FSX North American F-86E Sabre

PreviewFSX North American F-86E Sabre made by SectionF8 and updated by others "See Credits" just to work for FSX, official update will come from the author later. Package assembled by Wesam Baker.

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FSX North American F-86E Sabre made by SectionF8 and updated by others "See Credits" just to work for FSX, official update will come from the author later. Package assembled by Wesam Baker.


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The archive f86_fsx2.zip has 198 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Effects07.24.090 B
fx_SF86_Belly_Sparks.fx08.24.088.47 kB
fx_SF86_Dust_medium.fx09.27.086.29 kB
fx_SF86_EngFire.fx08.24.086.29 kB
fx_SF86_Firepower3.fx09.10.0813.05 kB
fx_SF86_flashg.fx06.15.082.53 kB
fx_SF86_flashr.fx06.15.082.52 kB
fx_SF86_flashw.fx06.15.082.54 kB
fx_SF86_landing.fx06.15.083.43 kB
fx_SF86_steadyg.fx06.15.082.41 kB
fx_SF86_steadyr.fx06.15.082.41 kB
fx_SF86_steadyw.fx06.15.082.15 kB
fx_SF86_Tiremark.fx08.24.085.16 kB
fx_SF86_TotalXaust_low_Orange.fx10.01.089.79 kB
fx_SF86_TotalXaust_max_Blue_A.fx09.30.084.90 kB
fx_SF86_TotalXaust_max_Blue_B.fx09.30.088.16 kB
fx_SF86_TotalXaust_max_Orange.fx09.25.088.16 kB
fx_SF86_TotalXaust_med_Blue.fx09.25.088.64 kB
fx_SF86_TotalXaust_med_Orange.fx09.25.088.63 kB
fx_SF86_TurboSmokeHeat2.fx10.19.083.81 kB
fx_SF86_TurboStart2.fx09.11.085.56 kB
fx_SF86_WingCloud_2port.fx10.14.083.46 kB
fx_SF86_WingCloud_2star.fx10.14.083.46 kB
fx_SF86_Wingtip8.fx09.07.081.24 kB
texture07.24.090 B
SF8_f86_flame.bmp07.14.0865.05 kB
SF8_f86_heat_r.bmp09.29.0821.40 kB
Thumbs.db07.17.0912.50 kB
Readme_1.rtf07.24.0913.57 kB
Readme_2.rtf07.24.097.38 kB
Readme_3.rtf07.24.09649 B
SimObjects07.24.090 B
Airplanes07.24.090 B
SF8_F-86EF_Sabre07.24.090 B
Aircraft.cfg07.17.0922.43 kB
F86ef.air09.10.088.39 kB
f86ef_check.htm11.11.0840.71 kB
F86ef_FF.air10.22.088.38 kB
f86ef_ref.htm12.18.0873.88 kB
HTML_res07.24.090 B
bg.gif10.04.0815.67 kB
compass_mouse.jpg07.12.0860.01 kB
compass_popup.jpg07.11.085.39 kB
control_stick_vc.jpg07.13.0815.87 kB
dots.gif04.17.0340 B
forward_left_vc.jpg07.21.087.49 kB
instrument_mouse.jpg07.22.08237.71 kB
instrument_panel.jpg07.22.0835.82 kB
oxygen_mouse.jpg07.12.0818.33 kB
oxygen_popup.jpg07.11.082.06 kB
right_vc.jpg07.21.086.50 kB
status_mouse.jpg07.12.0836.36 kB
throttle_mouse.jpg07.13.0845.10 kB
throttle_popup.jpg11.11.087.56 kB
vhf_iff_mouse.jpg07.12.0861.40 kB
vhf_iff_popup.jpg07.11.086.26 kB
Manual.pdf10.20.082.52 MB
model07.24.090 B
Model.cfg10.28.0831 B
SF8_F-86EF.mdl10.22.082.67 MB
SF8_F-86EF_Mod.mdl10.28.082.67 MB
panel07.24.090 B
Compass_Popup.bmp09.19.07161.83 kB
Instrument.bmp07.22.08769.05 kB
Oxygen_Popup.bmp12.27.0788.94 kB
Panel.cfg10.30.0811.36 kB
Radio_Popup.bmp09.19.07161.83 kB
SF8_F86.CAB12.18.081.56 MB
SF8_Sabre.gau12.06.0860.00 kB
Throttle_Popup.bmp07.10.08526.05 kB
Window1.bmp07.10.08769.05 kB
Window2.bmp07.10.08769.05 kB
Window3.bmp07.20.08769.05 kB
PIC.jpg07.19.0952.70 kB
sound07.24.090 B
f86_211.wav09.21.08691.52 kB
f86_212.wav09.21.08691.52 kB
f86_213.wav09.21.08375.16 kB
f86_214.wav09.21.08325.69 kB
f86_221.wav09.21.081.07 MB
f86_222.wav09.21.08834.95 kB
f86_223.wav09.21.08834.95 kB
f86_224.wav09.21.08209.47 kB
f86_2N2T.wav01.16.081.07 MB
f86_canopy.wav09.18.08105.61 kB
