X-Plane 11/10 Boeing 767-400ER

X-Plane Boeing 767-400ER. The final 767 in the conversion saga is here: the B767-400ER flies exactly like the real one and has been tested by a pilot! The plane comes with detailed animations and a panel based on the real 777. The model is a conversion of the 767-400ER by Hiroshi Igami, textures ...

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X-Plane 11 (XP11) & X-Plane 10 (XP10)
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767X-Plane Boeing 767-400ER. The final 767 in the conversion saga is here: the B767-400ER flies exactly like the real one and has been tested by a pilot! The plane comes with detailed animations and a panel based on the real 777. The model is a conversion of the 767-400ER by Hiroshi Igami, textures are by Philip Foglar and the flight model and animation are done by Michael Chang (Zroman). Information was given by Warren Daniel of CLS. No manual was provided, the plane is similar to the 767-300ER in terms of performance.

The archive 767-400er.zip has 3718 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Boeing 767-400ER BL copy09.01.120 B
__MACOSX09.01.120 B
Boeing 767-400ER BL copy09.01.120 B
763.acf09.01.122.46 MB
763_flame.png07.05.112.79 kB
airfoils04.08.120 B
airfoils09.01.120 B
Hroot.afl07.01.1224.48 kB
Htip.afl07.01.1224.48 kB
mid.afl07.01.1224.48 kB
root.afl07.01.1224.48 kB
tip.afl07.01.1224.48 kB
Vstab.afl07.01.1224.48 kB
cockpit02.11.120 B
-PANELS-01.19.120 B
cockpit09.01.120 B
-PANELS-09.01.120 B
Panel.png02.14.121.28 MB
annunciators02.17.120 B
annunciators09.01.120 B
ann_AP_discon-1.png02.17.123.82 kB
ann_AP_discon.png02.17.122.99 kB
ann_auto_ignition-1.png02.17.123.88 kB
ann_auto_ignition.png02.17.122.99 kB
ann_auto_servo-1.png01.15.124.45 kB
ann_auto_servo.png02.17.122.99 kB
ann_burner-1.png02.17.124.37 kB
ann_burner.png02.17.122.99 kB
ann_chip_detect-1.png02.17.123.94 kB
ann_chip_detect.png02.17.122.99 kB
ann_engine_fire-1.png02.17.123.89 kB
ann_engine_fire.png02.17.122.99 kB
ann_flight_dir-1.png02.17.123.07 kB
ann_flight_dir.png02.17.122.99 kB
ann_fuel_press-1.png02.17.123.97 kB
ann_fuel_press.png02.17.122.99 kB
ann_fuel_quantity-1.png02.17.123.88 kB
ann_fuel_quantity.png02.17.122.99 kB
ann_generator-1.png02.17.123.97 kB
ann_generator.png02.17.122.99 kB
ann_GPWS-1.png02.17.123.77 kB
ann_GPWS.png02.17.122.99 kB
ann_hydraulic_press-1.png02.17.123.97 kB
ann_hydraulic_press.png02.17.122.99 kB
ann_inverter-1.png02.17.123.93 kB
ann_inverter.png02.17.122.99 kB
ann_low_vacuum-1.png02.17.123.93 kB
