FSX Ralph Calhoun Airport Scenery

Preview Ralph Calhoun Airport. Presenting PATA, Ralph Calhoun Memorial Airport, AK. This is very close to Tanana, Alaska. This scenery is easy on frame rates. We now have here an Inuit fishing village, small terminal (look through the glass in front and to the left- the author's grandson!), train stat...

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Ralph Calhoun Airport. Presenting PATA, Ralph Calhoun Memorial Airport, AK. This is very close to Tanana, Alaska. This scenery is easy on frame rates. We now have here an Inuit fishing village, small terminal (look through the glass in front and to the left- the author's grandson!), train station, long train, street lamps at night with visible lights shinning to the ground, shipping and receiving building, cafe, first aid center, fire station, both with trucks, refueling area that works. Readme file has the slider settings used but these settings are not manidtory. Navaids are stated and are stock. By Robert Lacy.

Screenshot of Ralph Calhoun Airport Scenery.

Screenshot of Ralph Calhoun Airport Scenery.

Ralph M. Calhoun Memorial Airport (IATA: TAL, ICAO: PATA, FAA LID: TAL) is a state-owned public-use airport located one nautical mile (1.85 km) west of the central business district of Tanana, a city in the Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area of the U.S. state of Alaska.

Ralph M. Calhoun Memorial Airport covers an area of 1,650 acres (670 ha) at an elevation of 236 feet (72 m) above mean sea level. It has one runway designated 7/25 with a gravel surface measuring 4,400 by 150 feet (1,341 x 46 m). For the 12-month period ending December 31, 2005, the airport had 3,100 aircraft operations, an average of 258 per month: 55% general aviation, 44% air taxi and 2% military.

Navaids are stock NDB is 212 Id- BCC range 75nm
VOR is 116.60 Id- TAL range 195.1nm

I took the liberty of sprucing this area up a bit, but this is a real airport. It now has a a small medical facility with waiting ambulance (rotating roof light). small fire station with trucks, refueling area that works- stop where it says 'refuel here'. parking areas, road all around the airport with street lamps. Ralph's Cafe, Small air terminal with see thru windows. Looking inside and to the left you will see my new grandson. There is a flag pole but no flag. Someone stole it! :)

There are a couple of hangars with smoke coming from wood stoves inside, a static plane I made (a Reliant). There is a small train station which I modeled after some blueprints of an actual Union Pacific station from circa 1930's or so.

The train in back I made each car, engine and caboose.

I also have a shipping/receiving store. There is an old Ford pick up that I made in front with an order of rum in the pick up bed you ordered. :)

Also- please visit the Inuit village past the end of the runway.


Piece of cake! 1. Unzip to a temp folder. take the folder you see called- PATA and move it to addon scenery. Then activate as you usually do.

2. Take AFX_PATA_ALT.bgl and paste or move this to scenery\world\scenery. Since I altered the elevation slightly this file is needed and needs to be in the above place in FSX. Stick a fork in ya.... your done.
This scenery is at 'normal' settings to see everything. I use mesh complexity 80 Mesh resolution 38m. texture res 1m.

This is freeware. You may do with it as you wish but do not sell or in any way make money with it. I share this freely and wish it to remain so.

I thank any and all who's programs or textures I have used in this effort. I thank John B Loney for support in many sceneries, John Stinstrom, Bill Mackay, Arno G for ModelconverterX, Luis T for SbuilderX, Garry White for a number of textures by permission, and the late Opa Marshall as my mentor.

Robert Lacy (Bob)

Screenshot of Ralph Calhoun Airport Scenery.

