SceneryTech Europe Landclass Updated

Following the recent North America Landclass update which resolved virtually all of the issues reported since launch, SceneryTech's Europe Landclass has just undergone the same treatment.

In addition to standard fixes to the landclass based on user feedback, the urban data has been upscaled to be on par with the very accurate data found in the North America Landclass product, ensuring that every town on the continent bigger than 1 square kilometer will be visible.

Although SceneryTech has lay dormant since 2009, this latest update helps to add a layer of respectability to what was missing. This is a package well worth having if you spend much time flying around Europe. By upgrading and changing the way that the whole continent looks, SceneryTech adds a whole new look and precision to the continent itself.

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The latest version of the mod, version 1.1, helped to improve the overall activity with a new and improved retail edition. With this, you will find that useful updates have been included, such as:

  • Urban landclasses have had their populations spiked over the barren previous they once portrayed.
  • New urban data has been shifted to make it more than 1km to the southeast, much more like where it should be.
  • Farmland has been increased in place of forestry in Saanen, Switzerland, helping to make it much more authentic looking.
  • Rock summit elevations have also been reduced in this part of Switzerland.
  • New denser forests have been developed and used in Noordoostpolder, Holland. This has also seen the introduction of new and fresh farmland.
  • Chios, Greece, can also benefit from a new wave of effective and authentic shrubbery. This carries off that effortless, barren look the region is known for.
  • Southern Sweden has seen new and improved forest density to help match its real-life counterpart.
  • New rock summit elevations in northern parts of Norway have been added, too, for extra variety.

This was the first – and last – update that helped to further improve the original 1.0 release. If you use(d) this landclass mod, then you might get a lot out of picking up the update. However, please make sure you get your update from the same location that you purchased the original. It’s the only way that you can get the update legitimately.

As SceneryTech have now gone our of business, you may be interested in our freeware scenery for FSX - more information here.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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