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FSX Savoia Marchetti S.79CS Sparviero/Corsa-Transatlantico

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Civilian "CS" (Competizione Sportiva=Sporting Race) versions of the known medium and torpedo bomber Savoia-Marchetti S.79 "Sparviero", deployed by Regia Aeronautica, or Italian Royal Air Force, were successfully flown (w/civil marks) in the "Istres-Damascus-Paris (Lindberg Cup)" 1937 air race, where they ranked the first three places of the final scoreboard.

Air race S79 in flightThe also "civilian" "T" (Transatlantic) version of the very same S.79 performed exceptionally in the 1938 Atlantic crossing Roma-Dakar-Rio de Janeiro and in 1939 experimental test meant to verify the feasibility of an airline passengers and mail line between Italy and South America for the civilian airlines (Ala Littoria S.A.- Linee Aeree Atlantiche, later called L.A.T.I./Linee Aeree Transcontinentali Italiane) over the routes of Southern Atlantic Ocean (Brazil/Argentina/Equador). 

3 new different GMax models, covering 3 different versions of the civilian S.79 described above and featuring the standard animated parts, such as all flight controls, props pitch and leading-edge slats. Ten (10) different liveries depicting all the S.79CS team which flew the 1937 Istres-Damascus-Paris Race, the 1938 Roma-Rio de Janeiro Expedition, and the 1939 Transatlantic Test flight.

This is an adapted FSX version of the original FS9 plane (also available in another separated release).VC only. GMax Models and Skins by Manuele Villa & Italianwings.


  • For CS & T Versions : FS9/FSX Model rebuild & modifications, VC rebuild and animations by Manuele "MVG3D" Villa.
  • Original textures by Manuele "MVG3D" Villa.
  • Pilot models by Manuele "MVG3D" Villa.
  • For I-ROTR (I-12): Original CFS3 GMAX model by Mr. Luca Festari & Mr. Pietro Zazzetta (Italianwings).
  • FS9 conversion, model modifications, VC rebuild (where necessary) and animations by Manuele "MVG3D" Villa.
  • Original textures by Manuele "MVG3D" Villa.
  • Flight dynamics derived from original ones by FSAviator.
  • Gauges: many of the Italian gauges in this panel were created from scratch or radically modified from freeware items by Manuele "MVG3D" Villa, other gauges are from Mr. Stefano "PcMeneg" Meneghini and Mr. Hauke "KeDI" Keitel.
  • Bubble Sextant by Dave Bitzer and Mark Beaumont (Freeware).
  • Handling notes and tutorials from original by FSAviator.
  • Aircraft descriptions and history by Manuele "MVG3D" Villa.
  • Sounds by Mr. Stefano "PcMeneg" Meneghini.
  • Translations by Mr. Stefano "Kelticheart" Denti & Mr. Umberto Sciacchetano.
  • Beta-Testing by PVI-Roma (Piloti Virtuali Italiani).
  • Screenshots by Mr. Huub Vink.


  1. If You have installed my old S.79 (SP1) in Your FSX, uninstall the previous version of I-ROTR from "Savoia Marchetti SM-79 MVG" folder, deleting the "model.ROTR", the "texture.I-ROTR" folder and the [fltsim.4] entry from the aircraft.cfg file. Obviously, renumbering correctly the sequence of the following [fltsim.XX] sections afterwards.
  2. UNZIP the file "S.79CS&T_FSX.ZIP" to a temporary folder.
  3. MOVE the folders "Savoia Marchetti S.79CS MVG", "Savoia Marchetti S.79T MVG" & "Savoia Marchetti S.79CS I-12 MVG" into your FSX "Aircraft" folder. The "Savoia Marchetti S.79CS MVG" folder includes also a folder named "DOCS", containing additional instructions for flying the aircraft.
  4. MOVE the four folders contained in "Flights" folder ("S.79CS_Istres-Damasco","S.79CS_Damasco-Parigi","S.79T_Guidonia-Dakar" and "S.79T_Dakar-Rio" into Your "Flights" folder in FSX main directory.
  5. By default, the lights will be the payware Shockwawe/A2A 3Dlights Redux. Should You prefer MS default lights, delete the original A2A section and 'uncomment' the optional MS default lights driver code inside of the aircraft.cfg.
  6. You are done.


