FSX Bull Run Mission

Bull Run. A mission for all versions; advanced. Requires seperate download of Tom Gibson/Greg Pepper DC-6. You're on the return trip from Mexico City carrying a load of fighting bulls for the holiday bullfights in Costa Rica. Everything is going well...until now. By Owen Graham.

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Bull Run. A mission for all versions; advanced. Requires seperate download of Tom Gibson/Greg Pepper DC-6. You're on the return trip from Mexico City carrying a load of fighting bulls for the holiday bullfights in Costa Rica. Everything is going well...until now. By Owen Graham.

Bull Run Mission.

Bull Run Mission.


Unzip to main FSX folder, and all should go into the proper place. If you prefer a more "hands-on" approach, unzip to a dummy folder and move everything to the right place in FSX.

This mission requires the Tom Gibson / Greg Pepper DC-6B, available from the CalClassics website. It is a native FS2004 plane, but works fine in FSX.

If you are fond of the classic airliners and haven't visited CalClassics, I highly recommend you do so. The main reason I made this mission was because I have enjoyed flying the DC-6s of Calclassics since FS2002.

This is my 8th mission, but the first to use Audio voice files. Many, many thanks to my friend Jose Enrique Arino, of Pamplona, Spain for his work in recording these files. To me, they add just the right ambiance to this mission. I recommend using on screen text in addition, and remember all messages are available on the plane's clipboard, if you need to go back and refer to one. Jose is a very talented mission maker, in addition to other skills, and has recently released a series of race missions using the P-51 Mustang.

I would also like to thank my friend Tom Michaels for once again beta-testing one of my missions.

This mission is dedicated to the memory of the very brave crew of Aviateca TG-ADA which crashed on final approach at Guatemala City in 1978.

Feel free to e-mail any comments...whether you like it or hate it. All input is appreciated.

Owen Graham (archTx)

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Bull Run_MErewards.RWD03.01.1080.16 kB
Rewards03.01.100 B
Challenges03.01.100 B
Bull Run03.03.100 B
Briefing.htm04.06.083.23 kB
Bull Run.FLT02.22.1010.38 kB
Bull Run.PLN02.20.092.39 kB
Bull Run.WX02.18.09172.73 kB
Bull Run.xml03.08.1083.70 kB
Charts.htm02.13.10904 B
Charts_Tab.htm02.13.105.40 kB
Details.htm02.13.101.99 kB
Details_Tab.htm02.21.095.39 kB
Images03.01.100 B
overview_01.jpg02.13.1013.54 kB
img_complete.bmp02.27.1088.78 kB
img_incomplete.bmp02.22.10172.10 kB
Kneeboard.htm02.14.101.71 kB
Overview.htm02.27.103.10 kB
Overview_Tab.htm02.21.095.39 kB
Readme_Install.txt03.10.101.87 kB
Sound03.03.100 B
357mag.wav12.18.09129.60 kB
cap1.wav02.27.1077.09 kB
cap10.wav03.02.1077.09 kB
cap11.wav03.02.1088.09 kB
cap12.wav03.02.10156.59 kB
cap13.wav03.02.1084.59 kB
cap14.wav03.02.1080.09 kB
cap15.wav02.27.10145.09 kB
cap16.wav03.02.1078.59 kB
cap17.wav03.02.10139.59 kB
cap18.wav02.27.1084.09 kB
cap19.wav03.02.1083.09 kB
cap2.wav03.02.10137.59 kB
cap20.wav02.27.1091.59 kB
cap21.wav03.02.1085.59 kB
cap22.wav03.02.1088.09 kB
cap23.wav03.02.1094.59 kB
cap24.wav02.27.1078.09 kB
cap25.wav03.02.1082.09 kB
cap26.wav03.02.1079.09 kB
cap27.wav03.02.1042.59 kB
cap28.wav03.02.1078.09 kB
cap29.wav03.02.10115.59 kB
cap3.wav03.02.1074.59 kB
cap30.wav03.02.10118.59 kB
cap31.wav03.03.1038.59 kB
cap32.wav03.02.1050.09 kB
cap33.wav03.02.10115.09 kB
cap4.wav03.02.10149.59 kB
cap5.wav03.02.1057.59 kB
cap6.wav02.27.1083.59 kB
cap7.wav03.02.1016.09 kB
cap8.wav03.02.1071.59 kB
cap9.wav03.02.1069.09 kB
cargoshift.wav02.23.10287.82 kB
carmen.wav02.28.102.54 MB
clapping.wav01.24.0931.38 kB
cop1.wav03.02.1079.59 kB
cop10.wav03.02.1090.09 kB
cop11.wav03.02.1078.59 kB
cop12.wav03.02.1081.59 kB
cop13.wav03.02.1089.59 kB
cop14.wav03.02.1091.09 kB
cop15.wav03.02.1079.59 kB
cop16.wav03.02.1078.09 kB
cop17.wav03.02.1085.59 kB
cop18.wav03.02.10139.59 kB
cop19.wav03.02.1081.59 kB
cop2.wav03.02.1073.59 kB
cop20.wav03.02.1097.59 kB
cop21.wav03.02.10114.59 kB
cop22.wav03.02.1032.59 kB
cop23.wav03.02.1043.59 kB
cop24.wav03.02.1088.09 kB
cop25.wav03.02.1052.59 kB
cop3.wav03.02.1072.59 kB
cop4.wav03.02.1085.59 kB
cop5.wav03.02.1099.59 kB
cop6.wav03.02.1077.09 kB
cop7.wav03.02.1089.59 kB
cop8.wav03.02.1085.59 kB
cop9.wav02.27.1091.59 kB
cow-3.wav02.21.0926.99 kB
cow.wav02.19.0931.29 kB
cow2.wav02.19.0918.36 kB
cows.wav02.21.0972.63 kB
Cows4.wav02.20.1043.01 kB
Ding15.wav02.23.10645.00 kB
Enginefail.wav02.24.10373.52 kB
nav1.wav02.27.10106.59 kB
nav2.wav02.27.10195.59 kB
nav3.wav02.27.10395.59 kB
nav4.wav02.27.1090.59 kB
nav5.wav02.27.10240.59 kB
nav6.wav02.27.10152.09 kB
nav7.wav03.02.10318.59 kB
overture.wav02.28.102.36 MB
virgen de la macarena.wav02.28.102.48 MB
warn.wav11.09.06466.14 kB
Missions03.01.100 B
Readme_Install.txt03.10.101.99 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ03.10.10287 B
bullrun.jpg03.10.108.06 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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