FSX NASA Douglas C-47 N817NA

PreviewRepaint for Manfred Jahn's C47 v2 in NASA livery. By David Robles.

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Repaint for Manfred Jahn's C47 v2 in NASA livery. By David Robles.

Screenshot of NASA Douglas C-47 N817NA parked on the ground.

Screenshot of NASA Douglas C-47 N817NA parked on the ground.

The R4D Skytrain was one of the early workhorses for NACA and NASA at Edwards Air Force Base, California, from 1952 to 1984. Designated the R4D by the U.S. Navy, the aircraft was called the C-47 by the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force and the DC-3 by its builder, Douglas Aircraft. Nearly everyone called it the "Gooney Bird." In 1962, the Department of Defense consolidated the military-service designations and called all of them the C-47. After that date, the R4D at NASA's Flight Research Center (itself re-designated the Dryden Flight Research Center in 1976) was properly called a C-47.

Over the 32 years it was used at Edwards, three different R4D/C-47s were used to shuttle personnel and equipment between NACA/NASA Centers and test locations throughout the country and for other purposes. One purpose was landing on "dry" lake beds to determine if their surfaces were hard (dry) enough for X-15 emergency landings.

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Effects10.02.150 B
fx_smoke_f6.fx10.02.151.17 kB
fx_V12_Exhaust.fx10.02.151.24 kB
fx_V12_IDLE_port.fx10.02.1514.45 kB
fx_V12_IDLE_starb.fx10.02.1514.46 kB
fx_V12_MAX_port.fx10.02.157.84 kB
fx_V12_MAX_starb.fx10.02.157.85 kB
fsx 2015-10-02 16-45-05-00.jpg10.02.15106.43 kB
fsx 2015-10-02 16-45-15-02.jpg10.02.15135.38 kB
fsx 2015-10-02 16-46-07-36.jpg10.02.15129.15 kB
fsx 2015-10-02 16-46-17-38.jpg10.02.15127.57 kB
fsx 2015-10-02 16-46-37-35.jpg10.02.1592.29 kB
fsx 2015-10-02 16-47-31-89.jpg10.02.1560.70 kB
fsx 2015-10-02 16-47-41-90.jpg10.02.15102.96 kB
fsx 2015-10-02 16-47-51-92.jpg10.02.1586.39 kB
fsx 2015-10-02 16-48-20-34.jpg10.02.1581.28 kB
fsx 2015-10-02 16-48-40-32.jpg10.02.1591.72 kB
fsx 2015-10-02 16-48-50-33.jpg10.02.1588.78 kB
fsx 2015-10-02 16-49-20-35.jpg10.02.1596.28 kB
fsx 2015-10-02 16-49-59-09.jpg10.02.1569.82 kB
fsx 2015-10-02 16-50-09-08.jpg10.02.1587.86 kB
fsx 2015-10-02 16-53-02-60.jpg10.02.15180.62 kB
fsx 2015-10-02 16-53-12-61.jpg10.02.15158.54 kB
fsx 2015-10-02 16-53-22-59.jpg10.02.15184.26 kB
fsx 2015-10-02 16-53-42-62.jpg10.02.15155.54 kB
fsx 2015-10-02 16-54-17-09.jpg10.02.1582.06 kB
Gauges10.02.150 B
1810.02.150 B
beech_smoke.xml10.02.15258 B
Install Read me.txt10.02.154.90 kB
Light and Smoke Effects Configs10.02.150 B
SHOCKWAVE LIGHTS.txt10.02.151.14 kB
Smoke Effects.txt10.02.15800 B
NASA N817NA - YouTube.website10.02.15376 B
texture.NASA_N817NA10.02.150 B
C47_1_T.dds10.02.1516.00 MB
c47_1_T_bump.dds09.30.154.00 MB
C47_1_T_SPEC.dds09.30.154.00 MB
C47_2_T.dds10.02.1516.00 MB
c47_2_T_bump.dds09.30.154.00 MB
C47_2_T_SPEC.dds09.30.154.00 MB
C47_3_T.dds09.30.158.12 kB
C47_pilot.dds09.30.15128.12 kB
Douglas_DC3_1_C.dds09.30.15512.12 kB
Douglas_DC3_2_C.dds09.30.15128.12 kB
Douglas_DC3_3_C.dds09.30.15256.12 kB
fresnel_ramp.dds09.30.15640 B
GlobalEnv_AC_Chrome.dds09.30.151.50 MB
propdisk1.dds09.30.151.00 MB
texture.cfg09.30.15137 B
thumbnail.jpg10.02.1540.00 kB
thumbnail_2.jpg11.10.1313.28 kB
The Letter - YouTube.website10.02.15504 B
thumbnail.jpg10.02.1540.00 kB
YouTube Links10.02.150 B
(FSX) USAF at Helens - YouTube.url10.02.15181 B
(FSX) USCG HH60 - YouTube.url10.02.15181 B
Aussie Icon (FSX) - YouTube.url10.02.15131 B
B 52 Retrofit (FSX) - YouTube.url10.02.15181 B
Because - YouTube.url10.02.15181 B
C130 Hercules Retrofit (FSX) - YouTube.url10.02.15181 B
Canadian Thunder - YouTube.url10.02.15253 B
Diplomatiic Transport (FSX) - YouTube.url10.02.15131 B
EH101 Retrofit (FSX) - YouTube.url10.02.15181 B
F16 Retrofit (FSX) - YouTube.url10.02.15181 B
F16D Retrofit (FSX) - YouTube.url10.02.15181 B
F9F5 Panther Retrofit (FSX) - YouTube.url10.02.15181 B
FTX Global Denali (FSX) - YouTube.url10.02.15181 B
FTX Global Sea to Shining Sea (FSX) - YouTube.url10.02.15181 B
Hawaii... 2013 - YouTube.url10.02.15181 B
King Air 350 U.S.M.C. (FSX) - YouTube.url10.02.15181 B
Life (FSX) - YouTube.url10.02.15131 B
NASA N817NA - YouTube.website10.02.15376 B
NOAA Orions (FSX) - YouTube.url10.02.15161 B
Prepare3D Screensavers - YouTube.url10.02.15181 B
Silver Bird N90079 - YouTube.website10.02.15559 B
Special10.02.150 B
BlueJay517 YouTube.website10.02.15683 B
Honor - YouTube.url10.02.15181 B
The Letter - YouTube.website10.02.15375 B
Virtavia MH53J YouTube.website10.02.15776 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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