This "Package" contains:

  • 2 New GMax models : "CS Racer" and "T Transatlantic" versions.
  • 1 Revised GMax model : "M Racer" version, I-12 (I-ROTR), the only "military production" S.79, a modified bomber, used in the "Istres/Damascus/Paris" race (20/21 August 1937). 
  • 10 liveries, for ALL the planes used in 20/21 August 1937 "Istres/Damascus/Paris" race, 24/25 January 1938 "Rome/Dakar/Rio de Janeiro Expedition and February 1939 Transatlantic Test Flight.

20/21 August 1937 "Istres/Damascus/Paris" race :

  • I-5 (I-BIMU), S.79CS, MM359, pilots : Col.Lt.Attilio BISEO (BI) & Lt.Bruno MUSSOLINI (MU). Ranked 3rd. 
  • I-6 (I-TOMO), S.79CS, MM355, pilots : Maj.Angelo TONDI (TO) & Capt.Antonio MOSCATELLI (MO). Ranked 6th.
  • I-7 (I-LICA), S.79CS, MM357, pilots : Maj.Antonio LIPPI (LI) & Capt.Gori CASTELLANI (CA). Retired.
  • I-11 (I-CUPA), S.79CS, MM358, pilots : Col.Lt.Ranieri CUPINI (CU) & Cap.Amedeo PARADISI (PA). Winner.
  • I-12 (I-ROTR), S.79M/CS, MM21117, pilots : Maj.Umberto ROVIS (RO), Cap.Luigi KLINGER & Cap.Stefano TRIMBOLI (TR). Ranked 8th.
  • I-13 (I-FILU), S.79CS, MM356, pilots : Maj.Umberto FIORI (FI) & Cap.Giovanni LUCCHINI (LU). Ranked 2nd.

24/25 January 1938 "Rome/Dakar/Rio de Janeiro Expedition.

  • I-BISE, S.79T (ex I-BIMU/I-5), pilots : Col.Lt.Attilio BISEO (BISE) & Maj.Amedeo PARADISI.
  • I-BRUN, S.79T (ex I-FILU/I-13), pilots : Lt.Bruno MUSSOLINI (BRUN) & Lt.Renato MANCINELLI.
  • I-MONI, S.79T (ex I-CUPA/I-11), pilots : Maj.Nino MOSCATELLI (MONI) & Cap.Gori CASTELLANI.

February 1939 Transatlantic Test flight.

  • I-ALAN, SM.79P (ex I-TOMO/I-6, MM355), pilots : Col.Attilio BISEO & Cdr.Carlo TONINI.


  • This plane was adapted for FSX from FS9 original (also available in another separate package).
  • Many instruments are metric.
  • Throttles operation is peculiar to Italian-built aircraft of the time, with idle full forward and maximum r.p.m. full backward. A reversed operation compared to international standards, that caused more than one accident when Allied pilots tested Italian captured planes and vice-versa during and/or after the end of WWII.

Author: Manuele Villa/MVG3D


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The archive has 511 files and directories contained within it. View them...

