FSX/P3D Beechcraft D18S/SNB v2

PreviewThis is a full FSX/P3Dv4 compliant updated and replacement version of the Beechcraft D18S/SNB file "B18DC05.ZIP" and is compatible with any repaints produced for that file. Simple installation instructions are provided.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D) including P3Dv4 & P3Dv5
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This is a full FSX/P3Dv4 compliant updated and replacement version of the Beechcraft D18S/SNB file "B18DC05.ZIP" and is compatible with any repaints produced for that file. Simple installation instructions are provided.

D18S in P3Dv4.The software contained in this installer is supplied for your use as "freeware". No fee or charge is made for its use or delivery or download. Please understand that this package required thousands of hours to create and the authors retain full ownership of these files and reserve all rights and privileges under U.S. and International copyright laws.

In particular, we ask that you enjoy this software as it was produced for the flight simulation community; but, do not upload it to any internet site or attempt to obtain any monetary profit from it.

Conditions of Use:
The software contained in this archive is supplied for your use as "freeware". No fee or charge is made for its use or delivery or download.

The original authors graciously gave permission for modification of the model files but retain full ownership of their original files and reserve all rights and privileges under U.S. and international copyright laws.

Copyright information contained in the new model, panel and texture folders is also applicable.


  1. Place the folder: "B18SXP_DC" in the FSX or P3Dv4 "Airplanes" folder.
  2. Open the "B18SXP" folder and copy the "Effects" folder to the FSX or P3Dv4 root folder.
  3. If the old "B18SX_DC" folder is present, you may:
    1. Copy all "Texture" folders and your "Aircraft.cfg" file from your "B18SX_DC" folder to the "B18SXP_DC" folder in order to retain your repaints.
    2. bou must remove the old "B18SX_DC" folder in order to remove duplicate aircraft.

New checklists, reference, and panel documentation are provided.

