FSX Boeing C-97 V.1 Beta Base Pack

PreviewFSX Boeing model 367 / C97 Stratofreighter / Stratotanker. By Roland Berger (testing), Manfred Jahn (models, textures, Monitor gauge), Dan McManus (technical research, VC and panel textures, crew calls) Wayne Tudor (Flight Data Envelope), Ted Wolfgang (sound set). Interior model adapted from Greg...

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FSX Boeing model 367 / C97 Stratofreighter / Stratotanker. By Roland Berger (testing), Manfred Jahn (models, textures, Monitor gauge), Dan McManus (technical research, VC and panel textures, crew calls) Wayne Tudor (Flight Data Envelope), Ted Wolfgang (sound set). Interior model adapted from Greg Pepper's original FS2002 model.

Side view of Boeing C-97 in flight.

Side view of Boeing C-97 in flight.


  • Extract the zip to a temporary folder or open it in Windows Explorer.
  • There are two subfolders: Effects and Simobjects. Copy these two folders directly to your main "Flight Simulator X" folder using "merge" or "integrate folders" mode when prompted (do NOT use "replace"). Should you have any misgivings about this procedure play it safe, i.e. copy the files and folders individually to the appropriate FSX folders.
  • The one aircraft provided in this version will show up as "Boeing KC-97G Stratotanker 30136" in the Simulator's aircraft selection menu.
  • When flying the aircraft for the first time you will be asked to accept four gauge modules as trusted software. These are widely used FS modules so you can safely OK them.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive fsx_boeing_c97_v1b.zip has 192 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Effects04.14.150 B
C-97_EngStrt1.fx04.13.152.48 kB
fx_tchdwn_x.fx04.14.152.42 kB
SimObjects04.14.150 B
Airplanes04.14.150 B
Boeing_C-9704.14.150 B
aircraft.cfg04.14.1515.49 kB
C-97.jpg04.12.15135.13 kB
C97_check.htm04.13.1569.61 kB
C97_gen.air12.21.148.07 kB
C97_Ref.htm04.09.1510.18 kB
model.KC97G04.14.150 B
C97_interior.MDL03.21.151.07 MB
KC97G.mdl04.11.153.40 MB
model.cfg04.07.1547 B
Monitor_help.jpg04.14.15151.83 kB
panel04.14.150 B
C97.CAB04.12.15790.50 kB
DSDSounds04.14.150 B
00__dsd_fsx_xml_sound.txt08.26.1418.09 kB
Boom Ready for contact.wav03.16.1594.12 kB
Boom Stowed Leaving Position.wav03.16.1565.09 kB
cabin.wav09.21.0847.43 kB
Cowl Flaps Set.wav10.25.14320.15 kB
dsd_fsx_xml_sound.ini03.16.151.29 kB
Flaps 20.wav03.08.1529.17 kB
Flaps Retract.wav03.08.1536.07 kB
Flaps100.wav10.21.14250.15 kB
Flaps33.wav10.21.14256.24 kB
Flaps55.wav10.21.14354.15 kB
Gear Down-2.wav03.07.15130.35 kB
Gear Up_2.wav03.07.15144.41 kB
Main Gear Down.wav10.21.14264.15 kB
SB01_Brakes.wav05.19.08655.59 kB
Set Cruise Power-2.wav03.07.15107.29 kB
