FSX VATJO Jordanian Sceneries

Preview VATJO Jordanian Sceneries, v4. The latest installment of the VATSIM Jordanian vACC's contribution to Jordanian scenery development includes highly detailed sceneries of the following airports: OJAI, OJAM, OJAQ and OJMF. All airports are up to date based on the latest charts and satellite image...

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VATJO Jordanian Sceneries, v4. The latest installment of the VATSIM Jordanian vACC's contribution to Jordanian scenery development includes highly detailed sceneries of the following airports: OJAI, OJAM, OJAQ and OJMF. All airports are up to date based on the latest charts and satellite images. This scenery is accurate as of December 2011. Updated airports include OJAI, OJAM and OJAQ. OJMF remains unchanged. In this special package, the VATSIM Jordanian vACC has included a scenery for LVGZ (Gaza Interantional Airport). This scenery is an ambitious representation of LVGZ with the assumption that it is still in use and updated based on projected growth for Palestine. Created by Mahmoud Fadli with the assistance of the VATSIM Jordanian vACC. Support may be found at www.vatjo.net. This scenery is meant to replace all previous versions.

Texture clip from VATJO Jordanian Sceneries.

Texture clip from VATJO Jordanian Sceneries.

In most cases this zip file will contain several apis, textures and also a text file list of the textures for each macro. The text file will have the same name as the associated API. If the text file lists no textures then the item is colored and textures are not required. You will be able to tell what each api is by the filename in most cases and if you cannot then just place it in your scenery and see if it is what you want. These API's were created by EOD for use in my Chu Lai scenery for FS2002 and FS2004 that was created with Airport for Windows, vs3. They work there but I cannot tell you if they will work with CFS or any other program so please do not ask.

These apis are intended for use by amateur scenery developers and it is assumed that you already know how to use them. Basically put the api files into whatever directory that you keep your api's and pull them into your scenery with your design program. In my case it is a user api directory under my Airport for Windows program. The textures should be put whereever you keep those. In my case it is the VNChuLai/texture directory under my FS2004 Addon Scenery directory. These APIs were created for use in my Chu Lai scenery and I did not originally plan to share them and so in some cases the textures are spread over several graphics files that were already there rather than being confined to one or two specifically for the API. If you use more than one of my object files you will see that the same texture files are used for different objects and so you will not have to have any of those files more than once. Just go ahead and overwrite the first one that you have and it will work fine.

Some of the api's are high res and very detailed and for those you will need to be carefull how many you use in a single scenery area, but many are very simple low resolution items that you can use a lot of without significantly slowing things down in FS. In some cases you will find both high and low res versions of the same thing on my webpage. Do note that some of the low res ones do not stand close inspection but are just fine when you are flying nearby. You will note that many of the bunkers and some of the buildings have "below ground" parts so that they can be used on a hillside without looking as if they are floating in the air. They may or may not look right in your scenery and if they do not then I suggest that you download EOD and make ones that work for you. EOD is free and it is very easy to use.

Emails complaining about their not working right or asking for custom macros will not be responded to as these were designed for specific use in my scenery and may or may not work correctly in yours or with your design program. Please note that if you modify the textures in any way or even just open and save them, then you will have to reconvert them to extended bitmaps and in many cases reset the transparent textures with the use of Martin Wright's BMP2000 extended bitmap program.

Texture clip from VATJO Jordanian Sceneries.

Texture clip from VATJO Jordanian Sceneries.