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
S.79CS_Damasco-Parigi04.03.160 B
Damascus-Paris.FLT04.03.167.38 kB
Damascus-Paris.WX04.03.16193.31 kB
S.79CS_Istres-Damasco04.03.160 B
Istres-Damascus.FLT04.03.167.45 kB
Istres-Damascus.WX04.03.16151.53 kB
S.79T_Dakar-Rio04.03.160 B
Dakar-Rio.FLT04.03.167.46 kB
Dakar-Rio.WX04.03.16191.33 kB
S.79T_Guidonia-Dakar04.03.160 B
Guidonia-Dakar.FLT04.03.167.36 kB
Guidonia-Dakar.WX04.03.16190.40 kB
Aircraft.cfg04.21.1611.74 kB
model.ROTR04.15.160 B
Model.cfg04.03.1629 B
S79_mvg_CB.mdl04.17.164.26 MB
Panel04.15.160 B
panel.cfg04.03.1651 B
S79M.air01.25.086.09 kB
S79M_ref.htm04.03.1640.08 kB
S79M_ref.txt04.03.162.61 kB
sound04.15.160 B
Sound.cfg04.03.1649 B
texture.I-1204.15.160 B
dr_sm79_01_t.dds04.15.164.00 MB
dr_sm79_01_t_old.dds04.14.164.00 MB
DR_Sm79_bits_01_t.dds04.14.161.00 MB
DR_SM79_VC_02.dds04.14.16256.12 kB
DR_SM79_VC_03.dds04.14.161.00 MB
DR_SM79_VC_04.dds04.14.161.00 MB
glass.dds11.08.15256.12 kB
glass_t.dds11.08.15256.12 kB
land_light_t.bmp01.27.08154.98 kB
Pilot_RA_T.dds12.05.151.00 MB
Prop.bmp05.05.141.33 MB
Propgen.bmp01.31.0764.07 kB
propstill.bmp02.11.0765.05 kB
SM79C_VC_01_t.dds04.14.161.00 MB
SM79C_VC_02_t.dds04.14.161.00 MB
SM79C_VC_03_t.dds04.14.161.00 MB
SM79C_VC_04_t.dds04.14.161.00 MB
texture.cfg06.22.14146 B
thumbnail.jpg04.02.16339.28 kB
Aircraft.cfg04.04.1613.48 kB
DOCS04.19.160 B
Engine Startup procedure.pdf02.15.1632.60 kB
History CS&T.pdf04.21.167.93 MB
Italian Air Force Anthem.mp305.17.071.89 MB
ITALIAN AIRMEN PRAYER.pdf01.11.15121.99 kB
pcmeneg_radio_goniometer_usage.pdf09.05.13750.07 kB
pcmeneg_tuner_click_areas.jpg09.05.1356.69 kB
Sextant Manual04.15.160 B
astrodome.jpg12.05.0432.52 kB
douglas_dc3_ref.htm12.06.047.97 kB
img0.jpg12.03.0415.72 kB
img1.gif12.03.04907 B
img10.jpg12.03.0414.68 kB
img11.jpg12.03.0446.54 kB
img12.jpg12.04.0430.14 kB
img13.jpg12.03.0429.81 kB
img14.jpg12.03.0429.88 kB
img15.jpg12.03.0421.68 kB
img16.jpg12.03.0422.60 kB
img17.jpg12.03.0414.41 kB
img18.jpg12.03.0414.87 kB
img19.jpg12.03.0411.39 kB
img2.gif12.03.04864 B
img20.jpg12.03.049.03 kB
img21.jpg12.03.0442.70 kB
img22.jpg12.03.0441.76 kB
img23.jpg12.03.0441.09 kB
img24.gif12.03.045.91 kB
img25.gif12.03.042.94 kB
img26.gif12.03.0411.66 kB
img27.gif12.03.0413.10 kB
img28.gif12.03.046.95 kB
img29.gif12.03.04928 B
img3.gif12.03.04928 B
img30.gif12.03.04923 B
img31.gif12.03.04918 B
img32.gif12.03.04864 B
img33.gif12.03.044.15 kB
img34.gif12.03.045.70 kB
img35.gif12.03.04928 B
img36.gif12.03.0416.34 kB
img37.gif12.03.0421.90 kB
img38.gif12.03.0480.74 kB
img39.gif12.03.04907 B
img4.gif12.03.04923 B
img5.gif12.03.04918 B
img6.gif12.03.04928 B
img7.jpg12.03.0460.80 kB
img8.jpg12.03.0432.17 kB
img9.jpg12.04.0415.91 kB
