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Preview This is an update of my FS2004 freeware scenery for EDDB, BER (former Berlin Schoenefeld after its extension to Berlin Brandenburg Airport). Changes include updated taxiway and apron positions according to AIP docs; updated ILS (has DME) and approach routes with official waypoints; remove of E...

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This is an update of my FS2004 freeware scenery for EDDB, BER (former Berlin Schoenefeld after its extension to Berlin Brandenburg Airport). Changes include updated taxiway and apron positions according to AIP docs; updated ILS (has DME) and approach routes with official waypoints; remove of EDDT and EDDI (EDDI already closed, EDDT should be closed 2012/6/3); rebuild the old GAT area (the planned cargo area there isn't built yet); new tower and SMR (Surface Movement Radar) towers; corrects small errors (taxi labels, lines, lights); Parking spots at apron E. By Gernot Zander.

Screenshot of Berlin Airport scenery.

Screenshot of Berlin Airport scenery.


FSX is required. Remove other EDDB sceneries. Extract the ZIP file to a folder of your choice and activate as usual. No other scenery or addon should cover EDDB or EDDI, else you'll get a pretty mess. If you have GAP4, try to remove all files out of there covering EDDB and EDDI (I cannot check this - good luck!).

If you have other sceneries covering that area (German landscapes or so) give EDDB a lower number (higher up) in the scenery list, or you maybe will have trees or houses at the runway.

Stock airports in FSX cannot removed completely. Special problem: the old ILS and VOR frequencies of EDDI are used in EDDB now. This scenery contains "eddiweg.bgl" which darkens almost all lights at EDDI and changes ILS and VOR frequencies there to not interfere with EDDB.


BER should become the new Berlin Airport. Scheduled start of operation is the night from June 02 to June 03 2012 now, where the highway will be closed and all vehicles, office stuff and so on is moved from EDDT to EDDB.

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The archive eddb-2012-fsx.zip has 78 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
eddb2012.jpg05.01.1275.24 kB
eddb2012tn.gif05.01.129.38 kB
Effects05.01.120 B
ctrl_EDDB_spot.fx03.11.05295 B
fx_EDDB_spot.fx07.31.061.37 kB
Texture05.01.120 B
fx_EDDB_spot.bmp12.02.0432.07 kB
file_id.diz05.01.12756 B
install12.txt05.01.126.86 kB
Olddoc05.01.120 B
air1.jpg08.06.0648.33 kB
BERplan.png09.19.11253.84 kB
eddb11-1.jpg09.19.1186.27 kB
eddb11-2.jpg09.19.1147.94 kB
eddb11-3.jpg09.19.1149.82 kB
info06.txt08.07.0612.87 kB
info11.txt09.20.1117.58 kB
modelx.jpg07.11.111.16 MB
readme06.txt08.07.061.89 kB
readme11.txt09.20.111.42 kB
readme12.txt05.06.121.63 kB
scenery05.01.120 B
0bbi_excl.Bgl09.04.111.29 kB
bbi_gnd_5.bgl09.04.11705 B
bbi_gnd_9.bgl09.04.111.12 kB
BBIOBJN11_API.BGL09.04.11500 B
BBIOBJN11-lib.BGL04.30.12903.20 kB
EDDB_ADEX_GZ.BGL05.06.1240.32 kB
EDDB_ADEX_GZ_CVX.bgl05.06.121.10 kB
EDDB_ADEX_GZ_OBJ.BGL05.06.1229.11 kB
eddiweg.BGL04.23.128.93 kB
texture05.01.120 B
1dca13.bmp10.11.02170.75 kB
1DCA13_LM.BMP10.11.02170.75 kB
boden1.bmp08.06.06128.07 kB
boden1_lm.bmp08.06.06128.07 kB
CAR_HONDA_CIVIC.BMP01.21.05342.41 kB
Car_van.bmp01.21.05342.41 kB
CAR_VW_BUS.BMP01.21.05342.41 kB
CARGODACH.BMP08.06.0632.07 kB
eddb-newtower.bmp05.06.12256.07 kB
FS9_LARGE01.BMP01.18.05170.74 kB
Ftl_l_w.bmp03.18.05128.07 kB
Ftl_r_w.bmp03.18.05128.07 kB
GLASHALLE.BMP07.31.0685.43 kB
GLASHALLE_LM.BMP07.31.0685.43 kB
glaskreuzbbi.bmp05.06.1264.07 kB
glaskreuzbbi_LM.bmp05.06.1264.07 kB
Glaslila.bmp07.31.0685.43 kB
GLASLILA_LM.BMP07.31.0685.43 kB
groundber.bmp09.02.111.33 MB
groundber_lm.bmp09.02.111.33 MB
groundber14.bmp09.02.11341.43 kB
groundber18.bmp09.02.1185.43 kB
LAMPEGROSS.BMP02.03.05256.07 kB
LAMPEGROSS_LM.bmp08.13.11256.07 kB
logotex1.bmp09.05.11341.43 kB
logotex1_lm.bmp09.05.11341.43 kB
parkplatz.bmp08.06.0664.07 kB
Peeps01.bmp12.21.03512.07 kB
Peeps02.bmp01.12.04512.07 kB
TEXTURE - TERMINAL1.BMP03.26.05512.07 kB
TEXTURE - TERMINAL1_LM.BMP03.24.05512.07 kB
TEXTURE - TERMINAL2.BMP03.26.05128.07 kB
TEXTURE - TERMINAL2_LM.BMP03.26.05128.07 kB
Tyres.bmp04.17.04170.74 kB
zinc.bmp02.23.0821.43 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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Lennart VedinTue, 19 Jan 2021 14:30:10 GMT

Checked. Seams real-world positions.

fabnemWed, 28 Dec 2016 17:47:14 GMT

Nice job but there isn't any fue truck !?

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