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Preview The Ghost Airport - Pennsylvania Collection is a collection of forty-seven Pennsylvania airports for FSX that used to exist but now are gone or virtually gone. The main thrust of this update is to install a newly found airport, Rodgers Field, near Pittsburgh. See the Readme file for more detai...

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The Ghost Airport - Pennsylvania Collection is a collection of forty-seven Pennsylvania airports for FSX that used to exist but now are gone or virtually gone. The main thrust of this update is to install a newly found airport, Rodgers Field, near Pittsburgh. See the Readme file for more details. The update also contains some minor fixes on a few airports. By Richard O. Finley.

Aerial view of Pennsylvania airport scenery.

Aerial view of Pennsylvania airport scenery.

Here is a list of the airports in this collection:

  • 5D7 Aliquippa Hopewell Aliquippa PA
  • KBDV Mayer Bridgeville PA
  • KBTT Bettis Pittsburgh PA
  • KDUB DuBois DuBois PA
  • KGRV Grove City Grove City PA
  • KHEM Harri-Emery Bradford PA
  • KMCR Mercer Mercer PA
  • KOIL Splane Memorial Oil City PA
  • KPNX Punx-Brae Marchand PA
  • KSRG Kearsarge Erie PA
  • KSCR Scranton Municipal Scranton PA
  • KTSV Col. Drake Titusville PA
  • KWAR Warren Warren PA
  • KWYB Waynesboro Waynesboro PA
  • P99N Peterson Memorial Tipton PA
  • PA10 State College Boalsburg PA
  • PA11 Taylorville Ashland PA
  • PA12 Benninger Tionesta PA
  • PA13 Erie County (old) Fairview PA
  • PA26 Keystone Emporium PA
  • PA28 Leechburg Leechburg PA
  • PA29 Blain Blain PA
  • PA34 Seneca Airpark Seneca PA
  • PA37 Patterson Heights Beaver Falls PA
  • PA41 Emlenton Emlenton PA
  • PA93 Conneaut Lake Conneaut Lake PA
  • PA94 Kylertown/Ames Kylertown PA
  • PA99 Old Franklin Franklin PA
  • PN23 Rodgers Field Fox Chapel PA
  • PN26 New Holland New Holland PA
  • PN28 Pittsburgh Greensburg Greensburg PA
  • PN41 Clearfield Clearfield PA
  • PN42 Brookville Brookville PA
  • PN44 Roulette Roulette PA
  • PN45 Penn Mead Meadville PA
  • PN51 Conway Conway PA
  • PN58 Buckstown Buckstown PA
  • PN60 Johnston (East Pittsburgh) Monroeville PA
  • PN63 Pierce Auxiliary Sharpsville PA
  • PN70 Hamilton Indiana PA PA
  • PN75 State College State College PA
  • PN77 Matamoras Matamoras PA
  • PN78 Vandergrift Vandergrift PA
  • PN80 Pitt-Wilkins Monroeville PA
  • PN88 Rhea Clarion PA
  • PN94 Kane Auxiliary Kane PA

