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FSX Douglas C-47 Skytrain V3 Beta

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This is the next version following Manfred's popular Douglas C-47 Skytrain V2, now featuring a 'Vintage Virtual Cockpit' (VVC), a genuine P&W R-1830 Twin Wasp soundsuite developed by Ted 'Tufun' Wolfgang as well as a fully fledged cockpit-soundsuite, crew communication and audible checklist developed by Daniel Gauthier. Also, the flight dynamics have been updated by Alexander as well as some perfections done on the external model by Manfred. Repaints available for the V2 model will still work with this new V3 model although with some restrictions. 

Skytrain screenshot in FSX.I can keep this as short as possible because you'll find a comprehensive manual available in this package to fill in all the details about operating this venerable old girl. I, therefore, would like to strongly advise you to read it carefully before starting up your engines ( not doing so will no doubt result in a start-up failure in the first place... )

So without further ado here are the installation instructions.


Unzip this package to a temp folder keeping the folder structure intact. Move the Douglas C-47R_V3.12 Beta folder either to your FSX or P3D Airplanes folder ( if you have the former v2 version installed you can, of course, keep it next to your new v3 model ). Open the Effects folder in which you should see two folders named FSX and P3Dv3.2 plus a single effects file called 'fx_c47parajump.fx'. Move this single fx file to either your FSX- or P3D/Effects folder. The 2 folders contain the exhaust smoke effects files. Depending on which sim you use open the respective folder and move the 'fx_Cranky_DC3_TFF.fx' file to the Effects folder of either FSX or P3D.

You may already have this file in your Effects folder. If that's true you'll be asked to overwrite. Only P3D users are advised to overwrite. FSX users may want to overwrite or keep the one they have. ( the smoke effect is less dramatic.. )

That's all really...

After installation you'll find the Manual in the, you guessed it, Manual folder. Please do read it because a.o. there is valuable information in it pertaining to the use of the 'Audible Checklist' and your co-pilot Ernie. We think it's one of the highlights of the v3 version which you wouldn't want to miss ( do remember that what you have here is a first Beta version and that goes for the Audible Checklist as well ). As with every real DC-3/C-47, engine start-up is particularly customary with your new virtual Skytrain as well. Here also following the start-up procedure as described in the manual is mandatory.

Author: Jan Visser.


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The archive has 616 files and directories contained within it. View them...