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The archive vatjo-v4-sceneries-fsx.zip has 917 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
ReadMe.doc08.12.11595.50 kB
ReadMe.pdf08.12.11186.20 kB
Addon Scenery08.12.110 B
E-Z Libraries08.12.110 B
Scenery12.01.110 B
206B.BGL11.21.04250.48 kB
500D.BGL11.22.04322.74 kB
ABWAlphaNumericLibrary.bgl01.12.0657.95 kB
ABWAlphaNumericLibrary.txt01.12.062.13 kB
ABWAlphaNumericLibrary2.bgl01.23.0657.95 kB
ABWAlphaNumericLibrary2.txt01.26.062.82 kB
ABWAlphaNumericLibrary3.bgl01.24.0657.95 kB
ABWAlphaNumericLibrary3.txt01.26.062.74 kB
AB_Buildings.bgl11.16.05241.94 kB
AB_Buildings.txt11.16.051.14 kB
AB_Misc.bgl11.16.05240.95 kB
AB_Misc.txt11.16.051.28 kB
AB_Signs.bgl11.16.05535.46 kB
AB_Signs.txt11.16.0512.14 kB
AB_Vehicles.txt11.16.05618 B
add_dwag_hangers.BGL02.13.05401.52 kB
add_dwag_signs.BGL12.19.04137.70 kB
add_hw_livestock.BGL06.24.05165.94 kB
add_lenshanger_1.bgl11.21.042.81 MB
add_SeevKahn.BGL01.20.051.25 MB
add_SeevKahn_Humans.BGL01.19.055.38 kB
add_Todd_Lucas_Objects.BGL11.03.04455.38 kB
add_Todd_Lucas_Tents.BGL12.09.04303.97 kB
BlastBunkers27plane.txt04.03.06184 B
BlastShelters36plane.txt04.03.06185 B
BlastShelters8plane.txt04.03.06184 B
BlastWall12plane.txt04.03.06181 B
Cars.bgl04.13.051.12 MB
DB_Parkinglots.bgl12.10.0513.99 kB
ESDG_HangerKit.bgl11.23.04247.12 kB
ExtraObjects.BGL04.13.051.51 MB
ExtraObjects_demo.bgl04.11.055.60 kB
ExtraObjects_demo_A16N.bgl04.11.05228 B
ExtraObjects_demo_FS9.BGL04.25.052.90 kB
ez-large hangers ss.bgl12.24.064.59 MB
EZ-Libraries Readme.rtf11.18.0521.42 kB
ez-sailplanes.bgl08.12.06831.25 kB
EZ_C-130.BGL04.04.07361.44 kB
ez_hacs.bgl01.30.07246.53 kB
FenceLib.BGL10.30.0455.84 kB
Ford Transit Collection.bgl04.18.042.96 MB
FS9 custom buildings SS 1 readme.txt12.19.052.50 kB
FS9 custom buildings SS 2 readme.txt01.18.062.61 kB
FS9 custom objects SS 1 readme.txt12.17.052.00 kB
fs9_custom_buildings_ss_1.bgl12.19.051.16 MB
fs9_custom_buildings_SS_1.txt12.19.058.79 kB
fs9_custom_buildings_ss_1.xml12.19.0526.65 kB
fs9_custom_buildings_ss_2.bgl01.18.061.07 MB
fs9_custom_buildings_ss_2.txt01.18.063.96 kB
FS9_custom_buildings_SS_2.xml01.18.0617.20 kB
fs9_custom_objects_SS_1.bgl12.17.051.98 MB
fs9_custom_objects_SS_1.txt12.17.052.46 kB
fs9_custom_objects_SS_1.xml12.17.058.57 kB
ga planes.bgl12.22.051.25 MB
GA Planes.xml12.22.053.95 kB
GA-Hangers_lib.bgl11.28.04427.83 kB
Gate Markings SS V2.bgl10.04.07585.78 kB
goff_billboard_4a.BGL09.08.083.57 kB
goff_billboard_4b.BGL09.08.083.57 kB
Hanger1copter.txt04.06.06178 B
HangerDoubleMed.txt04.06.06185 B
HangerLarge.txt04.06.06187 B
HangerOpenSide.txt04.06.06182 B
HangerOpenSide70x32.txt04.06.06187 B
HangerOpenSidelowmedium.txt04.06.06194 B
HangerOpenSideSmall.txt04.06.06187 B
HangerSmall.txt04.06.06173 B
jetwaybn.bgl05.13.041.45 MB
jetwaygy.bgl05.13.041.45 MB
jetwaywh.bgl05.02.041.45 MB
kb_EZ_houses.bgl02.21.0669.28 kB
lfgates.bgl12.14.0536.21 kB
lfgates.txt12.14.05334 B
Lights SS 1 readme.txt02.26.073.10 kB
lights ss 1.bgl02.19.07667.54 kB
lights ss 1.txt02.19.071.40 kB
lights SS 1.xml02.19.073.49 kB
Lights SS V2 readme.txt12.26.073.92 kB
lights ss v2.bgl12.26.07628.35 kB
lights ss v2.txt12.26.071.36 kB
lights SS v2.xml12.26.073.49 kB
MaintenancePlatforms.BGL05.22.05379.82 kB
Objects01a_lib_bgl.bgl01.17.0544.77 kB
Pallets.bgl04.13.0589.02 kB
PowerLines.bgl04.13.05170.90 kB
ReadMe.txt04.07.063.83 kB
rj_jetwayscollect.bgl12.31.05227.69 kB
rj_jetwayscollect.txt12.31.05654 B
savehicles.BGL09.11.0672.66 kB
savehicles.txt09.10.06533 B
savehicles.xml09.11.06970 B
small_airport_objects_3.bgl01.01.06455.38 kB
vintage_military_ss.bgl03.06.08663.42 kB
vintage_military_ss.txt03.06.081.37 kB
vintage_military_ss.xml03.06.083.71 kB
