FSX Beechcraft D18S

Preview Beechcraft D18S "Touch O' Texas", registration N412K. This is an FSX adoptation of the FS2004 D18S passenger plane by Milton Shupe, presented in the livery of "Touch O' Texas" Twin Beech with registration N412K, which is now a part of the Flight of the Phoenix Aviation Museum, Inc. and serves ...

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Beechcraft D18S "Touch O' Texas", registration N412K. This is an FSX adoptation of the FS2004 D18S passenger plane by Milton Shupe, presented in the livery of "Touch O' Texas" Twin Beech with registration N412K, which is now a part of the Flight of the Phoenix Aviation Museum, Inc. and serves as essential business transportation for Dean Lumber Company. The package includes a new authentic VC panel with necessary additional gauges. FSX adoptation by Vladimir Gonchar.

Screenshot of Beechcraft D18S in flight.

Screenshot of Beechcraft D18S in flight.

This package includes:
- original model, basic texture and gauge pack by Milton Shupe.
- new authentic VC panel with necessary additional gauge collection.
- N412K texture (both exterior and interior), new night panel illumination and prop files.
- corrected aircraft and air files (based on the default FSX Grumman Goose file - same engine P&W R-985).

You should first engage the starter (the starter button is being pressed simultaneously with the ignition boost and primer buttons) and then move full forward a mixture lever. The avionics master switch has a separate position at a co-pilot panel under ADF receiver.

INSTALLATION: Just put the content of Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder to the main FSX folder.

Vladimir Gonchar

Screenshot of Beechcraft D18S on runway.

Screenshot of Beechcraft D18S on runway.