Set Flaps 100both.wav03.08.15139.24 kB
Set Flaps 33both.wav03.07.15162.59 kB
Set Flaps 55both.wav03.08.15178.71 kB
Set Flaps 80.wav03.08.1542.96 kB
SetCowlsTakeoffboth.wav03.08.15121.33 kB
SQBSound.ini04.12.15183 B
Takeoff Power.wav03.07.15150.36 kB
wiper.wav11.30.08303.42 kB
dsd_fsx_fuel_dump.dll03.04.12136.47 kB
dsd_fsx_xml_sound.gau07.20.14161.80 kB
fsx_event_logger.gau04.14.12152.47 kB
jwb_xml_server.gau09.05.0524.00 kB
Monitor.cab04.14.15119.63 kB
Panel.cfg04.13.154.13 kB
squeaking brakes_Sound.gau04.16.0580.00 kB
Readme.txt04.14.154.93 kB
Sound.C97G04.14.150 B
cabin.wav11.08.141.84 MB
dc3_door_close.wav03.27.03919.11 kB
dc3_door_open.wav03.27.03945.71 kB
deBev_gyro.wa01.19.154.48 MB
gear_retract.wav01.19.15362.26 kB
noncombust_left.wav01.24.0322.66 kB
noncombust_right.wav01.24.0326.13 kB
no_ap.wav03.18.0340.31 kB
Readme(TW).txt01.12.151006 B
sound.cfg01.22.1526.21 kB
TouchdnL.wav04.10.1143.69 kB
TouchdnR.wav04.10.1142.58 kB
TW_fuel_pump_boost.wav11.07.141.33 MB
TW_gear_engage.wav11.07.14425.71 kB
TW_prop-1.wav01.09.151.31 MB
TW_prop-2.wav01.09.151.31 MB
TW_prop-3.wav01.09.151.31 MB
TW_prop-4.wav01.09.151.31 MB
TW_RPM1-1.wav01.09.15944.64 kB
TW_RPM1-2.wav01.09.15944.64 kB
TW_RPM1-3.wav01.09.15944.64 kB
TW_RPM1-4.wav01.09.15944.64 kB
TW_RPM2-1.wav01.09.15947.62 kB
TW_RPM2-2.wav01.09.15947.62 kB
TW_RPM2-3.wav01.09.15947.62 kB
TW_RPM2-4.wav01.09.15947.62 kB
TW_RPM3-1.wav01.09.15861.58 kB
TW_RPM3-2.wav01.09.15861.58 kB
TW_RPM3-3.wav01.09.15861.58 kB
TW_RPM3-4.wav01.09.15861.58 kB
TW_RPM4-1.wav01.09.15440.70 kB
TW_RPM4-2.wav01.09.15440.70 kB
TW_RPM4-3.wav01.09.15440.70 kB
TW_RPM4-4.wav01.09.15440.70 kB
TW_RPM5-1.wav01.09.15651.56 kB
TW_RPM5-2.wav01.09.15651.56 kB
TW_RPM5-3.wav01.09.15651.56 kB
TW_RPM5-4.wav01.09.15651.56 kB
TW_shutdown-1.wav01.12.151.13 MB
TW_shutdown-2.wav01.12.151.13 MB
TW_shutdown-3.wav01.12.151.13 MB
TW_shutdown-4.wav01.12.151.13 MB
TW_Starter-1.wav11.11.14674.33 kB
TW_Starter-2.wav11.11.14674.33 kB
TW_startup-1x.wav01.09.152.02 MB
TW_startup-2x.wav01.09.152.02 MB
TW_startup-3x.wav01.09.152.02 MB
TW_startup-4x.wav01.09.152.02 MB
Wind.wav08.11.09838.85 kB
xlmflap-1.wav11.07.141.08 MB
xTW_Hum-N1.wav11.22.14527.29 kB
xTW_Hum-N2.wav11.22.14527.29 kB
xTW_Hum-N3.wav11.22.14527.29 kB
xTW_Hum-N4.wav11.22.14527.29 kB
xTW_Hum_low-1.wav11.08.14489.52 kB
xTW_Hum_low-2.wav11.08.14467.99 kB
xTW_Hum_low-3.wav11.08.14487.57 kB
xTW_Hum_low-4.wav11.08.14466.12 kB
xTW_prop-1.wav01.11.15659.39 kB
xTW_prop-2.wav01.11.15659.39 kB
xTW_prop-3.wav01.11.15659.39 kB
xTW_prop-4.wav01.11.15659.39 kB
xTW_RPM1-1.wav11.08.14861.15 kB
xTW_RPM1-2.wav11.08.14861.15 kB
xTW_RPM1-3.wav11.08.14861.15 kB
xTW_RPM1-4.wav11.08.14858.44 kB
xTW_RPM2-1.wav11.08.14861.49 kB
