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SceneryTech North America Landclass Updated (FSX)

Last updated Tue, 01 Mar 2016 13:50:02 GMT
Originally posted on Mon, 16 Jun 2008 17:07:01 GMT

In their ongoing effort to polish their scenery products as much possible, SceneryTech has once again revisited their North America Landclass and updated it to version 1.4. This version focuses on addressing anomalies with the urban layer that were caused by gaps and errors in the source data, while also improving the natural layer in the areas of California and Eastern Canada.  This scenery is for Flight Simulator X.

As a team that regularly update their selections to improve new features and add in modern innovations, SceneryTech have become a huge part of the simulation community. One of the major benefits of this system, though, has been the magnificent level of change attributed to the way that the scenery will operate and work moving forward. No longer just a flat image that does its best to fill in the world around you, SceneryTech packages go that extra step further in making sure that in the quest for the utmost realism, nothing is left behind to achieve that aim.

The group have release various updates and changes for their scenery packages over the years, making sure that you can easily adjust and grow to enjoy their style. This particular package, though, has been changed magnificently over the years to ensure it perfectly encapsulates the easiest way to move forward and have some fun together.


Although things have been typically quite quiet on the news front from SceneryTech, new changes and improvements to various functions they have released make it easier than ever to follow with the latest protocols. The group have become excellent at creating attractive and authentic designs that do their best to fill in key landmarks and specific features in relation to the area they have been built in.

One of the major improvements of this section, then, has been the major adjustments to minor parts of North America. Whilst all of the main sections you would hope to have been managed and improved have been covered in impressive detail, SceneryTech have done a great job of capturing the whole region in the utmost quality and attention to precision. Everything that has been included has been built to fit with the scale of reality as much as the depth and precision of the region, helping it all fit together and look exceptional.

This helps the whole thing come together and feel the part – everything that you do is built around capturing a clearer idea of what you might expect from this continent. Nothing has been left behind in the pursuit of quality and precision, ensuring that even the minor little sections of North American cities and areas that you fly over have been improved and updated to really carry that depth of authenticity and realism.

For anyone who needs the world to be perfectly created and featured in their simulation experiences, this might just be the perfect place to get started. Everything you could possibly need to make North America rise up from the realms of mediocrity into its own unique and proud state has been included. Together, this brings everything together to really sell the region to you in the best level of quality possible. 

More information can be found at SceneryTech's web site,

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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