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Douglas_C-47_V3.12_Beta07.21.160 B
aircraft.cfg07.19.1635.46 kB
C47_check.htm07.18.168.42 kB
C47_ref.htm07.10.167.66 kB
Douglas_DC3_v1.4.air06.15.166.77 kB
Manual07.21.160 B
Flying the C-47v3vintage.pdf07.21.167.01 MB
model07.20.160 B
C47R_interior.MDL07.08.1627.27 MB
C47V3_1.MDL06.17.168.49 MB
model.cfg02.22.1650 B
panel07.20.160 B
C4707.20.160 B
BrakeSound.xml05.22.08440 B
Control.xml07.07.16100.92 kB
Control_BG.bmp07.08.1681.83 kB
Keys.xml06.28.165.73 kB
Main.xml07.08.16783 B
Sim_C47.xml07.07.1652.82 kB
Status.xml04.13.1645.48 kB
Status_BG.bmp07.08.1681.83 kB
Status_Close.bmp09.24.111.19 kB
C47_dsd_fsx_xml_sound.gau07.20.14161.80 kB
DGSounds07.20.160 B
C47-AileronLeft.wav05.02.1653.58 kB
C47-AileronRight.wav05.02.1657.30 kB
C47-AltAlert.wav07.02.1625.65 kB
C47-Ambiance.wav05.08.161.91 MB
C47-ArmCPT.wav05.31.1697.92 kB
C47-ArmFO.wav05.31.1699.16 kB
C47-CageOFF.wav04.26.1625.43 kB
C47-CageON.wav04.26.1613.09 kB
C47-CarbLeverOFF.wav04.22.16190.21 kB
C47-CarbLeverON.wav04.22.16186.88 kB
C47-ClearProp.wav06.27.1645.39 kB
C47-COM_Sw.wav04.15.1629.87 kB
C47-CowlFlaps1.wav04.30.1615.63 kB
C47-CowlFlaps2.wav04.30.1625.83 kB
C47-ElevatorBW.wav05.02.1647.75 kB
C47-ElevatorFW.wav05.02.1643.47 kB
C47-Eng1_Explode.wav05.01.16784.27 kB
C47-Eng1_Failed.wav06.25.16149.27 kB
C47-Eng1_Fire.wav06.25.16125.85 kB
C47-Eng1_Start_1_Turn.wav06.27.1679.96 kB
C47-Eng1_Start_2_Start.wav06.25.1699.57 kB
C47-Eng1_Start_3_Oil.wav06.25.16106.26 kB
C47-Eng1_Start_3b_Oil.wav07.07.16251.80 kB
C47-Eng1_Start_3c_Oil.wav07.07.16277.25 kB
C47-Eng1_Start_3d_Oil.wav07.07.16348.81 kB
C47-Eng1_Start_4_Stab.wav06.25.16144.01 kB
C47-Eng2_Explode.wav05.01.16784.27 kB
C47-Eng2_Failed.wav06.25.16144.49 kB
C47-Eng2_Fire.wav06.25.16161.21 kB
C47-Eng2_Start_1_Turn.wav06.27.1687.85 kB
C47-Eng2_Start_2_Start.wav06.25.16102.91 kB
C47-Eng2_Start_4_Stab.wav06.25.16144.48 kB
C47-Eng_Stressed1.wav06.25.16288.80 kB
C47-Eng_Stressed2.wav06.25.16348.06 kB
C47-Eng_TooCold.wav06.25.16148.79 kB
C47-Eng_TooHot.wav06.25.16163.12 kB
C47-Eng_VeryHot.wav06.25.16177.94 kB
C47-Eng_WarmedUp.wav06.25.16197.05 kB
C47-Eng_WarmedUpB.wav06.25.16124.41 kB
C47-Eng_WarmedUpC.wav06.25.16201.83 kB
C47-Feather.wav05.03.1642.16 kB
C47-FireAlarm.wav04.21.161.88 MB
C47-FireAlarmEnd.wav04.21.16328.01 kB
C47-Flaps1.wav07.05.1692.21 kB
C47-Flaps2.wav07.05.16134.18 kB
C47-Flaps3.wav07.05.16112.54 kB
C47-FlapsFull.wav07.05.16153.56 kB
C47-FlapsLeverDown.wav04.18.1666.46 kB
C47-FlapsLeverUP.wav04.18.1665.79 kB
