SimControl App for iOS to Control FSX/P3D/X-Plane Released

In a bid to keep improving and changing flight simulation, development team Azure Computing has a new mobile sim app available. SimControl is a multi-purpose solution that makes creating training scenarios that are worthwhile easier than ever before. Android users, sadly, will need to wait; at present, this is only available on the Apple Store for iPad devices. This is a must-have for those who are looking to manage flight simulation controls and organization more than ever.

Florida-based firm Azure has created a useful enhancement for those who are looking to get more from their simulation experience overall. By helping to offer something that no other mobile flight sim app can, SimControl makes it easier than ever to be in control of your simulation.

Screenshot using the SimControl app.
Screenshot using the SimControl app.

Now, you are able to easily re-position aircraft to implement hardware fails and change the weather. This makes it easy to put on bespoke training programs and to test your mettle in moments of crisis. If you find it too had to make these circumstances apparent during a flight, SimControl makes taking control easy.

It ensures that you have total control over the scenario, allowing you to adjust every aspect of your flight simulation experience. By adding extra challenge as well as getting rid of navigational nightmares that hampers simulation, this authenticates the entire flight simulation experience.

No more distractions or navigational journeys that take longer than the flight. SimContol not only gives you total command; it allows you to make major changes on demand.

You can leave behind the frustration of having to suspend your flight to change airports, the weather or force failures. You can even change aircraft and/or liveries mid-flight. By simply using a synced tablet, you have more control than ever before. Total control has never been so available in simulation!

The Finest Training Archive

Another major part of using SimControl is the propensity to up your training intensity. It makes it easier than ever to put together comprehensive training scenarios of your choice. With an instant change to just about everything, you can set up a course to try and overcome. From trying to stop a crash in daring conditions to practicing landing procedures from short distances, you can do everything you desire.

If you want to push yourself to new limits and see how you could improve as a pilot, this makes that easy. The sheer volume of options allows for easier, more methodical training that provides results. Trying to recreate the same scenario 10 times in a row is nearly impossible normally. This makes it far easier to try and perfect certain limitations in your aviation skills to become a better pilot.

Vertical profile. Airport selection Pushback services

What Can You Do?

  • Easily re-position aircraft to wherever you wish via airport databases.
  • Alter aircraft and livery choices with a flick of the finger!
  • Set up totally new weather parameters with multiple layers for any challenge you wish.
  • Full access to accurate, live-time METAR weather settings to fly true to local weather.
  • NOS overlays on the map screen for simple and effective flight path tracing via IFR charts.
  • Simple and easy connection to the simulator via Wi-Fi using your tablet for fast, uninterrupted connectivity.
  • Easy management of battery re-charging and fuel top-offs with a single slap of the finger.
  • Failure pages to help set up any kind of challenge you wish, from engine damage to instrument failure.
  • Full support for FSX, P3D 2,3 and 4 and X-Plane 10 (soon to support X-Plane 11).
  • Take control of your simulator using the simple to set up features wizard using your iPad tablet.
  • Make use of free drivers to help ensure that your PC can easily pick up your Apple device wirelessly.
  • Monitor connection to ensure you are always in total control.
  • Full FAQs and guides provided on the official site for use of advanced features and systems.
  • Designed by experts who have produced high-quality training software and simulation hardware since 1987. Approved by governments and authorities across the globe for their authenticity.

If you are looking to test yourself in any scenario imaginable, SimControl makes doing so simple!

You can view more information over at the official website here.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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