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FSX V1.01 NAS North Island Scenery

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NAS North Island (KNZY), v1.01. After a hard day of trapping it's nice to have a roost where you can stretch your legs so fly on into North Island. Enjoy a low stress landing on our long concrete runways and relax on our spacious aprons. After debriefing, take a walk along the palm studded beaches and drop by the Island Club for a nightcap. This version fixes the original use of FS2004 trees and subsequent transparency problems in SP-2. By John Stinstrom and Jim Dhaenens.

NAS North Island Scenery.

NAS North Island Scenery.

This airport was originally designed for FS9 by John Stinstrom. He did all the original photo tiles, buildings, placements, etc. I supported by doing the photoreal stuff. Unfortunately, FS9's version of resample only resampled to 4.75 meters per pixel, and you were on your own as far as geo-referencing the resampled source. It looks pretty good in looks amazingly good in FSX.

The resample and resulting .bgl's are done in 1 meter per pixel resolution.I resampled at 1/2 that but a single.bgl was 123MB. Not good for framerates. The original aerial photograph was from the Nov 2005 USGS .5m/pixel Orthimage of urban San Diego obtained from USGS's seamless data distribution website.

As in the original, there are certain .bgl's you can remove to help out with framerates.

The carrier is removable with carrier.bgl.

The Static Aircraft is removable with the North_Island_Static_Aircraft.bgl file.

The AFX_KNZY_JD.BGL file is the equivalent of an AFCAD file for FSX. It was developed from the original by John Stinstrom and modified with Airport Design Editor by Jon Masterson (AKA: Scruffyduck). I did no new coding for parking nor did I change the parking space size from the original. If tou want to run FSX AI, you'll need to change the spaces to the right size(s) and code them properly...and ADE can do that.

KML was used for terrain manipulation.
SBuilder X was used for replacement shorelines.

There are a couple of new things in the mix like the emergency arresting gear, but overall, this is John's airport, and all I did was move stuff around to match the new photoreal textures.

Thanks to Bill Mackay and José Bourgoignie for their help and many thanks to John stinson for his help...and the original airport!

Ver 1.01 just replaces the trees and vegitation from the ver 1.0 for FSX file. SP-2 broke the FS9 trees, and now they are fixed.

Just place the North Island NAS (KNZY) folder in your FSX/Addon Scenery folder and activate it.


Jim Dhaenens

NAS North Island Scenery.

NAS North Island Scenery.



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The archive has 199 files and directories contained within it. View them...

