FS2004 Cyber Air Holiday Airbus A320-200

The aircraft flight dynamics were modeled to represent a typical holiday charter aircraft. As charter aircraft normally do not transport any commercial cargo, we put a total of 174 passengers plus their luggage in the aircraft. Designed by Project Airbus. Repainted by Frank Eigenthaler.

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The aircraft flight dynamics were modeled to represent a typical holiday charter aircraft. As charter aircraft normally do not transport any commercial cargo, we put a total of 174 passengers plus their luggage in the aircraft. Designed by Project Airbus. Repainted by Frank Eigenthaler.

The Airbus A320 is one of the world's leading short to medium ranged airliners. Since its introduction in 1984, the A320 has been incredibly successful, with well over 1000 examples flying today. Its' sophisticated fly-by-wire system was a technical masterpiece in its day, and continues to impress both pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike.

The Visual Model:

Our release of the Airbus A320-200 has fully animated control surfaces, gear, etc.

Manual installation can be achieved with the following

  1. Find your Flight Simulator aircraft directory. (E.g. C:/PROGRAM FILES/Microsoft Games/FS20002/aircraft).
  2. Place the aircraft file into your FS2002 aircraft folder.
  3. Place all contents in the 'Effects' folder into the fs2002/effects folder.
  4. Place all contents in the 'Gauge' folder into the fs2002/gauges folder.
  5. Please read the panel.cfg in our A320 panel directory for further instructions on how to enable virtual cockpit gauges and smoke system with 3rd Party panels.
  6. To open the other cabin doors and cockpit windows, you must assign them to the Water Rudder, Tail hook and Wing fold located in the Settings/Assignments of FS2002.
  7. Run FS2002 and select the aircraft under the Aircraft menu and you should be able to see it; we suggest you read the aircraft manual prior to flying before asking any questions in our forum.

