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PreviewA new version of a flyable formation of four "Red Arrows" aircraft of Britain's Royal Air Force. This is a standalone package which features revolutionary display animation controlled by the user. It will not overwrite or replace any previous 'REDPACK' downloads as it has different features. Base...

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A new version of a flyable formation of four "Red Arrows" aircraft of Britain's Royal Air Force. This is a standalone package which features revolutionary display animation controlled by the user. It will not overwrite or replace any previous 'REDPACK' downloads as it has different features. Based on a new GMAX design by Mikko Maliniemi, with base textures and modifications for display team packaging by Kari Virtanen. Aircraft have display smoke effects and authentic 'Red One' voice commands (smoke and display) by Michael Ellis; full lighting, reflective transparent cockpits and moving parts. Brand new photoreal panel by Mark Beaumont features excellent visibility, side panels, animated mirrors by Kari Virtanen, many specially made gauges by Matt Kaprocki, HUD and TACAS Radar by Eric Marciano. Defaults to Lear45 sound

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BAe Hawk 'Red Arrows' Display Team 4 GMAX02.07.030 B
Aircraft.cfg02.02.038.79 kB
file_id.diz02.06.031.24 kB
model02.04.030 B
hw_gmax.mdl10.07.021.58 MB
Model.cfg09.25.0226 B
Original docs02.06.030 B
Copyrights.txt01.31.032.33 kB
file_id original.diz01.31.03636 B
FSSound.txt05.15.012.07 kB
panel02.06.030 B
culdrose.bmp02.05.03616.29 kB
lossiemouth.bmp02.05.03616.29 kB
main.bmp02.06.033.52 MB
Panel.cfg02.07.037.64 kB
redsplan.bmp12.06.02616.29 kB
scampton.bmp02.05.03616.29 kB
sides.bmp11.24.023.52 MB
tactics.bmp02.07.03616.29 kB
valley.bmp02.05.03616.29 kB
README_REDSGMAX.txt02.07.034.29 kB
reds.gif08.02.0211.73 kB
reds7a.jpg02.06.0360.84 kB
reds7b.jpg02.07.0397.10 kB
redsani4.air02.06.0312.94 kB
redsani4_check.txt02.04.033.30 kB
redsani4_notes.txt02.03.0329 B
redsani4_ref.txt01.31.038.10 kB
SMOKE replacements.txt02.02.031.01 kB
sound02.04.030 B
Sound.cfg02.02.03301 B
SplashScreen02.07.030 B
dlgsplash.bmp02.06.031.37 MB
SPLASHSCREEN install.txt02.07.031.54 kB
TAIL options02.06.030 B
2000 Millennium02.04.030 B
tail1_t.bmp02.03.03341.43 kB
RAF 80th Anniversary02.04.030 B
tail1_t.bmp02.03.03341.43 kB
TAIL options.jpg02.03.0333.49 kB
TAIL options.txt02.07.032.87 kB
texture02.07.030 B
chrome_t.bmp09.25.025.43 kB
fuse_t.bmp02.06.031.33 MB
gear1.bmp10.04.0217.05 kB
gear2.bmp10.04.0217.05 kB
glass_t.bmp09.25.02341.43 kB
intakes_t.bmp02.02.03341.43 kB
kypara_t.bmp10.15.0285.43 kB
light.bmp09.25.025.05 kB
maski_t.bmp10.15.0285.43 kB
panel.bmp02.07.0365.05 kB
panel_LM.bmp01.30.0365.05 kB
pilot_clothes.bmp10.22.02682.75 kB
seat.bmp09.25.025.05 kB
tail1_t.bmp01.30.03341.43 kB
tail2_t.bmp01.30.03341.43 kB
tail3_t.bmp01.30.03341.43 kB
tail4_t.bmp01.30.03341.43 kB
Thumbs.db01.30.036.00 kB
wing_t.bmp02.02.031.33 MB
aircraft02.03.030 B
fx_redssmoke_blue.fx12.16.011.16 kB
fx_redssmoke_red.fx12.16.011.16 kB
fx_redssmoke_white.fx12.16.011.16 kB
effects02.04.030 B
myflts02.04.030 B
REDS4 at RAF Lossiemouth Scotland.FLT02.05.038.05 kB
REDS4 at RAF Lossiemouth Scotland.WX02.03.03272 B
REDS4 at RAF Scampton Lincolnshire.FLT02.05.037.93 kB
REDS4 at RAF Scampton Lincolnshire.WX02.03.0396 B
REDS4 at RAF Valley Wales.FLT02.05.038.03 kB
REDS4 at RAF Valley Wales.WX02.03.03596 B
REDS4 at RN Culdrose Cornwall.FLT02.06.037.97 kB
REDS4 at RN Culdrose Cornwall.WX02.03.03456 B
REDS4 Biggin Hill to Manston.PLN02.02.03639 B
REDS4 Manston to Biggin Hill.PLN02.02.03655 B
flights02.02.030 B
altimeter.gau12.15.0130.50 kB
as532_map.gau10.11.02168.00 kB
Beech_1900cd_AUTOPILOT.gau01.13.01100.50 kB
c182swit.gau01.27.0047.00 kB
Fab737_rmi.gau12.22.01248.00 kB
FAF.adf.gau02.06.03180.00 kB
FAF.comm.gau02.07.03124.00 kB
FAF.hydraulic_pressure.gau02.06.0352.00 kB
FAF.nav.gau02.07.03172.00 kB
FAF.throttle.gau11.22.02320.00 kB
FAF.warnings.gau02.06.0372.00 kB
Hawk.formation.gau02.03.0368.00 kB
Hawk.smoke.gau08.06.0296.00 kB
Hawk.stopwatch.gau08.07.02216.00 kB
Hawk_Turn.gau10.08.01143.00 kB
HWegt.1.gau01.17.97119.00 kB
hwfaf_compas.gau02.11.02176.00 kB
HWff.1.gau01.20.97117.50 kB
HWlgr.gau11.02.9745.00 kB
hwpeili.cab02.02.03470.61 kB
hwpeiliREDS.CAB11.25.02471.17 kB
HWspo.gau11.24.9719.50 kB
HW_ATR.gau01.06.0048.50 kB
HW_dfd_ice_warning.gau07.22.9956.00 kB
HW_DME.gau07.24.0051.50 kB
HW_Fla.gau02.27.00118.50 kB
HW_fsd_adi_0001.gau07.16.00305.50 kB
HW_fsd_clock.gau07.22.00122.50 kB
HW_fsd_hsi.gau07.16.00376.00 kB
HW_fsd_rf4.rpm.1.gau01.20.97119.00 kB
HW_fsd_vsi_0001.gau05.19.02135.00 kB
HW_FuelQuantity.gau01.20.97109.50 kB
HW_Os_accl1.gau01.20.97156.00 kB
HW_OXY.gau09.07.02100.00 kB
HW_PB.gau11.21.9985.00 kB
HW_SBK.gau10.15.9841.00 kB
HW_Wos.gau11.21.9985.00 kB
HW_Wst.gau11.21.9985.00 kB
M4000.gau07.11.021.47 MB
m4k_aoa.gau11.25.0214.50 kB
SimRate.gau10.08.0255.50 kB
TogglesREDS02.06.030 B
Icon_01.bmp05.06.021.42 kB
Icon_02.bmp05.06.021.42 kB
Icon_03.bmp05.06.021.42 kB
Icon_04.bmp05.06.021.42 kB
Original ReadMe.txt05.08.024.62 kB
ReadMe.txt02.06.03419 B
Toggle01_Icon.xml02.05.03293 B
Toggle02_Icon.xml02.05.03287 B
Toggle03_Icon.xml02.05.03286 B
Toggle04_Icon.xml02.05.03288 B
_pd_asi8.gau09.07.02286.50 kB
gauges02.07.030 B
FSSound.dll11.11.0113.00 kB
modules02.04.030 B
docpics02.07.030 B
img0.gif02.01.031.78 kB
img1.jpg02.01.0310.66 kB
img16.jpg02.01.038.50 kB
img17.jpg02.03.038.81 kB
img18.jpg02.03.0312.11 kB
img19.jpg02.01.0312.46 kB
img2.gif02.01.03964 B
img20.jpg02.01.0319.07 kB
img22.jpg02.06.0364.64 kB
img23.jpg02.07.0357.09 kB
img24.jpg02.03.0313.12 kB
img25.jpg02.01.039.62 kB
img26.jpg02.01.038.42 kB
img27.jpg02.01.0310.09 kB
img28.jpg02.01.0369.90 kB
img29.jpg02.03.0344.56 kB
img3.gif02.01.036.69 kB
img30.jpg02.03.0312.70 kB
img31.jpg02.03.0312.16 kB
img32.jpg02.03.0311.24 kB
img33.jpg02.03.0311.64 kB
img34.jpg02.03.0310.65 kB
img35.jpg02.03.0375.33 kB
img36.jpg02.03.0318.28 kB
img37.jpg02.03.038.59 kB
img4.gif02.01.037.64 kB
img7.gif02.01.03964 B
Thumbs.db02.03.03109.00 kB
XLBN2T.WAV03.18.00381.41 kB
FIXES for REDPACK1-6.txt02.06.033.73 kB
README - REDSGMAX.html02.07.0345.71 kB
README_REDSGMAX.txt02.07.034.29 kB
REDPACK7 PANEL in earlier REDS aircraft.txt02.07.032.39 kB
Red Arrows Documents02.04.030 B
reds.gif08.02.0211.73 kB
file_id.diz02.07.031.25 kB
README_REDSGMAX.txt02.07.034.29 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


