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X-Plane 11 Boeing 737-800/BBJ2

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737-800 in XP11 in flight.The x737project team has released a sophisticated Boeing 737-800 simulation for X-Plane 11. x737-800 is a realistic sim, bringing hundreds of aircraft systems simulated by the x737plugin.

Now version 5.5.0.

All displays, hydraulic and electrical systems as well as the auto-flight system are coded to a new level of realism.

A highly detailed cockpit, cabin, and exterior model make the feeling of realism complete. x737project is free for all X-Plane pilots and will remain free in the future.

x737project is now available as x737-700 and x737-800 for X-Plane 11 for all platforms (macOS, Windows, and Linux).

Information from PDF

For more than twelve years the x737project is one of the most popular aircraft simulations for Laminar's X-Plane software.

x737project offers a free Boeing 737NG to the community, along with hundreds of beautiful 737 liveries of airlines from all over the world.

This quick start manual describes the first steps if you plan to fly x737project. Before you begin you should be aware that x737project is not a game, it is not the simulation for some minutes of fun. v737project is the perfect simulation for all X-Plane users intending to fly seriously, with navigation experience, with knowledge about Boeing operation standards and technical skills.

Feel free to fly x737project, but always be aware that this thing must really be operated.

To achieve a maximum of realism x737project is more or less a software overriding and extending X-Plane. For this, a plugin that simulates most of the systems like automatic flight directing system, engine controller as well as the fuel and bleed systems, is shipped with x737project.

You won't get in touch with complicated installation, all is done by simply installing x737project (next chapter), x737project is working “out of the box” (which isn't a physical box of course).

x737project is a product of so many helping hands that we cannot list all contributors here.

Besides the x737project 'core', Benedikt and Pierre, or team painter Lukas Denhoff have done a huge number of liveries available from our web server, as well as the x737project version 5 default livery which is now TUI. Many painters have done great paints, our web server offers them all for free.

Many thanks to all painters and real-life pilots, home cockpit builders and beta testers and all those who have helped to make x737project such a fantastic project. 


Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4

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x737-800_xp1105.01.190 B
installation.txt06.02.17913 B
x737 ReadMe&Manual.pdf04.30.167.26 MB
x737-800_BBJ211.12.170 B
737.acf~ MB
liveries11.01.170 B
Qantas HD (VH-XZN)11.01.170 B
737_icon11.png11.01.17206.09 kB
737_icon11_thumb.png11.01.1715.05 kB
conf04.24.160 B
x737.cnf04.24.16421 B
objects04.29.160 B
engine.png04.24.162.28 MB
fin.png04.24.161.63 MB
fin_lit.png04.29.161.24 MB
fuselage.png04.24.166.34 MB
fuselage_lit.png04.29.16475.87 kB
leftwing.png04.24.16855.65 kB
maingear.png04.24.16966.35 kB
seats.png04.24.1640.48 kB
seats_lit.png04.29.1620.19 kB
stabilizer.png04.24.16517.51 kB
stabilizer_lit.png04.29.1617.83 kB
winglet.png04.24.16522.54 kB
winglet_lit.png04.29.16214.00 kB
Bare Metal BBJ212.27.170 B
737_icon11.png04.07.18234.43 kB
737_icon11_thumb.png04.07.1817.76 kB
conf05.18.100 B
x737.cnf05.18.10472 B
objects02.11.130 B
engine.png03.01.10913.81 kB
fin.png03.01.10364.54 kB
fin_lit.png02.11.13148.11 kB
fuselage.png05.08.102.40 MB
fuselage_lit.png02.11.1393.75 kB
maingear.png05.16.10932.66 kB
seats.png03.07.1032.45 kB
seats_lit.png02.11.1322.74 kB
winglet.png03.01.10158.96 kB
winglet_lit.png02.11.1371.15 kB
Boeing BBJ212.27.170 B
737_icon11.png04.07.18221.27 kB
737_icon11_thumb.png04.07.1817.41 kB
conf06.04.100 B
x737.cnf06.04.10469 B
namaui_license.txt06.04.10200 B
objects02.11.130 B
engine.png06.04.10913.81 kB
fin.png06.04.10217.74 kB
fin_lit.png02.11.13129.75 kB
fuselage.png06.04.101.69 MB
fuselage_lit.png02.11.1394.00 kB
maingear.png06.04.10904.27 kB
seats.png06.04.1017.97 kB
seats_lit.png02.11.1311.71 kB
winglet.png06.04.10158.97 kB
winglet_lit.png02.11.1371.89 kB
sounds04.07.180 B
alert04.07.180 B
1000ft.wav05.24.1120.17 kB
100ft.wav05.24.1118.01 kB
10ft.wav05.24.119.31 kB
200ft.wav05.24.1178 B
20ft.wav05.24.1110.29 kB
300ft.wav05.24.1178 B
30ft.wav05.24.119.95 kB
400ft.wav05.24.1178 B
40ft.wav05.24.1178 B
500ft.wav05.24.1120.87 kB
50ft.wav05.24.1110.21 kB
737 gear_warn_1.wav02.12.14375.70 kB
737 gear_warn_2.wav02.12.14375.70 kB
737 glid.wav05.24.1112.98 kB
737 gwrn.wav05.24.1121.73 kB
737 sink.wav05.24.1193.62 kB
737 stall.wav05.24.11411.58 kB
seatbelt.wav05.24.1185.83 kB
contact04.07.180 B
737 BOOM1.wav05.24.111.07 MB
737 land.wav05.24.1112.74 kB
737 loff.wav05.24.1138.95 kB
737 roll_ground.wav05.18.16375.70 kB
737 skid_dry.wav02.12.14375.70 kB
737 skid_wet.wav02.12.14375.70 kB
engine04.07.180 B
737 engn1.wav05.24.112.19 MB
737 engn1_inn.wav03.25.1416.77 kB
737 engn2.wav05.24.112.19 MB
737 engn2_inn.wav03.25.1416.77 kB
737 star1.wav03.25.1416.77 kB
737 star1_inn.wav03.25.1416.77 kB
737 star2.wav03.25.1416.77 kB
737 star2_inn.wav03.25.1416.77 kB
systems04.07.180 B
737 apu.wav03.25.1416.77 kB
737 avionics.wav01.07.15131.83 kB
737 click.wav03.25.1416.77 kB
737 flap.wav06.19.141.69 MB
737 gear.wav05.24.111.44 MB
737 gear_warn.wav05.24.1194.86 kB
737 stall.wav05.24.1143.61 kB
weather04.07.180 B
737 wind.wav05.18.16209.53 kB
plane.txt10.30.086.96 kB
737_icon.png02.28.16172.06 kB
737_icon11_thumb.png12.27.1712.68 kB
737_icon11.png12.27.17171.61 kB
737_paint.png05.12.102.76 kB
737.cfg06.19.143.86 kB
737.fmc10.24.1010.60 kB
B738.cfg01.14.111.41 kB
clist.txt03.10.147.42 kB
plane.jpg02.28.1649.51 kB
Airfoils01.03.180 B
737Wing2Hi.afl01.20.1624.49 kB
