Milviz Release F-100D Super Sabre For FSX/P3D

The F-100D Super Sabre, as a piece of aviation history, has long been seen as one of the most impressive military creations of its era. Incredible fast and exceptionally powerful, this take by Milviz offers a refreshing take on this exceptional piece of military hardware.

Not only does this model bring to life the shape and style of the real F-100D Super Sabre itself, but it emulates many simulation features that, put simply, we rarely – if ever – see come to life.

Super Sabre in flight.
Super Sabre in flight.

From authentic and new textures to gravity-defined weapon caches, this offers many of the features that simulation fans would expect to see. It’s a deep and well-thought out recreation of a very important part of modern military aviation history.

Key Features

  • An authentic take on the flight model itself, bringing it to life in some style.
  • Authentic takes on configuration and management, as well as extensive systems management.
  • Weapons modeling that takes gravity into consideration.
  • AoA buffeting and compressor stall effects.
  • Drag chutes with customized drag modeling included.
  • High-definition textures for both internal and external parts of the model, with bump and specular mapping.
  • Ten liveries of incredible detail, all based on real aircraft models and designs.
  • Make your own paint livery using the paint kit solution.
  • Sophisticated, authentic cockpit lighting adds to visibility and ease of control.
  • Simple start-up scenarios or realistic cold/dark start-ups for all preferences.
  • Easy to follow user manual should you need any assistance when flying the aircraft.

Highly detailed reflective metal textures.
Highly detailed reflective metal textures.

A New Take

One of the most important parts of this model is the fact that it offers such a new way to experience the F-100D Super Sabre. Not only has huge work gone into creating the overall cockpit experience, but every feature within the cockpit that could work does. A lot of modeling work has gone into getting the scale, shape, and style of the aircraft down. Small details are included on both the interior and exterior that brings the model itself to life.

Fully functional and with a huge amount of detail in the cockpit, too, simmers can enjoy having a lot of power at their fingertips. With plenty of operable features that would normally be disabled, this offers a really refreshing take on military aviation. All systems are go, so to speak, as the model itself offers you access to military systems that usually would be left aside in a simulator.

New customized 3D gauges allow you to keep an eye on important facts and features about your flight, too. Keep an eye on every feature and factor of your aircraft with a much more extensive lift of aircraft controls.

Add in the fact that it has new and improved lighting into the cockpit, too, and you can easily see where you are going. From a sunrise escape to a dawn detail, you’ll find it easier to see where you are going with lighting that equalizes the ease of flying during the day or night.

?Detailed 3D virtual cockpit based on the original aircraft.
Detailed 3D virtual cockpit based on the original aircraft.

Built with Knowledge

Everything that is included in this rendition of the F-100D Super Sabre is built with over 3,800 hours of creativity. This is a project that was created with the help of four veteran fighter pilots, too, helping add real-world context in the way that every part of this aircraft works. This makes sure that it has the energy and power that you would expect from such a high-end military aircraft experience.

With the help of the model work and the real-life circumstances, this adapts to, this can feel like a far more in-depth aviation experience for you to enjoy.

This also includes the new Milviz Aircraft Management System – or MVAMS. This provides you with a second application that runs in the background and offers a much greater addition to the functions, features, and improvements that your simulation will allow. From improving the old startup options to updating display settings and even the weapons load, this allows you to really make your F-100D Super Sabre fly the way that you originally intended.

VIDEO: Official Milviz Promo

It even has more control and fluidity over keyboard and joystick mappings, meaning that you can fly with freedom and confidence. When put together, this is a dynamic and engaging addition that further enhances the potential you have in your hands.

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