Developer: Dave Carroll.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive b18dc11.zip has 255 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Aircraft.cfg05.19.1812.85 kB
Beech D18S_SNB Documentation05.23.180 B
Beechcraft SNB-5 Navigator specifications and photos.htm10.01.1636.21 kB
Beechcraft SNB-5 Navigator specifications and photos_files05.18.180 B
1332.jpg10.01.1618.84 kB
A.jpg10.01.161.72 kB
B.jpg10.01.162.46 kB
Beech_C45_Silh.jpg10.01.16110.41 kB
C.jpg10.01.162.41 kB
D.jpg10.01.162.40 kB
E.jpg10.01.162.40 kB
F.jpg10.01.162.38 kB
G.jpg10.01.162.48 kB
H.jpg10.01.162.37 kB
I.jpg10.01.162.27 kB
J.jpg10.01.162.38 kB
K.jpg10.01.162.44 kB
L.jpg10.01.162.40 kB
left.jpg10.01.162.25 kB
M.jpg10.01.162.46 kB
MM01b.jpg10.01.1610.65 kB
MM02b.jpg10.01.1610.06 kB
MM03b.jpg10.01.1610.57 kB
MM04b.jpg10.01.165.57 kB
MM05b.jpg10.01.169.97 kB
MM06b.jpg10.01.169.30 kB
MM07b.jpg10.01.169.07 kB
MM08b.jpg10.01.168.57 kB
MM09b.jpg10.01.168.64 kB
MM10b.jpg10.01.168.78 kB
MM11b.jpg10.01.168.51 kB
MM12b.jpg10.01.168.01 kB
MM13b.jpg10.01.1610.96 kB
MM14b.jpg10.01.165.57 kB
MM15b.jpg10.01.1611.12 kB
MM16b.jpg10.01.1610.88 kB
MM17b.jpg10.01.1610.68 kB
MM18b.jpg10.01.1610.67 kB
MM19b.jpg10.01.169.66 kB
MM20b.jpg10.01.169.82 kB
MM21b.jpg10.01.169.68 kB
MM22b.jpg10.01.165.57 kB
MM23b.jpg10.01.168.28 kB
MM24b.jpg10.01.167.93 kB
MM25b.jpg10.01.169.00 kB
MM26b.jpg10.01.167.75 kB
MM27b.jpg10.01.165.57 kB
Mobile.jpg10.01.1620.52 kB
N.jpg10.01.162.41 kB
O.jpg10.01.162.45 kB
P.jpg10.01.162.42 kB
Q.jpg10.01.162.55 kB
R.jpg10.01.162.42 kB
right.jpg10.01.162.27 kB
S.jpg10.01.162.42 kB
skytamer.css10.01.161.87 kB
T.jpg10.01.162.38 kB
TheSkytamerArchive.jpg10.01.1688.49 kB
U.jpg10.01.162.37 kB
V.jpg10.01.162.42 kB
W.jpg10.01.162.52 kB
X.jpg10.01.162.40 kB
Y.jpg10.01.162.41 kB
Z.jpg10.01.162.45 kB
C18S_D18S_C-45_SNB Panel Documentation.pdf05.19.18582.71 kB
D18S_SNB_Models.pdf05.19.181.77 MB
D18S_SNB_Models_Technical_Notes.pdf05.19.18463.82 kB
Hobbs Documentation05.18.180 B
Description.txt07.03.08162 B
FP_HRMTR.gif07.02.087.74 kB
HOBBS.gif07.03.0859.96 kB
Readme.txt07.03.081.52 kB
Standard Aircraft Characteristics C18S and D18S Aircraft.pdf10.07.162.78 MB
beech18_check.htm10.08.1647.19 kB
beech18_check_files05.18.180 B
filelist.xml10.08.16139 B
beech18_ref.htm10.10.1612.98 kB
d18s.air06.22.0511.48 kB
Effects05.18.180 B
fx_beacon_commander.fx05.13.043.03 kB
Newll.fx11.09.041.35 kB
model.nxdc05.19.180 B
D18SXP_DCmodel.txt05.19.184.80 kB
model.cfg04.14.1063 B
SNB2_X_DC.MDL04.16.102.65 MB
SNB2_X_DC_Interior.MDL04.16.101.28 MB
model.xdc05.19.180 B
D18SXP_DCmodel.txt05.19.184.80 kB
D18S_X_DC.MDL04.16.102.55 MB
D18S_X_DC_Interior.MDL04.16.101.22 MB
model.cfg03.11.1063 B
panel.xblk05.19.180 B
Beech18main.bmp03.19.06773.06 kB
D18SXP_DCpanel.txt05.19.182.38 kB
ECU2.bmp03.19.06619.80 kB
Elect_Popup.bmp03.19.06269.05 kB
FP_HOBBS.CAB07.03.08371.95 kB