index.html12.05.046.11 kB
jon4.gif12.05.0412.15 kB
page10.html12.06.043.60 kB
page11.html12.06.045.72 kB
page2.html12.05.045.04 kB
page3.html12.06.0415.33 kB
page4.html12.05.0427.35 kB
page5.html12.05.0420.02 kB
page6.html12.05.047.95 kB
page7.html12.06.0424.42 kB
page8.html12.06.0413.09 kB
page9.html12.06.047.16 kB
README_DC3_BBSX.txt12.06.0412.19 kB
Understanding the S79.txt04.03.1622.37 kB
model.CS04.15.160 B
Model.cfg04.03.1628 B
S79CS_mvg.mdl04.17.164.60 MB
Panel04.15.160 B
BB_sextant.cab12.06.04149.82 kB
panel.cfg04.15.166.30 kB
rgonio_panel.bmp05.10.13241.29 kB
SM79C_MVG04.15.160 B
64004.15.160 B
79C_labels_1.bmp12.08.15487.05 kB
79CS_F18_T.bmp03.26.169.49 kB
79CS_F27_T.bmp03.26.1613.95 kB
79CS_F36_T.bmp03.26.1615.35 kB
79CS_F4_T.bmp03.26.1614.58 kB
79CS_F5_T.bmp03.26.1616.10 kB
ap_ahi_background.bmp06.12.0325.89 kB
ap_ahi_dial.bmp06.12.0314.88 kB
ap_ahi_elevator_indicator.bmp06.12.03666 B
ap_ahi_lines.bmp06.12.031.71 kB
ap_ahi_pitch_line.bmp06.12.03846 B
ap_ahi_shadow.bmp06.12.0325.92 kB
ap_ahi_window.bmp06.12.0314.96 kB
ap_cage_knob.bmp03.12.162.73 kB
ap_heading_gyro_highlight.bmp06.12.033.82 kB
ap_heading_gyro_knob.bmp06.12.031.84 kB
ap_heading_gyro_line.bmp06.12.031.22 kB
ap_heading_gyro_lower_strip.bmp06.12.037.72 kB
ap_heading_gyro_shadow.bmp06.12.033.82 kB
ap_heading_gyro_top_strip.bmp06.12.036.45 kB
ap_heading_gyro_window.bmp06.12.033.74 kB
ap_knob.bmp06.12.032.34 kB
ap_on_off_switch.bmp06.12.032.28 kB
atc_icon.bmp06.12.031.17 kB
Bakelitgeraet-HuB.bmp08.03.0339.91 kB
electrical_switch_off.bmp10.26.072.76 kB
electrical_switch_on.bmp10.26.072.73 kB
fuel_icon.bmp03.26.161.17 kB
gps_icon.bmp06.12.031.17 kB
green_on.bmp12.31.072.25 kB
K4ue_Istband.bmp07.27.0350.86 kB
K4ue_Istkursknopf.bmp07.27.032.76 kB
K4ue_Sollband.bmp07.27.0350.86 kB
K4ue_Sollkursknopf.bmp07.27.034.66 kB
kneeboard_icon.bmp06.12.031.17 kB
Kugel2.bmp07.27.032.08 kB
map_icon.bmp06.12.031.17 kB
MINZK.bmp03.28.065.97 kB
mvg_79_gears_background.bmp12.09.0790.71 kB
mvg_brk_needle.bmp12.08.078.93 kB
mvg_fuel_C2_level.bmp03.21.0810.43 kB
mvg_IAS_560.bmp10.25.1265.05 kB
mvg_IAS_560_needle.bmp10.24.124.91 kB
mvg_ita_fpress.bmp10.11.1265.05 kB
mvg_ita_incendio.bmp12.08.0790.71 kB
mvg_ita_incendio_on.bmp12.08.0790.71 kB
mvg_ita_MAP.bmp11.27.1365.05 kB
mvg_ita_needle_1.bmp10.17.125.24 kB
mvg_ita_oilpress.bmp10.11.1265.02 kB
mvg_ita_oiltemp.bmp10.11.1265.05 kB
mvg_ita_ORA.bmp07.13.09154.18 kB
mvg_ita_pbombola.bmp11.11.1190.71 kB
mvg_ita_pfreni_1.bmp11.21.0790.71 kB
mvg_ita_pfreni_2.bmp11.21.0790.71 kB
mvg_ita_RATIER.bmp11.05.1590.71 kB
mvg_ita_RATIER_needle.bmp12.09.151.93 kB
mvg_ita_rpm.bmp10.11.1265.05 kB
mvg_ita_vacuum.bmp10.12.1265.05 kB
mvg_ita_vario.bmp11.21.0765.05 kB