ann_low_vacuum.png02.17.122.99 kB
ann_low_voltage-1.png02.17.123.91 kB
ann_low_voltage.png02.17.122.99 kB
ann_master_accept-1.png02.17.124.06 kB
ann_master_accept.png02.17.123.00 kB
ann_master_caution-1.png02.17.123.92 kB
ann_master_caution.png02.17.122.99 kB
ann_master_warning-1.png02.17.123.57 kB
ann_master_warning.png02.17.122.99 kB
ann_oil_press-1.png02.17.123.94 kB
ann_oil_press.png02.17.122.99 kB
ann_oil_temp-1.png02.17.123.85 kB
ann_oil_temp.png02.17.122.99 kB
ann_pitot_heat-1.png01.15.124.05 kB
ann_pitot_heat.png02.17.122.99 kB
ann_reverse-1.png02.17.123.88 kB
ann_reverse.png02.17.122.99 kB
ann_rotor_high-1.png01.15.124.00 kB
ann_rotor_high.png02.17.122.99 kB
ann_rotor_low-1.png02.17.123.78 kB
ann_rotor_low.png02.17.122.99 kB
ann_slats-1.png02.17.123.70 kB
ann_slats.png02.17.122.99 kB
ann_speedbrake-1.png02.17.123.87 kB
ann_speedbrake.png02.17.122.99 kB
ann_yaw_damp-1.png02.17.124.10 kB
ann_yaw_damp.png02.17.122.99 kB
APU_running-1.png04.03.052.91 kB
APU_running.png01.15.123.35 kB
but_ann_test-1.png04.03.053.71 kB
but_ann_test.png04.03.053.74 kB
console_annunciator.png04.03.053.11 kB
GPU_connected-1.png04.03.052.91 kB
GPU_connected.png01.15.123.37 kB
autopilot01.24.120 B
autopilot09.01.120 B
autopilot annunciators02.17.120 B
autopilot annunciators09.01.120 B
ott_ann_ALT-1.png02.17.123.33 kB
ott_ann_ALT.png02.17.122.94 kB
ott_ann_ALT_arm-1.png02.17.123.25 kB
ott_ann_ALT_arm.png02.17.122.94 kB
ott_ann_app-1.png02.17.123.28 kB
ott_ann_app.png02.17.122.94 kB
ott_ann_ASI-1.png02.17.123.37 kB
ott_ann_ASI.png02.17.122.94 kB
ott_ann_ATR-1.png02.17.123.42 kB
ott_ann_ATR.png02.17.122.94 kB
ott_ann_GS-1.png02.17.123.31 kB
ott_ann_GS.png02.17.122.94 kB
ott_ann_GS_arm-1.png02.17.123.31 kB
ott_ann_GS_arm.png02.17.122.94 kB
ott_ann_HDG-1.png02.17.123.38 kB
ott_ann_HDG.png02.17.122.94 kB
ott_ann_LOC-1.png02.17.123.30 kB
ott_ann_LOC.png02.17.122.94 kB
ott_ann_LOC_arm-1.png02.17.123.30 kB
ott_ann_LOC_arm.png02.17.122.94 kB
ott_ann_VN-1.png02.17.123.39 kB
ott_ann_VN.png02.17.122.94 kB
ott_ann_VVI-1.png02.17.123.44 kB
ott_ann_VVI.png02.17.122.94 kB
autopilot engage01.15.120 B
ott_alt_arm_BC-1.png01.15.123.33 kB
autopilot engage09.01.120 B
ott_alt_arm_BC.png01.15.123.52 kB
ott_alt_arm_GA-1.png01.15.123.51 kB
ott_alt_arm_GA.png01.15.123.44 kB
ott_alt_arm_HM-1.png01.15.123.36 kB
ott_alt_arm_HM.png01.24.123.80 kB
ott_alt_eng_BC-1.png01.15.123.23 kB
ott_alt_eng_BC.png01.15.123.34 kB
ott_alt_eng_GA-1.png01.15.123.51 kB
ott_alt_eng_GA.png01.15.123.32 kB
ott_alt_eng_HM-1.png01.15.123.25 kB
