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FS Terrain Now Available

Last updated Mon, 02 Jan 2017 20:58:09 GMT
Originally posted on Sat, 28 Feb 2004 21:34:08 GMT

Just Flight has announced the release of FS Terrain, the terrain expansion add-on for FS2004 and FS2002 that uses Space Shuttle data to bright true relief to Flight Simulator. The four CD set covers all of Europe and all fifty U.S. states. For full details, click on Read More.

Just Flight's revolutionary terrain expansion for Flight Simulator 2002/2004 that uses Space Shuttle data to bring true relief to Flight Simulator - mountains will soar and valleys plunge as never before!

The four CD set covers virtually all of Europe as well as USA (including Alaska and Hawaii) bringing up to 16x more detail to the world.

The default scenery in Flight Simulator looks gorgeous but because its reference points across the Earth's surface are a whopping 1.22km apart in most places, the topography is only an approximation of real life. Many mountains and valleys are simply lost and even lowland areas don't look as they should.

Just Flight have brought much needed relief for flight simmers to this problem in the shape of FS Terrain, which uses Space Shuttle radar data to dramatically increase the default surface detail by up to 16 times with reference points between 76 and 38 metres apart!

Featureless areas are transformed; mountains soar and valleys plunge. You can really see the difference!

As Just Flight's Senior Product Manager, Alex Ford, comments, "After the success of the VFR Photographic Scenery, we had users clamouring for a similar package that would provide the same type of enhancement for the world's terrain. The default simulator scenery can look rather softened and unrealistic compared to real life due to the large distances between sampling points. This means that often you just don't get to see the mountains and hills as they should.

"While there have been a couple of previous attempts to improve things in this aspect by other publishers, we've invested time and effort to bring the best quality data in the most useable form for users.

Not only does FS Terrain provide 2.4 Gb of new terrain data, but users can switch between 4 levels of detail to best match the performance of their computer in individual areas and selectively install relevant areas. This way you can obtain the best compromise between visual quality and performance.

"The four-CD set covers practically all of Europe and the USA and offers terrific value for those looking to upgrade their Flight Simulator experience."


Detailed Coverage

FS Terrain provides data for the main area of Europe from the west of Ireland to the border areas of Russia. The data extends from North 34 to as far North as the 60th parallel and fully covers 33 countries and partially covers four more. It also includes coverage for all of the continental US, Hawaii and Alaska.

Countries fully covered:


Czech Republic
France (including Corsica)   
Italy (including Sicily and Sardinia)   
Spain (including the Balearic Islands)
United Kingdom
United States of America

Additional countries partially covered:



About Just Flight

Just Flight is the world's leading flight simulation specialist, publishing a wide range of digital aviation products. Their range spans over 50 titles, including standalone flight simulation games, add-ons for the multi-million selling Microsoft Flight Simulator and Combat Flight series and even books, videos and DVDs.

The British, Cambridge-based company has been established for over seven years. It prides itself on quality, value and customer service, which it backs up with a unique money-back guarantee on all its products. It has been recognised with nominations for 'Best of British' by the software industry and accolades from the Daily Express and Royal Mail for its successes.

Its products are used by some 150,000 known flight simulation enthusiasts in over 150 countries.

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