mvg_Marilu.bmp12.12.0746.22 kB
mvg_needle_metal2.bmp03.26.161.35 kB
pcmeneg_alt_10000.bmp10.17.1245.00 kB
pcmeneg_alt_knob.bmp03.15.082.18 kB
pcmeneg_alt_mask.bmp03.16.0834.80 kB
pcmeneg_alt_mbar.bmp03.15.0835.14 kB
pcmeneg_AP_ind.bmp03.22.146.71 kB
pcmeneg_AP_ind_on.bmp03.22.146.71 kB
pcmeneg_AP_switch_off.bmp04.06.0840.12 kB
pcmeneg_AP_switch_on.bmp04.06.0840.12 kB
pcmeneg_bakelite_sw.bmp11.08.1212.07 kB
pcmeneg_COM_AR8.bmp12.20.1549.78 kB
pcmeneg_cylinder_T.bmp12.01.0765.05 kB
pcmeneg_deviat_needle.bmp10.03.082.29 kB
pcmeneg_deviation.bmp10.03.0830.35 kB
pcmeneg_greenlight_off.bmp07.19.091.40 kB
pcmeneg_greenlight_on.bmp11.25.071.39 kB
pcmeneg_gyro_compass.bmp12.13.072.33 kB
pcmeneg_gyro_drift_knob.bmp12.13.072.49 kB
pcmeneg_inclinometer.bmp09.08.1420.99 kB
pcmeneg_inclinometer_ball.bmp03.21.08360 B
pcmeneg_kedi_AP.bmp04.06.0898.91 kB
pcmeneg_mag_compass_highlight2.bmp12.13.073.34 kB
pcmeneg_mag_compass_line2.bmp12.13.07692 B
pcmeneg_mag_compass_shadow2.bmp12.13.073.34 kB
pcmeneg_mag_compass_strip2.bmp12.13.0718.65 kB
pcmeneg_mag_compass_window2.bmp12.13.072.33 kB
pcmeneg_needle4.bmp11.25.075.24 kB
pcmeneg_needle5p.bmp03.16.083.03 kB
pcmeneg_needle5s.bmp11.02.082.54 kB
pcmeneg_radiog.bmp11.19.12116.68 kB
pcmeneg_radiog_l.bmp11.18.1211.46 kB
pcmeneg_radiog_m.bmp11.13.125.64 kB
pcmeneg_radiog_r.bmp11.13.1231.32 kB
pcmeneg_radiog_ra.bmp11.14.1219.37 kB
pcmeneg_radiog_sh.bmp11.14.126.64 kB
pcmeneg_radiog_sh0.bmp11.15.126.64 kB
pcmeneg_RG37_IRR.bmp09.26.0830.80 kB
pcmeneg_RG37_IRR_needle.bmp10.03.08652 B
pcmeneg_rgonio.bmp11.18.12101.05 kB
pcmeneg_rgonio_c.bmp11.08.129.21 kB
pcmeneg_rgonio_IRR.bmp11.19.1230.80 kB
pcmeneg_rgonio_IRR_n.bmp10.03.08652 B
pcmeneg_rgonio_n.bmp11.19.12100.13 kB
pcmeneg_rgonio_r.bmp11.08.12101.05 kB
pcmeneg_rpm_bg.bmp09.25.1410.82 kB
pcmeneg_rpm_knob.bmp09.25.1410.82 kB
pcmeneg_s_meter.bmp11.18.1232.11 kB
pcmeneg_s_meter_mask.bmp11.18.1213.98 kB
pcmeneg_s_meter_needle.bmp11.19.12780 B
pcmeneg_SM79CS_d.bmp11.26.122.94 kB
pcmeneg_SM79CS_ii.bmp11.28.125.57 kB
pcmeneg_SM79CS_io.bmp11.28.125.57 kB
pcmeneg_SM79CS_ma.bmp11.25.124.33 kB
pcmeneg_SM79CS_mast.bmp11.23.124.09 kB
pcmeneg_SM79CS_n1.bmp11.22.121.31 kB
pcmeneg_SM79CS_n2.bmp12.04.12748 B
pcmeneg_SM79CS_sel.bmp11.23.123.16 kB
pcmeneg_SM79CS_st.bmp02.15.16242.46 kB
pcmeneg_SS_att_hl.bmp03.14.0855.32 kB
pcmeneg_SS_att_hor.bmp03.14.082.82 kB
pcmeneg_SS_att_mask.bmp03.14.0870.82 kB
pcmeneg_SS_att_sh.bmp03.14.0871.82 kB
pcmeneg_SS_att_sky.bmp03.14.0871.80 kB
pcmeneg_SS_attitude.bmp12.12.0871.80 kB
pcmeneg_SS_gyro.bmp10.26.08157.30 kB
pcmeneg_SS_gyro_hl.bmp10.17.088.95 kB
pcmeneg_SS_gyro_mask.bmp10.13.088.05 kB
pcmeneg_SS_gyro_sh.bmp10.17.088.95 kB
pcmeneg_SS_gyro_strip.bmp10.13.0895.76 kB