737Vstab2Lo.afl12.27.1524.49 kB
737HStab2Lo.afl12.27.1524.49 kB
737Wing4Hi.afl01.20.1624.49 kB
737Wing3Hi.afl01.20.1624.49 kB
737Wing1Hi.afl01.20.1624.49 kB
737VstabLo.afl12.27.1524.49 kB
737HStab1Lo.afl12.27.1524.49 kB
737Wing4Lo.afl01.20.1624.49 kB
737HStab2Hi.afl12.27.1524.49 kB
737Vstab2Hi.afl12.27.1524.49 kB
737Wing2Lo.afl01.20.1624.49 kB
737HStab1Hi.afl12.27.1524.49 kB
737VstabHi.afl12.27.1524.49 kB
737Wing1Lo.afl01.20.1624.49 kB
737Wing3Lo.afl01.20.1624.49 kB
conf05.05.160 B
x737.cnf05.05.16525 B
x737global.cnf04.13.19129 B
plugins12.30.170 B
x737plugin.xpl05.01.180 B
3205.01.180 B
mac.xpl05.01.192.34 MB
win.xpl04.28.192.40 MB
lin.xpl04.28.192.51 MB
x737textures04.15.180 B
x737apuwin.png12.25.1782.83 kB
x737fuelwin.png12.25.1778.70 kB
x737mcp.png12.17.174.74 kB
x737fuelrequest.png12.25.1727.35 kB
x737fuelstation.png12.25.1782.39 kB
x737meterwin.png04.15.19127.59 kB
x737icewin.png12.25.1732.05 kB
x737nd.png04.15.18191.93 kB
x737miscDisplays.png03.28.1836.94 kB
x737cabutilswin.png12.25.1768.43 kB
x737texture.png12.17.17108.83 kB
x737clockwin_dbl.png12.17.1749.22 kB
x737pfd.png04.07.18183.31 kB
x737isfd.png12.17.1712.54 kB
x737fonts.png12.25.1718.27 kB
x737overlay.png12.17.171.09 MB
x737engd.png12.17.17134.24 kB
x737AFCP.png04.15.1950.53 kB
x737clockwin.png12.17.1723.48 kB
6405.01.180 B
mac.xpl05.01.192.15 MB
win.xpl04.28.193.06 MB
lin.xpl04.28.193.12 MB
x737sounds04.28.180 B
x737relay_02.wav12.17.1743.35 kB
x737apdisconnect.wav12.17.1722.31 kB
x737mcpress.wav12.17.1721.69 kB
x737relay_03.wav12.17.1738.22 kB
x737relay_01.wav12.17.1761.96 kB
x737flaplever_down.wav12.17.178.17 kB
x737gearwarning.wav12.17.1786.04 kB
x737handle.wav12.17.17123.10 kB
x737radionoise.wav04.15.19921.08 kB
x737mcrelease.wav12.17.1712.83 kB
x737airflow.wav12.17.17510.57 kB
x737button_high_02r-backup1.wav04.15.199.78 kB
x737trimwheel.wav12.17.17382.84 kB
x737apdisengup.wav12.17.1728.93 kB
x737trimbrake.wav12.17.1715.23 kB
x737smallbutton.wav12.17.1728.76 kB
x737enginehigh.wav12.17.17251.62 kB
x737apdisengdown.wav12.17.1727.88 kB
x737parking_brake_release.wav12.17.1719.21 kB
x737enginecore.wav12.17.17258.44 kB
x737landing_light_sw.wav12.17.175.44 kB
x737singletonechime.wav12.17.1785.83 kB
x737button_high_02p.wav04.15.196.49 kB
x737firebell.wav12.17.17386.36 kB
x737button_high_02r.wav04.28.189.78 kB
x737smallbutton_2.wav12.17.1717.88 kB
x737button_high_01.wav11.12.1710.33 kB
x737flaplever_up.wav12.17.1729.75 kB
x737twotonechime.wav12.17.17120.29 kB
x737switch_low_01.wav12.17.1748.59 kB
737 roll_ground.wav12.17.17375.70 kB
x737spdbrkdrive.wav12.17.17107.54 kB
x737hydraulicpumps.wav12.14.17258.44 kB
x737switch_high_01.wav12.17.1717.88 kB
x737parking_brake_set.wav12.17.1725.49 kB
x737switch_high_02.wav12.17.1729.95 kB
x737engineroar.wav12.17.17794.79 kB
x737clack_low_02.wav12.17.1716.54 kB
x737apu.wav12.17.17422.93 kB
x737clack_low_03.wav12.17.1719.22 kB
x737clack_low_01.wav12.17.1716.53 kB
x737intmwarning.wav12.17.1751.72 kB
x737grdcall.wav12.17.175.34 kB
x737engn_inn.wav04.15.19481.71 kB
mac.xpl05.01.192.15 MB
win.xpl04.28.193.06 MB
lin.xpl04.28.192.51 MB
737.acf04.25.191.10 MB
objects04.07.190 B
stabilizer.obj05.20.15363.17 kB
leftwinglet.obj09.09.17520.84 kB
cargo_comp.obj01.31.161.27 MB
winglet.obj04.23.1745.89 kB
newcabin_ms.png06.29.123.18 MB