warehouse100x300.txt04.03.06174 B
Warehouse50x100.txt04.03.06204 B
warehouselong.txt04.03.06175 B
SCENERY.dat12.01.118.04 kB
Texture12.01.110 B
00GRCNTRTWR1.bmp09.10.01257.05 kB
00GRCNTRTWR1_LM.bmp09.10.01257.05 kB
1DCA11.BMP10.23.02257.05 kB
1DCA13.bmp10.11.02170.75 kB
1DCA13_LM.bmp10.11.02170.75 kB
1DCA8.bmp10.11.02170.75 kB
1DCA8_LM.bmp10.11.02170.75 kB
1DCAdgit.bmp10.11.02170.75 kB
1DCAdgit_LM.bmp10.11.02170.75 kB
1DCAtran.bmp10.11.02341.43 kB
1DCAtrans.bmp10.23.02341.43 kB
1DCAtran_LM.bmp10.11.02341.43 kB
AA_CRATE_SIDE.bmp07.13.0465.05 kB
AA_CRATE_SIDE_02.bmp01.23.0464.49 kB
AA_DOORS.bmp01.23.0465.04 kB
AA_DOORS_LM.bmp02.09.0465.05 kB
AA_DOORS_WINDOWS.bmp08.08.0465.05 kB
AA_DOORS_WINDOWS_LM.bmp08.08.0465.05 kB
AA_TOOL_BOX.bmp01.24.0465.05 kB
AA_WINDOWS.bmp01.23.0465.05 kB
AA_WINDOWS_LM.bmp02.09.0465.05 kB
AB_Ambulance.bmp11.16.051.00 MB
AB_BUS_A.bmp11.16.05257.05 kB
AB_Fences.bmp11.16.051.33 MB
AB_House.bmp11.16.051.00 MB
AB_LibMisc.bmp11.16.051.00 MB
AB_PoliceCar.bmp11.16.05257.05 kB
AB_raft_a.bmp11.16.05257.05 kB
AB_signs.bmp11.16.051.00 MB
AB_signs2.bmp11.16.051.00 MB
AB_Temple_1.bmp08.24.04257.05 kB
AB_TrailerPark.bmp11.16.05257.05 kB
ab_warehouse1.bmp09.13.0465.05 kB
acuair1.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
acuair1_lm.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
acuair2.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
acuair2_lm.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
agmetal4.bmp11.18.0265.05 kB
airmail depot.bmp12.24.06128.07 kB
airmail depot_LM.bmp12.24.06128.07 kB
AlphabetDXI Blue&Trans.bmp01.05.09128.07 kB
AlphabetDXI Yellow&Black.bmp01.12.06170.75 kB
AlphabetDXI.bmp01.05.09128.07 kB
AMS_Cargo.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
AMS_Cargo_LM.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
AMS_Fork2.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
AMS_Fork2_LM.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
AMS_Garages.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
AMS_Garages_LM.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
AMS_Hangers.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
AMS_Hangers_LM.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
AMS_Office1.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
AMS_Office1_LM.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
AMS_Office2.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
AMS_Office2_LM.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
AMS_Termstuff.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
AMS_Termstuff_LM.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
ancaa.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
ancaa_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
ancab.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
ancab_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
ancac.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
ancac_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
ancad.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
ancad_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
ancae.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
ancae_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
Arianne_Bourget.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
Arianne_Bourget_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
atld.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
atld_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
atle.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
atle_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
atlf.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
atlf_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