ott_alt_eng_HM.png01.24.123.63 kB
ott_app_eng_BC-1.png01.15.123.39 kB
ott_app_eng_BC.png01.15.123.53 kB
ott_app_eng_GA-1.png01.15.123.51 kB
ott_app_eng_GA.png01.15.123.43 kB
ott_app_eng_HM-1.png01.15.123.25 kB
ott_app_eng_HM.png01.15.123.83 kB
ott_asi_eng_BC-1.png01.15.123.41 kB
ott_asi_eng_BC.png01.15.123.37 kB
ott_asi_eng_GA-1.png01.15.123.51 kB
ott_asi_eng_GA.png01.15.123.36 kB
ott_asi_eng_HM-1.png01.15.123.40 kB
ott_asi_eng_HM.png01.24.123.62 kB
ott_atr_eng_BC-1.png01.15.123.41 kB
ott_atr_eng_BC.png01.15.123.40 kB
ott_atr_eng_GA-1.png01.15.123.51 kB
ott_atr_eng_GA.png01.15.123.33 kB
ott_atr_eng_HM-1.png01.15.123.40 kB
ott_atr_eng_HM.png01.24.123.61 kB
ott_bc_eng_BC-1.png01.15.12953 B
ott_bc_eng_BC.png01.15.123.35 kB
ott_bc_eng_GA-1.png01.15.123.51 kB
ott_bc_eng_GA.png01.15.123.33 kB
ott_bc_eng_HM-1.png01.15.123.40 kB
ott_bc_eng_HM.png01.24.123.58 kB
ott_GS_eng_BC-1.png01.15.123.23 kB
ott_GS_eng_BC.png01.15.123.42 kB
ott_GS_eng_GA-1.png01.15.123.51 kB
ott_GS_eng_GA.png01.15.123.35 kB
ott_GS_eng_HM-1.png01.15.123.25 kB
ott_GS_eng_HM.png01.24.123.62 kB
ott_hdg_eng_BC-1.png01.15.123.41 kB
ott_hdg_eng_BC.png01.15.123.37 kB
ott_hdg_eng_GA-1.png01.15.123.51 kB
ott_hdg_eng_GA.png01.15.123.36 kB
ott_hdg_eng_HM-1.png01.15.123.40 kB
ott_hdg_eng_HM.png01.24.123.61 kB
ott_LCA_eng_BC-1.png01.15.123.41 kB
ott_LCA_eng_BC.png01.15.123.36 kB
ott_LCA_eng_GA-1.png01.15.123.51 kB
ott_LCA_eng_GA.png01.15.123.37 kB
ott_LCA_eng_HM-1.png01.15.123.40 kB
ott_LCA_eng_HM.png01.24.123.60 kB
ott_loc_eng_BC-1.png01.15.123.23 kB
ott_loc_eng_BC.png01.15.123.36 kB
ott_loc_eng_GA-1.png01.15.123.51 kB
ott_loc_eng_GA.png01.15.123.38 kB
ott_loc_eng_HM-1.png01.15.123.40 kB
ott_loc_eng_HM.png01.24.123.56 kB
ott_re-entry_eng-1.png01.15.123.40 kB
ott_re-entry_eng.png01.15.123.78 kB
ott_syn_eng_BC-1.png01.15.123.47 kB
ott_syn_eng_BC.png01.15.123.38 kB
ott_syn_eng_GA-1.png01.15.123.51 kB
ott_syn_eng_GA.png01.15.123.39 kB
ott_syn_eng_HM-1.png01.15.123.40 kB
ott_syn_eng_HM.png01.24.123.61 kB
ott_ter_eng_BC-1.png01.15.123.47 kB
ott_ter_eng_BC.png01.15.123.44 kB
ott_ter_eng_GA-1.png01.15.123.51 kB
ott_ter_eng_GA.png01.15.123.44 kB
ott_ter_eng_HM-1.png01.15.123.40 kB
ott_ter_eng_HM.png01.15.123.79 kB
ott_TOGA_eng_BC-1.png01.15.123.33 kB
ott_TOGA_eng_BC.png01.15.123.57 kB
ott_TOGA_eng_GA-1.png01.15.123.51 kB
ott_TOGA_eng_GA.png01.15.123.48 kB
ott_TOGA_eng_HM-1.png01.15.123.36 kB
ott_TOGA_eng_HM.png01.24.123.82 kB
ott_VN_eng_BC-1.png01.15.123.23 kB
ott_VN_eng_BC.png01.15.123.41 kB
ott_VN_eng_GA-1.png01.15.123.51 kB
