FSX Savoia Marchetti SM.79 Sparviero

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Savoia Marchetti SM.79 Sparviero v.01. The most important Italian bomber of World War II, this tough three-engined aircraft established a reputation that contrasted with most Italian weapons of the day, and it was flown with courage and skill. Complete aircraft with four different hi-res Gmax models (four different versions). Features the usual moving parts, such as all flight controls, prop pitch and leading edge flaps. Six different liveries (two Regia Aeronautica, one A.N.R./R.S.I., two Spanish Nationalist Air Force, one Italian Co-Belligerant Air Force). VC only. Created by Manuele Villa.

Screenshot of Savoia Marchetti SM.79 Sparviero in flight.

Screenshot of Savoia Marchetti SM.79 Sparviero in flight.

It was the most important Italian bomber of World War II, this tough three-engined aircraft established a reputation that contrasted with most Italian weapons of the day, and it was flown with courage and skill. SM.79s served widely in the normal bombing role, but it is as a land-based torpedo bomber that the type deserves its place in military aviation history, being regarded by many as one of the finest torpedo bombers of the war. The basic design continued the company's tradition of mixed construction with steel tubes light alloy wood and fabric (this being the only way to produce in quantity with available skills and tools); in spite of its cumbersome appearance and outdated construction, the S.M.79 was a rugged, reliable multi-role medium bomber which did quite a bit of damage in the face of heavy opposition. About 1,300 production models were built over a nine year period. They had internal provision for 2,750 lb (1,250 kg) of bombs, supplemented by under fuselage rack for a torpedo. The SM.79 had a distinctive 'hump' on the upper forward fuselage, which housed both the fixed forward-firing heavy machine-gun and the dorsal gunner's position. Its appearance earned the aircraft the nickname 'Gobbo Maledetto' ('Damned Hunchback'). Post-war surviving SM.79s were converted into various versions of utility transports during the last phases of the war and survived in that role until 1952.

Complete aircraft. 4 Different Hi-Res GMax models (4 different versions), features the usual moving parts, such as all flight controls, props pitch and leading edge flaps. Six different liveries (2 Regia Aeronautica, 1 A.N.R./R.S.I. , 2 Spanish Nationalist Air Force, 1 Italian Co-Belligerant Air Force); VC only. Tested in FSX. Created by Manuele Villa , January 2008. Installation instructions and paint-kit included.


1) Unzip the file 'sm79_v01.ZIP' to a temporary folder.

2) Copy / move the contents of the 'Aircraft' folder ('Savoia Marchetti SM-79 MVG' folder) into your FS9 "Aircraft" (or 'Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes') folder.

3) Copy all the bitmaps contained in the 'texture.205' in all the texture folders WITHOUT overwriting the contained files.

4) Copy / move the contents of the 'Gauges' and 'Effects' folders to the FS9/FSX "Gauges" and 'Effects' folders.

5) You're done. Good luck flying the SM.79!


1- This plane was developed for FS9, but it works (it seems without problems) either in FSX. Tested without problems on 3 different platforms (FS9/Windows XP & FSX/Windows Vista).

2- Many instruments are in metric units.

3- The working way of the throttles is peculiar to the Italian built aircrafts of the time, that is the movement is reversed, with the idle full forward and the max full backwards.


Original CFS3 GMAX model by Luca (Italianwings).
CFS3/FS9 conversion, models modifications, VC and animations by Manuele Villa.
Paints by Manuele Villa.
Original textures/paintkit by Alex Biaggi & Manuele Villa.
Prop textures by Bob Rivera.
Flight dynamics by FSAviator.
Gauges: many of the Italian gauges in this panel were created from scratch or radically modified from freeware items by Manuele Villa, other gauges are from Stefano Meneghini (PCMENEG) and Hauke Keitel (KeDI), Bitmaps for some gauges by Alex Biaggi of Italianwings.
Handling notes and tutorials by FSAviator.
Aircraft descriptions and history by Manuele Villa and FSAviator.
Sound by Stefano Meneghini.


To Mr. Luca & Mr. A.Biaggi (Italianwings), FSAviator, Mr.S.Meneghini and to my Greek friend Mr.N.Daskalakis for their precious help.


Repaints are allowed without further permission, using the included paint-kit, but please contact me before.

By Manuele Villa

Screenshot of Savoia Marchetti SM.79 Sparviero in flight.

Screenshot of Savoia Marchetti SM.79 Sparviero in flight.