atlww.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
atlww_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
authorized.bmp12.03.0632.07 kB
avsim.diz04.27.04360 B
az01a.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
az01a_LM.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
Bench_metal.bmp03.23.0542.75 kB
bench_texture.bmp01.08.0517.07 kB
black.bmp10.27.0465.07 kB
blackfencewnograss.bmp03.20.05170.75 kB
bluehanger1.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
bluehanger1_lm.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
bluehanger2.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
bluehanger2_lm.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
boxes.bmp09.26.0465.05 kB
brick007.bmp02.04.0465.05 kB
Brick51.bmp07.13.0465.05 kB
Brickg.bmp08.15.0265.05 kB
brown rust 128.bmp10.11.068.07 kB
brown rust 2 128.bmp11.08.068.07 kB
bus_senior.bmp01.21.05342.41 kB
C-130_Green.bmp04.04.07257.05 kB
C-130_Grey.bmp03.18.07257.05 kB
C-130_LoVis.bmp04.04.07257.05 kB
C-130_Sand.bmp04.04.07257.05 kB
C18201.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
C18201_LM.bmp05.21.0310.74 kB
C18202.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
C18202_LM.bmp05.21.0310.74 kB
C18203.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
C18203_LM.bmp05.21.0310.74 kB
CabinWoodSideHorz.bmp03.21.0265.05 kB
CabinWoodSideHorz_lm.bmp11.02.0465.05 kB
CabinWoodSideVertD.bmp05.24.0265.05 kB
CabinWoodSideVertD_lm.bmp03.13.0365.07 kB
cable drum Nortel.bmp03.23.0542.75 kB
cable drum Pirelli.bmp03.23.0542.75 kB
cable drum top cable.bmp03.23.0542.75 kB
Cable planks.bmp03.23.0542.75 kB
cablewinding grey.bmp03.23.0542.75 kB
cablewinding.bmp03.23.0542.75 kB
canG_wing.bmp01.22.0542.75 kB
car_dodge_pickup.bmp01.21.05342.41 kB
car_ford_mustang_black.bmp01.21.05342.41 kB
car_gmc_airport.bmp01.21.05342.41 kB
car_gmc_old.bmp01.21.05342.41 kB
car_honda_civic.bmp01.21.05342.41 kB
car_toyota_corolla_old.bmp01.21.05342.41 kB
car_van.bmp01.21.05342.41 kB
CDG_ABCD_AIRF.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
CDG_ABCD_AIRF_LM.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
CDG_Building14_5.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
CDG_Building14_5_LM.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
CDG_Terminal2.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
CDG_Terminal2_512.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
CDG_Terminal2_LM.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
CDG_towers_Shateton.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
CDG_towers_Shateton_LM.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
chain.bmp10.20.0464.07 kB
char.bmp01.03.0186.39 kB
char_LM.bmp01.03.0186.39 kB
Cheap_veneer_lm.bmp08.29.0465.05 kB
Cheap_veneer_white.bmp08.27.0464.20 kB
Cheap_veneer_white_lm.bmp08.29.0464.20 kB
Cherokee01.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
Cherokee01_LM.bmp05.21.0310.74 kB
Cherokee02.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
Cherokee02_LM.bmp05.21.0310.74 kB
chica.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
chica_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
chicb.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
chicb_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
chicc.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
chicc_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
chicd.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
chicd_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
chicf.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
chicf_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
Clip1.jpg12.24.0684.42 kB
Clip2.jpg12.24.06100.19 kB
Clip3.jpg12.24.0686.83 kB
CokeF.bmp10.11.0265.05 kB