ott_VN_eng_GA.png01.15.123.40 kB
ott_VN_eng_HM-1.png01.15.123.25 kB
ott_VN_eng_HM.png01.24.123.67 kB
ott_vvi_eng_BC-1.png01.15.123.42 kB
ott_vvi_eng_BC.png01.15.123.40 kB
ott_vvi_eng_GA-1.png01.15.123.51 kB
ott_vvi_eng_GA.png01.15.123.33 kB
ott_vvi_eng_HM-1.png01.15.123.40 kB
ott_vvi_eng_HM.png01.24.123.63 kB
ott_winglev_eng_BC-1.png01.15.123.42 kB
ott_winglev_eng_BC.png01.15.123.38 kB
ott_winglev_eng_GA-1.png01.15.123.51 kB
ott_winglev_eng_GA.png01.15.123.29 kB
ott_winglev_eng_HM-1.png01.15.123.40 kB
ott_winglev_eng_HM.png01.24.123.53 kB
autopilot select01.15.120 B
but_autopilot_test_BC-1.png04.03.053.04 kB
but_knots_mach-1.png01.15.123.29 kB
autopilot select09.01.120 B
but_knots_mach.png04.03.053.18 kB
EFIS_disp_ALT-1.png04.03.05252 B
EFIS_disp_ALT-4.png04.03.053.51 kB
EFIS_disp_ALT.png04.03.05252 B
EFIS_disp_HDG-1.png04.03.05252 B
EFIS_disp_HDG-4.png04.03.053.30 kB
EFIS_disp_HDG.png04.03.05252 B
EFIS_disp_SPD-1.png04.03.05252 B
EFIS_disp_SPD-4.png04.03.053.31 kB
EFIS_disp_SPD.png04.03.05252 B
EFIS_disp_VVI-1.png04.03.05252 B
EFIS_disp_VVI-4.png04.03.053.41 kB
EFIS_disp_VVI.png04.03.05252 B
ott_disp_ALT-1.png04.03.053.56 kB
ott_disp_ALT-3.png02.11.122.97 kB
ott_disp_ALT.png02.11.123.84 kB
ott_disp_ALT.txt01.15.12229 B
ott_disp_HDG-1.png04.03.053.40 kB
ott_disp_HDG-3.png02.11.122.94 kB
ott_disp_HDG.png02.11.123.57 kB
ott_disp_HDG.txt04.03.05390 B
ott_disp_OBS1-1.png04.03.053.40 kB
ott_disp_OBS1-3.png04.03.053.03 kB
ott_disp_OBS1.png04.03.054.08 kB
ott_disp_OBS1.txt04.03.05390 B
ott_disp_OBS2-1.png04.03.053.40 kB
ott_disp_OBS2-3.png04.03.053.03 kB
ott_disp_OBS2.png04.03.054.11 kB
ott_disp_OBS2.txt01.15.12391 B
ott_disp_SPD-1.png04.03.053.43 kB
ott_disp_SPD-3.png02.11.122.94 kB
ott_disp_SPD.png02.11.123.62 kB
ott_disp_SPD.psd04.03.0526.43 kB
ott_disp_SPD.txt04.03.05896 B
ott_disp_VVI-1.png04.03.054.27 kB
ott_disp_VVI-3.png02.11.122.97 kB
ott_disp_VVI.png02.11.123.64 kB
ott_disp_VVI.txt04.03.05655 B
ott_sel_ALT.png04.03.051.66 kB
ott_sel_ALT_HM.png06.24.084.34 kB
ott_sel_HDG.png04.03.051.65 kB
ott_sel_HDG_HM-1.png04.03.053.96 kB
ott_sel_HDG_HM.png04.03.055.72 kB
ott_sel_SPD.png04.03.051.68 kB
ott_sel_SPD_HM.png06.24.084.35 kB
ott_sel_VVI.png04.03.051.67 kB
ott_sel_VVI_HM.png04.03.054.78 kB
ott_seldisp_ALT-4.png04.03.053.51 kB
ott_seldisp_ALT.png04.03.054.87 kB
ott_seldisp_ALT_GA-1.png01.15.123.03 kB
ott_seldisp_ALT_GA-4.png04.03.053.51 kB
ott_seldisp_ALT_GA.png01.15.124.95 kB
ott_seldisp_ALT_VVI-1.png01.15.123.24 kB
ott_seldisp_ALT_VVI-4.png04.03.053.51 kB
ott_seldisp_ALT_VVI.png01.15.127.67 kB
