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X-Plane 11/10 F14D Tomcat

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This finishes out the family of Tomcats to conform with XP10 - please read the enclosed Ready Room document for acknowledgements and more information.  No 3D panel - and won't be one -- beyond my abilities and available time.

Top down view of F14D in flight.

Top down view of F14D in flight.

Screenshot of F14D on the ground.

Screenshot of F14D on the ground.



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The archive has 794 files and directories contained within it. View them...

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
F14Dv1008.12.120 B
__MACOSX08.12.120 B
F14Dv1008.12.120 B
airfoils07.26.120 B
Flat Plate (very thin).afl03.17.1224.48 kB
Icon 05.29.120 B
airfoils08.12.120 B
NACA 0006 (symmetrical).afl03.17.1224.48 kB
NACA 63-209 (supersonic).afl06.24.1224.49 kB
NACA 64-208 (supersonic).afl03.17.1224.48 kB
NACA 64-208_3m.afl06.24.1224.49 kB
NACA 64-208_9m.afl06.24.1224.49 kB
Tomcat body.afl06.24.1224.49 kB
tomcat elevator.afl06.24.1224.49 kB
Tomcat glove root.afl06.24.1224.49 kB
Tomcat Glove tip.afl06.24.1224.49 kB
tomcat intake.afl06.24.1224.49 kB
Tomcat LERX.afl06.24.1224.49 kB
Tomcat main wing.afl06.24.1224.49 kB
cockpit08.05.120 B
cockpit08.12.120 B
annunciators07.05.120 B
annunciators08.12.120 B
APU_running-1.png07.05.122.86 kB
APU_running.png07.05.123.28 kB
but_ann_test-1.png07.05.123.70 kB
but_ann_test.png07.05.123.89 kB
autopilot07.04.120 B
autopilot08.12.120 B
autopilot select07.04.120 B
autopilot select08.12.120 B
EFIS_disp_HDG-1.png07.04.122.81 kB
EFIS_disp_HDG-4.png04.03.053.30 kB
EFIS_disp_HDG.png07.04.122.81 kB
EFIS_disp_SPD-1.png07.04.122.79 kB
EFIS_disp_SPD-4.png04.03.053.31 kB
EFIS_disp_SPD.png07.04.122.79 kB
ott_disp_HDG-1.png04.03.053.40 kB
ott_disp_HDG-3.png04.03.053.03 kB
ott_disp_HDG.png06.30.123.66 kB
ott_disp_HDG.txt04.03.05390 B
ott_disp_SPD-1.png04.03.053.43 kB
ott_disp_SPD-3.png04.03.053.04 kB
ott_disp_SPD.png06.30.123.70 kB
ott_disp_SPD.txt04.03.05896 B
ott_sel_HDG.png06.30.124.02 kB
ott_sel_SPD.png06.30.124.00 kB
console_autopilot_BC.png07.04.125.24 kB
buttons08.05.120 B
buttons08.12.120 B
but_apu-1.png06.29.127.93 kB
but_apu.png06.28.123.26 kB
but_arrest-1.png06.29.128.79 kB
but_arrest.png06.29.125.25 kB
but_avionics-1.png06.29.127.20 kB
but_avionics.png06.28.123.05 kB
but_camera_power-1.png06.29.127.20 kB
but_camera_power.png08.05.123.02 kB
but_flitedir_modeSC-1.png06.28.127.25 kB
but_flitedir_modeSC.PNG06.30.123.07 kB
but_HUD_power-1.png06.29.127.20 kB
but_HUD_power.png06.28.122.94 kB
engine06.29.120 B
engine08.12.120 B
but_fire_extinguisher-1.png06.29.128.58 kB
but_fire_extinguisher.png06.27.123.01 kB
but_generator_APU-1.png06.29.127.59 kB
but_generator_APU.png06.27.123.01 kB
but_igniter-1.png06.29.127.20 kB
but_igniter.png06.27.123.07 kB
fuel06.29.120 B
fuel08.12.120 B
but_fuel_on_off-1.png06.29.127.20 kB
but_fuel_on_off.png06.27.122.97 kB
landing gear07.05.120 B
landing gear08.12.120 B
but_gear_handle_HM-1.png06.29.1211.00 kB
but_gear_handle_HM.png07.05.126.68 kB
lights06.29.120 B
lights08.12.120 B
but_beacon-1.png06.27.127.72 kB