C47-FlapsUP.wav07.05.16123.67 kB
C47-Freq_ADF_01.wav06.13.1617.85 kB
C47-Freq_ADF_02.wav06.13.1626.99 kB
C47-Freq_ADF_03.wav06.13.1628.27 kB
C47-Freq_ADF_04.wav06.13.1624.58 kB
C47-Freq_Sel_01.wav04.17.1610.08 kB
C47-Freq_Sel_02.wav04.17.169.64 kB
C47-Freq_Sel_03.wav04.17.1612.86 kB
C47-Freq_Sel_04.wav04.15.1615.01 kB
C47-Freq_Sel_05.wav04.15.169.90 kB
C47-Freq_Sel_06.wav04.15.169.62 kB
C47-Fuel_Aux_Pump.wav06.19.16369.24 kB
C47-Fuel_sel_L.wav06.20.1657.43 kB
C47-Fuel_sel_R.wav06.20.1639.76 kB
C47-Fuel_Sw.wav06.10.167.96 kB
C47-FuelPump1.wav06.01.1624.09 kB
C47-FuelPump2.wav06.01.16976.73 kB
C47-FuelPump2B.wav06.01.16976.73 kB
C47-FuelPump3.wav06.01.1621.14 kB
C47-GearDown.wav06.27.16517.42 kB
C47-GearLeverDown.wav04.23.1687.91 kB
C47-GearLeverUP.wav04.23.1670.76 kB
C47-GearUP.wav07.08.16757.77 kB
C47-GPU_Connect.wav06.25.16135.88 kB
c47-GPU_Connected.wav06.25.16186.54 kB
C47-GPU_OFF.wav04.15.16185.92 kB
C47-GPU_ON.wav04.15.16142.59 kB
C47-GPU_RUN.wav04.17.16520.58 kB
C47-GPU_Start.wav04.17.162.27 MB
C47-GPU_Stop.wav04.17.162.21 MB
C47-Gyro1.wav06.11.163.93 MB
C47-Gyro2.wav06.11.16900.58 kB
C47-Gyro3.wav06.11.164.15 MB
C47-Hydraulic_Failed.wav06.25.16226.68 kB
C47-Hydraulic_Failure.wav04.30.16299.65 kB
C47-Hydraulic_Pump.wav07.05.1650.46 kB
C47-Jump1.wav05.25.16296.51 kB
C47-Jump2.wav05.25.162.48 MB
C47-Jump3.wav05.25.16289.23 kB
C47-LeverStop1.wav06.12.1658.37 kB
C47-LeverStop2.wav06.12.1643.28 kB
C47-MagnL_Both.wav06.20.1635.69 kB
C47-MagnL_L.wav06.20.1633.07 kB
C47-MagnL_OFF.wav06.20.1680.89 kB
C47-MagnL_R.wav06.20.1648.49 kB
C47-MagnR_Both.wav06.20.1634.15 kB
C47-MagnR_L.wav06.20.1647.53 kB
C47-MagnR_OFF.wav06.20.1641.94 kB
C47-MagnR_R.wav06.20.1631.21 kB
C47-parkbrake.wav05.30.1646.03 kB
C47-parkrel.wav05.30.1639.45 kB
C47-Pnl_lgt.wav04.15.167.57 kB
C47-Pnl_lgt_OFF.wav04.15.1611.42 kB
C47-Pnl_lgt_ON.wav04.15.1618.47 kB
C47-Power_Set.wav06.25.16196.10 kB
C47-Power_Set2.wav06.25.16121.55 kB
C47-Rotate2.wav06.26.16164.90 kB
C47-Rotate_A.wav06.26.16235.97 kB
C47-Rotate_B.wav06.26.16140.61 kB
C47-Rotate_C.wav06.26.16219.94 kB
C47-Rotate_D.wav06.26.16216.11 kB
C47-Rudder.wav05.02.1670.69 kB
C47-SeatShake1.wav05.02.16484.63 kB
C47-SeatShake2.wav05.02.162.02 MB
C47-SeatShake3.wav05.02.16426.24 kB
C47-SSw_01OFF.wav04.15.1629.07 kB
C47-SSw_01ON.wav04.15.1630.28 kB
C47-SSw_02OFF.wav04.15.166.15 kB
C47-SSw_02ON.wav04.15.1610.00 kB
C47-SSw_03OFF.wav04.15.167.21 kB
C47-SSw_03ON.wav04.15.167.36 kB
C47-SSw_04OFF.wav05.30.162.60 kB
C47-SSw_04ON.wav05.30.162.82 kB
C47-Sw_01OFF.wav04.15.1614.39 kB