ott_seldisp_HDG-4.png04.03.053.30 kB
ott_seldisp_HDG.png04.03.054.90 kB
ott_seldisp_SPD-4.png04.03.053.31 kB
ott_seldisp_SPD.png04.03.054.90 kB
ott_seldisp_VVI-4.png04.03.053.41 kB
ott_seldisp_VVI.png04.03.054.90 kB
ott_seldisp_VVI_GA-1.png01.15.122.99 kB
ott_seldisp_VVI_GA-4.png04.03.053.41 kB
ott_seldisp_VVI_GA.png01.15.125.04 kB
S-TEC_55-1.png04.03.055.50 kB
but_auto_power-1.png04.03.054.30 kB
but_auto_power.png01.15.123.47 kB
but_autopilot_source-1.png04.03.055.95 kB
but_autopilot_source.png04.03.053.58 kB
but_autopilot_test_BC-1.png01.15.123.17 kB
but_autopilot_test_BC.png04.03.053.40 kB
but_autopilot_test_GA-1.png04.03.053.16 kB
but_autopilot_test_GA.png04.03.053.39 kB
but_autopilot_test_HM-1.png04.03.053.15 kB
but_autopilot_test_HM.png04.03.053.09 kB
console_autopilot_ann.png04.03.052.90 kB
console_autopilot_BC.png04.03.053.55 kB
console_autopilot_GA.png04.03.053.83 kB
console_filled_GA-1.png01.15.126.75 kB
console_filled_GA.png01.15.124.10 kB
override_pitch-1.png04.03.059.94 kB
override_pitch.png04.03.054.08 kB
override_roll-1.png04.03.058.26 kB
override_roll.png04.03.053.38 kB
S-TEC_55-1.png06.02.055.50 kB
S-TEC_55-2.png01.15.125.57 kB
S-TEC_55-4.png01.15.123.43 kB
S-TEC_55.png04.03.057.53 kB
buttons01.26.120 B
buttons09.01.120 B
but_ail_trim_reset-1.png04.03.053.71 kB
but_ail_trim_reset.png04.03.053.83 kB
but_apu-1.png04.03.057.24 kB
but_apu.png02.11.122.89 kB
but_arrest-1.png04.03.056.56 kB
but_arrest.png04.03.055.62 kB
but_artstab-1.png04.03.054.30 kB
but_artstab.png04.03.053.27 kB
but_artstab_ptch-1.png04.03.054.30 kB
but_artstab_ptch.png01.15.123.50 kB
but_artstab_roll-1.png04.03.054.30 kB
but_artstab_roll.png01.15.123.52 kB
but_auto_AP_GA-1.png02.11.123.50 kB
but_auto_AP_GA.png02.11.123.33 kB
but_auto_FD_GA-1.png02.11.125.79 kB
but_auto_FD_GA.png02.11.123.22 kB
but_autobrake-1.png02.11.1211.22 kB
but_autobrake.png02.11.123.52 kB
but_autofeather-1.png04.03.057.24 kB
but_autofeather.png04.03.053.28 kB
but_autoreverse-1.png01.15.126.54 kB
but_autoreverse.png01.15.123.52 kB
but_avionics-1.png01.26.124.04 kB
but_avionics.png01.26.122.91 kB
but_battery-1.png01.26.126.91 kB
but_battery.png01.26.125.91 kB
but_beacon_mute-1.png04.03.053.71 kB
but_beacon_mute.png04.03.053.66 kB
but_brakes-1.png04.03.053.74 kB
but_brakes.png04.03.053.11 kB
but_camera_power-1.png04.03.054.30 kB
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Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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John MaunThu, 07 Jul 2022 14:25:28 GMT