xTW_RPM2-2.wav11.08.14861.49 kB
xTW_RPM2-3.wav11.08.14861.49 kB
xTW_RPM2-4.wav11.08.14861.49 kB
xTW_RPM3-1.wav01.06.151.15 MB
xTW_RPM3-2.wav01.06.151.15 MB
xTW_RPM3-3.wav01.06.151.15 MB
xTW_RPM3-4.wav01.06.151.15 MB
xTW_RPM4-1.wav01.20.15542.34 kB
xTW_RPM4-2.wav01.20.15542.34 kB
xTW_RPM4-3.wav01.20.15542.34 kB
xTW_RPM4-4.wav01.20.15542.34 kB
xTW_RPM5-1.wav11.08.14325.85 kB
xTW_RPM5-2.wav11.08.14325.85 kB
xTW_RPM5-3.wav11.08.14325.85 kB
xTW_RPM5-4.wav11.08.14325.85 kB
xTW_shutdown-1.wav01.12.15576.51 kB
xTW_shutdown-2.wav01.12.15576.51 kB
xTW_shutdown-3.wav01.12.15576.51 kB
xTW_shutdown-4.wav01.12.15576.51 kB
xTW_Starter-1.wav11.11.14337.26 kB
xTW_Starter-2.wav11.11.14337.26 kB
xTW_startup-1.wav01.05.151.01 MB
xTW_startup-2.wav01.05.151.01 MB
xTW_startup-3.wav01.05.151.01 MB
xTW_startup-4.wav01.05.151.01 MB
x_noncombust_left.wav01.24.0322.66 kB
x_noncombust_right.wav01.24.0326.13 kB
texture04.14.150 B
arblights.dds11.10.1432.12 kB
arblights_spec.dds11.10.1432.12 kB
C97_pilot.dds02.02.15128.12 kB
cable.dds01.25.154.12 kB
fresnel1.dds10.10.141.12 kB
fresnel2.dds06.09.121.12 kB
fresnel3.dds10.10.141.12 kB
fresnel_ramp.dds09.04.06640 B
glass.dds10.20.144.12 kB
glass_spec.dds09.18.144.12 kB
lights.dds11.02.1416.12 kB
lights_spec.dds11.03.148.12 kB
propdisk.dds10.29.14256.12 kB
texture.cfg04.12.1587 B
thumbnail.jpg04.02.14109.26 kB
vc_back.dds03.02.15512.12 kB
vc_floor.dds03.05.15512.12 kB
VC_panelFE.dds02.28.15512.12 kB
VC_panelP.dds03.05.152.00 MB
vc_placards.dds06.05.14512.12 kB
VC_pod.dds02.14.15512.12 kB
VC_reflection.dds03.11.15128.12 kB
VC_seat.dds02.23.15512.12 kB
VC_walls.dds03.05.15512.12 kB
VC_winposts.dds12.05.14512.12 kB
texture.USAF_3013604.14.150 B
C97_01.dds04.13.154.00 MB
C97_01_BUMP.dds04.06.151.00 MB
C97_01_spec.dds04.13.154.00 MB
C97_02.dds04.13.154.00 MB
C97_02_BUMP.dds04.06.151.00 MB
C97_02_spec.dds04.13.154.00 MB
C97_03.dds04.13.154.00 MB
C97_03_spec.dds04.13.154.00 MB
C97_04.dds04.11.151.00 MB
C97_04_spec.dds04.13.151.00 MB
C97_05.dds01.27.15128.12 kB
propdisk.dds10.29.14256.12 kB
texture.cfg04.03.14110 B
thumbnail.jpg04.12.15135.13 kB
C-97.jpg04.12.15135.13 kB
Readme.txt04.14.154.93 kB
file_id.diz04.14.15374 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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Rory A ButterfieldThu, 11 Jul 2019 17:09:11 GMT

Fantastic creation here. Enjoy this 97 SO much! Saw the real thing during the early '50s in Bermuda where I was born. Learned in them in USAF Tech School, Wichita Falls Texas. Love this Bird!

pr9383Mon, 07 Jan 2019 18:11:25 GMT

A really cool cargo/tanker prop plane. Kind of fast, I've gotten almost 250 knots indicated in level flight. Very nice 3D panel.

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