Japan Wow Vol. 1 Scenery for FSX/P3D by SamScene Released

As we all know, the importance of realism in flight simulation should never be denied. When we use a simulator, it’s supposed to be an authentic take on the world that we inhabit. However, for many people, pertinent and prominent nations get left behind. Japan, for example, holds nothing like the same level of authenticity that it should.

This first volume of Japan Wow, though, offers a telling and lasting solution to this problem.

Japan WOW scenery.
Japan WOW scenery.

Transforming Japan

With two major Japanese cities, Sapporo and Hakodate, included, this looks absolutely exceptional. With customized buildings like shopping malls and towers all across the city centers, this adds such a nice touch to the simulator. If you are sick of flying over Japan and seeing nowhere near enough detail down below, this can be a fine antidote to this problem. Add in the fact that it has Japanese-style autogen now included, too, and everything looks far more as it should.

Authenticity matters in the world of simulation – this helps to add some much-needed realism to Japan. The autogen items have been designed with Japanese landscape and architecture in mind, ensuring that the whole area looks and feels as close to the real thing as it should.

Downtown buildings.
Downtown buildings.

Greater Depth, Faster Performance

You also get photorealistic ground textures that follow the seasons. Now, the cities listed above will look far different if you choose to arrive in the summer versus the winter. While previously the landscape barely altered regardless of when you arrived, this offers a simple and easy way to enjoy greater depth and more impressive detail than ever before

Worried about performance dipping through the floor? Fear not. Despite the wholesale changes being made across both cities, frame rates will barely budget. Even medium-grade hardware should be able to handle this add-on, no problem.

Thanks to this mod, then, you can enjoy a far more comfortable and enjoyable experience. New textures, accuracy in layout and the add-ons throughout the city all contribute to a much-improved image. If you feel like such detail is sorely lacking, download this. It will help to add a touch of vitality and energy to the whole process, ensuring you are left with a far more impressive and detailed way of enjoying Japan.

For nationals, tourists and enthusiasts alike, this makes two major parts of Japan look outstanding – with more volumes to come.

More information over at the SamScene website here.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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