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The archive fsx_d18s_n412k.zip has 122 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
01.jpg04.15.10177.76 kB
02.jpg04.15.10109.84 kB
02_small.jpg04.15.1025.95 kB
03_small.jpg04.16.1059.70 kB
03_vc1.jpg04.15.10279.40 kB
04_vc2.jpg04.15.10301.41 kB
05_cabin.jpg04.15.10125.26 kB
Microsoft Flight Simulator X04.16.100 B
effects04.15.100 B
Newll.fx11.09.041.35 kB
Gauges04.15.100 B
Beech C-45H_gauge.cab03.27.10742.31 kB
ST_D18.CAB12.11.097.20 MB
ST_D18S_extra.cab02.27.101016.72 kB
SimObjects04.15.100 B
Airplanes04.16.100 B
Beech D18S_N412K04.15.100 B
A-765.pdf03.13.05391.58 kB
Aircraft.cfg04.17.1012.85 kB
Beech_18_Checklist.doc02.16.1033.00 kB
d18s.air02.18.109.98 kB
model04.15.100 B
b18ms.mdl06.25.051.45 MB
model.cfg10.18.0424 B
panel04.15.100 B
Beech C-45H_gauge.cab03.27.10742.31 kB
Beech D18S_ap.cab04.14.10134.91 kB
Beech D18S_engine.cab04.14.1026.32 kB
Beech D18S_gauge.cab04.14.10176.47 kB
Beech D18S_magL.gau04.05.10366.00 kB
Beech D18S_magR.gau04.05.10366.00 kB
Beech D18S_radio.cab04.15.1092.01 kB
Beech D18S_switches2.cab04.15.1071.32 kB
Beech D18S_warning.cab04.15.1098.25 kB
D18S_CB.cab01.07.1040.23 kB
ECU2.bmp06.12.05619.80 kB
Elect_Popup.bmp04.14.10578.96 kB
Panel.cfg04.15.1011.98 kB
Thumbs.db03.31.1017.00 kB
vc01.bmp04.15.103.00 MB
vc02.bmp04.15.103.00 MB
vc03.bmp03.21.10257.05 kB
sound04.15.100 B
sound.cfg02.17.1040 B
texture04.15.100 B
access.bmp06.20.0564.07 kB
aluminum.bmp02.17.10257.05 kB
b18eng.bmp10.29.0465.05 kB
black.bmp02.20.0365.07 kB
blacktexture.bmp02.09.0465.07 kB
brakerotor.bmp12.22.0365.05 kB
chromespinner_L.bmp08.27.045.43 kB
chromespinner_t.bmp04.12.10256.05 kB
ckptmisc.bmp06.19.051.00 MB
ckptmisc_L.bmp06.20.0564.07 kB
darkgray.bmp11.26.035.05 kB
darkgreengray.bmp06.22.0517.07 kB
darkrust.bmp11.01.0465.07 kB
deicer_t.bmp11.21.0416.07 kB
ecu.bmp06.23.0565.05 kB
ecubox.bmp06.23.0565.05 kB
ecudetails.bmp06.01.05257.05 kB
ecudetails_L.bmp06.20.0516.07 kB
ecuparts.bmp06.13.051.00 MB
ecuparts_L.bmp06.19.0564.07 kB
eng0_L.bmp11.22.044.07 kB
eng0_t.bmp04.14.104.00 MB
eng1_L.bmp11.22.044.07 kB
eng1_t.bmp04.14.104.00 MB
face.bmp03.09.0365.07 kB
fuse_L.bmp06.19.054.07 kB
fuse_t.bmp04.15.104.00 MB
gearparts.bmp05.23.05257.07 kB
glass_t.bmp06.18.0516.07 kB
gray.bmp06.29.045.07 kB
headsetdarkgreengray.bmp02.20.0417.07 kB
headsetdarkredgray.bmp02.20.0417.07 kB
landlite.bmp05.23.0565.07 kB
misc.bmp05.30.051.00 MB
panelst2d.bmp06.20.0564.07 kB
panelst2d_L.bmp06.20.0564.07 kB
pilotfacel.bmp05.23.05129.07 kB
prop.bmp03.02.10341.43 kB
spinpropb18.bmp03.02.1085.43 kB
Strut2.bmp06.29.0465.07 kB
tail_L.bmp06.19.054.07 kB
tail_t.bmp04.14.104.00 MB
thumbnail.jpg04.15.1025.95 kB
Thumbs.db04.16.10128.50 kB
tiretread.bmp05.29.0565.07 kB
vc01_L.bmp04.15.10256.05 kB
vc02_L.bmp04.15.10256.05 kB
vc03_L.bmp06.20.0564.07 kB
vccabinrwpanel.bmp04.12.10257.05 kB
vccabinwalls3.bmp04.15.101.00 MB
vccabinwalltan256.bmp04.12.10257.05 kB
vccarpetgreen.bmp04.12.1064.22 kB
vcckptroof.bmp02.17.10257.05 kB
vcckptside2.bmp04.12.10128.27 kB
vcposts.bmp06.05.051.00 MB
wfg.bmp05.30.05256.07 kB
wheel2.bmp06.20.0564.07 kB
white1_t.bmp11.07.0416.07 kB
windows_t.bmp06.20.0564.07 kB
wings_L.bmp06.25.0416.07 kB
wings_t.bmp04.14.104.00 MB
yokehub.bmp12.28.041.00 MB
yokelower.bmp03.10.0417.07 kB
Music for flying04.15.100 B
Diana Krall_Love Being Here.mp304.07.104.52 MB
N412K_info04.16.100 B
Gilmar-Muni (JXI) approach procedure.pdf04.16.10160.85 kB
N412K home airport info.doc04.16.1081.00 kB
N412K_real panel.jpg03.10.10733.61 kB
System 50_autopilot manual.pdf01.30.09925.93 kB
Thumbs.db04.16.105.50 kB
TwinBeech N412K.doc04.15.1035.50 kB
Original readme.txt05.16.062.56 kB
readme.txt04.16.101.20 kB
Thumbs.db04.16.1048.50 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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William B Noel Jr.Mon, 14 Mar 2022 21:34:04 GMT

Would like to have a texture of my father's Beech 18. who could do it? Found pictures on the internet. Please help.

EdmeisterWed, 05 Sep 2018 05:50:26 GMT

Great graphics! However the sound is not very good. So sad.

CHRIS VOULTJATISSat, 09 Jan 2016 10:50:21 GMT


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