but_beacon.png06.27.123.06 kB
but_land_light-1.png06.29.127.59 kB
but_land_light.png06.28.123.01 kB
but_nav_light-1.png06.29.127.59 kB
but_nav_light.png06.28.123.03 kB
but_strobe_light-1.png06.27.127.72 kB
but_strobe_light.png06.27.123.09 kB
but_taxi_light-1.png06.29.127.59 kB
but_taxi_light.png06.28.123.01 kB
starter06.29.120 B
starter08.12.120 B
but_starter_HM-1.png06.29.126.24 kB
but_starter_HM.png06.29.124.26 kB
EFIS06.28.120 B
EFIS08.12.120 B
but_map_mode_HSI-1.png06.28.128.87 kB
but_map_mode_HSI.png04.03.053.24 kB
but_map_zoom-1.png06.28.1213.99 kB
but_map_zoom.png04.03.053.40 kB
flaps06.29.120 B
flaps08.12.120 B
han_flap_HM-1.png06.29.123.99 kB
han_flap_HM.png04.03.055.18 kB
han_flap_HM.txt04.03.0564 B
fuel06.28.120 B
fuel_dig_all_GA-4.png04.03.053.26 kB
fuel_dig_all_GA.png06.28.123.66 kB
fuel08.12.120 B
handles06.29.120 B
han_sbrake1-1.png06.29.123.77 kB
handles08.12.120 B
han_sbrake1.png04.03.055.10 kB
han_sbrake1.txt04.03.0563 B
han_thro_linear-1.png06.29.124.43 kB
han_thro_linear.png04.03.054.95 kB
han_thro_linear.txt04.03.0564 B
Icon 05.29.120 B
nav displays07.05.120 B
nav displays08.12.120 B
RMIs07.05.120 B
RMI_NADF12_HM-1.png04.03.056.75 kB
RMI_NADF12_HM-2.png04.03.055.69 kB
RMI_NADF12_HM-3.png04.03.0511.23 kB
RMI_NADF12_HM-4.png04.03.058.13 kB
RMI_NADF12_HM.png07.05.1215.27 kB
RMIs08.12.120 B
radios07.04.120 B
radios08.12.120 B
GPS FMS07.04.120 B
GPS FMS08.12.120 B
GPS_HM.png07.04.1212.52 kB
NAV COM06.29.120 B
rad_NAVCOMADF_HM-1.png04.03.055.15 kB
rad_NAVCOMADF_HM-2.png04.03.052.93 kB
rad_NAVCOMADF_HM-4.png04.03.053.29 kB
rad_NAVCOMADF_HM.png06.29.1219.14 kB
NAV COM08.12.120 B
transponder06.29.120 B
transponder_HM-1.png06.29.126.42 kB
transponder08.12.120 B
transponder_HM-2.png08.27.103.07 kB
transponder_HM-4.png04.03.053.26 kB
transponder_HM.png06.29.1210.70 kB
rheostats07.04.120 B
rheostats08.12.120 B
rhe_baro_GA.png07.04.124.42 kB
rhe_HUD_brt_GA.png07.04.124.66 kB
rhe_instrument_brt_GA.png07.04.124.33 kB
rhe_OBS_any_GA.png07.04.124.56 kB
standard six06.29.120 B
standard six08.12.120 B
altimeters06.29.120 B
radioalt_linear-1.png04.03.059.92 kB
radioalt_linear-2.png04.03.053.37 kB
radioalt_linear-3.png10.04.064.40 kB
radioalt_linear-4.png10.04.064.87 kB
radioalt_linear.png06.29.128.00 kB
altimeters08.12.120 B
radioalt_linear.txt04.03.05197 B
HSIs07.05.120 B
HSIs08.12.120 B
but_HSI_12GPS-1.png06.28.127.53 kB
but_HSI_12GPS.png06.30.123.21 kB
HSI_12GPS_HM-1.png04.03.0510.03 kB
HSI_12GPS_HM-2.png04.03.059.52 kB
HSI_12GPS_HM-3.png04.03.054.01 kB
HSI_12GPS_HM-4.png04.03.053.41 kB
HSI_12GPS_HM.png07.05.1218.93 kB
HSI_12GPS_HM.txt02.24.06456 B
weapons08.05.120 B
weapons08.12.120 B
console copy.png04.03.057.74 kB
console.png08.05.127.75 kB
console.txt05.23.06132 B
consoleOLD.png08.05.1210.70 kB
fire_mode-1.png04.03.058.02 kB
fire_mode.png04.03.053.47 kB
TV_guide-1.png03.12.072.77 kB
TV_guide.png03.12.079.17 kB
TV_guide.txt03.15.0652 B
F14B-D.acf08.11.125.45 MB
F14B-D_cockpit.obj03.31.10146.05 kB
F14B-D_icon.png08.12.1255.65 kB
F14B-D_paint.png07.29.121.71 MB
F14B-D_paint2.png07.29.121.75 MB
F14B-D_paint2_lit.png04.29.1237.65 kB
F14B-D_paint_lit.png04.06.1134.46 kB
Icon 04.26.110 B
liveries07.29.120 B