OH5.bmp03.19.06769.05 kB
panel.CFG04.04.1014.36 kB
ST_D18.CAB06.23.055.57 MB
ST_Xpnder.cab07.09.05185.64 kB
Tripacer_DME.cab02.12.0425.10 kB
vc01.bmp03.19.061.00 MB
vc01_x.bmp04.04.101.00 MB
vc02.bmp03.19.061.00 MB
vc03.bmp03.19.06257.05 kB
sound05.18.180 B
BAFS.bmp02.24.02177.10 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ07.04.05288 B
readme.txt07.04.05740 B
Sound.cfg08.24.008.35 kB
te1.wav03.02.0251.96 kB
te2.wav03.02.02122.83 kB
te3.wav03.02.02295.84 kB
te4.wav03.02.02289.58 kB
te4b.wav03.02.02267.10 kB
teshutb.wav04.24.01121.06 kB
testarta.wav08.24.008.16 kB
testartb.wav04.24.01107.64 kB
tmFLAPS.wav11.02.0029.17 kB
tmgeardn.wav08.24.0031.37 kB
tmgearup.wav08.24.0029.36 kB
xte1.wav03.02.0254.59 kB
xte2.wav03.02.02138.46 kB
xte3.wav03.02.02173.01 kB
xte4.wav03.02.02157.34 kB
xte4b.wav03.02.02591.04 kB
xteshutb.wav04.24.01115.15 kB
xtestarta.wav08.24.008.16 kB
xtestartb.wav04.24.01200.06 kB
texture05.19.180 B
b18eng_back_x.dds02.21.1042.80 kB
b18eng_x_t.dds03.08.1064.12 kB
b18eng_x_t_bump.dds03.08.1064.12 kB
b18eng_x_t_spec.dds03.08.1064.12 kB
blacktexture_x.dds03.30.1032.12 kB
black_x.dds02.21.1042.80 kB
brakerotor_x.dds02.21.1064.12 kB
cabin_door_seats_x.dds02.21.101.00 MB
cabin_fwd_bhd_linner_x.dds02.21.10256.12 kB
cabin_rear_bhd_x.dds02.21.10256.12 kB
ckptmisc_x.dds03.11.10512.12 kB
ckptmisc_x_L.dds03.11.1032.12 kB
ckptposts_x.dds02.21.101.00 MB
ckpt_linner_x.dds02.21.1085.48 kB
D18SXP_DCtextures.txt05.19.184.57 kB
D18S_Prop_F_x.dds04.03.10256.12 kB
D18S_Prop_R_x.dds03.09.10256.12 kB
D18S_reflection.dds02.21.10170.80 kB
darkgray_x.dds02.21.102.80 kB
ecubox_x.dds02.21.1064.12 kB
ecudetails_x.dds03.11.10128.12 kB
ecudetails_x_L.dds03.11.108.12 kB
ecuparts_x.dds03.11.10512.12 kB
ecuparts_x_L.dds03.11.1032.12 kB
ecu_x.dds02.21.1064.12 kB
engexh_x.dds02.21.10256.12 kB
floor_x.dds02.21.1042.80 kB
fresnel_ramp.dds08.22.07640 B
fusemain_x_t.dds03.28.104.00 MB
fusemain_x_t_bump.dds03.06.104.00 MB
fusemain_x_t_spec.dds03.28.104.00 MB
gearparts_x.dds02.21.10256.12 kB
glass_x_t.dds03.08.1064.12 kB
glass_x_t_bump.dds02.21.102.80 kB
glass_x_t_spec.dds02.21.1010.80 kB
GlobalEnv_AC_Chrome.dds08.22.071.50 MB
lndlght_scoop_x.dds02.21.1064.12 kB
lwing_x_t.dds04.05.104.00 MB
lwing_x_t_bump.dds04.05.104.00 MB
lwing_x_t_spec.dds04.05.104.00 MB
misc_x.dds02.27.10682.80 kB
mnwheel_x.dds02.21.1064.12 kB
nacelles_x_t.dds03.28.104.00 MB
nacelles_x_t_bump.dds03.08.104.00 MB
nacelles_x_t_spec.dds03.28.104.00 MB
panelst2d_x.dds02.21.1064.12 kB
panelst2d_x_L.dds02.21.1064.12 kB
pilot_ms_x.dds02.21.10256.12 kB
rwing_x_t.dds03.28.104.00 MB
rwing_x_t_bump.dds03.09.104.00 MB
rwing_x_t_spec.dds03.28.104.00 MB
struts_x.dds02.21.1064.12 kB
Thumbnail.jpg04.01.1021.26 kB
tiretread_x.dds02.21.1064.12 kB
vcposts_x.dds03.11.10512.12 kB
winfrms_x.dds02.21.10256.12 kB
yokehub_x.dds02.21.101.00 MB
yokelower_x.dds02.21.1016.12 kB