C47-Sw_01ON.wav04.15.1633.62 kB
C47-Sw_02OFF.wav04.15.1631.72 kB
C47-Sw_02ON.wav04.15.1648.95 kB
C47-Sw_03OFF.wav04.15.1636.77 kB
C47-Sw_03ON.wav04.23.1635.90 kB
C47-Sw_04OFF.wav04.15.1611.96 kB
C47-Sw_04ON.wav04.15.1637.11 kB
C47-Sw_05OFF.wav04.23.169.17 kB
C47-Sw_05ON.wav04.15.1627.09 kB
C47-Sw_06OFF.wav06.20.1626.43 kB
C47-Sw_06ON.wav06.20.1627.19 kB
C47-Sw_07OFF.wav04.20.1660.61 kB
C47-Sw_07ON.wav04.20.1657.54 kB
C47-Sw_08OFF.wav05.30.166.34 kB
C47-Sw_08ON.wav05.30.1610.10 kB
C47-Sw_09OFF.wav05.30.164.97 kB
C47-Sw_09ON.wav05.30.164.81 kB
C47-Sw_10OFF.wav06.11.1616.30 kB
C47-Sw_10ON.wav06.11.1620.26 kB
C47-Sw_11OFF.wav06.11.167.51 kB
C47-Sw_11ON.wav06.11.1611.37 kB
C47-Sw_12OFF.wav06.11.1611.48 kB
C47-Sw_12ON.wav06.11.1614.88 kB
C47-Sw_13OFF.wav06.11.1615.09 kB
C47-Sw_13ON.wav06.11.1611.18 kB
C47-Sw_14OFF.wav06.11.1610.97 kB
C47-Sw_14ON.wav06.11.1611.81 kB
C47-Sw_15OFF.wav06.11.1613.65 kB
C47-Sw_15ON.wav06.11.1612.80 kB
C47-Sw_16OFF.wav06.11.168.63 kB
C47-Sw_16ON.wav06.11.168.77 kB
C47-Sw_17OFF.wav06.11.1610.25 kB
C47-Sw_17ON.wav06.11.1610.42 kB
C47-Sw_18OFF.wav06.11.1617.60 kB
C47-Sw_18ON.wav06.11.167.58 kB
C47-Sw_19OFF.wav06.11.1611.00 kB
C47-Sw_19ON.wav06.11.1616.99 kB
C47-Sw_20OFF.wav06.11.166.77 kB
C47-Sw_20ON.wav06.11.1612.63 kB
C47-Sw_21OFF.wav06.11.169.74 kB
C47-Sw_21ON.wav06.11.1613.70 kB
C47-Sw_22OFF.wav06.11.169.07 kB
C47-Sw_22ON.wav06.11.1614.14 kB
C47-Sw_23OFF.wav06.11.1612.93 kB
C47-Sw_23ON.wav06.11.1615.96 kB
C47-Sw_24OFF.wav06.11.1616.10 kB
C47-Sw_24ON.wav06.11.1613.75 kB
C47-Sw_25OFF.wav06.11.1611.47 kB
C47-Sw_25ON.wav06.11.1616.35 kB
C47-Sw_26OFF.wav06.11.1611.91 kB
C47-Sw_26ON.wav06.11.1614.55 kB
C47-Sw_27OFF.wav06.11.1610.56 kB
C47-Sw_27ON.wav06.11.1611.35 kB
C47-Sw_28OFF.wav06.11.1611.90 kB
C47-Sw_28ON.wav06.11.1615.86 kB
C47-Sw_29OFF.wav06.11.1611.40 kB
C47-Sw_29ON.wav06.11.1611.69 kB
C47-Sw_30OFF.wav06.11.1611.78 kB
C47-Sw_30ON.wav06.11.1615.43 kB
C47-Sw_31OFF.wav06.11.1614.42 kB
C47-Sw_31ON.wav06.11.1613.11 kB
C47-Sw_32OFF.wav06.11.1614.29 kB
C47-Sw_32ON.wav06.11.1617.07 kB
C47-Sw_33OFF.wav06.11.168.41 kB
C47-Sw_33ON.wav06.11.169.85 kB
C47-Sw_34OFF.wav06.11.1614.91 kB
C47-Sw_34ON.wav06.11.1626.21 kB
C47-Sw_35OFF.wav06.11.1616.95 kB
C47-Sw_35ON.wav06.11.1613.81 kB
C47-TailWheel_Lock.wav05.30.1632.39 kB
C47-TailWheel_Unlock.wav05.30.1631.44 kB
C47-WindHeavy.wav06.03.16381.55 kB
C47-WindL.wav05.04.16498.19 kB
C47-WindowClose.wav05.31.1671.92 kB
C47-WindowOpen.wav05.31.1661.66 kB
C47-WindowSideClose.wav06.20.16280.70 kB
C47-WindowSideOpen.wav06.20.16322.94 kB
