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Exclusive Live Preview of Flight Sim World by DTG (VIDEO)

Last updated Sun, 26 May 2019 15:47:05 GMT
Originally posted on Mon, 15 May 2017 19:32:24 GMT

Having been the talk of the community for some time, Flight Sim World has been getting a lot of hype. New footage has been released recently courtesy of Jordan King, a regular in the flight simulation community. He’s been lucky enough to get the opportunity to showcase some of the best features that Flight Sim World is going to be bringing to the party. Dubbed a “Next Gen Flight Simulator” it’s easy to see from the video just how much promise exists around this new release.

Between Dovetail Games’ upcoming release and X-Plane 11, it feels like both quality and quantity are arriving on the scene. As ever, the community has been pretty excited about the sneak peek from Mr. King. Showcasing a significant amount of the new features as well as giving us a good view of the aesthetic improvements, this seems to have made a real mark across the board.

Light Aircraft in FSW.
Light Aircraft in FSW.

Inspired By The Fans

Immediately, we can see that many of the visual improvements – not least the stunning rain effects – have come from long-term fan complaints. The world looks far less flat, and there is a much greater character about the whole environment from the off. With plenty of heated debate about the pros and cons of taking the next technological step, the incredible visual strength of Flight Sim World – as shown in the video – is a pretty strong argument for moving forward.

The smoothness of animation, as well as the overall depth of the visuals, is something that stands out more or less instantly, too. In this sneak peek, you can see that the detail of the world – from the realism of rain drops to the overall detail in the basic countryside – is outstanding. Compare and contrast with the original level of detail from the previous generation of simulators, and it’s absolutely outstanding.

Since Dovetail is taking over a fervent community with more than a few concerns, there’s a lot of improvements expected across the board. Although this is only an early access model, we can already see that lots of the additions asked for in the past by sections of the community are included. What’s still to be seen and added as time goes on is going to be very interesting. It should go a long way to determining how well the new release is accepted by the community as a whole.

Some features, like the new ATC voice feedback, are still in clear early development, it’s nice to see modernized improvements. Interesting limitations in the settings that King notices are sure to be improved in the future, but the limitations might make it hard to get those with lower-end machines involved right away.

VIDEO: Watch The Exclusive Preview Video

Fresh and Improved

With the new menu for selecting missions offering a breath of fresh air, and some rather cool pilot-based lingo being used, it’s clear that Flight Sim World will be much easier to use for typical gamers. Also, the simplified and much easier to navigate layout and UI should be a treat for newbies to the series, given it’s much more at home than the rather dated interfaces many other simulators are running with.

Seven aircraft are included in the release at present, which is sure to increase as time goes on. It’s easy to modify things such as payloads on the aircraft. Then, you can also adjust the weather which is far more advanced than it has been at the default level in any simulator in the past. From major and heavy thunderstorms to winter flight, this can offer a much greater level of control over the challenges in the flight.

There’s more to come on that front, too, which is very interesting. With many features grayed regarding weather and the world you’ll be flying in, there’s already a huge amount of customization that simply has not existed before at launch.

Josh goes through a lot of impressive detail and review about each of the aircraft already in the project, which can give you some inspiration for what you’ll be trying out first. He praises the realism and the accuracy of the simulator to a point, especially at such an early stage, which can only be a good thing as the development of the simulation comes.

Be sure to watch the video for yourself above and see what you think! There’s a lot of interesting points made, and it’s very exciting to see what Flight Sim World is introducing to the market, especially given the advances in visual potential. The release for Early Access comes on the 18th of May! 

Flight Sim World has now been discontinued, you can read the announcement here.

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