pcmeneg_tcarb_mask.bmp10.25.1244.37 kB
pcmeneg_tcarb_needle.bmp10.28.122.16 kB
pcmeneg_tcarb_sw.bmp10.28.12127.30 kB
pcmeneg_whitelight_off.bmp07.19.091.36 kB
pcmeneg_whitelight_on.bmp07.19.091.11 kB
pcmeneg_yellowlight_off.bmp07.19.091.43 kB
pcmeneg_yellowlight_on.bmp11.27.071.39 kB
pitot_off.bmp10.01.101.32 kB
pitot_on.bmp10.01.101.39 kB
radio_icon.bmp06.12.031.17 kB
red_on.bmp12.31.072.25 kB
RGonio_icon.bmp03.26.161.17 kB
Salmoiraghi_autopilot_background.bmp03.12.1667.33 kB
SEKZK.bmp01.16.095.75 kB
SiemensK4ue_highlight.bmp12.06.0719.55 kB
SiemensK4ue_shadow.bmp12.06.0720.76 kB
SiemensK4ue_Steuerstrich.bmp07.27.0352.46 kB
starter_icon.bmp03.26.161.17 kB
STDZK.bmp03.28.064.30 kB
sw_off.bmp10.14.13864 B
sw_on.bmp10.14.13864 B
79C_labels_1.xml11.03.15114 B
79C_switch_battery_MAIN.xml05.20.14593 B
79C_switch_gen_1.xml05.20.14591 B
79C_switch_gen_2.xml05.20.14591 B
79C_switch_NAV_light.xml05.20.14598 B
79C_switch_panel_light.xml05.20.14584 B
ATC Icon.xml06.12.03215 B
Fuel Icon.xml03.26.16233 B
GPS Icon.xml06.12.03237 B
Kneeboard Icon.xml06.12.03244 B
Map Icon.xml06.12.03215 B
mvg_79_gears.xml12.31.071.97 kB
mvg_fuel_centr_4.xml03.26.16605 B
mvg_fuel_centr2_5.xml03.26.16609 B
mvg_fuel_laux_2.xml03.26.16609 B
mvg_fuel_lmain_3.xml03.26.16616 B
mvg_fuel_ltip_1.xml03.26.16609 B
mvg_fuel_raux_7.xml03.26.16611 B
mvg_fuel_rmain_6.xml03.26.16619 B
mvg_fuel_rtip_8.xml03.26.16611 B
mvg_IAS_560.xml12.08.151.49 kB
mvg_ita_fpress_1.xml10.02.12849 B
mvg_ita_fpress_2.xml10.02.12849 B
mvg_ita_fpress_3.xml10.02.12849 B
mvg_ita_incendio_1.xml12.08.07846 B
mvg_ita_incendio_2.xml12.08.07844 B
mvg_ita_incendio_3.xml12.08.07846 B
mvg_ita_MAP_1.xml10.02.12900 B
mvg_ita_MAP_2.xml10.02.12900 B
mvg_ita_MAP_3.xml10.02.12900 B
mvg_ita_oilpress_1.xml10.02.12865 B
mvg_ita_oilpress_2.xml10.02.12865 B
mvg_ita_oilpress_3.xml10.02.12865 B
mvg_ita_oiltemp_1.xml10.02.121.03 kB
mvg_ita_oiltemp_2.xml10.02.121.03 kB
mvg_ita_oiltemp_3.xml10.02.121.03 kB
mvg_ita_ORA.xml05.17.101.70 kB
mvg_ita_pfreni_1.xml12.08.07754 B
mvg_ita_pfreni_2.xml12.08.07806 B
mvg_ita_RATIER.xml11.06.15119 B
mvg_ita_RATIER_1.xml12.09.15967 B
mvg_ita_RATIER_2.xml12.09.15967 B
mvg_ita_RATIER_3.xml12.09.15965 B
mvg_ita_rpm_1.xml10.02.12882 B
mvg_ita_rpm_2.xml10.02.12882 B
mvg_ita_rpm_3.xml10.02.12882 B
mvg_ita_vacuum.xml10.15.12792 B
mvg_ita_vario.xml10.16.121.01 kB
mvg_marilu.xml12.12.07111 B
mvg_oxygen.xml12.01.15882 B
mvg_SM79CS_fuel.xml03.26.164.63 kB
pcmeneg_ADF1_id_sw.xml11.18.12541 B
pcmeneg_alt_10000.xml10.17.123.75 kB
pcmeneg_AP_ind.xml08.30.09520 B
pcmeneg_AP_switch.xml04.06.08833 B
pcmeneg_APon_light.xml11.25.07512 B
pcmeneg_COM_AR8.xml12.20.151.10 kB
pcmeneg_cylinder_T1.xml12.01.071.13 kB
pcmeneg_cylinder_T2.xml11.01.151.13 kB