texture.N2192505.18.180 B
fusemain_x_t.dds03.06.104.00 MB
fusemain_x_t_spec.dds03.08.104.00 MB
lwing_x_t.dds04.05.104.00 MB
lwing_x_t_spec.dds04.05.104.00 MB
nacelles_x_t.dds03.09.104.00 MB
nacelles_x_t_spec.dds03.08.104.00 MB
rwing_x_t.dds03.09.104.00 MB
rwing_x_t_spec.dds03.09.104.00 MB
texture.cfg08.14.06137 B
Thumbnail.jpg04.01.1021.57 kB
Thumbnail_large.jpg04.01.10122.45 kB
Thumbnail_large_2.jpg03.12.10153.95 kB
texture.NAVY642_4505.18.180 B
cabin_door_seats_x.dds03.30.10512.12 kB
cabin_fwd_bhd_linner_x.dds03.30.10128.12 kB
cabin_rear_bhd_x.dds03.30.10128.12 kB
floor_x.dds03.30.1032.12 kB
fusemain_x_t.dds04.12.104.00 MB
fusemain_x_t_bump.dds04.12.104.00 MB
fusemain_x_t_spec.dds04.12.104.00 MB
lwing_x_t.dds04.05.104.00 MB
lwing_x_t_spec.dds04.05.104.00 MB
nacelles_snb2_x_t.dds03.31.104.00 MB
nacelles_snb2_x_t_bump.dds03.31.104.00 MB
nacelles_snb2_x_t_spec.dds03.31.104.00 MB
rwing_x_t.dds03.30.104.00 MB
rwing_x_t_spec.dds03.30.104.00 MB
texture.cfg03.31.10137 B
Thumbnail.jpg04.01.1021.88 kB
winfrms_x.dds03.30.10128.12 kB
texture.NAVY642_5505.18.180 B
D18S_Prop_R_x.dds03.30.10256.12 kB
fusemain_x_t.dds03.29.104.00 MB
fusemain_x_t_spec.dds03.29.104.00 MB
lwing_x_t.dds04.05.104.00 MB
lwing_x_t_spec.dds04.05.104.00 MB
nacelles_x_t.dds03.30.104.00 MB
nacelles_x_t_spec.dds03.30.104.00 MB
rwing_x_t.dds03.30.104.00 MB
rwing_x_t_spec.dds03.30.104.00 MB
texture.cfg03.31.10171 B
Thumbnail.jpg04.01.1022.11 kB
texture.NAVY642_6005.18.180 B
D18S_Prop_F_x.dds04.03.10256.12 kB
D18S_Prop_R_x.dds03.30.10256.12 kB
fusemain_x_t.dds04.14.104.00 MB
fusemain_x_t_spec.dds03.29.104.00 MB
gearparts_x.dds03.30.10128.12 kB
lwing_x_t.dds04.14.104.00 MB
lwing_x_t_spec.dds04.05.104.00 MB
mnwheel_x.dds03.30.1032.12 kB
nacelles_x_t.dds04.14.104.00 MB
nacelles_x_t_spec.dds03.31.104.00 MB
rwing_x_t.dds04.14.104.00 MB
rwing_x_t_spec.dds03.30.104.00 MB
struts_x.dds03.30.1032.12 kB
texture.cfg03.31.10171 B
Thumbnail.jpg04.01.1024.48 kB
D18SXP_DC05.18.180 B
B18DC11.jpg04.23.1090.01 kB
D18SXP_DC_Install.txt05.19.181.22 kB
D18SXP_DC_Introduction.txt05.19.18633 B
FILE_ID.diz05.19.18267 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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Miguel CruzTue, 16 Jul 2019 16:24:29 GMT

The aircraft itself doesn't need too much introduction (as for all Milton's work). So I guessed this ''adaptation'' for FSX wouldn't be much different. And it isn't.

However, after installation on my Steam edition, everything works fine except... I have a kind of blue FSX poster layering over my virtual panel(only in VC). Any idea on why? I'd really love to find a way to fix it, but don't know how.

My best regards, while waiting for a possible solution. Happy landings everybody.

userSun, 28 Apr 2019 12:48:10 GMT

Hello Free Download? Can I Download Free? Thanks.

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