lights-800.png01.06.1012.09 kB
engine.png12.24.1516.00 MB
cockpitdoor.obj04.17.16581.35 kB
seats-800_LIT.png03.29.1789.73 kB
maingear.obj04.24.163.80 MB
seats-800.obj12.04.179.96 MB
shell.png03.24.195.44 MB
rightwing-800_LIT.png03.29.1718.15 kB
cockpitdoor.png04.17.163.57 MB
pedestral_LIT.png05.15.161.90 MB
nosegear_LIT.png05.10.1066.05 kB
maingear.png05.13.101.08 MB
shell.obj04.04.195.03 MB
seats-800.png02.18.17166.86 kB
cargo_comp.png01.28.16751.97 kB
737_cockpit.obj03.31.191.60 MB
winglet.png03.15.16302.17 kB
rightwinglet.obj09.09.17363.19 kB
stabilizer.png05.13.10683.85 kB
windows_LIT.png03.26.1714.13 kB
wheelwell.obj02.14.16239.85 kB
cockpitdoor-700.obj03.21.17581.00 kB
mainwheelwell.png04.17.10803.21 kB
lights-800.obj09.16.1713.57 kB
mcp.png12.31.14541.92 kB
FMC.obj10.21.161.53 MB
mainpanel.obj04.29.186.75 MB
newcabin.png04.25.162.73 MB
cargo_comp_LIT.png01.28.16631.51 kB
fin.png03.20.1616.00 MB
fuselage.obj10.23.174.94 MB
nosegear.obj05.16.162.03 MB
pedestral.png05.15.161.88 MB
flightdeckseat.png12.26.151.56 MB
cabin-800.obj04.07.195.08 MB
rightwing-800.obj12.04.17489.70 kB
winglet_LIT.png04.20.16146.71 kB
windows.obj10.03.17214.40 kB
shell_aft.png03.12.161.45 MB
FMC_LIT.png01.05.14262.57 kB
controls.obj03.11.172.74 MB
fin_LIT.png04.20.161.15 MB
leftwing-800.png02.06.1764.02 MB
rightengine.obj06.02.16688.63 kB
newcabin_LIT.png04.25.162.78 MB
throttle_quadrant_LIT.png06.08.14977.81 kB
pedestral_blank.png06.28.1572.21 kB
overheadpanel.obj03.16.1913.95 MB
fuselage_LIT.png04.20.16488.01 kB
leftwing-800_LIT.png03.29.1718.15 kB
stabilizer_LIT.png05.10.1018.47 kB
mainwheelwell_LIT.png05.10.10520.99 kB
cockpitdoor_LIT.png04.17.163.66 MB
controls.png08.05.141.20 MB
leftwing-800.obj12.04.17494.32 kB
windows.png03.26.17760.00 kB
shell_aft.obj04.30.1632.17 MB
throttle_quadrant.png06.18.141.56 MB
throttle_quadrant-800.obj03.31.193.47 MB
shell_aft_LIT.png03.12.161.17 MB
overheadpanel.png04.02.192.42 MB
controls_LIT.png08.03.14944.57 kB
leftengine.obj06.02.161.66 MB
fin.obj04.08.18357.01 kB
overheadpanel_LIT.png04.02.192.34 MB
cabin_LIT.png03.29.172.99 MB
fuselage.png04.19.1664.01 MB
newcabin.obj04.25.16933.34 kB
mainpanel.png04.15.182.47 MB
shell_LIT.png03.24.193.94 MB
FMC.png01.05.14430.20 kB
mcp.obj01.02.193.00 MB
rightwing-800.png02.06.1764.02 MB
mcp_LIT.png12.31.14475.42 kB
flightdeckseat.obj03.11.173.81 MB
pedestral.obj05.15.166.95 MB
cabin.png03.18.174.18 MB
mainpanel_LIT.png04.15.182.40 MB
nosegear.png04.24.10947.68 kB
AviTab.json03.31.19185 B
cockpit_3d03.06.190 B
EFIS10.29.160 B
EFIS maps08.14.130 B
map_s_HM.png12.01.073.21 kB
map_s_HM.txt04.03.05118 B
map_s_HM-3.png09.02.123.66 kB
map_s_HM-2.png09.02.123.69 kB
map_s_HM-1.png09.02.123.42 kB
map_s_HM-4.png09.02.123.36 kB
radios10.27.130 B
GPS FMS10.28.130 B
FMS-4.png10.27.136.29 kB
FMS.png10.27.134.21 kB
-PANELS-10.21.160 B
swap10.23.150 B
-PANEL-reference.png10.16.15871.87 kB
panel_LIT.png05.01.1558.60 kB
panel.png03.06.19236.95 kB
panel_trans.png09.03.1278.84 kB
reference10.23.150 B
panel.png10.20.151.04 MB
panel.png03.08.19153.26 kB
generic03.06.190 B
gen_trigger-1.png03.06.19531 B
group.png03.06.19544 B
gen_trigger.png03.06.19544 B
changelog.txt05.01.1918.05 kB
README_1st.pdf05.01.1946.95 kB
this_is_x737-800_BBJ2_v550_for_X-Plane_11.txt05.01.19120 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


