FSX Airlift To Berlin Mission

Preview Airlift To Berlin. Christmas Eve 1948. Your job is to fly a load of coal into besieged Berlin to relieve the pain of the people suffering from hunger and cold during the blockade by the Red Army. This is your first trip in "Operation Vittles" so your co-pilot, who is an experienced candy-bombe...

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Airlift To Berlin. Christmas Eve 1948. Your job is to fly a load of coal into besieged Berlin to relieve the pain of the people suffering from hunger and cold during the blockade by the Red Army. This is your first trip in "Operation Vittles" so your co-pilot, who is an experienced candy-bomber crew member will fill you in about some details. The mission begins with your cold and dark C-47 Skytrain overloaded at Fassberg airfield. Weather is rather bad: snow and thunderstorms. What a way to spend Christmas Eve... By Robin Hutter. (See also AIRLIFT_FIX.ZIP).

Airlift To Berlin Mission.

Airlift To Berlin Mission.


This is my third mission. Things are getting better - at least I hope so :), but still:
Use at your own risk. ;)

I am grateful for constructive feedback. Tell me if you had problems installing or playing the mission, if it was challenging or boring, if you had fun.


1. Open Airlift.zip. Extract the contents to a temporary folder on your hard drive. Be sure to allow for automatic creation of subdirectories (e.g. "use folder names" or whatever this is called by your ZIP program).

2. Copy or move the "Airlift" directory to your [FSX_root]\Missions\Challenges\ folder.

3. Copy the "airlift_MErewards.rwd" file to your [FSX_root]\Rewards\ folder.

4. Copy the Candy_package directory (including subdirectories) to [FSX_root]\SimObjects\Misc.

5. Start FSX. From "Missions" choose "Berlin Airlift" using the "Challenges" category and the "Advanced" level to narrow the list down, if it is too long.

Now I hope everything works and you have fun.

God bless,
Robin Hutter.

Airlift To Berlin Mission.

Airlift To Berlin Mission.

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The archive airlift.zip has 86 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Airlift.FLT05.25.1011.15 kB
Airlift.WX08.02.08208.91 kB
airlift.xml06.24.10189.72 kB
airlift.xml.layout06.24.102.24 kB
airlift_MErewards.RWD06.24.10111.21 kB
airlift_MErewards.xml06.24.10651 B
airlift_rwd_gr.jpg04.16.1046.66 kB
airlift_rwd_kl.jpg04.16.1014.61 kB
Background.htm06.06.093.57 kB
Background_Tab.htm05.08.106.30 kB
candybomber_rwd_gr.jpg04.16.1034.93 kB
candybomber_rwd_kl.jpg04.16.1014.71 kB
Charts.htm05.09.10860 B
Charts_Tab.htm05.08.106.30 kB
Details.htm05.25.103.18 kB
Details_Tab.htm08.08.086.28 kB
ET_AD_2_EDDT_VAD1_en.pdf08.07.081.28 MB
images06.24.100 B
04_07a.jpg06.09.081.12 kB
karte1.jpg05.08.10143.16 kB
karte2.gif05.08.10230.06 kB
overview_01.jpg08.03.0821.55 kB
image_c.bmp06.25.1087.52 kB
Image_i.bmp06.25.1086.61 kB
Kneeboard.htm06.23.101.74 kB
Overview.htm05.13.102.80 kB
Overview_Tab.htm08.08.086.28 kB
sound06.25.100 B
back_off.wav05.12.1015.17 kB
beta.wav04.22.1012.05 kB
better.wav05.25.103.05 kB
bg1.wav05.05.10144.28 kB
bg2.wav04.24.10162.09 kB
bg3.wav04.24.1097.84 kB
bg4.wav04.24.10137.59 kB
bg5.wav04.24.10180.09 kB
carburetor.wav05.25.1018.09 kB
divert_approved.wav06.25.10173.84 kB
dls.wav04.24.1055.34 kB
down.wav06.24.10214.09 kB
down_now.wav04.24.1055.09 kB
drifting_left.wav05.12.107.27 kB
drifting_right.wav05.12.106.87 kB
eddi_appch.wav05.13.10102.22 kB
failed.wav05.12.108.65 kB
falling_behind.wav05.12.1012.98 kB
gl.wav05.25.1016.73 kB
Gooddrop.wav05.08.1010.04 kB
go_around.wav05.13.10191.78 kB
intro.wav04.24.1033.09 kB
keep_1700.wav04.24.1031.59 kB
keep_3000.wav04.24.10105.29 kB
Landed.wav05.08.10140.30 kB
o_toene.wav08.08.08187.14 kB
pitot.wav06.08.0917.97 kB
r3_crash.wav05.08.1029.88 kB
r5wait.wav05.03.1010.68 kB
r5_stop.wav04.24.1016.71 kB
rehbeck.wav05.25.1066.59 kB
takeoff_r1.wav05.08.1062.39 kB
takeoff_r2.wav05.03.1054.05 kB
takeoff_r3.wav04.24.1054.09 kB
takeoff_r4.wav04.24.1060.59 kB
takeoff_r5.wav04.24.1017.59 kB
takeoff_r5_clr.wav04.24.1024.59 kB
takeoff_r6.wav04.24.1052.59 kB
taxi_r3.wav04.24.1043.84 kB
taxi_r4.wav04.24.1041.09 kB
taxi_r5.wav05.25.1079.84 kB
taxi_r6.wav04.24.1038.09 kB
tempelhof_land_clear.wav05.08.1024.65 kB
tempelhof_land_clear_r6.wav06.23.1029.62 kB
tgl_appch.wav05.08.10135.51 kB
tgl_appch2.wav04.24.1038.84 kB
up.wav06.25.1049.12 kB
up_now.wav04.24.1040.09 kB
welcome.wav05.25.10110.28 kB
VFR Fassberg Army to Tegel.PLN08.02.082.38 kB
Airlift06.25.100 B
ReadMe.txt05.13.101.06 kB
Candy_Package.zip05.24.1042.82 kB
airlift_thumbnail1.jpg06.25.102.87 kB
airlift_thumbnail2.jpg06.25.104.61 kB
airlift_thumbnail3.jpg06.25.104.85 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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Norbert HennniganMon, 30 Sep 2019 18:20:34 GMT

Unable to start the engines. Everything else seems to work. Any ideas? Thank for your help.

padamsWed, 25 Sep 2013 17:51:45 GMT

Excellent, amazing and very realistic!

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