FSX NAS Whiting Field North And South

Preview NAS Whiting field is the busiest Naval Air Station in the Navy. Approximately 40% of all Naval Aviators will receive their primary flight training at Whiting Field. Whiting Field North caters to the fixed wing contingent and Whiting Field South serves rotary wing aviators in training.

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NAS Whiting field is the busiest Naval Air Station in the Navy. Approximately 40% of all Naval Aviators will receive their primary flight training at Whiting Field. Whiting Field North caters to the fixed wing contingent and Whiting Field South serves rotary wing aviators in training.

Aerial view of Whiting Field.

Aerial view of Whiting Field.

The base actually serves the Navy, Air Force, Coast Guards and Marines and has water towers representing the services served. Pilots fly the T34C Turbo Mentor, T-6A Texan II (future), and for rotary wing pilots, the TH-57 Sea Ranger, which is the military version of the FSX default Bell 206 Jet Ranger. Taxiway Z connects the two airports, but since the airports are at different elevations, the taxiways were connected with a platform ramp which can be traveled with most aircraft, but cannot be used with AI. There are some acceleration objects installed. This version adds ILS on KNDZ runway 32 along with the six strobe MALSR. It adds radial data to the default NSE VORTAC that was DME only (112.3), and adds various support buildings and fuel trucks. There is a new control tower under construction at KNDZ. The tower has been added as well as the airport beacon on the "Fly Navy" water tower. Outlying fields 8A (KN8A) and Spencer NOLF (NRQ) have been added to this scenery as well. Dodosim 206/TH57 owners will be happy to note that all the helo landing pads and parking places have been appended with the "NO CRASH" .xml stub so you will be able to keep crash sensing on during take offs and landings. Be careful during hover-taxiing!

Original Buildings include:

  • Water Towers
  • CO's Offices
  • Static Displays
  • Auditorium Building
  • Squadron Buildings(north)
  • Some storage buildings
  • Hangers
  • Flagpole
  • New Control Tower
  • NRQ admin building
  • HLT landing shape


  • Place the knsekndz folder in your Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery folder.
  • Start Flight Simulator X.
  • On the Flight Simulator X start screen, select "SETTINGS" then in the "Other settings" box (upper right on the settings page), select "Scenery Library."
  • On the SETTINGS - SCENERY LIBRARY page, select 'Add Area".
  • Navigate to, and open the "Addon Scenery" folder.
  • Select the "knsekndz" folder and press "OK".
  • Back on the SETTINGS - SCENERY LIBRARY page, knsekndz should be on the top of the list of scenery areas. Make sure the "Enabled" checkbox is checked, then press "OK".
  • The next time you run Flight Simulator X, the new scenery will be available through the SELECT AIRPORT page.

By Jim Dhaenens.

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nse2.jpg01.08.0987.23 kB
nse3.jpg01.08.0995.23 kB
nse4.gif01.08.0913.72 kB
nse4.jpg01.08.09105.99 kB
nse5.jpg01.08.0951.73 kB
nse6.jpg01.08.0995.48 kB
nse7.jpg01.08.09101.72 kB
nse8.jpg01.18.0977.28 kB
nsethumb.gif01.08.0913.35 kB
readme.txt08.18.123.32 kB
Scenery08.20.120 B
AFX_KN8A.bgl05.26.081.01 kB
AFX_KNDZ.bgl08.18.1220.51 kB
AFX_KNSE.bgl08.18.1235.40 kB
AFX_NRQ.bgl07.16.094.40 kB
CVN71.bgl01.11.09140 B
cvxKNSE.BGL12.22.08794 B
cvxSPENCER.BGL07.14.09361 B
cvxUTILEXC.BGL05.26.08228 B
KN8Ap.bgl05.26.0814.76 kB
kndzp.bgl08.18.126.14 kB
KNSEbeacon.BGL01.16.09140 B
knsegeo.bgl12.21.0824.63 MB
knseobj.bgl08.18.124.37 MB
knseobj.txt08.18.121.75 kB
knsep.bgl08.18.1248.11 kB
olf8a.bgl05.25.0828.39 MB
spencer.bgl07.14.0921.73 MB
splib.bgl07.17.09322.27 kB
splib.txt07.17.09455 B
spplace.bgl07.17.0938.62 kB
Texture08.18.120 B
003120211021031an.agn01.04.091.91 kB
003120211021032an.agn01.04.091008 B
003120211021033an.agn01.04.09260 B
003120211021210an.agn01.04.09632 B
003120211021211an.agn01.04.092.25 kB
003120211021213an.agn01.04.09392 B
003120211021300an.agn01.04.09612 B
003120211021302an.agn01.04.09212 B
003120211021320an.agn01.04.09260 B
almwht.dds03.08.0832.12 kB
baroof.dds03.15.0832.12 kB
brick.dds07.21.0832.12 kB
cab7.dds07.14.098.12 kB
chgrside.dds03.15.081.00 MB
concrete.dds03.15.08128.12 kB
dw1.dds01.03.09128.12 kB
flags.dds01.08.09128.12 kB
grasss.dds01.04.0932.12 kB
gray.dds12.24.08256.12 kB
helospot_H.dds12.25.08128.12 kB
helospot_H_lm.dds12.25.08128.12 kB
JGSE.dds11.29.08512.12 kB
JGSE_2.dds11.29.08512.12 kB
knsebldg.dds01.04.092.00 MB
lights1.dds11.06.0832.12 kB
nsebrick.dds01.03.09128.12 kB
nsetwr.dds01.17.0932.12 kB
roof2.dds01.03.09640 B
rwytex.dds12.24.08128.12 kB
shingleGRY.dds12.27.0832.12 kB
spdkspot.dds07.14.09256.12 kB
SPNOLF.dds07.14.09128.12 kB
stat57.dds12.23.08128.12 kB
stobld.dds01.04.09128.12 kB
stucco2.dds04.13.08128.12 kB
t34.dds12.26.08128.12 kB
t6tex.dds12.26.08512.12 kB
Thumbs.db07.14.095.50 kB
woodfence.dds03.04.0816.12 kB
wtbody.dds01.02.09128.12 kB
wtbodyaf.dds01.07.09128.12 kB
wtbodyaf_N.dds01.07.09128.12 kB
wtbodyCGpsd.dds01.07.09128.12 kB
wtbodyCG_N.dds01.07.09128.12 kB
wtbodyMR.dds01.07.09128.12 kB
wtbodyMR_N.dds01.07.09128.12 kB
wtbody_N.dds01.02.09128.12 kB
wttex.dds07.15.09256.12 kB
wttop.dds01.02.09128.12 kB
ylostripe.dds03.08.0864.12 kB
ylotex.dds12.21.0864.12 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
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Jacqualine BrownTue, 10 May 2022 17:34:05 GMT

I am a VR tech at Whiting Field, and I was wondering if you could update the ILS to 111.75 instead of 112.30. https://www.airnav.com/airport/KNSE

John DavinFri, 27 Jul 2018 21:29:17 GMT

Not sure if you can fix this but if you run this package with IRIS Flight Simulation Beechcraft T-6/B Texan II package as well it makes the game glitch and the plane go invisible or make the landscape all sorts of weird.

Cayden Smith (FlightDesign)Tue, 08 Sep 2015 22:57:40 GMT

I live near here and I have been here some few times. Truly realistic scenery and works perfectly in P3D (2.5) Love how he included NRQ too. Overall I would highly recommend this scenery to anyone who lives near here or just wants to recreate being at the busiest NAS in the world! Thanks Jim, you have GREAT sceneries.

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