f86_fuelpump.wav09.14.08125.83 kB
f86_gyro.wav08.22.013.43 MB
f86_N2SHUT.WAV02.06.02259.59 kB
f86_n2STRT.wav09.22.086.59 MB
f86_stall.wav04.18.0113.81 kB
f86_STRT.wav09.22.085.34 MB
f86_touchc.wav06.20.01107.81 kB
f86_touchl.wav06.20.0142.17 kB
f86_touchr.wav06.20.0142.17 kB
f86_X211.wav08.08.0396.96 kB
f86_X212.WAV08.08.0364.66 kB
f86_X213.wav08.10.0343.13 kB
f86_X221.wav09.04.08892.30 kB
f86_X222.wav09.04.081.48 MB
f86_X223.WAV02.13.03188.07 kB
f86_X224.WAV04.16.03170.95 kB
f86_X2N2T.WAV02.06.02108.59 kB
f86_xn2shut.wav02.06.02162.22 kB
f86_xn2strt.wav09.22.081.91 MB
f86_XSTRT.wav01.25.085.34 MB
GEARDOWN.WAV04.18.01151.29 kB
GEARUP.WAV04.18.01137.88 kB
gearwarn.wav04.18.01122.47 kB
sound.cfg10.04.089.36 kB
texture.caf07.24.090 B
fuse_1_t.bmp12.15.084.00 MB
texture.cfg10.28.0838 B
thumbnail.jpg07.19.097.98 kB
texture.chopper07.24.090 B
hsurf_t.bmp12.15.084.00 MB
texture.cfg10.28.0838 B
thumbnail.jpg07.19.097.98 kB
texture.Del-Ang07.24.090 B
frames.bmp12.29.0764.07 kB
fuse_1_t.bmp09.14.084.00 MB
helm_t.bmp01.07.08256.07 kB
hsurf_t.bmp09.15.084.00 MB
hsurf2_t.bmp09.14.084.00 MB
inner.bmp10.03.081.00 MB
suit1.bmp09.14.08256.07 kB
texture.cfg10.28.0838 B
thumbnail.jpg07.19.097.98 kB
texture.joan07.24.090 B
frames.bmp12.29.0764.07 kB
fuse_1_t.bmp09.10.084.00 MB
helm_t.bmp01.07.08256.07 kB
hsurf_t.bmp09.15.084.00 MB
hsurf2_t.bmp09.13.084.00 MB
inner.bmp10.03.081.00 MB
suit1.bmp09.14.08256.07 kB
texture.cfg10.28.0838 B
thumbnail.jpg07.19.097.98 kB
Sound07.24.090 B
SF8_F8607.24.090 B
button.wav01.01.066.43 kB
canopy_handle.wav10.28.0732.18 kB
click.wav03.27.081.60 kB
disk_brakes.wav10.15.08192.83 kB
drop_tanks.wav06.04.0742.43 kB
electronic.wav09.28.071.60 kB
fire_alert.wav06.04.0753.52 kB
flaps_handle.wav09.26.0756.38 kB
gear_handle.wav09.27.0748.62 kB
gear_warn.wav04.18.01122.47 kB
gun.wav10.03.0819.38 kB
horn.wav06.26.0819.70 kB
jet_whine.wav08.08.08376.08 kB
knob.wav01.01.068.99 kB
latch.wav06.30.012.89 kB
lever.wav09.14.086.96 kB
micro.wav04.30.0721.76 kB
oxy_mask.wav12.18.08129.25 kB
parking_brake_in.wav09.26.0774.29 kB
parking_brake_out.wav09.27.0792.43 kB
power_cart.wav10.17.08127.55 kB
rotary_switch.wav10.28.074.38 kB
round_button.wav08.15.012.36 kB
round_switch.wav01.01.064.82 kB
round_switch_off.wav01.01.064.36 kB
springloaded.wav11.14.053.07 kB
tire_scrub.wav09.27.08132.61 kB
toggle_switch.wav08.15.013.05 kB
toggle_switch_off.wav09.16.083.07 kB
Texture07.24.090 B
f86jv_cantenn.bmp10.24.084.07 kB
f86jv_cp1.bmp01.02.0864.07 kB
f86jv_frames2.bmp09.28.0864.07 kB
f86jv_gear1.bmp10.04.08256.07 kB
f86jv_gear2.bmp08.27.0864.07 kB
f86jv_ghand.bmp01.02.0816.07 kB
f86jv_glas_t.bmp01.02.0816.07 kB
f86jv_glas_vcanopy.bmp10.26.0864.07 kB
f86jv_glas_vcleft.bmp10.26.0864.07 kB
f86jv_glas_vcmid.bmp10.26.0864.07 kB
f86jv_glasopy_t.bmp01.02.0864.07 kB
f86jv_glasregl.bmp09.28.084.07 kB
f86jv_navlts.bmp06.29.084.07 kB
f86jv_rc1.bmp01.02.0864.07 kB
f86jv_rect.bmp01.02.08256.07 kB
f86jv_rect.part.bmp01.02.084.07 kB
f86jv_visor.bmp01.02.0816.07 kB
f86jv_wiel1.bmp06.13.08256.07 kB
f86jv_wiel2.bmp02.08.0864.07 kB
f86jv1.bmp09.29.081.00 MB
f86jv2.bmp09.29.081.00 MB
f86jv3.bmp09.29.081.00 MB
f86jv4.bmp10.01.081.00 MB
f86jv5.bmp10.24.081.00 MB
f86jv6.bmp08.31.081.00 MB
f86jv7.bmp07.03.081.00 MB
f86jv8.bmp10.24.081.00 MB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