CokeF_LM.bmp10.11.0265.05 kB
CokeS.bmp10.11.0265.05 kB
concrete floor.bmp12.03.06128.07 kB
concrete floor_LM.bmp12.03.06128.07 kB
concrete.bmp12.26.07341.40 kB
Concrete50.bmp11.28.0265.05 kB
ConcreteCr1.bmp08.02.0365.05 kB
Container.bmp02.22.0386.39 kB
Container_lm.bmp02.22.0386.39 kB
controltower01.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
controltower01_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
CorrugatedVfineD.bmp05.24.0265.05 kB
crate5.bmp09.20.0365.05 kB
CTKH.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
CTKH_LM.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
DarkTinroof.bmp05.05.0265.05 kB
DCAfence.bmp11.03.0285.43 kB
Denim3.bmp09.09.0365.05 kB
Denim3B.bmp09.09.0365.05 kB
DEN_hanger.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
DEN_hangers2.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
DEN_hangers2_LM.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
DEN_hanger_LM.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
DFW_maintenance.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
DFW_maintenance_LM.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
DFW_North.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
DFW_North_LM.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
DFW_south.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
DFW_south_LM.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
DFW_westcargo.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
DFW_westcargo_LM.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
DGwoodright512.bmp08.08.04257.05 kB
DGwoodright512_lm.bmp08.08.04257.05 kB
dinersclubairstairs.bmp09.12.06341.43 kB
dinersclubairstairs_LM.bmp09.11.06341.43 kB
door sign.bmp01.31.08170.78 kB
ds_tire.bmp02.24.0065.05 kB
dwsigns01.bmp12.12.0442.75 kB
dwsigns01_lm.bmp12.12.0442.75 kB
dwsigns02.bmp12.12.0442.75 kB
dwsigns02_lm.bmp12.12.0442.75 kB
dwsigns03.bmp12.12.0442.75 kB
dwsigns03_lm.bmp12.12.0442.75 kB
dwsigns04.bmp12.12.0442.75 kB
dwsigns04_lm.bmp12.12.0442.75 kB
dwsigns05.bmp12.12.0442.75 kB
dwsigns05_lm.bmp12.12.0442.75 kB
dwsigns06.bmp12.12.0442.75 kB
dwsigns06_lm.bmp12.12.0442.75 kB
dwsigns07.bmp12.12.0442.75 kB
dwsigns07_lm.bmp12.12.0442.75 kB
dwsigns08.bmp12.12.0442.75 kB
dwsigns08_lm.bmp12.12.0442.75 kB
dwsigns09.bmp12.12.0442.75 kB
dwsigns09_lm.bmp12.12.0442.75 kB
dwsigns10.bmp12.12.0442.75 kB
dwsigns10_lm.bmp12.12.0442.75 kB
dwsigns11.bmp12.12.0442.75 kB
dwsigns11_lm.bmp12.12.0442.75 kB
dwsigns12.bmp12.12.04170.75 kB
dwsigns12_lm.bmp12.12.04170.75 kB
EffectHouse.bmp11.21.0485.43 kB
EffectHouse_lm.bmp11.21.0485.43 kB
elf_sm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
elf_sm_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
equityairstairs.bmp09.11.06341.43 kB
equityairstairs_LM.bmp09.11.06341.43 kB
equityairstairs_nocanopy.bmp09.11.06341.43 kB
equityairstairs_nocanopy_LM.bmp09.11.06341.43 kB
equitytug.bmp08.07.06341.40 kB
equitytug_LM.bmp08.08.06256.07 kB
EZ-Large Hangers SS readme.txt12.24.063.20 kB
ez-large hangers ss.txt12.24.062.03 kB
ez-large hangers ss.xml12.24.065.60 kB
ez-large_hangers_ss.lmt12.24.06180.46 kB
EZ-Sailplanes readme.txt08.12.061.70 kB
ez-sailplanes.lmt08.12.0672.05 kB
ez-sailplanes.txt08.12.06899 B
ez-sailplanes.xml08.12.062.12 kB
Fantasy_Main.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
Fantasy_Main_LM.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
Fantasy_Tower.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
Fantasy_Tower_LM.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
FBO 1.bmp12.17.06128.07 kB
FBO 1_LM.bmp12.17.06128.07 kB
FBO 2.bmp12.17.06128.07 kB
FBO 2_LM.bmp12.17.06128.07 kB
FBO 3.bmp12.17.06128.07 kB
FBO 3_LM.bmp12.17.06128.07 kB
fencewnograss.bmp02.20.05170.75 kB