liveries08.12.120 B
Icon 04.28.110 B
VF-1 Wolfpack07.29.120 B
VF-1 Wolfpack08.12.120 B
F14B-D_paint.png07.29.121.71 MB
F14B-D_paint2.png07.29.121.58 MB
Icon 04.28.110 B
objects07.29.120 B
objects08.12.120 B
hookf14B.bmp08.06.10192.05 kB
VF-101 Grim Reapers07.29.120 B
VF-101 Grim Reapers08.12.120 B
F14B-D_paint.png07.29.121.62 MB
F14B-D_paint2.png07.29.121.67 MB
Icon 04.26.110 B
objects07.29.120 B
objects08.12.120 B
hookf14B.bmp08.03.10192.05 kB
VF-101 Grim Reapers LoVis07.29.120 B
VF-101 Grim Reapers LoVis08.12.120 B
F14B-D_paint.png07.29.121.97 MB
F14B-D_paint2.png07.29.121.95 MB
Icon 04.26.110 B
objects08.10.120 B
objects08.12.120 B
hookf14B.bmp04.10.11192.05 kB
leftpanel.png07.28.1216.59 kB
rtpanel.png07.28.1212.43 kB
SpeedBRK.png08.01.12311.55 kB
VF-102 Diamondbacks07.29.120 B
VF-102 Diamondbacks08.12.120 B
F14B-D_paint.png07.29.121.69 MB
F14B-D_paint2.png07.29.121.52 MB
Icon 04.26.110 B
objects07.29.120 B
objects08.12.120 B
hookf14B.bmp08.08.10192.05 kB
VF-103 Jolly Rogers07.29.120 B
VF-103 Jolly Rogers08.12.120 B
F14B-D_paint.png07.29.121.91 MB
F14B-D_paint2.png07.29.121.73 MB
Icon 04.26.110 B
VF-11 Red Rippers07.29.120 B
VF-11 Red Rippers08.12.120 B
F14B-D_paint.png07.29.121.52 MB
F14B-D_paint2.png07.29.121.62 MB
Icon 04.26.110 B
objects07.29.120 B
objects08.12.120 B
hookf14B.bmp03.24.09192.05 kB
VF-11 Red Rippers (early)07.29.120 B
VF-11 Red Rippers (early)08.12.120 B
F14B-D_paint.png07.29.121.31 MB
F14B-D_paint2.png07.29.121.40 MB
Icon 04.28.110 B
objects07.29.120 B
objects08.12.120 B
hookf14B.bmp03.28.09192.05 kB
VF-111 Sundowners07.29.120 B
VF-111 Sundowners08.12.120 B
F14B-D_paint.png07.29.121.73 MB
F14B-D_paint2.png07.29.121.62 MB
Icon 04.28.110 B
objects07.29.120 B
objects08.12.120 B
hookf14B.bmp08.06.10192.05 kB
VF-114 Aardvarks07.29.120 B
VF-114 Aardvarks08.12.120 B
F14B-D_paint.png07.29.121.89 MB
F14B-D_paint2.png07.29.121.54 MB
Icon 04.28.110 B
objects07.29.120 B
objects08.12.120 B
hookf14B.bmp08.06.10192.05 kB
VF-124 Gunfighters07.29.120 B
VF-124 Gunfighters08.12.120 B
F14B-D_paint.png07.29.121.60 MB
F14B-D_paint2.png07.29.121.59 MB
Icon 04.28.110 B
objects07.29.120 B
objects08.12.120 B
hookf14B.bmp11.15.06192.05 kB
VF-14 Tophatters07.29.120 B
VF-14 Tophatters08.12.120 B
F14B-D_paint.png07.29.121.49 MB
F14B-D_paint2.png07.29.121.50 MB


This file has an overall rating of 5 out of 5 with a total of 2 votes and 2 review comments.

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X-Plane 10.10+
File size
112.70 MB
Virus Scan
Scanned within the last 30 days with ClamAV and found to be free of all known virus.
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jeff blakeFri, 12 Jun 2015 20:53:28 GMT

im about to try to buy and download some new aircraft. im hesitant though because of my limited computer skills. i have ms x and would like to try some new aircraft please email me with some info on how difficult it is to download and if your available to help thanks much, jeff

Ronnie DisherTue, 03 Feb 2015 08:34:43 GMT

Awesome Aircraft all of them when I learn to put instruments in the AIs great I love them just downloaded the beta it's great.

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