CRJ Series Pack for FSX/P3D Released by Virtualcol

As the latest release from Virtualcol, this CRJ Series brings to life a massive selection of liveries. Given this is the most recent release from the team and has been in the making for some time, this offers a significant selection of new liveries to get used to and enjoy flying around in.

It’s a huge collection that brings into the simulator new designs for the 200, 700, 900 and 100 Series CRJ aircraft. Not only is this package deeply reflective of the real-life liveries, but each has been built following the authentic example that the reference puts down. With airlines from all across the world and an easy to work with paint kit add-on, too, this gives a huge collection of different liveries to get used to seeing.

SkyWest CRJ in flight.
SkyWest CRJ in flight.

This has been safely designed to help make sure that performance need not be inhibited, either. Each design carries a high-resolution finish without being damaging to performance. Using this, you can easily get into the skies with each livery and enjoy a detailed finish that looks great.

Also, Original Jet Sounds audio packages were added so that the aircraft models themselves sound and look as equally authentic. With a newly added and functional virtual cockpit, too, this makes sure you get a take on this aircraft that’s easy to command and pays attention to historical details.

Fresh New Models

All four of the aircraft in the series are delivered in this package. Each model brings to life a really impressive take on the model it is based on. Each model comes with a fine scaling in terms of how it looks compared to the ‘real thing’ while also making sure it has ample space for all the help that you need.

The 3D virtual cockpit.
The 3D virtual cockpit.

The models are made to carry a fresh and honest look that carefully details itself on the original model. If you are looking for a way to enjoy everything that the CRJ series of aircraft brings to the table, all four models can potentially help you do just that.

Also, each model brings a 2D panel that can be used with relative ease. While it may not be quite as detailed as a 3D panel could be, it still offers a cool and comfortable way to deal with the cockpit. If you find your flights hard to manage without a good panel, this offers an alternative.

The panels and original gauges are all based on the proper scale, shape, and operation that you would expect. This makes a big change to the way that the aircraft themselves will be managed. The collection of new features helps to ensure that both presentation and operation can feel fair.

A New Atmosphere, Too

Also, the design team has done a fine job of adding in an atmosphere to the whole aircraft. Ground service animations play out following authentic protocol. This ensures that you get a really impressive looking atmosphere around the aircraft.

Air France HOP! CRJ in flight.
Air France HOP! CRJ in flight.

Thanks to this, you get a really impressive take on the overall working of the aircraft itself. The new Original Jet Soundset does a great job of playing on this, too. A fine choice for those who want a more authentic atmosphere both inside and outside the cockpit for the CRJ series.

Combined with the large collection of repaints, this helps to create a really authentic atmosphere around the aircraft. Give yourself a more in-depth look at the CRJ series and how they can look. For those who want a more exhausting performance from their simulators, this feature-heavy, frame rate-lite opportunity may be worth investigating further.

You can pick up your copy of this aircraft package over at SimShack here. If you're after freeware, we have an awesome CRJ 200 package for FSX in the file library here.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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