CropDuster X Add-on for FSX/P3D Released by Lorby-SI

For those who are familiar with civil aviation, the Cropduster is likely a brand of aircraft you’ll know. Used to help make domestic farming life easier and quicker, these aircraft have been a part of popular culture for decades. This latest release from Lorby-SI, then, takes a new approach to the world of crop-dusting. Put into an open and dynamic world, you’ll engage in a sandbox world where you can take on various challenges.

Fully stand-alone for FSX and P3D, this mod helps to add something a little more different to your simulation experience. Today, you aren’t ferrying from airport to airport, but enjoying tranquillity, dusting some crops down!

Crop-dusting while using the add-on in FSX.
Crop-dusting while using the add-on in FSX.

You’ll be undertaking low and smooth sailing flight experiences. With new fields procedurally generated that are in need of help to fend of specific conditions, you’ll need to save the day. These will be entirely random locations, and you’ll need to fly over and utilize the right dusting agent.

This will make sure that the fields can get the fertilizer they need. You need to manage weight and volume and will have to be quick to water crops, fight off locusts and fertilize the fields quickly and easily. This is a fully online opportunity, as well, even cross-simulator!

If you would like to undertake a more enjoyable, less pressurized form of flight, this might be the place to start. It’s a challenge that differs from the likes of FireFighter X, but still poses an interesting challenge to your skills.

VIDEO: Demonstration of Multiplayer Mode

Key Features

  • High-quality 3D plants are generated randomly on fields placed at either locations of your choice, or random locations. Then, you have to go and deal with the affliction of the plants!
  • There, conditions per field will exist, with each needing a remedy produced to help get the crops back to fighting fitness. Health degrades over time, so time is of the essence here.
  • Stay low and test your skills flying low to the ground; anything over 50ft and your job becomes much harder to administer clearly!
  • Every agent wasted is time wasted; speed, accuracy, and precision to the ground is a must if you want to succeed at CropDuster X.
  • At the end, your score will determine how well you have done and what you could improve on in terms of speed, accuracy, and consistency.
  • Use any plane that you want; take the challenge on in any kind of aircraft that you have in the hanger.
  • Manage weight to be as quick as you can without losing a drop along the way. Stay close to the plan and tweak your flight to make sure you get the best score that you can.
  • Save situations and try them over and over again until you become a master at dusting crops with safety and simplicity.

Main settings window.
Main settings window.

Manage everything to the way you desire it to be. From increasing the challenge to a leisurely stroll, this leaves you in total control of what you want to deal with today. The ideal choice for fun-filled farm training and/or a change of rolls from normal aviation.

You can visit the official Lorby-SI site here for more information. Also, we expect to see the entire range of Lorby-SI products on SimShack soon. Finally, if you're after freeware missions - you can find those here too.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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