FineCorrV.bmp05.27.0265.05 kB
Flightinstructor.bmp12.15.0165.05 kB
Forums_Greenroof.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
Forums_Greenroof_LM.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
frequency.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
frequency_lm.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
FTL_L_B.bmp04.17.04170.74 kB
FTL_L_Y.bmp04.17.04170.74 kB
FTL_R_B.bmp04.17.04170.74 kB
FTL_R_Y.bmp04.17.04170.74 kB
FTP_B.bmp04.17.04170.74 kB
FTP_Y.bmp04.17.04170.74 kB
FT_L_B.bmp04.17.04170.74 kB
FT_L_Y.bmp04.17.04170.74 kB
FT_R_B.bmp04.17.04170.74 kB
FT_R_Y.bmp04.17.04170.74 kB
GA-Hanger01.bmp11.28.0442.74 kB
GA-Hanger01a.bmp11.28.0442.74 kB
GA-Hanger01b.bmp11.28.04170.74 kB
GA-Hanger01C.bmp11.28.0442.74 kB
GA-Hanger02.bmp11.28.04170.74 kB
GA-Hanger02a.bmp11.28.04170.74 kB
GA-Hanger02b.bmp11.28.0442.74 kB
GA-hangersign.bmp11.28.0442.73 kB
ge02a.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
ge02a_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
goff_billboard_4.bmp06.02.09128.07 kB
Graphic1.bmp09.10.0485.43 kB
greenhanger1.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
greenhanger1_lm.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
greenhanger2.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
greenhanger2_lm.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
grey.bmp10.27.0465.07 kB
Gutter.bmp08.25.0465.05 kB
Gutter_lm.bmp08.29.0465.05 kB
hac.bmp07.15.0742.74 kB
hac_LM.bmp01.30.0742.74 kB
hangar6.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
hangar6_LM.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
Hangarsiding.bmp05.12.0265.05 kB
hanger large 1a.bmp12.03.06128.07 kB
hanger large 1a_LM.bmp12.03.06128.07 kB
hanger large 1b.bmp12.03.06128.07 kB
hanger large 1b_LM.bmp12.03.06128.07 kB
hanger large 1c.bmp12.04.06128.07 kB
hanger large 1c_LM.bmp12.04.06128.07 kB
hanger large 2 a.bmp12.13.06128.07 kB
hanger large 2 a_LM.bmp12.13.06128.07 kB
hanger large 2 b.bmp12.13.06128.07 kB
hanger large 2 b_LM.bmp12.13.06128.07 kB
hanger large 2 c.bmp12.13.06128.07 kB
hanger large 2 c_LM.bmp12.13.06128.07 kB
hanger large 3 a.bmp12.21.06128.07 kB
hanger large 3 a_LM.bmp12.21.06128.07 kB
hanger large 3 b.bmp12.21.06128.07 kB
hanger large 3 b_LM.bmp12.21.06128.07 kB
hanger large 3 c.bmp12.21.06128.07 kB
hanger large 3 c_LM.bmp12.21.06128.07 kB
hanger-office 2 a.bmp12.11.06128.07 kB
hanger-office 2 a_LM.bmp12.11.06128.07 kB
hanger-office 3 a.bmp12.12.06128.07 kB
hanger-office 3 a_LM.bmp12.12.06128.07 kB
hanger-office a.bmp12.11.06128.07 kB
hanger-office a_LM.bmp12.11.06128.07 kB
hangerfront1.bmp09.17.0642.74 kB
hangerfront1_LM.bmp09.17.0642.74 kB
hangerside.bmp01.30.0786.41 kB
hangerside_LM.bmp01.30.0786.41 kB
Hanger_L2.bmp10.06.04257.05 kB
heatb.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
heatb_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
heatc.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
heatc_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
heatd.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
heatd_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
heate.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
heate_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
House.bmp11.21.0485.43 kB
jay_EZ_clutter.bmp11.13.0542.75 kB
jay_EZ_Sheds.bmp11.13.05170.75 kB
jay_EZ_Sheds_lm.bmp11.13.05170.75 kB
JFK_Cargo1a.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
JFK_Cargo1a_LM.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
JFK_Cargo2.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
JFK_Cargo2_LM.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
JFK_Hangers.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
