FSMetar 1.02 Update Released

Now available from developer Ivan Alvarez is FSMetar, v1.02, a utility that allows flightsimmers to use live METAR weather downloaded from the Internet. The update includes a number of new features. For details, click on Read More.

Freeware FSMetar 1.0.2 released with some updates reported by users:

  • Added Proxy User/Password Options.
  • "DZ" Metar Support.
  • Added most important New Zealand Stations.
  • Check for Bad preasures in Metar Reports.
  • Solved some Language bugs.
  • Solved NOOA Metars download Error.

FSMetar is a simple but full-functioned weather application for virtual pilots. To use it, you will need Flight Simulator installed along with FSUIPC version 2.95 or higher, and a standard METAR file.

Screenshot from FSMetar.

Screenshot from FSMetar.

The FSMetar program enhances the Flight Simulator experience by allowing you to download real weather events, or to stream live weather updates for your virtual flight plan. METAR weather reports come from weather towers and airports, and are traditionally used by pilots and meteorologists, but with FSMetar you can use the real-time data to make your simulated flight more fun and realistic! Weather information (METAR) can be downloaded through IVAO (International Virtual Aviation Organization), VATSIM (Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network), and NOOA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Networks.

FSMetar works with Flight Simulator and checks the current in-game position of your simulated aircraft, then compares the plane’s position with the locations of real-world weather towers and calculates which towers are nearest. FSMetar then updates your in-game flight with real world weather data from the towers nearest your simulated airplane. In addition to changing your flight experience with actual wind speeds, temperatures, and cloud conditions, it will alter the rendered clouds in game, making your flight more visually realistic.

FSMetar is also able to use stored or downloaded data for offline functionality without an active internet connection. The 1.0.2 update to FSMetar fixes some bugs from previous versions, adds support for DS METAR, adds support for weather stations in New Zealand, and adds proxy user and password options. FSMetar is IVAO Approved software. 18 different language translations are available for download, including Turkish, Catalan, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Galician, Norwegian, German, Greek, and English. FSMetar is free software written and published by Ian Alvarez, which uses free weather updates available from several sources to improve your Flight Simulator game experience.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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