REX 4 Hotfix 2 Update Released

This latest release is for fans of REX4 – you’ll be delighted to know that the creators of REX Software, Rex Simulations, have released another hotfix patch to correct errors and alter previous mistakes. The last hotfix done a huge amount to fix some minor problems with the original release, and this latest update goes a stage further.

By correcting some issues that have been a constant issue for some users whilst also improving and updating performance, the REX4 Hotfix 2 addition should be a welcome sight for any regular users.

Interested in getting it? Read more below.

Soft Clouds demo

What Does The REX 4 Hotfix 2 Do?

This latest update introduces a range of features for Texture Direct, Texture software with Soft Clouds and, of course, Soft Clouds itself. These changes include some improvements and alterations to the way that the software was being used in the first place. These latest updates with the Hotfix include;

  • A new user-controlled cloud resizing algorithm process. For users who want to be advanced and take control, as well as for those who enjoy pinpoint precision and taking it to the very core of realism. This is a must-have new feature for advanced users with experience of changing algorithms. You can make sure that the results are exactly what you were looking for, creating an interesting and unique range of settings to enjoy.

  • A new automated user cloud size backup to ensure that there is never any problems with the settings that you choose. Gone too far with your creations and ideas? Don’t worry, you can turn to this and get the best results! The perfect solution for anyone who has made a mass of their original editing efforts and wants to revert to a steady backup setting. This also lets you have backup of your favorite settings so that you don’t lose them should you stray far from the perfect formula for you.

  • A new default cloud size restore function, for the same reasons. If you have made a mess of what you wanted to create and wish to revert to normal you just need to use this simple system. This makes a huge difference and lets you thoroughly enjoy a much easier way to modify REX.

With these features, you can easily start to make serious changes to the way that you utilize REX for your own enjoyment as well as to improve on your creations for reality. This will make a major difference to your overall usage of the system so if you want to start making serious moves forward with your REX add-on, you simply need to download this update.

How Do I Update My REX4?

To update any of the above, you simply need to start either of the REX products above. Once started they should prompt you for an automatic update – if it does not, simply hi the “Check for Updates” prompt on the REX menu.

This will then prompt the installation to go looking for the update for you. If you need any more help about using REX4 or modifying it with the hotfix, check the official site out here.

Alternatively, check out our forums for more information about how to manage the REX4 Hotfix 2 update, or how to use the new features.

The vast majority of REX4 downloads – including those above – now come with the addition of the new features included with in the hotfixes.

Texture Direct screenshot

What Does REX Soft Clouds Include?

  • 512 new cloud textures for your enjoyment, all compiled into 16 new sets which carry their own unique look and composition for easy usage.

  • Better lightning representation to improve the realism, along with rapid and easy to use changes to ensure the weather looks as you had originally intended.

  • Easy and simple to install, making it the perfect addition to improve the old and outdated cloud textures included within the vanilla flight simulations being used today.

  • Auto-start feature for easy and rapid usage.

  • Unique cloud structures along with authentic cloud structures such As Cumulus and Stratus clouds including many more for the ultimate dose of realism. Easy to switch between your own structures, too!

  • REX makes use of DX9 and DX10 as well as having D11 introduction to make sure that it looks as seamless and smooth as it can.

  • HDR options included if you are using P3D v2 giving you an unrivaled level of authenticity.

  • Easy to use and modify to your own needs and requirements in the simulator.

  • Built-in update features for easy utilization of fresh updates.

  • Fully usage within network games and online so you never have to deviate from the realism this produces.

Video Demonstration of REX Soft Clouds

What does REX Texture Direct Include?

  • A revolutionized attempt at providing textures within the simulator, using an intelligent and synced texture engine to make sure that this works hand-in-hand with other REX mods.

  • Enhanced algorithms to make sure that the reclaims and authenticity of every section of the world affected is changed, improved and worked upon to maximize its qualities.

  • Powerful new theme protocols are included to make sure you can change and share texture sets with other users for maximum configuration controls.

  • Loaded with in-app system notifications so that you never miss anything important!

  • Unique cloud base structures are included to offer a fresh and engaging look on the clouds.

  • A rating system for all shared themed, too, so that you can let other network users know what you think of the shared items.

  • Magnificent changes to everything from taxiways to skies – this mod does what it can to more or less reframe the entire world in front of you.

  • Fantastic change to ambient effects such as ground rain effects, Jetway marks and even the way that the shadows work. This revamps the entire graphical output of your simulator and makes something which looks truly outstanding come to life and shine.

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