JFK_Hangers_LM.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
JFK_Jetway.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
JFK_Jetway_LM.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
kl01a.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
kl01a_LM.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
kl01b.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
kl01b_LM.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
kl01c.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
kl01c_LM.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
KL_menara.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
KL_menara_lm.bmp05.21.03170.74 kB
LAS_4.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
LAS_4_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
laxaa.bmp04.16.0342.74 kB
laxaa_lm.bmp04.16.0342.74 kB
LAX_tank1.bmp05.21.0310.74 kB
LAX_tank1_lm.bmp05.21.0310.74 kB
LDM_berlin_hotelstadt.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
LDM_berlin_hotelstadt_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
LDM_berlin_palastrepublic.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
LDM_berlin_palastrepublic_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
LDM_sf_ftmasonbldg1.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
LDM_sf_ftmasonbldg1_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
LDM_sf_presidio1.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
LDM_sf_presidio1_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
LDM_sf_presidio2.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
LDM_sf_presidio2_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
LDM_sf_presidio3.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
LDM_sf_presidio3_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
LDM_tokyo_akibahahara_main.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
LDM_tokyo_akibahahara_main_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
LDM_tokyo_akibahara_roofs.bmp05.21.0321.40 kB
LDM_tokyo_akibahara_roofs_lm.bmp05.21.0321.40 kB
LDM_tokyo_akibahara_wires.bmp05.21.0321.40 kB
LDM_tokyo_akibahara_wires_lm.bmp05.21.0321.40 kB
LDM_tokyo_odakyusoutherntower.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
LDM_tokyo_odakyusoutherntower_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
LDM_tokyo_seirokagarden_main.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
LDM_tokyo_seirokagarden_main_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
LDM_tokyo_seirokagarden_roof.bmp05.21.0310.74 kB
LDM_tokyo_seirokagarden_roof_lm.bmp05.21.0310.74 kB
LDM_tokyo_shinagawaintercity1.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
LDM_tokyo_shinagawaintercity1_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
LDM_tokyo_takashima.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
LDM_tokyo_takashima_lm.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
lfrock.bmp01.30.0542.74 kB
lfsteel.bmp01.16.0542.74 kB
lfWarn.bmp12.14.0542.74 kB
light head white.bmp01.24.0716.07 kB
light head white_LM.bmp01.24.0716.07 kB
light head zinc.bmp01.24.0716.07 kB
light head zinc_LM.bmp01.24.0716.07 kB
light_poles.bmp03.11.05128.08 kB
light_poles_LM.bmp03.11.05128.08 kB
log_cabin_1.bmp01.01.05257.05 kB
log_cabin_2.bmp01.03.05257.05 kB
ltgrey.bmp10.27.0465.07 kB
ltstrl.bmp10.27.0465.07 kB
mac_stair.bmp11.03.04170.74 kB
mac_stairs1.bmp11.03.0442.74 kB
menonmission1.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
menonmission1_lm.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
menonmission2.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
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Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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