C47-WindR.wav05.04.16498.18 kB
C47-YokeOFF.wav04.18.16161.90 kB
C47-YokeON.wav04.18.1696.81 kB
Checklist.bmp07.01.16258.55 kB
Checklist.xml07.18.1636.83 kB
Checklist07.20.160 B
80kts-A.wav06.26.1654.98 kB
80kts-B.wav06.26.1645.30 kB
90kts-A.wav06.25.16107.76 kB
90kts-B.wav06.25.16101.30 kB
AD-1.wav07.01.16183.64 kB
AD-10.wav06.29.16207.36 kB
AD-11.wav07.01.16349.33 kB
AD-12.wav06.29.1690.10 kB
AD-13.wav06.26.16117.67 kB
AD-14.wav06.26.1677.29 kB
AD-15.wav06.26.1669.41 kB
AD-16.wav07.01.16302.15 kB
AD-17.wav07.01.16335.62 kB
AD-18.wav06.26.16558.35 kB
AD-19.wav06.26.16503.45 kB
AD-2.wav07.01.16200.05 kB
AD-20.wav07.04.1685.95 kB
AD-21.wav07.01.16324.02 kB
AD-22.wav06.26.16366.20 kB
AD-23.wav06.26.162.45 MB
AD-24.wav06.26.16402.80 kB
AD-25.wav07.01.16373.16 kB
AD-26.wav07.01.16230.81 kB
AD-27.wav06.27.16354.65 kB
AD-28.wav06.27.16483.92 kB
AD-29.wav06.26.16182.17 kB
AD-3.wav07.01.16188.64 kB
AD-30.wav06.27.16317.12 kB
AD-31.wav06.27.16454.73 kB
AD-4.wav07.01.16156.35 kB
AD-5.wav07.01.16358.07 kB
AD-6.wav07.01.16333.60 kB
AD-7.wav07.01.16153.32 kB
AD-8.wav06.27.16258.74 kB
AD-9.wav06.29.1697.16 kB
AileronLeft.wav06.27.16129.93 kB
AileronRight.wav06.27.16121.82 kB
AL-1a.wav06.27.16206.98 kB
AL-1b.wav06.27.16164.80 kB
AL-completed.wav06.25.16158.83 kB
AP-1a.wav06.27.16289.09 kB
AP-1b.wav06.25.16403.49 kB
AP-2.wav06.25.1686.19 kB
AP-completed.wav06.25.16143.53 kB
AS-1.wav06.25.1682.37 kB
AS-2.wav06.26.16103.71 kB
AS-3.wav06.25.16117.72 kB
AS-4a.wav07.18.16110.80 kB
AS-4b.wav06.25.16317.47 kB
AS-Completed.wav06.25.16213.30 kB
AT-1a.wav06.27.16173.52 kB
AT-1b.wav06.25.16242.93 kB
AT-Completed.wav06.25.16198.01 kB
Auto Rich.wav06.27.1681.27 kB
Both OFF.wav06.27.1695.46 kB
Both OFF2.wav06.27.16185.90 kB
Both ON.wav06.27.1677.22 kB
Both ON2.wav07.05.1654.65 kB
BS-10.wav06.27.16113.91 kB
BS-11.wav06.25.1667.07 kB
BS-12.wav06.25.1697.65 kB
BS-13.wav06.25.1697.65 kB
BS-14.wav06.25.16106.26 kB
BS-15.wav06.25.1669.94 kB
BS-16.wav06.25.1663.25 kB
BS-17.wav06.25.1693.83 kB
BS-18.wav06.25.16128.24 kB
BS-18J.wav06.25.16112.00 kB
BS-19.wav07.18.1686.60 kB
BS-1a-A.wav06.27.16278.95 kB
BS-1a-B.wav06.27.16318.49 kB
BS-1a-C.wav06.27.16328.63 kB
BS-1b.wav06.25.16258.37 kB
BS-1J.wav06.27.16511.10 kB
BS-2.wav06.27.1639.63 kB
BS-20.wav06.25.16144.33 kB
BS-3.wav06.25.1675.47 kB
BS-4.wav06.25.16116.36 kB
BS-5.wav06.25.16112.05 kB
BS-6.wav06.25.16116.36 kB
BS-7.wav06.25.16107.76 kB
BS-8.wav06.26.16116.29 kB
BS-9.wav06.26.16131.16 kB
BS-Completed.wav06.26.16184.20 kB
BT-1a.wav06.27.16244.48 kB
BT-1b.wav06.25.16241.15 kB