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
FSX_KNZY09.13.080 B
FSXreadme.txt09.13.082.05 kB
kjnzy1.jpg09.13.08100.94 kB
knzy2.jpg09.13.08145.02 kB
knzy3.jpg09.13.08175.40 kB
knzy4.jpg09.13.08181.47 kB
knzy5.jpg09.13.08105.83 kB
knzythumb.gif09.13.0811.07 kB
North Island NAS (KNZY)09.13.080 B
Scenery09.13.080 B
0cvxKNZY LC.BGL07.27.072.80 kB
1mbexc.BGL07.28.07152 B
Administration_EZ.bgl09.13.085.28 kB
AFX_KNZY_JD.BGL07.30.0726.63 kB
AFX_KNZY_JD.BGL.xml07.30.07228.49 kB
AFX_KNZY_JD.xml07.30.07228.49 kB
carrier.BGL07.28.07156 B
CVX_knzyshores.BGL07.29.071.68 kB
FenceLib.BGL02.17.0755.84 kB
fsxlib.bgl07.28.07163.33 kB
fsxlib.txt07.28.07769 B
GSE_EZ.bgl07.22.072.92 kB
Housing_EZ.bgl09.13.0819.37 kB
Island Club Complex_EZ.bgl09.13.08620 B
JGSE.BGL06.28.071.04 MB
knzygeo.bgl07.28.079.18 MB
knzygeolm.bgl07.28.076.07 MB
North Island Object Library.BGL06.29.071.09 MB
North_Island_Ramplights_EZ.BGL07.14.07716 B
North_Island_Static_Aircraft.BGL07.22.072.86 kB
subbasegeo.bgl07.22.07323.92 kB
subbasegeolm.bgl07.27.07249.17 kB
Sub_Base_EZ.bgl07.27.074.54 kB
Support Building Library.BGL06.18.0793.51 kB
Tower_EZ.bgl07.30.077.98 kB
Warehouses_EZ.bgl09.13.084.93 kB
Texture09.13.080 B
003020012133333an.agn09.13.081.82 kB
003020012311111an.agn09.13.082.66 kB
alberi.bmp07.30.07128.07 kB
alberi_FA.bmp07.30.07128.07 kB
alberi_lm.bmp07.30.07128.07 kB
alberi_SP.bmp07.30.07128.07 kB
alberi_WI.bmp07.30.07128.07 kB
ARDM-5.bmp07.30.07257.05 kB
asphalt_faded.bmp07.30.0765.05 kB
Bill door inside.bmp07.28.07682.75 kB
Bill door.bmp07.28.07682.75 kB
Black.bmp06.01.075.05 kB
BunkerDoors.bmp07.30.07257.05 kB
C-140 Jetstar White Master.bmp07.30.07682.75 kB
C-160 Grey Master.bmp07.30.07257.05 kB
concrt.bmp07.30.07170.74 kB
CT detail.bmp05.04.0717.05 kB
CT detail_LM.bmp05.04.0717.05 kB
DCAfence.bmp07.30.0785.43 kB
DCAfence_LM.bmp07.30.0785.43 kB
Default_building_1.bmp07.30.07170.74 kB
Default_Building_10.bmp07.30.07170.74 kB
Default_Building_10_LM.bmp07.30.07170.74 kB
Default_building_1_LM.bmp07.30.07170.74 kB
Default_Building_2.bmp07.30.07170.74 kB
Default_Building_2_LM.bmp07.30.07170.74 kB
Default_Building_5.bmp07.30.07170.74 kB
Default_Building_5_LM.bmp07.30.07170.74 kB
Default_Building_8.BMP07.30.07170.74 kB
Default_Building_8_LM.bmp07.30.07170.74 kB
Default_Building_9.bmp07.30.07170.74 kB
Default_Building_9_LM.bmp07.30.07170.74 kB
DEN_hangers2.bmp07.30.07170.74 kB
DEN_hangers2_LM.bmp07.30.07170.74 kB
FanFace.bmp05.27.0717.05 kB
Fire_Truck_Yellow.BMP04.15.0742.75 kB
Fire_Truck_Yellow_LM.bmp04.15.0742.75 kB
Generic Airport1.bmp07.14.07170.75 kB
Generic Airport2.bmp07.30.07170.75 kB
Generic Airport2_LM.bmp07.30.07170.75 kB
Gfall.bmp03.16.0742.75 kB
Ghwin.bmp03.16.0742.75 kB
GSE_10.bmp07.30.0765.05 kB
GSE_10_LM.bmp07.30.0765.05 kB
Gsp.bmp03.16.0742.75 kB
Gsu.bmp03.16.0742.75 kB
Gwin.bmp03.16.0742.75 kB
helospot_H.dds04.29.07256.12 kB
helospot_H_lm.dds04.28.07256.12 kB
JFK_Cargo2.bmp07.30.07170.74 kB
JFK_Cargo2_LM.bmp07.30.07170.74 kB
JFK_Hangers.bmp07.30.07170.74 kB
JFK_Hangers_LM.bmp07.30.07170.74 kB
KC-10 Grey Master.bmp07.30.071.00 MB
laxaa.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
laxaa_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
laxac.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
laxac_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
laxad.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
laxad_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
laxag.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
laxag_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
laxah.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
laxah_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
LDM_sf_ftmasonbldg1.bmp07.30.0765.05 kB
LDM_sf_ftmasonbldg1_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
