MSFS Fokker Dr.I Triplane

PreviewA complete rendition of the iconic German WW1 fighter aircraft - the Fokker Dr.I Triplane for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020 release.  The Dr.I was made famous by pilot Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen, better known, as the Red Baron.

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A complete rendition of the iconic German WW1 fighter aircraft - the Fokker Dr.I Triplane for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020 release.  The Dr.I was made famous by pilot Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen, better known, as the Red Baron.

The Fokker Dr.I was a legendary aircraft that first took flight in 1917 and was a huge German advantage during WW1 compared to allied aircraft capabilities.  The aircraft began the first "dogfights" as we know them today.  Built in Germany by Fokker and designed by Reinhold Platz, the aircraft was ahead of its time.  The closest the Britsh had (comparable) was the Sopwith Triplane - and some say this was designed to advance on the threat that it posed.

This model created by mykrode captures this iconic aircraft in stunning detail for MSFS and while basic, you have to remember the real-world aircraft was very basic too.  The aircraft is a bundle of joy to fly within the sim and is responsive, nippy, and exciting.

Many aspects of the real-world aircraft have been included including gun turrets and guns, wooden propellers, and radial engines along with animations in and around the aircraft.  You really won't be disappointed with the attention to detail the developer has gone to when crafting this mod - even with the short timescale, it was achieved.

We expect the developer to continue releasing updates so be sure to bookmark this page to receive the latest versions as they become available.

DR.1 in MSFS over clouds.Current version: 1.2.6.

The developer (mykrode) stated that they "felt like flying some WW1 aircraft" in MSFS 2020 but realized there weren't that many (if any) available to create some of their own!  This project was another "1-week challenge" which included modeling, painting textures, animating, and tweaking the flight model.

The developer has stated they loved and enjoyed making this 3D model along with its flight model and hopes the freeware community will enjoy their release along with the textures provided.

From what we know about aircraft development (and from comment feedback) this developer really grinds down on a project and produces some fantastic stuff (within a week!) - many users comment on how much can be done in such a short time - and we commend the developer for the work.

The developer also states, "It was quite a challenge finding consistent reference imagery and performance figures as this aircraft was built during aviation's infancy. Working within the SDK's limitations on airfoils, etc... I managed to put together a relatively close simulation of the aircraft's characteristics."

The pack features a complete 3D base model along with a fully animated 3D virtual cockpit (VC) and pilot as well as six different repaints for this aircraft.  More repaints are available and you are welcome to create your own.

Liveries Included

Six liveries/repaints are included in the base pack.  The liveries included with this Fokker DR.1 mod are listed below;

  • Red Badon (the iconic livery) of the Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen.
  • Dazzle, A common style I saw multiple times across my research on the DR1.
  • White Raven, Lt von Ruben's DR1 paint scheme from the Jaster 7 Squadron.
  • America 1930s, a post-war US Army-themed livery for a captured DR1.
  • BF109, a Messerschmitt adaptation of a WWII-era aircraft on this WWI classic.


Changes to the model/mod are listed below.  When the developer releases new versions, we will also announce the changes here.

UPDATE 1.2.5

  • Manifest Updated to v1.2.
  • Changed Overall Package Name
  • Edited Aircraft.cfg Model/Types
  • Fixed ATC Callouts for Model/Manufacturer
  • Added Trainer Livery
  • Fixed Static Pitch

UPDATE 1.1.1

  • Added exterior pilot model
  • Ground handling is significantly more stable on taxi, takeoff, landing
  • Animated engine cylinders like real aircraft
  • Minor performance tweaks to engine & propeller performance (more responsive RPM)
  • Fixed bug that caused the rudder to switch direction mid-flight

UPDATE 1.2.0

  • Adjusted rear fuselage to be more boxy & repainted liveries match
  • Added exhaust heat effects
  • Fixed rear landing skid mesh geometry normals
  • The fixed bugged cylinder that appeared as chrome
  • Improved registration decal (should flicker less at a distance)


Simply extract the archive and copy/move the mykrode-fokker-dr1 folder into your MSFS community folder.

About The Developer

Developer: mykrode (Scott)

You can follow their updates for this project and their new eVTOL project on their Discord server.

Donate to the Developer

You can donate to the developer's projects via PayPal here.

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GeorgewkSun, 08 May 2022 13:42:43 GMT

Can not get this to load into MS2020. If you can help, thanks. George


GeorgewkMon, 02 May 2022 20:42:42 GMT

What and where is the answer? Please?

Hi, I am not able to get the Fokker DR1 into my MS2020.

What do I do after unzipping the file?

Sorry to ask and if you can help please do.

Thanks, George

Manuel sanchezSat, 30 Apr 2022 23:58:48 GMT


I add the Plane to the Simulator's Community folder and it doesn't recognize it when I open the simulator. Thanks.

Geoff ShannonWed, 05 Jan 2022 05:48:17 GMT

Hey guys, Downloaded this Fokker but I can't figure out how to install it! Can you tell me, please? Thanks, Geoff.

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