BT-2.wav06.25.16168.00 kB
BT-3.wav06.25.16176.61 kB
BT-Completed.wav06.25.16219.64 kB
CaptOFF.wav06.18.1662.83 kB
Checked Both OFF.wav06.27.16107.63 kB
Checked both ON.wav06.27.16100.53 kB
Checked OFF.wav06.27.1692.00 kB
Checked on Cold.wav06.27.16137.03 kB
Checked ON.wav06.27.16101.60 kB
Checked.wav06.27.1672.15 kB
Checked2.wav06.27.16130.10 kB
Chocks set.wav06.27.1693.44 kB
Closed.wav06.27.1630.85 kB
Cracked.wav06.27.16103.57 kB
ElevatorDown.wav06.27.16130.95 kB
ElevatorUp.wav06.27.16115.74 kB
Flaps confirmed up.wav06.27.16140.07 kB
Flaps down.wav06.27.1699.52 kB
Flaps retracted.wav06.27.16111.68 kB
Flaps Set and checked.wav06.27.16168.45 kB
Flaps up.wav06.27.1699.52 kB
FlightControls Checked.wav06.27.16146.83 kB
Full forward.wav06.27.1695.46 kB
Full open.wav06.25.16124.97 kB
Gear is down.wav06.27.16142.40 kB
Gear is up.wav06.27.16336.59 kB
GPU Disconnected.wav06.27.16161.91 kB
High RPM.wav06.27.16118.05 kB
Idle Cutoff.wav06.27.1698.86 kB
Is Checked.wav06.27.16126.27 kB
LH-Aux.wav06.26.16241.53 kB
LH-Main.wav06.26.16175.19 kB
Locked.wav06.27.1659.98 kB
NextItem.wav07.18.1657.60 kB
OFF1.wav06.27.1672.82 kB
OFF2.wav06.27.1670.07 kB
OFF3.wav06.27.1676.93 kB
OFF4.wav06.27.1673.50 kB
ON1.wav07.01.1666.36 kB
ON2.wav07.01.1656.94 kB
ON3.wav07.01.1668.93 kB
R and L on Both.wav06.27.16141.35 kB
Repeat.wav06.27.16137.24 kB
RH-Aux.wav06.26.16116.22 kB
RH-Main.wav06.26.16172.90 kB
RudderLeft.wav06.27.16137.24 kB
RudderRight.wav06.27.16153.69 kB
Set and Checked.wav06.27.1650.53 kB
Set on trail.wav06.25.16114.21 kB
Set to zero.wav06.27.16112.56 kB
SO-1a.wav06.27.16484.75 kB
SO-1b.wav06.26.16268.20 kB
SO-1J.wav06.27.16561.79 kB
SO-2.wav06.26.16114.20 kB
SO-3.wav06.26.16198.20 kB
SO-4.wav06.26.1673.33 kB
SO-5.wav06.26.1686.20 kB
SO-7.wav06.26.1688.04 kB
SO-Completed.wav06.26.16180.20 kB
TailWheel_Unlocked.wav06.25.16144.33 kB
Unlocked.wav06.27.1676.20 kB
CockpitSounds_C47.ini07.05.1623.94 kB
dc3_door_close.wav06.05.16187.23 kB
dc3_door_open.wav06.05.16159.96 kB
KeyEvent_SND_C47.xml07.18.1651.59 kB
SB01_Brakes.wav05.19.08655.59 kB
TFS_starter_left1.wav06.15.16321.79 kB
TFS_starter_left2.wav06.15.161.85 MB
TFS_starter_left3.wav06.15.1647.78 kB
TFS_starter_right1.wav06.15.16320.29 kB
TFS_starter_right2.wav06.15.161.85 MB
TFS_starter_right3.wav06.15.1678.21 kB
wiper.wav04.25.16606.82 kB
Douglas_C47.dll10.18.1391.00 kB
dsd_fsx_fuel_dump.dll03.04.12136.47 kB
fsx_event_logger.gau04.14.12152.47 kB
Monitor07.20.160 B
autopilot.bmp05.14.1523.91 kB
avionics.bmp06.02.1523.90 kB
Control_BG.bmp07.08.1681.83 kB
