FSX Gatineau Airport Scenery

PreviewSP2 Scenery Gatineau Airport (CYND), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, v1.0. Original design by Pierre Gallant, member of Concepteurs Virtuels du Quebec.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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SP2 Scenery Gatineau Airport (CYND), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, v1.0. Original design by Pierre Gallant, member of Concepteurs Virtuels du Quebec.

Gatineau Airport Scenery.

Gatineau Airport Scenery.


If you have installed ANY scenery of CYND then you must disabled it into FSX.


If you are using a prior version of the CYND airport, you must unsinstall it before installing version 1.0.
After unzipping "cyndv10.zip", you get a "cynd" folder, "Scenery" and "Texture" subfolders.
You are now ready to activate the scenery in Flight Simulator.

Activate the scenery in Flight Simulator's Scenery Library.

Start Flight Simulator.
1. Choose the menu item "Setting/Scenery Library".
2. Click on "Add area"
3. Browse to your "cynd" directory.
4. Click "OK".

The scenery is now installed.

This scenery is FREEWARE.
1- This Scenery may be freely distributed as long as it's distribution is FREE and that all files are present and not modified in any way.
2- Redistribution for re-sale on various types of media such as, but not limited to, CD-ROMS/DVDs/Zip disks is strictly PROHIBITED.
3- Re-sale by any other means is strictly PROHIBITED.
4- None of those files or their content, total or partial, can be used for other purpose without the author's written consent.
5- The files cannot be distributed by any type of business store including but not limited to Computer stores.

These files are supplied AS-IS. No warranties or guarantees are implied or supplied.

Have a good flight !!

Gatineau Airport Scenery.

Gatineau Airport Scenery.

