FSX Blue/Gold Beechcraft Duke

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Repaint for Payware Model
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Blue/Gold Beechcraft Duke turbine exterior and interior repaint. A blue and gold repaint for the payware RealAir Simulations Beech Duke Turbine. Included are a new white-grey interior, a white instrument panel and white rotating beacons. See the extensive readme file for install instructions, and some other options for the RealAir Turbine Duke. By Wayne Sinker.

Screenshot of blue and gold Beechcraft Duke in flight.

Screenshot of blue and gold Beechcraft Duke in flight.

  • Unzip all files to a temporary location.
  • Copy file 'Rotating_Beacon_W.fx' from the 'For Effects' folder and paste in your FSX 'Effects' folder.
  • Copy the 'RealAir Duke Turbine White Beacon' folder and paste in your FSX/SimObjects/Airplanes folder.
  • Now go to the installed Duke Turbine at FSX/SimObjects/Airplanes/RealAir Duke Turbine. Copy, yes COPY, the following 2 files and 2 folders as a minimum:


Paste them into the 'RealAir Duke Turbine White Beacon' folder. Please go back to 'Realair Duke Turbine' to check that the files and folders are still there and have not been removed by accident. Note that 'model, panel and sound' in 'RealAir Duke Turbine White Beacon' are aliased to the original install of the RealAir Duke Turbine, so if you changed that title for some reason, modify these folders accordingly.

  • Open the 'aircraft'cfg' in 'RealAir Duke Turbine White Beacon' - check that you are in the correct Duke Turbine folder, and delete all [flightsim.xx] entries so there are no aircraft listed above [General]. Ensure [General] data is not deleted. There is no space between that title and the last line of the [flightsim.5] aircraft so it does not stand out.
  • Add the following above [General]:

title=RealAir Beech Duke Turbine N410E Winglets Ventral White Beacons
ui_typerole="Twin Engine TurboProp"
ui_type=Duke Turbine
ui_variation=N410E White Beacons
description="RealAir Simulations Beechcraft Duke Turbine - Please refer to the included documents and Guides in this package"

  • Scroll down in the 'aircraft.cfg' to the [Lights] section. Delete these lines:

light.5 = 1, -27.68, -0.01, 8.70, RASDuke_beacon
light.6 = 7, -7.42, 1.944, -1.69, RASDuke_Recogn

Copy and paste these in their place:

light.5 = 1, -27.63, -0.01, 8.74, Rotating_Beacon_W
light.6 = 7, -7.41, 1.944, -1.68, Rotating_Beacon_W

  • Save the 'aircraft.cfg' file, start up FSX, select Duke Turbine N410E White Beacons, and go flying.

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5

The archive rt_410e.zip has 55 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
FILE_ID.DIZ08.19.12360 B
For Effects08.18.120 B
For red rotating beacons08.18.120 B
Rotating_Beacon_R.fx03.16.122.51 kB
Rotating_Beacon_W.fx05.20.122.51 kB
N410E Red Beacon08.18.120 B
RASDuke_Ext_T2.dds08.19.125.33 MB
thumbnail.jpg08.14.1295.50 kB
N410E-1.jpg08.18.1279.14 kB
N410E-2.jpg08.15.1293.26 kB
N410E-3.jpg08.15.12251.43 kB
RealAir Duke Turbine White Beacon08.18.120 B
model08.18.120 B
Model.CFG08.15.1242 B
panel08.18.120 B
panel.cfg08.15.1242 B
sound08.18.120 B
sound.cfg08.15.1242 B
Texture.N410E08.18.120 B
RASDuke_Ext_T1.dds08.13.125.33 MB
RASDuke_Ext_T2.dds08.19.125.33 MB
RASDuke_Ext_T2_Oil.dds08.18.125.33 MB
RASDuke_Ext_T2_Spec.dds08.15.121.33 MB
RASDuke_Ext_T3.dds08.13.125.33 MB
RASDuke_Ext_T3_Oil.dds08.18.125.33 MB
RASDuke_Ext_T3_Spec.dds08.15.121.33 MB
RASDuke_Ext_T4.dds08.13.121.33 MB
RASDuke_Ext_T4_Oil.dds08.18.121.33 MB
RASDuke_Ext_T4_Spec.dds08.15.12341.48 kB
RASDuke_VC_11.dds08.15.1216.00 MB
RASDuke_VC_11_Oil.dds08.18.1216.00 MB
RASDuke_VC_11_Spec.dds08.15.121.00 MB
texture.cfg04.23.12136 B
thumbnail.jpg08.14.1297.53 kB
Texture.Panel_White08.18.120 B
RASDuke_VC_1.dds08.15.124.00 MB
Texture.VC_White08.18.120 B
RASDuke_Carpet_Tile.dds05.10.121.33 MB
RASDuke_VC_10.dds04.23.125.33 MB
RASDuke_VC_12.dds04.23.12341.46 kB
RASDuke_VC_2.dds04.23.125.33 MB
RASDuke_VC_3.dds04.23.125.33 MB
RASDuke_VC_5.dds05.11.125.33 MB
RASDuke_VC_6.dds08.05.125.33 MB
RASDuke_VC_7.dds04.23.125.33 MB
RASDuke_VC_8.dds05.11.125.33 MB
RASDuke_VC_9.dds04.24.121.33 MB
RASDuke_VC_Crossfeed.dds04.23.12341.48 kB
Throttle quadrant08.18.120 B
Black Quadrant RASDuke_VC_6.dds08.07.125.33 MB
Colour Quadrant RASDuke_VC_6.dds08.05.125.33 MB
RT_N410E.gif08.18.127.22 kB
Turbine Duke N410E Readme.txt08.19.1211.66 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

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