engines.bmp07.07.1623.90 kB
flight.bmp07.07.1620.25 kB
flight0.bmp07.08.16136.40 kB
Help-autopilot.bmp05.20.16206.46 kB
Help-avionics.bmp05.21.16409.65 kB
Help-Checklist.bmp07.10.16467.46 kB
Help-Checklist.pspimage07.10.16510.48 kB
Help-engines.bmp07.04.16411.21 kB
Help-flight.bmp04.15.16357.76 kB
Help-limitspeeds.bmp04.06.1627.05 kB
Help-misc.bmp04.15.16469.80 kB
Help-powerchart.bmp04.06.1684.58 kB
Help.xml05.26.161.50 kB
Misc.bmp07.07.1623.90 kB
Mon.xml07.08.1661.30 kB
Status_BG.bmp07.08.1681.83 kB
test.bmp07.07.1623.90 kB
panel.cfg07.10.163.39 kB
radiosvvc07.20.160 B
adf.xml12.02.151.96 kB
adf1_background.bmp12.02.155.94 kB
comm1.xml12.04.151.01 kB
comm2.xml12.04.151.01 kB
DC2_nav2_strip1_mask.bmp11.19.152.54 kB
DC2_nav2_strip2_mask.bmp11.19.152.54 kB
DC2_nav_strip1_mask.bmp11.19.152.54 kB
DC2_nav_strip2_mask.bmp11.19.152.54 kB
DC2_radio2_strip1_mask.bmp11.19.152.54 kB
DC2_radio2_strip2_mask.bmp11.19.152.54 kB
DC2_radio_strip1.bmp11.19.1532.54 kB
DC2_radio_strip1_mask.bmp11.19.152.54 kB
DC2_radio_strip1_night.bmp11.19.1532.46 kB
DC2_radio_strip2.bmp11.19.1543.71 kB
DC2_radio_strip2_mask.bmp11.19.152.54 kB
DC2_radio_strip2_night.bmp11.19.1543.39 kB
DC2_radio_strip3.bmp12.02.1515.27 kB
DC2_radio_strip3_mask.bmp12.02.152.09 kB
DC2_radio_strip4.bmp12.02.155.93 kB
DC2_radio_strip4_mask.bmp12.02.151.65 kB
DC2_radio_strip5.bmp12.02.158.37 kB
DC2_radio_strip5_mask.bmp12.02.151.94 kB
DC2_xpdr_background.bmp12.13.159.65 kB
DC2_xpdr_strip.bmp12.13.159.04 kB
DC2_xpdr_strip_mask.bmp12.13.151.41 kB
nav1.xml12.04.151.01 kB
nav2.xml12.04.151.01 kB
radio_background.bmp12.04.1510.60 kB
Radio_ButtonMarkerOFF.bmp08.08.032.08 kB
Radio_ButtonMarkerON.bmp08.08.032.08 kB
Radio_ButtonMarkerPUSHED.bmp08.08.032.08 kB
Radio_Knob1.bmp08.02.032.58 kB
Radio_Mask1.bmp09.18.031.71 kB
Radio_Strip1.bmp08.23.058.27 kB
RadioDME.xml02.01.095.81 kB
RadioDME.xml-00102.01.095.81 kB
RadioDME_BG.bmp02.02.1632.17 kB
RadioDME_Flag.bmp05.23.062.27 kB
RadioDME_Shadow_Alpha.bmp10.31.084.45 kB
SimC121A.xml12.01.0940.07 kB
xpond.xml12.13.151.77 kB
readme.txt07.21.164.38 kB
sound07.20.160 B
no_ap.wav07.14.1640.31 kB
PW18_flaps.wav07.14.161009.04 kB
PW18_gear_engage.wav07.14.16394.12 kB
PW18_gear_retract.wav07.14.16362.12 kB
PW18_Wind-x.wav07.14.16838.85 kB
sound.cfg07.14.1616.05 kB
TFS_hum_left.wav07.14.16575.16 kB
TFS_hum_right.wav07.14.16552.23 kB
TFS_Prop1_left.wav07.14.162.54 MB
TFS_Prop1_right.wav07.14.162.44 MB
TFS_Prop2_left.wav07.14.16675.94 kB
TFS_Prop2_right.wav07.14.16651.50 kB
TFS_rpm1_left.wav07.14.162.75 MB
