Lovell Field Airport (KCHA) Scenery Released for FSX/P3D

The Lovell Field Airport, better perhaps known as the Chattanooga Metropolitan, is a public airport based in Hamilton County, Tennessee. Like many airports of a regional level of importance, Lovell Field suffers from a lack of love and charisma in most flight simulators. For locals or completionists, this add-on gives you an easy way to help plaster up the local area and make it look far more like it does in real life.

Information is compiled for this mod from Google, using high-quality imagery to improve the area. Beforehand, it looked barren, flat and empty of atmosphere. This modification helps to make this part of Hamilton look a little nicer than it did until recently. Known to be accurate as of March 2017, this mod will help to make the airport feel a lot less generic and far more welcoming.

Overview of the airfield.
Overview of the airfield.

The airport itself first opened in 1928, when the first scheduled air carrier operation in the area also occurred. It became a regular stopover for flights managed by Interstate Airlines. In 1930, though, the airport itself was finally established officially and a new, unpaved runway was placed – named after John Lovell. It served as a military training outpost in the Second World War, helping to train pilots for the war effort.

In more modern times, it was expanded in the 1950s and 1960s, before a new passenger terminal was installed in 1992 and has remained there since. The airport takes in on average 150 aircraft operations per day, with around 100 aircraft based her – mostly jets and single-engine aircraft.

While by no means a major airport in the grand scheme of things, the Lovell Field has been an important part of the local area. If you would like to see a semi-important airport in the Hamilton area come to life, then this is an easy way to do so. It helps to add a spark where, by default, none exists.

FedEx cargo planes at the airfield.
FedEx cargo planes at the airfield.

Main Features

  • Fully compatible with FSX Gold and Steam Editions, as well as Prepar3D v1-4.
  • Seasonal textures help to make sure the airport can look different regardless of when you arrive. From summer to winter, it changes the whole look and atmosphere of the airport.
  • Photorealistic local terrain captures a far more impressive look than the default. Adds more vibrancy and energy to the region, helping to give it more character and look less generic.
  • New autogen is being used to help populate the area with scenery that looks more like the area in real-life.
  • Custom buildings have been made for the airport to ensure it looks closer to the real thing. All buildings in the airport have been placed as close as possible to their relocation, as per Google.
  • All investments made in this scenery package will go to the Patitas Animal Shelter.

The terminal at night.
The terminal at night.​​

Note: This is incompatible with MegaEarth Scenery; to disable this or MegaEarth, you need to change the names of the photorealistic textures for the area in the scenery folders in the respective download spots.

FSX-P3D Scenery Builders, the developer behind this scenery package do not yet have a website, however, we hope to list their products on our store, SimShack, shortly.

Also, if you want to take a look at our top-rated (free) scenery packages for FSX and P3D, do check out our lengthy article here.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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I don't see a link to purchase this mod Lovell Field Airport (KCHA) Scenery Released For FSX/P3D

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I did not see one either, what did I miss?

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I was looking for Lovell Field "KCHA" mod. It was here can't find it now. Can I do a search?

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