Designed on the famous Red Arrows of the British RAF, this is just what you need when you want to fly in formation with the Red Arrows. As one of the most exhilarating and iconic images in British aviation, this should be a feature for all Brits and beyond to revel in!

Preview screenshot

The deep and detailed nature of the design of each aircraft ensures that you can fly in formation without ever feeling uncomfortable. A slick and cool cockpit has been improved with the intricate, high-resolution textures used on every panel of the cockpit and every rivet of the exterior body.

Making the most of the excellent base textures and with easy modifications to help change the way that the display team packaging looks, this makes it easy to fly with the Red Arrows and feel part of it all. Also, the awesome Red One voice that is such a staple part of the Red Arrows experience has been included as part of this.

An Authentic Remake

It’s these little features that help this to be one of the most comprehensive takes on a Red Arrow formation around. From the detailed mirrors that correctly detail what is going on around you to the panels in the cockpit that provides every feature that you could need and more, this makes getting into the spirit of the Red Arrows is going to become so much simpler as time goes on.

A great choice for anyone who is looking to engage with and enjoy a Red Arrows experience. A great choice for group-based role-playing, or to make sure that you can get around the skies in an aircraft design and formation that requires a bit of extra planning to get right.

With this, though, you can enjoy a GMax-quality model that adds an attractive, authentic flying experience that is so incredibly exciting. Whether you are from the UK or not, it’s always a pleasure to hop into the cockpit of the Red Arrows. With this mod, you can now fly in formation together and enjoy this feature in full and exciting flow.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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MLBThu, 11 Aug 2022 13:55:32 GMT

Please someone make this for FSX.

MLBSat, 05 Jun 2021 18:32:12 GMT

Please, please Please someone do this for FSX.

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