Milviz Update North American F-86F-30 Sabre for FSX/P3D

Should you be interested in hopping into the cockpit of an F-86F Sabre, you can easily do so courtesy of Milviz. The team has created a new version of the Sabre, helping to mimic the old need for constant innovation. The aircraft itself had to keep evolving to maintain a pedigree in the air, and this latest rendition helps to show how the F-86F changed.

Nefariously dubbed the ‘MiG Killer’ the F-86F Sabre was a large-scale production that served a major role in turning the tide of battle. It was an antithesis to the MiG and became a specialist in countering MiG onslaught. The addition provided here is improved further than before; with extra spaces near the fuselage and extra-large wings.

F-86F Sabre on ramp.
F-86F Sabre on ramp.

Capable of bypassing its ‘target’ in battle with capabilities of hitting 52,000ft, you’ll get to see why the MiG became so wary of entering battle with its very opposite.

Key Features

  • Excellent attention to detail on both visuals and performance.
  • Historical information utilized for a more authentic, engaging take.
  • Better lighting and systems management to pose a new challenge.
  • High quality sounds to add to the atmosphere as you fly.
  • Full and detailed manual to capture every needed feature.
  • Integration with various add-ons, extras and flight simulators for wider enjoyment.
  • Suitable for beginners and experts for a personalized flight.

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Perfect for All Kinds

The Milviz take on this ensures that you have as much or as little control as you need/want in setup. If you would rather just hop in and play around with the aircraft, you can. If you want to mess around with every part of payload selection and equipment usage, you can. This is a good choice for those with medium-quality machines that may find problems with loading times/performance due to the additions.


This means that whether you are looking for total customization or just a test-drive, you can do so. The learning curve exists within the aircraft, but those who are familiar with the Sabre can carry on without excessive modification and adjustments.

For more advanced users, you can easily utilize the MVAMS Integration, should you use the innovative Milviz add-on. It works in perfect conjunction with this, so those who are used to this integration can easily add it in. Now you can ensure that you never miss another update or improvement in the future.

Also, this works totally fine on FSX: Acceleration and FSX: Steam Edition, along with P3D versions 2, 3 and 4. Whatever your desires or simulator, you will be able to hop into the Sabre and take off.

Attention to Detail

Another key change has been the addition of a more authentic array of details in terms of dynamics and performance. Closer detail has gone into ensuring the aircraft is ‘realer’ than ever. By drawing on reports and all detail available, this can provide as close an insight into the Sabre cockpit as you will presently find in a simulation.

On ramp.
On ramp.

With the addition of new quality texturing to ensure it closely resembles the real thing, and this can create a compelling new opportunity for the Sabre. High definition texturing and a true to form model helps to maximize the visual appeal as you fly.

With 18 available liveries, too, this carries a very impressive array of details across each one. From The Huff, the aircraft of Lt. James Thompson of the 1st Fighter-Interceptor Wing, to the works of Gunnar von Meeren, and you have a very impressively detailed aircraft.

If you use the TacPack mod, you utilize the TacPack Edition for improved performance. This allows you to sample in stunning detail the wonderful ordinance of the F-86F. It’s got an array of rockets and bombs to fire off, granting you, even more, control of the aircraft capabilities.

Hopefully, we'll see Milviz products on SimShack soon. In the meantime, check out our amazing freeware of this aircraft over in the file library here.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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