Screenshot of Ralph Calhoun Airport Scenery.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
scenery10.10.110 B
AFX_PATA.bgl10.10.1112.96 kB
CVX_pata.BGL03.18.111.18 kB
Pata_lib_objects.bgl12.07.111.96 MB
Pata_lib_objects.txt12.07.112.09 kB
Pata_scenery_objects.bgl10.10.1113.00 kB
Traffic_pata_pauo.bgl06.20.111.49 kB
texture10.03.110 B
41-jeep-3.bmp01.03.118.07 kB
55Ford.bmp12.24.10256.07 kB
air term sign.bmp05.29.1164.07 kB
air term parking sign.bmp05.29.1164.07 kB
air_term_person.bmp05.29.1164.07 kB
alum_rl.bmp01.02.11512.07 kB
Ambulance_Front.bmp01.23.11128.07 kB
army_fire_325_a.bmp01.14.11128.07 kB
baggage car.bmp09.26.11128.07 kB
beacon_tower.bmp02.13.0985.43 kB
bermudapanam2.bmp05.30.11128.07 kB
BobblueWindow.bmp06.18.10128.07 kB
Boxcar_railbox.bmp09.21.11128.07 kB
Brick3.bmp04.17.10256.07 kB
Caboose-end-rl.bmp09.23.1116.07 kB
Caboose.bmp09.19.1164.07 kB
Calhoun sign.bmp05.29.11128.07 kB
CanoePAD.bmp02.13.0985.43 kB
can_eskimo_female.bmp03.13.1132.07 kB
classiceagle.bmp05.31.11128.07 kB
clothing_boot_layer2.bmp03.13.1132.07 kB
clothing_parka_caribou_girl.bmp03.13.1132.07 kB
clothing_parka_outer_man.bmp03.13.1116.07 kB
clothing_snowgoggles.bmp03.13.1132.07 kB
clothing_trousers_outer_man.bmp03.13.1132.07 kB
coal.bmp09.23.11256.07 kB
coke 1.bmp11.25.0721.42 kB
Coleman-Lantern-rl.bmp01.30.0985.43 kB
concrete-RL.bmp02.14.08170.74 kB
concrete_dirty.bmp05.11.08170.74 kB
CORR_SHEET2.bmp12.27.09768.05 kB
deuce-front.bmp01.08.1164.07 kB
EGQL_Building199.bmp01.07.10128.07 kB
EMERGENCY SIGN.bmp03.17.11128.07 kB
eskimo-drawing.bmp03.13.114.07 kB
eskimo2-drawing.bmp03.13.114.07 kB
eskimo3-ddrawing.bmp03.13.118.07 kB
Farfy_431.bmp03.21.10341.43 kB
Farfy_436.bmp04.08.101.43 kB
Farfy_438.bmp04.09.101.33 MB
Farfy_439.bmp04.04.101.43 kB
Farfy_439a.bmp04.04.101.43 kB
finetradition.bmp05.30.11128.07 kB
FIRE HOUSE SIGN.bmp03.18.11128.07 kB
fireextinguisher.bmp01.31.1132.07 kB
flag_USA.bmp05.31.1116.07 kB
flying lessons.bmp11.25.0742.75 kB
fried chicken.bmp11.25.0742.75 kB
frog legs.bmp11.25.0742.75 kB
gravel-RL.bmp12.15.101.00 MB
ground vehicles only sign.bmp05.29.1164.07 kB
GW_Axe1.bmp06.06.088.07 kB
GW_BayWindow1.bmp04.21.0864.07 kB
GW_BayWindow2.bmp04.20.08128.07 kB
GW_Coleman-Logo.bmp06.04.088.07 kB
GW_Color_Red_Darkalpha.bmp05.03.088.07 kB
GW_Concrete-8.bmp04.09.0864.07 kB
GW_Door-14.bmp04.02.0816.07 kB
GW_Door-18.bmp04.09.0816.07 kB
GW_Door-24.bmp06.06.08128.07 kB
GW_Door-25.bmp05.03.08128.07 kB
GW_Door-3.bmp04.02.0816.07 kB
GW_Door-6.bmp04.02.0816.07 kB
GW_Door-7.bmp04.02.0832.07 kB
GW_Door-8.bmp04.02.0832.07 kB
GW_Door-8_LM.bmp06.06.0864.07 kB
GW_Firewood-1.bmp06.04.08128.07 kB
GW_HangarTools-1.bmp06.06.08128.07 kB
GW_HangarTools-2.bmp06.06.0864.07 kB
GW_HangarTools-3.bmp06.06.0816.07 kB
GW_HangarTools-4.bmp05.02.0864.07 kB
GW_Log_Bark7.bmp04.07.0816.07 kB
GW_Metal-1A.bmp05.25.10512.07 kB
GW_Metal-2.bmp05.03.08128.07 kB
GW_Prop-1.bmp06.06.0864.07 kB
GW_Roofing-20.bmp04.09.0864.07 kB
GW_Roofing-21.bmp04.11.0864.07 kB
GW_Roofing-26A.bmp04.19.08128.07 kB
GW_Roofing-27.bmp04.25.08128.07 kB
GW_Roofing-9.bmp04.02.0864.07 kB
GW_ShedFront-1.bmp04.12.08128.07 kB
GW_Shutters-2.bmp04.09.0864.07 kB
GW_Siding-25.bmp05.03.0864.07 kB
GW_Siding-29.bmp04.04.0864.07 kB
GW_Siding-31.bmp04.04.0864.07 kB
GW_Stone21.bmp04.04.0864.07 kB
GW_Stone22.bmp05.03.0864.07 kB
GW_Stone24.bmp04.11.0864.07 kB
GW_Supplies-10.bmp06.04.08128.07 kB
GW_Supplies-13.bmp06.04.08128.07 kB