LDM_sf_presidio3.bmp07.30.0765.05 kB
LDM_sf_presidio3_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
LDM_sf_presidio4.bmp07.30.0765.05 kB
LDM_sf_presidio4_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
LDM_sf_presidio5.bmp07.30.0765.05 kB
LDM_sf_presidio5_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
MIA_Tower_Jetway_Light.bmp07.30.07170.74 kB
MIA_Tower_Jetway_Light_LM.bmp07.30.07170.74 kB
MTtrees5.bmp07.30.07682.75 kB
P-3 Prop.bmp07.30.0765.05 kB
P-3 White Master.bmp07.30.071.00 MB
PBY_Concrete.bmp06.01.075.05 kB
PBY_Tar_Roof.bmp05.30.075.05 kB
PhotoAdmin1.bmp07.30.07170.75 kB
PhotoAdmin2.bmp07.30.07170.75 kB
PhotoHousing1.bmp07.30.07170.75 kB
PhotoHousing2.bmp07.30.07170.75 kB
PhotoHousing3.bmp07.30.07170.75 kB
PhotoHousing4.bmp07.30.07170.75 kB
PhotoInfield.bmp07.30.07682.75 kB
PhotoMarine.bmp07.30.07682.75 kB
PhotoOfficers1.bmp07.30.07170.75 kB
PhotoOfficers2.bmp07.30.07170.75 kB
PhotoSubBase.bmp07.30.07682.75 kB
PhotoSubRadio.bmp07.30.07682.75 kB
Roof Textures.bmp07.30.07257.05 kB
Roof Textures_LM.bmp07.30.07257.05 kB
rwytex.dds03.28.07170.78 kB
San Diego Admin.bmp07.30.071.00 MB
San Diego Admin_LM.bmp07.30.071.00 MB
San Diego Barracks 1.bmp07.30.07257.05 kB
San Diego Barracks 1_LM.bmp07.30.07257.05 kB
San Diego Buildings.bmp07.30.071.00 MB
San Diego Buildings_LM.bmp07.30.07682.75 kB
San Diego Bunker Cover.bmp07.30.0765.05 kB
San Diego Bunker Cover2.bmp07.30.0765.05 kB
San Diego Control Tower.bmp07.30.0765.05 kB
San Diego Control Tower_LM.bmp07.30.0765.05 kB
San Diego Customs Hangar.bmp07.30.071.00 MB
San Diego Customs Hangar_LM.bmp07.30.071.00 MB
San Diego F-18 Hangar.bmp07.30.0765.05 kB
San Diego F-18 Hangar_LM.bmp07.30.0765.05 kB
San Diego Hangar S-3.bmp07.30.071.00 MB
San Diego Hangar Square.bmp07.30.071.00 MB
San Diego Hangar Square_LM.bmp07.30.071.00 MB
San Diego Helo hangar Small.bmp07.30.0765.05 kB
San Diego Helo hangar Small_LM.bmp07.30.0765.05 kB
San Diego Helo Hangars.bmp07.30.07682.75 kB
San Diego Helo Hangars_LM.bmp07.30.071.00 MB
San Diego Island Club.bmp07.30.071.00 MB
San Diego Island Club_LM.bmp07.30.07682.75 kB
San Diego PBY Hangar Closed.bmp07.30.071.00 MB
San Diego PBY Hangar Closed_LM.bmp07.30.071.00 MB
San Diego Pier Hangars.bmp07.30.071.00 MB
San Diego Pier Hangars_LM.bmp07.30.071.00 MB
San Diego Plaster.bmp05.11.0712.05 kB
San Diego Roofs.bmp07.30.071.00 MB
San Diego Roofs_LM.bmp07.30.071.00 MB
San_Diego_Warehouse.bmp07.30.07257.05 kB
San_Diego_Warehouse_LM.bmp07.30.07257.05 kB
seapf.bmp02.06.072.74 kB
seapf_lm.bmp02.06.072.74 kB
sfoae.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
sfoae_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
Submarine.bmp07.30.07257.05 kB
Support Buildings 2.bmp07.30.07257.05 kB
Support Buildings 2_LM.bmp07.30.07257.05 kB
Support Buildings 3.bmp07.30.07257.05 kB
Support Buildings 3_LM.bmp07.30.07257.05 kB
Support Buildings 4.bmp07.30.07257.05 kB
Support Buildings 4_LM.bmp07.30.07257.05 kB
Support Buildings.bmp07.30.071.00 MB
Support Buildings_LM.bmp07.30.071.00 MB
Support10.bmp07.30.07257.05 kB
Support10_LM.bmp07.30.07257.05 kB
Support11.bmp07.30.07257.05 kB
Support11_LM.bmp07.30.07257.05 kB
Support12.bmp07.30.07257.05 kB
Support12_LM.bmp07.30.07257.05 kB
Truck_YellowA.bmp04.14.0742.75 kB
Truck_YellowA_lm.bmp04.28.0742.75 kB
Truck_YellowB.bmp04.14.0742.75 kB
Truck_YellowB_lm.bmp04.28.0742.75 kB
vgse1.bmp07.30.07256.07 kB
VP-31.bmp06.19.0710.75 kB
VP-41.bmp06.18.0710.75 kB
Weapons.bmp07.30.07257.05 kB
window.dds07.14.0785.48 kB
yellow.bmp07.30.0765.05 kB
Yellow_GSE_J.bmp07.30.07257.05 kB
ylotex.dds05.06.0764.12 kB
OriginalReadme.txt07.30.075.65 kB
Static Aircraft Readme.txt06.29.07598 B
Thumbs.db07.28.077.50 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


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