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Screenshot 1

The archive ghost_airports-pennsylvania_update_6.zip has 99 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
5D7_ADEX_ROF.BGL05.08.121.64 kB
5D7_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl05.08.123.40 kB
KALT_ADEX_ROF.BGL05.08.125.49 kB
KALT_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl05.08.122.12 kB
KBDV_ADEX_ROF.BGL05.08.125.98 kB
KBDV_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl05.08.12440 B
KBTT_ADEX_ROF.BGL05.08.125.60 kB
KBTT_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl05.08.121.76 kB
KDUB_ADEX_ROF.BGL04.24.123.13 kB
KDUB_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl04.24.121.15 kB
KGRV_ADEX_ROF.BGL04.04.121.23 kB
KGRV_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl04.04.121.37 kB
KHEM_ADEX_ROF.BGL05.12.122.77 kB
KHEM_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl05.12.121.15 kB
KMCR_ADEX_ROF.BGL04.24.125.31 kB
KMCR_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl04.24.124.29 kB
KOIL_ADEX_ROF.BGL09.28.124.25 kB
KOIL_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl09.28.124.71 kB
KPNX_ADEX_ROF.BGL12.15.10963 B
KPNX_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl12.15.10553 B
KRSG_ADEX_ROF.BGL05.24.121.27 kB
KRSG_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl05.24.12678 B
KSCR_ADEX_ROF.BGL05.07.127.77 kB
KSCR_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl05.07.121.71 kB
KTSV_ADEX_ROF.BGL12.07.104.75 kB
KTSV_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl12.07.10917 B
KWAR_ADEX_ROF.BGL09.28.124.31 kB
KWAR_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl09.28.121.03 kB
P99N_ADEX_ROF.BGL04.09.1213.95 kB
P99N_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl04.09.123.37 kB
PA10_ADEX_ROF.BGL09.28.125.93 kB
PA10_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl09.28.121.76 kB
PA11_ADEX_ROF.BGL01.08.115.79 kB
PA11_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl01.08.11623 B
PA12_ADEX_ROF.BGL01.23.112.02 kB
PA12_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl01.23.11457 B
PA13_ADEX_ROF.BGL09.07.123.27 kB
PA13_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl09.07.122.71 kB
PA26_ADEX_ROF.BGL04.30.126.75 kB
PA26_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl04.30.121.13 kB
PA28_ADEX_ROF.BGL05.07.126.77 kB
PA28_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl05.07.123.51 kB
PA29_ADEX_ROF.BGL03.29.121.17 kB
PA29_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl03.29.122.99 kB
PA34_ADEX_ROF.BGL06.02.128.75 kB
PA34_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl06.02.122.94 kB
PA37_ADEX_ROF.BGL05.01.125.56 kB
PA37_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl05.01.121.36 kB
PA38_ADEX_ROF.BGL05.02.124.80 kB
PA38_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl05.02.121.38 kB
PA41_ADEX_ROF.BGL05.03.1211.71 kB
PA41_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl05.03.122.80 kB
PA93_ADEX_ROF.BGL05.10.122.30 kB
PA93_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl05.10.123.69 kB
PA94_ADEX_ROF.BGL05.09.126.25 kB
PA94_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl05.09.125.79 kB
PA99_ADEX_ROF.BGL10.25.111.91 kB
PA99_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl10.25.111.25 kB
PN23_ADEX_ROF.BGL10.15.128.22 kB
PN23_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl10.15.121.22 kB
PN26_ADEX_ROF.BGL05.13.126.21 kB
PN26_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl05.13.121.30 kB
PN28_ADEX_ROF.BGL04.26.1210.51 kB
PN28_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl04.26.122.36 kB
PN41_ADEX_ROF.BGL04.26.129.81 kB
PN41_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl04.26.124.61 kB
PN42_ADEX_ROF.BGL03.30.1213.50 kB
PN42_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl03.30.121.45 kB
PN44_ADEX_ROF.BGL04.17.12636 B
PN44_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl04.17.12931 B
PN45_ADEX_ROF.BGL05.09.12868 B
PN45_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl05.09.123.10 kB
PN51_ADEX_ROF.BGL05.11.128.82 kB
PN51_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl05.11.121.01 kB
PN58_ADEX_ROF.BGL12.17.101.59 kB
PN58_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl12.17.10403 B
PN60_ADEX_ROF.BGL05.08.123.02 kB
PN60_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl05.08.122.55 kB
PN63_ADEX_ROF.BGL12.12.10854 B
PN63_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl12.12.10552 B
PN70_ADEX_ROF.BGL05.08.121.92 kB
PN70_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl05.08.122.12 kB
PN75_ADEX_ROF.BGL05.08.122.12 kB
PN75_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl05.08.122.31 kB
PN77_ADEX_ROF.BGL01.31.116.86 kB
PN77_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl01.31.11553 B
PN78_ADEX_ROF.BGL05.08.123.44 kB
PN78_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl05.08.123.61 kB
PN80_ADEX_ROF.BGL03.31.122.86 kB
PN80_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl03.31.122.66 kB
PN88_ADEX_ROF.BGL05.06.126.43 kB
PN88_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl05.06.125.24 kB
PN94_ADEX_ROF.BGL01.18.113.29 kB
PN94_ADEX_ROF_CVX.bgl01.18.11929 B
Readme - Ghost Airports Text Only.txt10.16.1252.08 kB
Readme - Ghost Airports with Pictures.doc10.16.1219.42 MB
Rodgers - Airport View III.jpg10.15.12342.76 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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