pcmeneg_CZ506B_st.xml05.26.148.96 kB
pcmeneg_deviation.xml04.06.081.31 kB
pcmeneg_gear_1007.xml11.08.124.20 kB
pcmeneg_gyro_compass.xml12.13.071.26 kB
pcmeneg_gyro_drift_knob.xml12.13.07594 B
pcmeneg_inclinometer.xml01.15.15845 B
pcmeneg_mag_compass.xml12.05.131.25 kB
pcmeneg_pitot_light.xml07.31.09497 B
pcmeneg_radiog.xml11.18.124.60 kB
pcmeneg_RG37_IRR.xml10.03.08997 B
pcmeneg_rgonio.xml05.03.134.12 kB
pcmeneg_rgonio_IRR.xml11.18.12871 B
pcmeneg_rpm1.xml09.26.141.28 kB
pcmeneg_rpm2.xml12.09.151.28 kB
pcmeneg_rpm3.xml12.09.151.28 kB
pcmeneg_s_meter.xml11.19.12863 B
pcmeneg_SM79CS_st.xml02.15.168.96 kB
pcmeneg_SS_attitude.xml03.14.081.43 kB
pcmeneg_SS_gyro.xml10.17.081.54 kB
pcmeneg_tcarb_sw.xml11.08.122.95 kB
PEILG.xml10.13.142.99 kB
Radio Icon.xml06.12.03242 B
radio_compass.xml06.12.033.62 kB
RGonio Icon.xml03.26.16239 B
Salmoiraghi_autopilot.xml03.12.1610.03 kB
Siemens_K4ue_m.xml10.19.124.25 kB
Starter Icon.xml03.26.16242 B
Voltmeter_Batterie_1007.xml07.15.03786 B
Voltmeter_G1_1007.xml07.10.03786 B
Voltmeter_G2_1007.xml07.11.03787 B
SM79C_panel1.bmp12.08.15213.12 kB
SM79CS_FUEL.bmp03.26.16667.36 kB
S79CS.air01.25.086.09 kB
S79CS_ref.htm04.03.1639.58 kB
S79CS_ref.txt04.03.162.61 kB
sound04.15.160 B
cockpithatch.wav12.03.07115.34 kB
door_close.wav12.03.07344.86 kB
door_open.wav12.03.07343.41 kB
nocomb_C.wav12.03.0742.65 kB
nocomb_L.wav12.03.0745.21 kB
nocomb_R.wav12.03.0739.67 kB
pcmeneg_eng1rpm1.wav11.20.07183.42 kB
pcmeneg_eng1rpm2.wav11.20.07162.54 kB
pcmeneg_eng2rpm1.wav11.20.07172.21 kB
pcmeneg_eng2rpm2.wav11.20.07169.85 kB
pcmeneg_eng3rpm1.wav11.20.07201.30 kB
pcmeneg_eng3rpm2.wav11.20.07161.88 kB
S73_flaps.wav12.03.071008.98 kB
shutdown_C.wav12.03.07166.09 kB
shutdown_L.wav12.03.07191.33 kB
shutdown_R.wav12.03.07166.18 kB
Sound.cfg12.16.077.61 kB
starter.wav12.03.0724.37 kB
startup.wav12.04.07126.40 kB
Texture.common04.15.160 B
glass_t.dds11.08.15256.12 kB
land_light_t.bmp01.27.08154.98 kB
Pilot_RA_T.dds12.05.151.00 MB
PROP.bmp12.10.15256.05 kB
PROP_rear.dds06.30.1564.12 kB
SM79C_glass_VC.dds11.08.15256.12 kB
SM79C_Naca01_t.dds11.08.154.00 MB
SM79C_VC_01_t.dds12.05.151.00 MB
SM79C_VC_02_t.dds12.23.151.00 MB
SM79C_VC_03_t.dds11.29.151.00 MB
SM79C_VC_04_t.dds03.12.161.00 MB
texture.I-1104.15.160 B
SM79C_Fuse01_t.dds11.09.154.00 MB
SM79C_LWing_t.dds11.09.154.00 MB
SM79C_RWing_t.dds11.09.154.00 MB
texture.cfg11.08.15146 B
THUMBNAIL.jpg11.08.15299.60 kB
texture.I-1304.15.160 B
SM79C_Fuse01_t.dds11.09.154.00 MB
SM79C_LWing_t.dds11.09.154.00 MB
SM79C_RWing_t.dds11.09.154.00 MB
texture.cfg11.08.15146 B
THUMBNAIL.jpg11.08.15299.88 kB
texture.I-504.15.160 B
SM79C_Fuse01_t.dds11.09.154.00 MB
SM79C_LWing_t.dds11.09.154.00 MB
SM79C_RWing_t.dds11.09.154.00 MB
texture.cfg11.08.15146 B
