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A New Version of Netherlands 2000 Is Now Available

Posted on Sat, 27 Oct 2012 23:00:00 GMT

An updated version of Netherlands 2000 for FSX (NL2000), a scenery add-on for all of the Netherlands, is now available.

NL2000 scenery.

Scenery Design Team, the creators of the add-on, has announced that this new update (v4.03) brings many big and small changes to the add-on. In this update, the military airfields’ ground scenery is significantly improved and features several new details.

Scenery Design Team has added new buildings on specific locations such as Westkapelle and Groningen. More features such as farms, churches and stables have been added in the areas in close proximity to airfields – this means there is so much more for you to enjoy as you approach the airfields.

The earlier version of the add-on had some bugs, and these have been fixed – now you can see the generic buildings around EHGR, EHHO, and other airports.


  • The add-on now includes autogen trees, and expanded autogen provinces
  • All airfields merge nicely with autogen  and  trees in the surrounding area
  • Wind farms throughout the Netherlands are now included
  • Additional features and buildings have been included, namely silos, chimneys, farm buildings, etc

Additions and Improvements to Airfields:

  • EHEH – ground surface improvements and staff added
  • EHHO – a bug fixed, you can now see buildings around the airfield
  • EHAX – a new airfield added
  • EHDL – staff on the ground added
  • EHGG – platform buildings added around the airfield
  • EHSE – the environment has been expanded, with more buildings
  • EHGR – ground staff added
  • EHLW – improvements on property, improved surface, ground staff, more features surrounding the airfield added
  • EHST – taxiway added, area surrounding the airfield expanded
  • EHRD – area surrounding airfield expanded
  • EHSB – ground staff added, centerline width and surface improvements, ground staff added
  • HMZ – several changes in the airfield and surrounding area
  • EHOW – a variety of improvements on the platform, and buildings around the airfield added
  • EHTW_active – ground staff added, additional buildings added
  • EHVK – property improvements, ground staff added EHSB80 – property improvements,  ground staff added, extra AI traffic added
  • EHTE – generic buildings added, surrounding area expanded
  • EHWO – several improvements, ground staff added
  • EHBK – generic buildings expanded
  • EHAM – buildings in cities surrounding the airfield added

Other upgrades include:

  • Several new buildings added to Eemshave
  • The port of Lauwersoog has been expanded
  • Shipyards added on the Winschoterdiep
  • New buildings added in Groningen city

The new and improved Netherlands 2000 will certainly make your flight experience much more real.

The NL2000 downloads will be featured in our FSX scenery section shortly.

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