TFS_rpm1_right.wav07.14.162.64 MB
TFS_rpm2_left.wav07.14.161.92 MB
TFS_rpm2_right.wav07.14.161.85 MB
TFS_rpm3_left.wav07.14.161.29 MB
TFS_rpm3_right.wav07.14.161.24 MB
TFS_rpm4_left.wav07.14.161.20 MB
TFS_rpm4_right.wav07.14.16763.05 kB
TFS_rpm5_left.wav07.14.16776.85 kB
TFS_rpm5_right.wav07.14.16776.85 kB
TFS_Shutdown_left.wav07.14.162.16 MB
TFS_Shutdown_right.wav07.14.162.16 MB
TFS_Startup_left.wav07.14.162.97 MB
TFS_Startup_right.wav07.14.162.97 MB
TouchdnL.wav07.14.1643.69 kB
TouchdnR.wav07.14.1642.58 kB
xTFS starter_left.wav07.14.161.87 MB
xTFS starter_right.wav07.14.161.87 MB
xTFS_Prop1_left.wav07.14.16338.07 kB
xTFS_Prop1_right.wav07.14.16350.51 kB
xTFS_Prop2_left.wav07.14.16575.16 kB
xTFS_Prop2_right.wav07.14.16563.89 kB
xTFS_Prop_mid_left.wav07.14.16843.07 kB
xTFS_Prop_mid_right.wav07.14.16810.07 kB
xTFS_rpm1_left.wav07.14.16907.10 kB
xTFS_rpm1_right.wav07.14.16875.56 kB
xTFS_rpm2_left.wav07.14.16967.55 kB
xTFS_rpm2_right.wav07.14.16954.26 kB
xTFS_rpm3_left.wav07.14.16399.57 kB
xTFS_rpm3_right.wav07.14.16383.74 kB
xTFS_rpm4_left.wav07.14.16497.13 kB


This file has an overall rating of 5 out of 5 with a total of 1 votes and 2 review comments.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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177.11 MB
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Scanned within the last 30 days with ClamAV and found to be free of all known virus.
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Eric RoweWed, 21 Jun 2017 20:21:29 GMT

Excellent considering it is a beta version...well done all involved. Some problems with views but what a great sound set and it handles very realistically. Have put in some other textures with no problems and the Checklist feature is great fun though a bit clunky at times. Have had some great flights in this and accu-feel brings it to life with lots of clunks and rattles as you would expect from a dear old girl like this. Can't wait for the final version.

amadeus91Mon, 19 Jun 2017 16:27:58 GMT

This model function average good , may be need a best organization between all lot of panel screens is a maze. BUT HAVE A GREAT MISTAKE , this model disable the 2D, outside view and the MAP view (F10 , F11 AND shift +F12) for him and for all planes you have installed, and is necesary uninstall complety to recover this important functions in FSX. tested in steam . The good part the voice checklist of the copilot is a good point, but never hear the steward voice.

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