This take on the old F-86e Sabre is one of my favorite mods in some time, giving me a total remake of a classy and cool aircraft that just feels like so much fun to fly. Its daring style has been put together here using work by SectionF8 and many others, assembled by Wesam Baker. Wesam has done a marvelous job on making sure that this all looks the part, giving it something that really feels interesting and engaging.

Preview screenshot

One thing that I was a huge fan of when using this aircraft, however, was the increasingly charming nature of the cockpit. Each time I used it I would notice some little feature or kink that had escaped my attention before on pervious uses of it. What I did find with this, however, was that the Sabre really carried all of the little features in there such as working gauges and, most importantly, accurate placing.

A few hours of comparing images of the interior and exterior let me know quite quickly that this was a proper remake of the original. It’s accurate and in scale and the only things missing from this FSX mod is the features that are not possible to implement in a simulator at present.

What you will find though is that this does a stand-up job of giving you an easy way to control and manage the aircraft as it boosts around the skies. This package is a fine product to have on the basis that despite being for high-end military hardware this captures that look and feel with relative ease.

I was a major fan of this mod from the first time that I used it and would quite happily recommend this to anyone who wants to fly an F-86e quickly and with genuine accuracy. Flight dynamics and control is just about as good as you are going to get at the moment and the textures are spot on – in short, this makes the fun of flying an aircraft like this come to life in a way that many other mods struggle to ever find.

Want to fly military aircraft and enjoy their depth and style? Then be sure to pick this up! It’s a brilliant take on a fun and engaging piece of aviation history, and should help you fully appreciate how it looks and what the major bonuses of flying military can be!

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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Perry RotzellSat, 10 Nov 2018 20:14:56 GMT

Love this FSX F-86. Loved the FS9 version, back in the day, too. Great 2D and 3D cockpits. Only problem I have with it is the speed brakes will not function. Every other installed aircraft, equipped with speed brakes, work fine.

Don MathisenWed, 02 May 2018 00:23:29 GMT

Why doesn't the landing gear work properly? I am using this in FSX and would like to try it in p3dv3. Should work .

Is there aa fix for the gear in FSX?

Thanks, Don

Nis PompetzkiThu, 31 Aug 2017 07:23:49 GMT


i have no skin on this Aircraft ? what did i wrong ?

Rick Fri, 10 Mar 2017 22:41:44 GMT

Doe it not have a VC or did I screw the download

EdmeisterFri, 10 Mar 2017 13:26:01 GMT

Great plane! Only problem, the canopy is too dark. It makes it difficult to see from views right or left from inside the cockpit.

FerndogFri, 23 Sep 2016 20:58:17 GMT

I'm just wondering if the download of the day doesn't include everything else around it, like the luggage cart or cones or other objects, like other free ones that I've have downloaded before.

Retracts ? Thu, 07 Jan 2016 18:00:49 GMT

Landing gear retracts not working all of the time. They seem to cycle once or twice during a flight, and then stop working ? I have tried them from keyboard buttons and cockpit with the same results. Can you help me ?

It's a beautiful plane otherwise.

Thank you.


Kacee KelleySat, 08 Sep 2012 17:29:56 GMT

Fantastic! I think this is the best aircraft download ever.

choochooThu, 21 Jul 2011 01:42:41 GMT
The very best of freeware and most of Buyware.
AceCole1Sun, 17 Oct 2010 22:21:41 GMT
This is an awsome download no problems and good graphics

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