The x737 project has been one of the most commonly followed and regularly used X-Plane modifications out there, and users of the series will be pleased to know that a new release has been created for this package.

This remake of the Boeing 737-800 is hugely popular for the range of detail that it manages to capture, as well as making sure that you are capable of getting the most realistic level of performance from the cockpit as you can.

Version 5.5.0 makes various updates and additions to the overall performance and stability of the package, too. Additionally, smaller changes to the way that nose gear doors work has been included, ensuring that the aircraft can easily be used to full effectiveness once and for all.

The entire list of bug changes and the range of minor additions will give you a much more impressive response in terms of how it would have felt in the past.

It also comes with a range of new datarefs to make sure that the cockpit can be as authentic as possible. This means that the entire replication of the cockpit of the aircraft itself can be caught in a far more authentic and true manner.

This package is completely free to download. This has been developed using deep user feedback along the way to try and capture almost every aspect of the aircraft, including various new minor packages to help make the enjoyment of the package even greater.

A new livery package has been released that coincides with this release, too, providing you with more than 120 liveries in total across the packages that are available.

In the past, this release has been voted as the ‘Aircraft of the Year’, winning the accolade in 2010.

It comes with many new features such as 3D cockpits, enhanced performance and a new range of compatibility services that will keep the whole project working the way that it was supposed to in the first place.

These latest additions and improvements will make it even more enjoyable to fly in, removing a large amount of the errors and obstacles that once held people back when they were using this mod in X-Plane.

Lastly, various changes to the coding and the way that plugins run on various Operating Systems have been included to maximize the level of comfort and performance provided.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files.  Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them.  Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description.  For further installation help, please see our Knowledge Center for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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bram smitSat, 22 Jun 2019 21:21:43 GMT

The yoke is so unrealistic but the rest of the plane is good.

Mario TorresSun, 07 Apr 2019 15:06:17 GMT


I have only one comment to add: There is no way to trim this aircraft. I have to be doing something wrong. I have tried everything you can think off. Could you help me?

de clerck jpTue, 25 Dec 2018 21:45:28 GMT

one of my most realistic sim wonderful job of the 737 project team

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