Why is this still being offered when you cannot get it to show in the aircraft selector screen???

Gil Weik Sat, 09 Apr 2022 17:17:43 GMT

I also cannot get it to show up on the flight configuration screen.

noazarkTue, 29 Mar 2022 21:42:31 GMT

I agree with the problem-767-300 and 767-400 both have the word 'kernel'. The ACF file does not look like anything I've seen before in X-Plane. What steps need to be taken here?

SqueebSun, 28 Nov 2021 21:18:09 GMT

Does not show up in X-Plane 11, and after reading through the rest of the comments, this seems like it's for X-Plane 10.

LOUISHAESSLE57Sun, 11 Jul 2021 07:08:05 GMT

I can not get it to show up on XPlane Aircraft menu list. Is it really compatible with XPlane 11?

Richard ThomasWed, 17 Mar 2021 22:18:47 GMT

Still does not show up as an available plane after installing in Aircraft folder.

moneylabSun, 20 Sep 2020 16:41:15 GMT

Does not show up with my available aircraft in X-Plane 11. Double checked to make sure I installed it properly, and I did. Disappointing.

john leeSun, 23 Feb 2020 05:49:08 GMT

I too had downloaded three different 767's to use on x plane 11 but sadly they don't show up. They have an overkill of files to download, so I looked at the file structure and could not find anything amiss. Maybe they were designed for an earlier version of x plane.

MarinusFri, 08 Nov 2019 12:05:03 GMT

Hey guys, This Boeing 767 is in my list of X-Plane11 But he does not show it - what is going on. Sometimes I am not right or something. Please your comments?

ThomasMon, 04 Nov 2019 22:21:08 GMT

This aircraft is not compatible with Xplane11... please remove from that section.

rickar22Thu, 03 Oct 2019 18:29:57 GMT

I cannot get this plane to show on the selection screen in X-Plane 11.

MaverickTue, 07 May 2019 01:47:58 GMT

Thank you very much for your help... good job.

Capt Quick Fri, 26 Apr 2019 07:33:01 GMT

B767 300 and 400 are still not compatible with X-Plane 11

MORELTue, 05 Mar 2019 09:51:06 GMT

Hello, can not find this plane in the list x plane 11 aircraft. It seems that files are missing. Could you provide us with all the files? Thank you Best regards. C. Morel

rezTue, 05 Feb 2019 12:45:54 GMT

doesnt show in x plane 11

ruud siswokoMon, 30 Jul 2018 21:21:55 GMT

after installing in x-plane 10.51, when wanting to take off it goes backward with full throttle no issues with the other aircraft have a missed a reserve setting?

saslstormyWed, 27 Jun 2018 23:20:58 GMT

I can not get it to show up on XPlane Aircraft menu list. Is it really compatible with XPlane 11

ashvinSat, 28 Oct 2017 08:32:50 GMT

yeah i can see it either i dont think its compatible with x plane 11. Thats a bit annoying i mean it says it right there....damn :(

Daniel NorrmanFri, 07 Jul 2017 20:47:24 GMT

Yeah, this doesn't show up in the aircraft selection screen in XP11. It does not seem to be compatible.

ScottWed, 28 Jun 2017 04:39:04 GMT

Confirmed, also cannot get the aircraft to show on the selection screen using XP11.

edward mathewsTue, 27 Jun 2017 03:54:46 GMT

I can not get get this plane on the aircraft selection screen as well as steve above--what a bummer!

SteveSun, 23 Apr 2017 17:35:32 GMT

Listed as compatible for XP11, but I cannot get it to show in the aircraft selector screen.

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