jpg01.12.0746.84 kB
BD_5.mdl12.22.06467.89 kB
Model.cfg11.19.0625 B
bd5.cab11.27.0610.63 kB
PANEL.CFG12.25.064.00 kB
bd_flap.wav05.12.06923.11 kB
geardown.wav05.07.0351.12 kB
gearup.wav05.07.0349.96 kB
sound.cfg01.11.076.57 kB
Trike_01.wav05.12.06356.58 kB
Trike_02.wav05.12.06158.05 kB
Trike_03.wav05.12.06259.47 kB
Trike_04.wav05.12.06212.12 kB
Trike_GroundRoll.wav05.12.06234.12 kB
Trike_Shutdown.wav05.12.06311.50 kB
Trike_Starter.wav05.12.0627.93 kB
Trike_Startup.wav05.12.06308.70 kB
xTrike_f01.wav06.30.06258.22 kB
xTrike_f02.wav06.30.06200.89 kB
xTrike_f03.wav06.30.06223.09 kB
xTrike_f04.wav06.30.06185.03 kB
xTrike_r01.wav06.30.06258.21 kB
xTrike_r02.wav06.30.06200.84 kB
xTrike_r03.wav06.30.06299.95 kB
xTrike_r04.wav06.30.06273.49 kB
xTrike_Shutdown.wav06.30.06130.12 kB
xTrike_Starter.wav06.30.0619.29 kB
xTrike_Startup.wav06.30.0646.76 kB
xTrike_wind01.wav06.21.06269.53 kB
xTrike_wind02.wav06.21.06268.04 kB
xTrike_wind03.wav06.21.06528.07 kB
$vc07.14.03768.05 kB
$vca07.14.03768.05 kB
$vcb07.14.03768.05 kB
$vcc07.14.03768.05 kB
cp_32.bmp11.29.061.33 MB
cp2_32.bmp11.28.061.33 MB
cp3.bmp12.25.061.33 MB
dash_32.bmp11.28.061.33 MB
fuse1_32.bmp11.23.061.33 MB
glass.bmp11.01.0685.43 kB
glass2.bmp11.01.0685.43 kB
parts_32.bmp11.22.061.33 MB
prop.bmp11.23.061.33 MB
Proptbmp01.28.0286.39 kB
thumbnail.jpg11.23.0631.96 kB
wingsB-32.bmp12.22.061.33 MB
wingsT_32.bmp11.29.061.33 MB
Aircraft.cfg01.12.0710.93 kB
bd-5coors.jpg01.12.0752.72 kB
BD-5j.air12.24.0612.26 kB
bd-5Jacrostar.jpg01.12.0787.45 kB
BD_5J.mdl12.25.06412.97 kB
Model.cfg11.01.0624 B
bd5_background.bmp12.25.06769.02 kB
PANEL.CFG12.25.063.56 kB
bd_flap.wav05.12.06923.11 kB
c5wind2.wav05.12.06426.64 kB
canopy.wav05.12.06131.81 kB
geardown.wav05.07.0351.12 kB
gearup.wav05.07.0349.96 kB
lan11.wav08.01.0668.23 kB
lan12.wav08.01.0668.73 kB
lan13.wav08.01.0660.23 kB
lan14.wav08.01.0663.19 kB
lan1shut.wav08.01.06243.77 kB
lan1strt.wav08.01.06493.84 kB
lan21.wav08.01.0646.23 kB
lan22.wav08.01.0668.23 kB
lan23.wav08.01.0659.73 kB
lan24.wav08.01.0644.69 kB
lan2strt.wav08.01.06100.27 kB
lan2t.wav08.01.06101.34 kB
lbn2t.wav08.01.0697.34 kB
LearRumble1.wav06.01.0630.68 kB
lmflaps.wav05.12.0695.79 kB
sound.cfg01.11.079.37 kB
xlan11.wav05.12.0667.73 kB
xlan12.wav05.12.0668.23 kB
xlan13.wav05.12.0665.23 kB
xlan14.wav05.12.0662.69 kB
xlan1shut.wav05.12.06220.75 kB
xlan1strt.wav05.12.06464.31 kB
xlan21.wav05.12.0662.23 kB
xlan22.wav05.12.0656.73 kB
xlan23.wav05.12.0660.73 kB
xlan24.wav05.12.0664.23 kB
xlan2strt.wav05.12.0671.75 kB
xlan2t.wav05.12.06100.81 kB
xlbn11.wav05.12.0668.73 kB
xlbn12.wav05.12.0669.23 kB
xlbn13.wav05.12.0660.23 kB
xlbn14.wav05.12.0664.19 kB
xlbn21.wav05.12.0641.69 kB
xlbn22.wav05.12.0653.69 kB
xlbn23.wav05.12.0669.19 kB
xlbn24.wav05.12.0668.19 kB
xlbn2t.wav05.12.0696.81 kB
$vc04.11.0364.09 kB
$vc_T10.30.06768.05 kB
$vc204.11.0364.09 kB
cp_32.bmp12.24.061.33 MB
cp2_32.bmp12.24.061.33 MB
cp3.bmp12.25.061.33 MB
dash_32.bmp11.28.061.33 MB
fuse1_32.bmp12.24.061.33 MB
glass.bmp11.01.0685.43 kB
glass2.bmp11.01.0685.43 kB
parts_32.bmp11.22.061.33 MB
thumbnail.jpg12.24.0621.96 kB
wingsB-32.bmp12.24.061.33 MB
wingsT_32.bmp12.24.061.33 MB
$vc04.11.0364.09 kB
$vc_T10.30.06768.05 kB
$vc204.11.0364.09 kB
cp_32.bmp11.29.061.33 MB
cp2_32.bmp01.11.071.33 MB
cp3.bmp12.25.061.33 MB
dash_32.bmp11.28.061.33 MB
fuse1_32.bmp01.12.071.33 MB
glass.bmp11.01.0685.43 kB
glass2.bmp11.01.0685.43 kB
parts_32.bmp11.22.061.33 MB
thumbnail.jpg11.10.0644.61 kB
wingsB-32.bmp01.12.071.33 MB
wingsT_32.bmp01.12.071.33 MB
Cockpit.jpg01.31.14160.92 kB
Exterior.jpg01.29.1430.01 kB
Instructions.txt02.01.142.77 kB
$vc11.21.1364.09 kB
$vca11.21.1364.09 kB
cp_32.bmp01.25.141.00 MB
cp2_32.bmp01.25.141.00 MB
cp3.bmp01.27.141.33 MB
dash_32.bmp11.21.131.00 MB
fuse1_32.bmp01.29.145.33 MB
glass.bmp01.28.1485.43 kB
glass2.bmp01.28.1485.43 kB
parts_32.bmp01.29.145.33 MB
prop.bmp11.21.131.33 MB
Proptbmp11.21.1386.39 kB
thumbnail.jpg01.29.1426.95 kB
thumbnail-jet.jpg01.29.1430.01 kB
thumbnail-prop.jpg01.29.1426.95 kB
wingsb-32.bmp01.27.145.33 MB
wingst_32.bmp01.27.145.33 MB
FILE_ID.DIZ03.13.14380 B
BD5_RedBlue_Textures.gif03.13.143.20 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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Allan ShapiroMon, 29 Jan 2018 19:33:01 GMT

I have a FS 95 or 98 model of the BD-10. Is there some way to update it so it will work in FSX Acceleration?

edmeisterTue, 07 Feb 2017 02:01:15 GMT

Fun little plane. I saw this plane at an airshow years ago. It is small. I like the prop version option as well.

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