GW_Supplies-14.bmp06.04.08128.07 kB
GW_Supplies-8.bmp06.04.08128.07 kB
GW_Tires-1.bmp01.30.0985.43 kB
GW_TrashCan-1.bmp06.06.08256.07 kB
GW_VentLouvers-2.bmp04.08.0864.07 kB
GW_Warehouse-Door-2A.bmp04.11.08128.07 kB
GW_Window_Display1.bmp05.03.0816.07 kB
GW_Window_Home10.bmp04.04.0832.07 kB
GW_Window_Home20.bmp04.06.0832.07 kB
GW_Window_Home8.bmp04.04.0832.07 kB
GW_Window_Home9.bmp04.04.0816.07 kB
GW_Wood-1.bmp04.02.0816.07 kB
GW_Wood-10.bmp06.06.0832.07 kB
GW_Wood-12.bmp06.06.0864.07 kB
GW_Wood-16.bmp04.04.0864.07 kB
GW_Wood-2.bmp06.06.0832.07 kB
GW_Wood-20.bmp06.06.08128.07 kB
GW_Wood-29.bmp04.04.0816.07 kB
GW_Wood-3.bmp06.06.0832.07 kB
GW_Wood-31.bmp06.06.08128.07 kB
GW_Wood-38.bmp04.04.0816.07 kB
GW_Wood-40.bmp06.06.08128.07 kB
GW_Wood-48.bmp06.06.08128.07 kB
GW_Wood-49.bmp06.06.08128.07 kB
GW_Wood-5.bmp06.06.0832.07 kB
GW_Wood-6.bmp04.02.088.07 kB
GW_Wood-62.bmp04.11.0816.07 kB
GW_Wood-65.bmp04.11.0816.07 kB
GW_Wood-77.bmp05.03.0816.07 kB
GW_Wood-78.bmp05.03.0816.07 kB
GW_Wood-88.bmp06.04.08128.07 kB
GW_Wood-89.bmp06.04.08128.07 kB
GW_Wood-9.bmp06.06.0832.07 kB
hawaii-nw.bmp05.30.11128.07 kB
imperialhoriz.bmp05.30.11128.07 kB
israelflytwa.bmp05.30.11128.07 kB
japan-panam.bmp05.30.1164.07 kB
jeeofrontshot.bmp01.23.118.07 kB
kingsalmon.bmp03.13.1132.07 kB
ltblue_seethru.bmp03.02.11256.07 kB
M352.bmp01.08.1164.07 kB
multisign.bmp02.08.0942.75 kB
navy-star.bmp02.26.1132.07 kB
olddoor8.bmp02.07.0532.07 kB
Pickup-Parts-1B.bmp01.06.10341.43 kB
Pickup-Parts-A.bmp01.06.10170.75 kB
Pickup-Parts-B.bmp01.06.10341.43 kB
propane_tank_rl.bmp03.17.11128.07 kB
Ralph Calhoun Mem fisrt aid center sign.bmp03.17.11128.07 kB
Ralph_sign-no-hand-rl.bmp03.17.11256.07 kB
Ralph_sign-no-hand-rl_LM.bmp03.17.11256.07 kB
Ralph_sign.bmp05.21.11256.07 kB
Ralph_sign_left.bmp05.21.11256.07 kB
Ralph_sign_left_LM.bmp03.17.11256.07 kB
Ralph_sign_LM.bmp03.17.11256.07 kB
redspray.bmp03.28.11128.07 kB
red_cross.bmp01.17.1132.07 kB
REFUEL SIGN.bmp04.17.1164.07 kB
REFUEL SIGN_LM.bmp04.17.1164.07 kB
REPAIR SHOP SIGN.bmp03.11.1132.07 kB
rusted rust.bmp02.29.0842.75 kB
safetycone.bmp01.31.118.07 kB
shipping sign.bmp03.11.1132.07 kB
sintsoninside.bmp01.20.1132.07 kB
sittingpeople.bmp05.30.11256.07 kB
sitting_man.bmp05.30.11128.07 kB
sitting_man_2.bmp05.30.11128.07 kB
steerwheel.bmp01.02.1132.07 kB
Stinson%20Country!.bmp01.20.11128.07 kB
Stinson-V77-3vu-side.bmp01.14.1196.05 kB
Stinson-V77-3vu-top.bmp01.18.11192.05 kB
stinson.bmp01.20.1164.07 kB
Tanana sign.bmp05.29.1164.07 kB
thank you sign.bmp05.29.11128.07 kB
Tires-4.bmp01.18.0985.43 kB
train - passen-end.bmp09.21.118.07 kB
train - passen.bmp09.21.11256.07 kB
train depot.bmp09.13.11452.69 kB
train end door.bmp09.24.1116.07 kB
train- passcar end.bmp09.16.114.07 kB
train-box car-end.bmp09.21.118.07 kB
train-box car.bmp09.16.1116.07 kB
train-coal car.bmp09.16.1116.07 kB
train-pass car.bmp09.24.1164.07 kB
Truck-Parts2D.bmp02.08.0942.75 kB
Truck-Parts3.bmp12.10.0842.75 kB
Truck-Parts6.bmp02.08.0985.43 kB
Union Pacific.bmp09.14.11512.07 kB
UP front.bmp09.14.1116.07 kB
walrus skin.bmp03.14.111.00 MB
windshieldglass.bmp01.23.1116.07 kB
ww2stin.bmp01.20.11128.07 kB
Zef.bmp05.30.11256.07 kB
Pata03.17.110 B
AFX_PATA_ALT.bgl03.16.11524 B
readme.txt12.23.112.97 kB
cafe.jpg12.23.1182.77 kB
terminal.jpg12.23.11355.34 kB
Ford Truck.jpg12.23.11433.30 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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