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The archive cyndfsx.zip has 253 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
cynd03.22.100 B
CouvertureSolSources.txt11.12.09524 B
cyndFSX1.jpg03.03.1069.76 kB
cyndFSX10.jpg03.15.1072.84 kB
cyndFSX11.jpg03.15.1071.66 kB
cyndFSX12.jpg03.15.1067.00 kB
cyndFSX13.jpg03.22.1011.54 kB
cyndFSX2.jpg03.03.1045.46 kB
cyndFSX3.jpg03.03.1038.04 kB
cyndFSX4.jpg03.03.1039.19 kB
cyndFSX5.jpg03.15.10138.90 kB
cyndFSX6.jpg03.15.1080.61 kB
cyndFSX7.jpg03.15.1069.82 kB
cyndFSX8.jpg03.15.1085.37 kB
cyndFSX9.jpg03.15.1059.79 kB
readme.txt03.22.102.27 kB
scenery03.22.100 B
a110.BGL09.09.05140 B
aleft.BGL09.09.057.65 kB
aright.BGL09.09.057.65 kB
beacon.BGL03.15.10140 B
bienvenue.BGL03.15.102.89 kB
citernepetrot.BGL09.09.0564.92 kB
CVX_LC_Gatineau.BGL11.22.09690.18 kB
cyndfl_A16N.bgl09.01.05228 B
CYND_ADEX_PG.BGL03.22.107.13 kB
CYND_ADEX_PG_CVX.bgl03.22.10608 B
CYND_ADEX_PG_OBJ.BGL03.22.103.60 kB
fedex.BGL09.09.05140 B
FedExTrucks.BGL09.03.04389.15 kB
hangar1.BGL09.09.0514.79 kB
hangar2.BGL09.09.055.86 kB
hangar3.BGL09.09.058.24 kB
hangar4.BGL03.15.1013.85 kB
HangarCYND.bgl02.14.109.47 kB
hydrant.BGL09.09.0525.83 kB
kb_static_aircraft.bgl10.15.094.08 MB
lampadairecarre.bgl02.18.103.99 kB
lightobj.bgl11.06.08643.63 kB
maingate.BGL03.15.1039.89 kB
mancheair.BGL09.09.05184 B
marquage.BGL09.09.05966 B
meteo.BGL09.09.05358.52 kB
minivan.BGL09.09.0522.39 kB
parking.BGL09.09.051.12 kB
parkingmark.BGL09.09.051.58 kB
Pascan.bgl03.15.10135.35 kB
poubelle.BGL09.09.0518.06 kB
terminal.BGL03.15.1094.56 kB
utility.BGL09.09.054.73 kB
VWOC.bgl02.15.1054.07 kB
xclude.BGL09.09.05172 B
texture03.16.100 B
!fence.bmp05.05.0542.78 kB
almwht.dds10.16.0864.12 kB
as350_001.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
as350_001_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
AS350_002.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
AS350_002_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
AS350_003.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
AS350_003_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
AS350_004.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
AS350_004_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Avanti_001.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Avanti_001_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Avanti_002.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Avanti_002_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Avanti_003.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Avanti_003_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C172_001.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C172_001a.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C172_001a_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C172_001a_red.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C172_001a_red_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C172_001_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C172_N944LA.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C172_N944LA_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C177_001.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C177_001_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C177_002.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C177_002_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C177_003.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C177_003_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C177_004.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C177_004_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C337_001.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C337_001_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C337_002.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C337_002_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C337_003.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C337_003_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C337_004.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C337_004_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C400_001.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C400_001_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C400_002.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C400_002_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C400_003.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C400_003_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C400_004.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C400_004_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C421_001.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C421_001_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C421_002.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C421_002_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C421_003.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
C421_003_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Citation_II.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Citation_II_001.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Citation_II_001_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Citation_II_002.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Citation_II_002_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Citation_II_003.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Citation_II_003_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Citation_II_004.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Citation_II_004_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Citation_II_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
cygp2.bmp11.06.04256.07 kB
cygp2_lm.bmp09.09.05256.07 kB
divers.bmp05.26.05256.07 kB
divers_lm.bmp06.16.05256.07 kB
dodgevan.bmp07.26.05256.07 kB
dodgevan_lm.bmp07.30.05257.07 kB
DXT3Potter10.bmp05.06.09256.07 kB
DXT3Potter12.bmp05.05.09256.07 kB
DXT3Potter14.bmp05.05.09256.07 kB
Ercoupe_001.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Ercoupe_001a.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Ercoupe_001a_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Ercoupe_001b.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Ercoupe_001b_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Ercoupe_001_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
ESDG_ramp.bmp08.09.0532.07 kB
ESDG_ramp_lm.bmp08.09.0532.07 kB
F33_001.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
F33_001_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
F33_002.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
F33_002_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
F33_003.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
F33_003_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
F33_004.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
F33_004_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
FEDEXP.bmp09.03.0442.75 kB
FEDEXP_lm.bmp09.03.0442.75 kB
FEDX5B.bmp09.03.0442.75 kB
FEDX5B_lm.bmp09.03.0442.75 kB
fencewgrass.bmp04.05.05256.07 kB
hangar1a.bmp08.02.05256.07 kB
hangar1a_lm.bmp09.03.05256.07 kB
hangar1b.bmp09.02.05256.07 kB
hangar1b_lm.bmp09.03.05256.07 kB
hangar1c.bmp08.02.05256.07 kB
hangar1c_lm.bmp09.08.05256.07 kB
hangar2.bmp08.05.05256.07 kB
hangar2a.bmp08.25.05256.07 kB
hangar2a_lm.bmp09.08.05256.07 kB
hangar2_lm.bmp09.09.05256.07 kB
hangar3a.bmp08.05.05256.07 kB
hangar3a_lm.bmp09.03.05256.07 kB
hangar3b.bmp08.05.05256.07 kB
hangar3b_lm.bmp09.04.05256.07 kB
hangar4a.bmp08.25.05256.07 kB
hangar4a_lm.bmp09.03.05256.07 kB
hangar4b.bmp08.25.05256.07 kB
hangar4b_lm.bmp09.09.05256.07 kB
hanger_cynd1_d.dds02.13.10341.48 kB
hanger_cynd1_n.dds02.13.10341.48 kB
kingair001.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
kingair001_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
kingAir100-02.bmp03.16.10128.07 kB
kingAir100-G.bmp03.15.10128.07 kB
kingAir100.bmp03.16.10128.07 kB
L8000Cab.bmp08.15.05256.07 kB
Lake_001.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Lake_001_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Lake_002.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Lake_002_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Lake_003.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Lake_003_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
lights1.dds11.06.0832.12 kB
PA28_001.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
PA28_001_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
PA28_002.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
PA28_002_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
PA28_003.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
PA28_003_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
PA28_004.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
PA28_004_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
petrot.bmp08.26.05256.07 kB
petrot_lm.bmp09.03.05256.07 kB
Piper_Aztec_001.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Piper_Aztec_001_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Piper_Aztec_002.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Piper_Aztec_002_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Piper_Aztec_003.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Piper_Aztec_003_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Piper_Aztec_004.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Piper_Aztec_004_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
poubelle.bmp08.16.05256.07 kB
poubelle_lm.bmp09.04.05256.07 kB
R44.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
R44_002.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
R44_002_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
R44_003.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
R44_003_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
R44_004.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
R44_004_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
R44_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
roue.bmp03.05.1016.07 kB
shell.bmp08.10.05257.05 kB
Sierra_001.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Sierra_001_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Sierra_002.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Sierra_002_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Sierra_003.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
Sierra_003_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
signs.bmp09.02.05256.07 kB
signs_lm.bmp09.03.05256.07 kB
smfence.bmp12.12.0464.07 kB
styro_rail.dds02.14.10341.48 kB
styro_rail_l.dds02.14.10341.48 kB
term2.bmp05.25.05128.07 kB
term2_lm.bmp06.11.05256.07 kB
terminal2e.bmp08.22.05256.07 kB
terminal2e_lm.bmp09.08.05256.07 kB
TerminalBleu.bmp02.12.10341.43 kB
TerminalBleu_lm.bmp02.12.10341.43 kB
terminalN.bmp08.26.05256.07 kB
terminalN2.bmp08.07.05256.07 kB
terminalN2_lm.bmp09.03.05256.07 kB
terminalN_lm.bmp09.03.05256.07 kB
terminalOE.bmp08.07.05256.07 kB
terminalOE_lm.bmp09.03.05256.07 kB
terminalS.bmp08.07.05256.07 kB
terminalS_lm.bmp09.03.05256.07 kB
tl_metal1.bmp08.11.0465.05 kB
TurboArrowIV_001.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
TurboArrowIV_001_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
TurboArrowIV_002.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
TurboArrowIV_002_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
TurboArrowIV_003.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
TurboArrowIV_003_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
utility.bmp08.25.05256.07 kB
utility_lm.bmp09.09.05256.07 kB
V35_002.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
V35_002_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
V35_003.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
V35_003_LM.bmp03.07.10170.74 kB
cyndFSX14.gif03.22.107.71 kB
cyndFSX14.jpg03.22.104.15 kB
Thumbs.db02.07.1012.00 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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Frans KesSat, 10 Oct 2020 15:50:58 GMT

When I install the Gatineau scenery in P3Dv5 with ORBX NA landclass, I see the buildings, but most of the ground (including the runway and taxiways) is covered with grass.

√ČtienneFri, 21 Apr 2017 23:46:36 GMT

Some buildings and ground objects do not have textures and are all white.

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