thumbnail.jpg11.08.15299.61 kB
texture.I-604.15.160 B
SM79C_Fuse01_t.dds11.09.154.00 MB
SM79C_LWing_t.dds11.09.154.00 MB
SM79C_RWing_t.dds11.09.154.00 MB
texture.cfg11.08.15146 B
thumbnail.jpg11.08.15299.95 kB
texture.I-704.15.160 B
SM79C_Fuse01_t.dds11.09.154.00 MB
SM79C_LWing_t.dds11.09.154.00 MB
SM79C_RWing_t.dds11.09.154.00 MB
texture.cfg11.08.15146 B
thumbnail.jpg11.08.15298.93 kB
Aircraft.cfg04.21.1613.10 kB
model.T04.15.160 B
Model.cfg04.03.1627 B
S79T_mvg.mdl04.17.164.61 MB
Panel04.15.160 B
panel.cfg04.03.1651 B
S79T.air01.25.086.09 kB
S79T_ref.htm04.03.1640.08 kB
S79T_ref.txt04.03.162.61 kB
sound04.15.160 B
Sound.cfg04.03.1649 B
Texture.common04.15.160 B
glass_t.dds11.08.15256.12 kB
land_light_t.bmp01.27.08154.98 kB
Pilot_RA_T.dds04.04.161.00 MB
prop.bmp12.10.15256.05 kB
PROP_rear.dds06.30.1564.12 kB
SM79C_glass_VC.dds11.08.15256.12 kB
SM79C_Naca01_t.dds11.08.154.00 MB
SM79C_VC_01_t.dds12.05.151.00 MB
SM79C_VC_02_t.dds12.23.151.00 MB
SM79C_VC_03_t.dds11.29.151.00 MB
SM79C_VC_04TR_t.dds04.15.161.00 MB
texture.I-ALAN04.15.160 B
SM79C_Fuse01_t.dds04.09.164.00 MB
SM79C_LWing_t.dds04.04.164.00 MB
SM79C_Naca01_t.dds04.15.164.00 MB
SM79C_RWing_t.dds04.04.164.00 MB
texture.cfg11.08.15146 B
THUMBNAIL.jpg04.04.16290.37 kB
texture.I-BISE04.15.160 B
SM79C_Fuse01_t.dds11.09.154.00 MB
SM79C_LWing_t.dds11.09.154.00 MB
SM79C_RWing_t.dds11.09.154.00 MB
texture.cfg11.08.15146 B
THUMBNAIL.jpg11.08.15286.19 kB
texture.I-BRUN04.15.160 B
SM79C_Fuse01_t.dds11.09.154.00 MB
SM79C_LWing_t.dds11.09.154.00 MB
SM79C_RWing_t.dds11.09.154.00 MB
texture.cfg11.08.15146 B
THUMBNAIL.jpg11.08.15287.33 kB
texture.I-MONI04.15.160 B
SM79C_Fuse01_t.dds11.09.154.00 MB
SM79C_LWing_t.dds11.09.154.00 MB
SM79C_RWing_t.dds11.09.154.00 MB
texture.cfg11.08.15146 B
THUMBNAIL.jpg11.08.15286.19 kB
I-11_1.jpg04.09.16311.98 kB
I-11_2.jpg04.09.16377.43 kB
I-11_3.jpg04.09.16727.64 kB
I-11_4.jpg04.09.16531.49 kB
I-11_5.jpg04.09.16460.10 kB
I-11_6.jpg04.09.16166.23 kB
I-11_7.jpg04.09.16166.56 kB
I-12_1.jpg04.09.16306.02 kB
I-13_1.jpg04.09.16449.01 kB
I-5_1.jpg04.09.16762.71 kB
I-5_2.jpg04.09.16833.32 kB
I-6_1.jpg04.09.16682.82 kB
I-6_2.jpg04.09.16543.96 kB
I-6_3.jpg04.09.16582.58 kB
I-6_4.jpg04.09.16405.79 kB
I-6_5.jpg04.09.16376.26 kB
I-6_6.jpg04.09.16437.72 kB
I-7_1.jpg04.09.16613.34 kB
I-BISE_1.jpg04.09.16374.11 kB
I-BRUN_1.JPG04.09.16625.63 kB
I-BRUN_2.JPG04.09.16348.03 kB
I-BRUN_3.JPG04.09.16241.53 kB
I-BRUN_4.JPG04.09.16290.82 kB
I-BRUN_5.JPG04.09.1682.91 kB
I-BRUN_6.JPG04.09.16258.18 kB
I-BRUN_7.JPG04.09.16260.52 kB
I-MONI_1.jpg04.09.16413.42 kB
I-MONI_2.jpg04.09.16269.79 kB
I-MONI_3.jpg04.09.16275.61 kB
I-MONI_4.jpg04.09.16429.12 kB


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