FSX Fictional Airbase In Canada Scenery

Preview Fictional Airbase In Canada. A fictional but fun airbase with lots going on here. Watch out for updates to this base. Installation and informational Notepad included. By Jason Morgan.

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Fictional Airbase In Canada. A fictional but fun airbase with lots going on here. Watch out for updates to this base. Installation and informational Notepad included. By Jason Morgan.

Screenshot of fictional Airbase in Canada.

Screenshot of fictional Airbase in Canada.

A Fictinal, but fun Airbase somewhere in Canada.Lots of eye candy, Lots going on...The base is set quite low, between mountains, so the fighters have a very good chance to climb out fast.However, Runway 11, Has been designated as outbound run for the Cargo/transport aircraft, as that has the least of the highest mountain peaks on runway heading when taking off... A large portion of the base is comprised of stock FSX Models, However there are a few which are custom made, and as they are already freeware models and can be used as part of individual developers sceneries, also as freeware. So certainly one of the best custom models which i have used are the Overhead lighting and floodlighting which wash the ground with light in night time.And, as part of free use in my freeware sceneries, I will give of course due credit to Jim Dhaens for those lighting solutions.

When on ground at real dark winter nights, the Fuel bay is really lit up with floodlights...So you know just where to get your fuel. It took some time to get this base together, and in due time, this base will be updated with a real lot more stuff added to it.

Just drag and Drop the yellow folder into addon Scenery folder in FSX, then activate through settings and add area. HOTZONER.

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Canada airbase (Normal)11.29.100 B
scenery11.29.100 B
$RVZ9LFI.xml06.25.10237 B
A10 library.bgl01.13.10840.59 kB
A10 Library.xml01.13.10177 B
C130 Library.bgl07.25.09679.21 kB
C130 Library.xml07.25.09226 B
C17 Library US.xml05.31.09172 B
c17 US library.bgl05.31.091.13 MB
CAN1 Object2.BGL11.29.1042.46 kB
CAN1 Object3.BGL11.29.105.90 kB
CAN1 Object4.BGL11.29.10604 B
CAN1 Objects.BGL11.27.107.40 kB
CAN1_ADEX_JA.BGL11.29.108.38 kB
CAN1_ADEX_JA_CVX.BGL11.29.101.21 kB
F15 USA Grey.bgl04.09.10951.28 kB
F15 USA Grey.xml04.09.10195 B
F16 Hellenic Library.bgl07.13.09585.49 kB
F16 Hellenic Library.xml07.13.09409 B
F4 Hellenic library.bgl07.16.09549.82 kB
F4 hellenic Library.xml07.16.09247 B
F5 Canada Library.bgl08.05.09408.61 kB
F5 Canada Library.xml08.05.09249 B
KC 135 Library.bgl08.19.09530.86 kB
KC 135 Library.xml08.19.09245 B
lightobj.bgl11.06.08643.63 kB
RQ-4B.bgl07.29.10507.52 kB
RQ-4B.xml07.29.10212 B
Stop sign.bgl06.25.109.02 kB
Stop sign.MDL06.25.108.91 kB
texture11.29.100 B
A10 GREY.bmp01.13.10682.75 kB
almwht.dds10.16.0864.12 kB
C130 Canada.bmp07.25.09512.07 kB
F 16 Tail Hellenic eagle.bmp07.13.09128.07 kB
F 16 Texture Stabiliser Hellenic.bmp07.13.09128.07 kB
F15 Texture 1.bmp04.09.101.33 MB
F15 Texture 2.bmp04.09.101.33 MB
F16 Hellenic Under Fus1.bmp07.13.09128.07 kB
F16 Hellenic Wing 2.bmp07.13.09128.07 kB
F16 Texture Fuselage Hellenic.bmp07.13.09128.07 kB
F4 Helenic Under tail.bmp07.16.09512.07 kB
F4 Hellenic Fuselage 2.bmp07.16.09128.07 kB
F4 hellenic Fuselage.bmp07.16.09128.07 kB
F4 hellenic Intake_R.bmp07.16.0932.07 kB
F4 Hellenic Tail.bmp07.16.09128.07 kB
F4 Hellenic Untitled-2.bmp07.16.09128.07 kB
F4 Hellenic Wings.bmp07.16.09512.07 kB
F5 Canada Aggressor Blue.bmp08.05.09512.07 kB
fuslg_t US.bmp05.31.09512.07 kB
gearpods_t.bmp05.31.09512.07 kB
Image1D.bmp11.27.10341.43 kB
Image1N.bmp11.27.10341.43 kB
KC135 Texture.bmp08.19.09512.07 kB
lights1.dds11.06.0832.12 kB
lwing_t US.bmp05.31.09512.07 kB
RQ 4B texture 1.bmp07.28.10682.75 kB
Sidewinger.bmp07.08.09128.07 kB
Stop sign.MDL06.25.108.91 kB
tail_t US.bmp05.31.09512.07 kB
Install.txt11.29.10126 B
Chevrons.bgl02.16.0955.70 kB
Chevrons.txt02.16.091010 B
Runway_markings.bgl02.16.09196.58 kB
Runway_markings.txt02.16.092.11 kB
0.bmp02.14.09170.78 kB
1_19.bmp02.14.09682.78 kB
2_20.bmp02.14.09682.78 kB
3_21.bmp02.14.09682.78 kB
4_22.bmp02.14.09682.78 kB
5_23.bmp02.14.09682.78 kB
6_24.bmp02.14.09682.78 kB
7_25.bmp02.14.09682.78 kB
8_26.bmp02.14.09682.78 kB
9_27.bmp02.14.09682.78 kB
10_28.bmp02.14.09682.78 kB
11_29.bmp02.14.09682.78 kB
12_30.bmp02.14.09682.78 kB
13_31.bmp02.14.09682.78 kB
14_32.bmp02.14.09682.78 kB
15_33.bmp02.14.09682.78 kB
16_34.bmp02.14.09682.78 kB
17_35.bmp02.14.09682.78 kB
18_36.bmp02.14.09682.78 kB
AltPrec.bmp02.14.091.33 MB
Blast.bmp02.14.091.33 MB
LCR.bmp02.14.09341.43 kB
Offset.bmp02.14.09682.78 kB
Precision.bmp02.14.091.33 MB
STOL.bmp02.14.09170.78 kB
Threshold_stripes.bmp02.15.09682.78 kB
Wht_base.bmp02.14.0985.59 kB
X.bmp02.14.09341.43 kB
Informational notes.txt11.30.101.14 kB
1.jpg11.29.10496.73 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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FrancoThu, 24 Oct 2019 22:49:12 GMT

Please, how do I find the airbase - what is the airport ID?

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