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Sheppard Air Force Base (KSPS), Wichita Falls, Texas (TX). So you want to be a fighter pilot? There are few places to learn with the armed forces only supersonic trainer, and Sheppard Air Force Base is one of them. Sheppard hosts the NATO training course for fighter pilots using the turboprop T6a Texan II and the T-38 Talon. Sheppard has hundreds of flights per day of student pilots. Wichita Falls Municipal Airport is on the south side of the field. By Jim Dhaenens.

Screenshot of Sheppard Air Force Base Scenery.

Screenshot of Sheppard Air Force Base Scenery.


1. Place the ksps_fsx folder in your Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery folder.

2. Start Flight Simulator X.

3. On the Flight Simulator X start screen, select "SETTINGS" then in the "Other settings" box (upper right on the settings page), select "Scenery Library."

4. On the SETTINGS - SCENERY LIBRARY page, select 'Add Area".

5. Navigate to, and open the "Addon Scenery" folder.

6. Select the "ksps_fsx" folder and press "OK" (Win 7 users need to click in a white area of the menu).

7. Back on the SETTINGS - SCENERY LIBRARY page, knsekndz should be on the top of the list of scenery areas. Make sure the "Enabled" checkbox is checked, then press "OK".

Screenshot of Sheppard Air Force Base Scenery.

Screenshot of Sheppard Air Force Base Scenery.

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The archive ksps_fsx.zip has 102 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
KSPS_FSX01.26.120 B
80ftwtarmac.jpg01.26.12212.35 kB
kspspark.xls12.28.1133.50 kB
muntarmac.jpg01.26.12164.41 kB
ottarmac.jpg01.26.12165.97 kB
readme.txt01.26.121.77 kB
Scenery12.28.110 B
AFX_KSPS.bgl12.28.1191.97 kB
cvxSHEPPARD.BGL12.23.11228 B
kspsbecn.BGL12.11.11140 B
kspst38.bgl12.06.112.29 kB
kspst6a.bgl12.06.111.78 kB
kspsterrain.bgl12.11.114.05 MB
sheppardobj.bgl12.24.1113.45 MB
sheppardobj.txt12.24.117.36 kB
sheppardp.bgl12.28.1132.07 kB
spslight.bgl12.13.111.17 kB
statrn.bgl12.20.111.96 kB
vegetation.bgl12.10.1122.64 kB
spse.jpg12.13.11251.18 kB
spsf.jpg12.13.11269.02 kB
spsg.jpg12.13.11300.45 kB
SPSH.jpg01.26.12149.81 kB
Texture12.28.110 B
003012332313211an.agn12.11.114.44 kB
003012332313213an.agn12.11.114.07 kB
003012332313300an.agn12.11.113.10 kB
003012332313301an.agn12.11.11296 B
003012332313302an.agn12.11.111.66 kB
A10.dds12.20.11128.12 kB
abricks.dds08.22.11128.12 kB
agbase.dds01.20.11128.12 kB
almwht.dds12.10.1164.12 kB
alphwht.dds12.10.11256.12 kB
am32-60.dds08.27.11128.12 kB
asr9.dds04.28.09128.12 kB
asr9_N.dds04.28.09128.12 kB
bbrickdet.dds07.25.11128.12 kB
bbricks.dds07.24.11128.12 kB
bmbwgn.dds11.17.11128.12 kB
brnssroof.dds08.12.11128.12 kB
C130H_Gr.dds12.19.11256.12 kB
cbricks.dds11.13.11128.12 kB
concrete.dds01.20.11128.12 kB
DC3a.dds08.22.11128.12 kB
DC3_BODY.dds12.24.118.12 kB
DC3_ENGN.dds12.24.111.12 kB
DC3_lm.dds08.22.11128.12 kB
DC3_specular.dds08.22.11128.12 kB
DC3_TALH.dds12.24.112.12 kB
DC3_WING.dds12.24.112.12 kB
dirtywhite.dds10.02.11256.12 kB
emercbl.dds01.06.1132.12 kB
emercbl_n.dds01.06.1132.12 kB
exting.dds11.02.1132.12 kB
f15389.dds01.13.11512.12 kB
F16Day.dds12.19.11128.12 kB
gravelroof1.dds09.03.11128.12 kB
gray.dds02.13.11128.12 kB
harlantug.dds10.29.11128.12 kB
hdorSPS.dds09.04.111.00 MB
hgrinside2.dds10.18.11128.12 kB
hsg1a.dds08.13.11512.12 kB
jettest.dds10.19.11128.12 kB
jp5truckgrn.dds12.10.11128.12 kB
KC135.dds12.19.11128.12 kB
kmuoWT.dds01.06.11256.12 kB
kspsmun.dds12.01.11128.12 kB
lights1.dds11.06.0832.12 kB
m1a1.dds09.20.1164.12 kB
nis.dds11.19.11512.12 kB
pbupnlgrey.dds09.22.11512.12 kB
pbuwht.dds09.22.11128.12 kB
red.dds10.02.114.12 kB
rwaynolft.dds01.12.1132.12 kB
rwaynolft_N.dds01.12.1132.12 kB
SAFBLOGO.dds11.19.1164.12 kB
shepdet.dds09.04.11128.12 kB
shepdet_n.dds08.23.11128.12 kB
sheptwr.dds11.12.11128.12 kB
shingletan.dds09.03.1132.12 kB
soda.dds10.14.1132.12 kB
southbld.dds12.02.11128.12 kB
sps80ftwbld.dds11.17.11512.12 kB
spsblds.dds11.15.11512.12 kB
spsbldx.dds11.16.11512.12 kB
spshgr.dds11.20.11512.12 kB
spstway.dds12.10.11256.12 kB
stucco1.dds08.23.11128.12 kB
stucco4.dds08.12.1132.12 kB
t38hgrtex.dds09.13.11128.12 kB
t38tex.dds11.19.11128.12 kB
t6SAFBtex.dds09.07.11128.12 kB
tanfab.dds10.02.1164.12 kB
tridhgr.dds10.19.11128.12 kB
trnblb2.dds10.14.11512.12 kB
trnctr.dds12.13.11512.12 kB
trngroof1.dds10.08.11512.12 kB
woodfence.dds11.09.1016.12 kB
ylotex.dds10.08.1164.12 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Knowledge Center for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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