The archive marlins.zip has 167 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Cyber Air Readme.txt06.24.04809 B
Read Me.txt02.07.044.27 kB
Aircraft06.24.040 B
CA-A320-200H-PA_FS2k406.24.040 B
Panel06.24.040 B
$mfd.bmp06.04.023.00 MB
$mfdzwo.bmp06.07.02768.05 kB
main_1024.bmp07.24.02502.05 kB
737_compass.BMP07.24.0295.51 kB
main_640.bmp07.24.02196.68 kB
Panel.cfg07.24.024.79 kB
Thumbs.db08.16.0232.00 kB
panelvirtual_c.bmp07.24.024.00 MB
upper_640.bmp07.24.0218.99 kB
FS2002FDE06.24.040 B
A322pb-cfm1.air07.22.028.75 kB
Aircraft.cfg02.07.0410.07 kB
FS2002 users readme.txt02.07.04611 B
model06.24.040 B
200cfmd2.mdl07.20.021.62 MB
Model.cfg08.20.0227 B
Docs06.24.040 B
A320 FDE.doc01.08.0434.00 kB
Read me Airbus A320-200.doc08.16.023.54 MB
Sound06.24.040 B
Sound.cfg07.24.0230 B
Airbus320-200-CFM56-5B4.air12.09.039.20 kB
Aircraft.cfg06.24.0413.70 kB
Modules06.24.040 B
FSSound.dll11.12.0113.00 kB
effects06.24.040 B
fx_beacon3202pa.fx07.24.023.03 kB
fx_beacon320pa.fx07.24.023.01 kB
fx_contrail_320.fx07.24.021.17 kB
fx_navgre320pa.fx07.24.024.56 kB
fx_navred320pa.fx07.24.024.56 kB
fx_navwhi320pa.fx07.24.023.03 kB
fx_strobe2320pa.fx07.24.022.44 kB
fx_strobe320pa.fx07.24.024.80 kB
fx_tchdwn320.fx07.24.024.54 kB
Texture.cybermarlins06.24.040 B
enginea_l.bmp03.03.021.33 MB
enginea_t.bmp08.19.021.00 MB
engineb_l.bmp03.03.021.33 MB
engineb_t.bmp08.05.021.00 MB
fuse01_l.bmp03.03.021.33 MB
fuse01_t.bmp02.24.041.00 MB
fuse02_l.bmp03.03.021.33 MB
fuse02_t.bmp02.24.041.00 MB
fuse03_l.bmp03.03.021.33 MB
fuse03_t.bmp02.24.041.00 MB
gear_l.bmp03.03.021.33 MB
gear_t.bmp07.15.021.00 MB
mfd2_l.bmp07.24.021.00 MB
mfd22_l.bmp07.24.02256.07 kB
panelvirtual_l.bmp07.17.021.00 MB
panelvirtual_t.bmp07.18.021.00 MB
revapu.bmp07.24.0264.07 kB
tail_l.bmp12.10.0185.40 kB
tail_t.bmp02.24.041.00 MB
wing_t.bmp07.24.021.00 MB
wingl_l.bmp03.03.021.33 MB
wingl_t.bmp02.24.041.00 MB
wingr_l.bmp03.03.021.33 MB
wingr_t.bmp02.24.041.00 MB
Gauges06.24.040 B
AIRBUS06.24.040 B
64006.24.040 B
ALT_KNOB.bmp07.24.021.99 kB
AROTOR1.bmp07.24.022.54 kB
ALT_KNOB_MASK.bmp07.24.021.44 kB
ALT_STRIP.bmp07.24.0291.93 kB
ALT_STRIP_1.bmp07.24.0231.68 kB
ALT_STRIP_MASK.bmp07.24.022.32 kB
Altimeter_Knob.bmp07.24.021.38 kB
Altimeter_Strip_1.bmp07.24.026.60 kB
Altimeter_Strip_1_Mask.bmp07.24.021.40 kB
AP_AltitudeKnob.bmp07.24.021.99 kB
AP_IasKnob.bmp07.24.021.99 kB
AROTOR2.bmp07.24.022.54 kB
BROTOR1.bmp07.24.022.54 kB
BROTOR2.bmp07.24.022.54 kB
MCompass_Background.bmp07.24.024.71 kB
MCompass_Linear_Card.bmp07.24.024.88 kB
nd_glideslope_bg.bmp07.24.021.34 kB
nd_glideslope_filled.bmp07.24.02268 B
nd_hsi_cdi_filled.bmp07.24.02424 B
nd_hsi_cdi_hollow.bmp07.24.02440 B
nd_hsi_tf_indicator.bmp07.24.02212 B
nd2_horizontal_gs.bmp07.24.028.10 kB
nd2_ILS_pointer.bmp07.24.021.25 kB
nd2_pointer.bmp07.24.021.70 kB
nd2_vertical_gs.bmp07.24.022.01 kB
AP_VSSEL.xml07.24.021.17 kB
AP_IASMATCH.xml07.24.02650 B
APALTSEL.xml07.24.02672 B
HDG.xml07.24.021001 B
galtbar.xml07.24.02966 B
MARCHDI.xml07.24.02518 B
galtimetro.xml07.24.02472 B
MGPSNAV.xml07.24.02587 B
MCompass.xml07.24.02693 B
MWLIGHT.xml07.24.021.06 kB
Multi-Function Display.xml07.24.0216.34 kB
102406.24.040 B
ALT_KNOB.bmp07.24.023.30 kB
AROTOR1.bmp07.24.024.74 kB
ALT_KNOB_MASK.bmp07.24.022.62 kB
ALT_STRIP.bmp07.24.02111.17 kB
ALT_STRIP_MASK.bmp07.24.023.87 kB
Altimeter_Knob.bmp07.24.021.79 kB
Altimeter_Strip_1.bmp07.24.0211.15 kB
Altimeter_Strip_1_Mask.bmp07.24.021.44 kB
AP_AltitudeKnob.bmp07.24.023.30 kB
AP_IasKnob.bmp07.24.023.30 kB
AROTOR2.bmp07.24.024.74 kB
BROTOR1.bmp07.24.024.74 kB
BROTOR2.bmp07.24.024.74 kB
hdg.bmp07.24.021.17 MB
hdg1.bmp07.24.02401.05 kB
hdg2.bmp07.24.0265.05 kB
hdg3.bmp07.24.02401.05 kB
hdg4.bmp07.24.02301.05 kB
hdg5.bmp07.24.02301.05 kB
nd2_track.bmp07.24.026.52 kB
Master_Reset_Caution_On.bmp07.24.021.97 kB
Master_Reset_Off.bmp07.24.022.88 kB
Master_Reset_Warning_On.bmp07.24.021.97 kB
MCompass_Background.bmp07.24.029.99 kB
MCompass_Linear_Card.bmp07.24.0210.82 kB
nd_background_overlay.bmp07.24.02626.05 kB
nd_background_overlay1.bmp07.24.02157.30 kB
nd_glideslope_bg.bmp07.24.022.64 kB
nd_glideslope_filled.bmp07.24.02432 B
nd_hsi_adf_needle.bmp07.24.026.52 kB
nd_hsi_card.bmp07.24.02156.43 kB
nd_hsi_cdi_filled.bmp07.24.02632 B
nd_hsi_cdi_hollow.bmp07.24.02960 B
nd_hsi_heading_bug.bmp07.24.021.36 kB
nd_hsi_plane.bmp07.24.022.21 kB
nd_hsi_tf_indicator.bmp07.24.02288 B
nd_hsi_track_line.bmp07.24.021.99 kB
nd_hsi_vor1_needle.bmp07.24.0221.72 kB
nd_hsi_vor2_needle.bmp07.24.026.52 kB
nd2_adf_arrow.bmp07.24.026.52 kB
nd2_expanded_rose.bmp07.24.02156.43 kB
nd2_horizontal_gs.bmp07.24.0219.07 kB
nd2_ILS_pointer.bmp07.24.021.46 kB
nd2_Ownship.bmp07.24.022.21 kB
nd2_pointer.bmp07.24.022.57 kB
ND2_Staple_Track.bmp07.24.026.52 kB
nd2_vertical_gs.bmp07.24.023.09 kB
nd2_vor_arrow.bmp07.24.026.52 kB
A320.gau07.24.021.11 MB
737-400.autopilot.gau07.24.0244.00 kB
airbus.mA320.gau07.24.021.11 MB
airbus.mGABPFD.gau07.24.02295.00 kB
airbus.mgear_320.gau07.24.022.54 MB
FPDA_A320_PFD.gau07.24.02295.00 kB
FPDA_A320_vs.gau07.24.02110.50 kB
HGHB_OBA320_SD.gau07.24.02448.50 kB
oba320_nd.gau07.24.02378.50 kB
PAVortices.cab07.24.02268 B
VCgauges.txt08.16.021.65 kB
CA_A320_marlins_2k406.24.040 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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