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This DIY project utilizes two standard USB keyboards. Use them in your home flight simulator. I'll show you how to make these keyboards resemble the overhead panel and mode control panel of a twin-engine airliner. Specifically, the FSX default airliners: Boeing 737, CRJ700, and Airbus A321. You can also choose Plain blank panels, or basic black. You don't have to memorize keyboard commands any more, and you rarely use the mouse. Start by downloading the inexpensive video, instruction manual, and print-out sheets. The video shows you every step in the construction process. Print the buttons and panels from the print-out sheets, attach them to poster board and the keyboards. We include instructions for re-assigning the keyboard commands Take off today with your new Airliner Keyboard Modification from DIY Flight Sims.

For fans of flight simulation that feels different, then this DIY airliner keyboard mod is just what you want to pick up. It adds yet another layer of realism and variety to your simulation, whilst making sure that you get full functionality, performance and enjoyment.

This makes use of two standard USB keyboards and transforms them to ensure that you get something akin to the real overhead panels and mode control panels of a twin-engine airliner. It’s the little things that make all the difference in a simulation and, with this mod, you can see the difference better than ever.

With the fact that this removes mouse usage almost entirely, you should find it easier than ever to command and control your simulation using the keyboards. All you need to do is pick up the product, wait for it to arrive, and enjoy!

The depth and style of this add-on is so useful to have, it should make your overall flight management a lot easier than it has been! 

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