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sm79_v01.gif01.16.089.81 kB
sm79_v01.jpg01.16.0823.95 kB
file_id.diz01.16.081.98 kB
readme.txt01.16.0816.28 kB
sm79_v01_01.jpg01.16.0867.71 kB
sm79_v01_02.jpg01.16.0864.21 kB
sm79_v01_03.jpg01.16.0897.50 kB
sm79_v01_04.jpg01.16.0869.62 kB
sm79_v01_05.jpg01.16.0858.83 kB
sm79_v01_06.jpg01.16.0879.41 kB
sm79_v01_07.jpg01.16.0873.73 kB
sm79_v01_08.jpg01.16.0869.38 kB
sm79_v01_09.jpg01.16.0867.54 kB
sm79_v01_10.jpg01.16.0875.13 kB
sm79_v01_11.jpg01.16.0857.63 kB
sm79_v01_12.jpg01.16.0869.32 kB
sm79_v01_13.jpg01.16.0869.29 kB
sm79_v01_14.jpg01.16.0857.72 kB
sm79_v01_15.jpg01.16.0857.24 kB
sm79_v01_16.jpg01.16.0864.02 kB
sm79_v01_17.jpg01.16.0876.74 kB
sm79_v01_18.jpg01.16.0853.32 kB
sm79_v01_19.jpg01.16.0877.48 kB
sm79_v01_20.jpg01.16.0852.34 kB
sm79_v01_21.jpg01.16.0867.62 kB
sm79_v01_22.jpg01.16.0862.71 kB
sm79_v01_23.jpg01.16.08135.25 kB
sm79_v01_24.jpg01.16.08127.02 kB
Savoia Marchetti SM-79 MVG01.16.080 B
model.bomber01.16.080 B
Model.cfg12.14.0729 B
SM79_mvg_b.mdl01.13.084.83 MB
model.PB01.16.080 B
Model.cfg01.03.0830 B
SM79_mvg_PB.mdl01.13.084.47 MB
model.torpedo_101.16.080 B
Model.cfg12.14.0730 B
SM79_mvg_t1.mdl01.13.084.77 MB
model.torpedo_201.16.080 B
Model.cfg12.17.0730 B
SM79_mvg_t2.mdl01.13.084.88 MB
Panel01.16.080 B
panel.cfg01.14.084.68 kB
Thumbs.db06.20.0740.50 kB
SM79M.air01.11.086.09 kB
SM79M_ref.htm01.13.0812.26 kB
SM79M_ref.txt01.13.082.88 kB
sound01.16.080 B
cockpithatch.wav12.03.07115.34 kB
door_close.wav12.03.07344.86 kB
door_open.wav12.03.07343.41 kB
nocomb_C.wav12.03.0742.65 kB
nocomb_L.wav12.03.0745.21 kB
nocomb_R.wav12.03.0739.67 kB
pcmeneg_eng1rpm1.wav11.20.07183.42 kB
pcmeneg_eng1rpm2.wav11.20.07162.54 kB
pcmeneg_eng2rpm1.wav11.20.07172.21 kB
pcmeneg_eng2rpm2.wav11.20.07169.85 kB
pcmeneg_eng3rpm1.wav11.20.07201.30 kB
pcmeneg_eng3rpm2.wav11.20.07161.88 kB
S73_flaps.wav12.03.071008.98 kB
shutdown_C.wav12.03.07166.09 kB
shutdown_L.wav12.03.07191.33 kB
shutdown_R.wav12.03.07166.18 kB
Sound.cfg12.16.077.61 kB
starter.wav12.03.0724.37 kB
startup.wav12.04.07126.40 kB
texture.20501.16.080 B
alu.bmp01.06.084.07 kB
blk.bmp01.06.084.07 kB
blu.bmp01.06.084.07 kB
chain.bmp03.26.075.05 kB
dr_breda_safat_t.bmp11.12.07256.07 kB
DR_Sm79_bits_01_t.bmp11.20.071.00 MB
DR_SM79_gauges_2.bmp12.30.07512.07 kB
DR_SM79_gauges_3.bmp01.09.08512.07 kB
DR_SM79_VC_01.bmp01.11.081.00 MB
DR_SM79_VC_02.bmp11.18.07256.07 kB
DR_SM79_VC_03.bmp11.20.071.00 MB
DR_SM79_VC_04.bmp11.20.071.00 MB
DR_SM79_VC_05.bmp12.08.07256.07 kB
glass_t.bmp01.07.0864.07 kB
it_bomb_set_t.bmp12.08.071.00 MB
land_light_t.bmp11.27.07461.77 kB
pilot_mvg.bmp12.16.07256.07 kB
pilot_toscan.bmp11.12.07256.07 kB
Prop.bmp02.16.071.00 MB
Propgen.bmp01.31.0764.07 kB
propstill.bmp02.11.0765.05 kB
red.bmp01.06.084.07 kB
sight_1.bmp01.12.08256.07 kB
wht.bmp01.06.084.07 kB
texture.27901.16.080 B
texture.ANR01.16.080 B
rust.bmp01.06.084.07 kB
texture.Falchi01.16.080 B
texture.pb01.16.080 B
dr_sm79_01_l.bmp01.13.081.00 MB
dr_sm79_01_t.bmp01.16.081.00 MB
texture.Sorci01.16.080 B
Understanding the SM79.txt01.15.0822.38 kB
fx_AR126_Flame.fx11.30.073.85 kB
fx_navgresml.fx04.15.054.54 kB
fx_navredsml.fx04.15.054.54 kB
fx_navwhisml.fx04.15.053.02 kB
fx_SM74_landing.fx04.04.043.44 kB
fx_vclight_offwhi.fx12.15.031.31 kB
Newll.fx11.09.041.35 kB
SM79_MVG.CAB01.13.081.09 MB
dr_sm79_01_t.bmp01.17.081.00 MB
dr_sm79_01_t.bmp01.17.081.00 MB
dr_sm79_01_t.bmp01.17.081.00 MB
dr_sm79_01_t.bmp01.17.081.00 MB
dr_sm79_01_t.bmp01.17.081.00 MB
thumbnail.jpg01.17.0817.64 kB
thumbnail.jpg01.17.0818.18 kB
thumbnail.jpg01.17.0816.13 kB
thumbnail.jpg01.17.0818.69 kB
thumbnail.jpg01.17.0818.64 kB
thumbnail.jpg01.17.0816.53 kB
SM79M-TB.air01.17.086.10 kB
PK_dr_sm79_01_t.psd01.17.0811.17 MB
Aircraft.cfg01.18.0816.30 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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jpop8807Fri, 17 Aug 2018 00:36:45 GMT

Great download I reallly like it. Plane looks amazing the VC is amazing. Everything works.

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