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FSX/P3D Spitfire MK 1A

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The first production Spitfire, the mark I was powered by a Merlin III giving 1,030 hp and a maximum speed of 367 mph. This is the mark that mostly fought in the Battle of Britain. It entered service in 1938 with 19 and 66 Squadrons. In all some 1,566 Mk I Spitfires were produced.

Spitfire flying over desert in P3Dv4.This model is complete and also includes a 3D Virtual Cockpit (VC) and is compatible with all versions of FSX and P3Dv4.


  • On startup, there is automatic engine smoke.
  • Then follow the exhaust flames with smoke.
  • Wing vortex effect appears by default at 2.5g or quick roll rate.
  • Continuous blue flames with smoke if the engine is running.
  • Wing cannon with flash, smoke, and falling cartridges can be triggered with the standard Smoke key (i).

It is much nicer however if you put the standard Strobe key (i) to the trigger from your joystick. You can change this in the Key menu.


  • Unzip " Spit_MK1A" into a temporary file and move the "Spit_MK1A" folder into the main Aircraft directory.
  • Read instructions carefully when installing the gauges, say YES...when asked if the gauges sources should be trusted. If you say no....most of the gauges are not going to work!
  • Leave all gauges in your panel folder.
  • Copy the effects into the Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator X\effects folder and the fx_tracer.bmp into the effects\texture folder.
  • Add the 20can.wav in your Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator X\sound folder.

Flying the model
This plane is a fair, noncritical but very powerful flying machine.

  • Spoiler key opens the cockpit door
  • SHIFT+ E key opens the canopy
  • Radiator flaps are opened by the close cowl key.


If you have manual rudder enabled, be ready to apply hard rudder and brake when you hit the throttle!  Better apply throttle proportionally and slowly at first.

  1. Parking brake on, start the engine, 1/4 flaps.
  2. Disengage parking brake.
  3. Hold enough rudder, brake to keep the aircraft straight
  4. Take off at about 100 Knots, wheels and flaps up at 130 Knots.
  5. To fire guns activate O-key or trigger.
  6. Approach at 25% flaps, wheels down at 120 Knots.
  7. Touchdown at 85-90 Knots. 

Like with the real plane, much use of elevator trim will be needed.

Developer: A.F. Scrub.


Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5Screenshot 6

The archive has 113 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Spit_mk1A01.08.190 B
Aircraft.cfg01.08.1915.02 kB
Aircraft.cfg.txt01.07.1913.02 kB
Effects01.06.190 B
20can.wav07.25.00307.08 kB
FSX_Wing_Guns.fx11.16.0710.48 kB
fx_engstrt_jenny.fx05.12.0611.98 kB
fx_tiremark_6.fx09.06.134.99 kB
fx_tracer.bmp07.26.062.73 kB
fx_V12_Exhaust.fx01.18.051.24 kB
fx_V12_IDLE_port.fx01.28.0514.45 kB
fx_V12_IDLE_starb.fx01.28.0514.46 kB
fx_V12_MAX_port.fx01.28.057.84 kB
fx_V12_MAX_starb.fx01.28.057.85 kB
guns firing.jpg01.08.19278.37 kB
in flight.jpg12.28.18557.13 kB
manual.pdf09.01.042.45 MB
Model01.07.190 B
model.cfg01.07.1950 B
spit_mk1a.mdl01.07.191.77 MB
spit_mk1a_Int.mdl01.07.191.44 MB
panel01.08.190 B
AH_spitgauges.cab02.06.141.18 MB
Autopilot.cab07.18.13112.88 kB
AuxPanel.bmp03.09.01127.19 kB
cessna182s.gau06.13.03448.00 kB
fighters.cab01.08.19607.89 kB
Panel.cfg01.07.195.61 kB
Panel.cfg.txt01.07.195.56 kB
Seafire_mainpanel.bmp01.06.04769.05 kB
Thrust.BMP02.24.0214.97 kB
WEP.gau07.16.0584.00 kB
smoke button.jpg12.13.18178.86 kB
sound01.08.190 B
CAGEAR.WAV09.17.9931.23 kB
CASTALL.WAV09.17.996.79 kB
CE1A.wav02.20.0290.89 kB
CE1B.WAV02.20.02128.17 kB
CE2A.wav02.20.0287.39 kB
CE2B.WAV02.20.0224.99 kB
CE3A.wav02.20.0283.16 kB
CE4A.wav02.20.0275.39 kB
CEP1A.WAV02.20.0250.81 kB
CEP1B.WAV02.20.0245.81 kB
CEP2A.WAV02.20.0227.81 kB
CEP2B.WAV02.20.0232.81 kB
CESHUTA.WAV02.20.0261.06 kB
CESHUTB.WAV02.20.0266.55 kB
CESTRTA.WAV02.20.0240.31 kB
CESTRTB.WAV02.20.02100.31 kB
copyright.txt02.28.02256 B
flaps.wav02.20.0239.89 kB
geardn.wav02.20.0276.18 kB
gearup.wav02.20.0288.31 kB
L.wav02.20.0212.88 kB
R.wav02.20.0210.93 kB
simplesound.cfg05.15.0738 B
sound.cfg02.20.027.61 kB
XCE1a.WAV02.20.0251.79 kB
XCE1B.WAV02.20.0267.81 kB
XCE2A.WAV02.20.0295.31 kB
XCE2B.WAV02.20.0252.79 kB
XCE3A.WAV02.20.0268.48 kB
XCE4A.wav02.20.02118.54 kB
XCEP1A.WAV02.20.0224.42 kB
XCEP1B.WAV02.20.0229.47 kB
XCEP2A.WAV02.20.0233.98 kB
XCEP2B.WAV02.20.0221.74 kB
XCESHUTA.WAV02.20.0264.73 kB
XCESHUTB.WAV02.20.0264.98 kB
XCESTRTA.WAV02.20.0229.48 kB
XCESTRTB.WAV02.20.0249.81 kB
SPIT 1A_README.txt01.07.194.02 kB
Spit1A.diz12.28.18338 B
Spitfire check.htm08.12.0438.57 kB
Spitfire_MK1A.air11.14.1711.58 kB
Spitfire_ref.htm08.13.043.37 kB
take off.jpg01.07.19359.03 kB
TEXTURE.DWE01.07.190 B
canopy_t.bmp08.16.04341.40 kB
exhaust_t.bmp10.17.04256.07 kB
Frame_t.bmp10.27.041.00 MB
Glass_t.dds11.20.1764.12 kB
gunsight.bmp01.07.1985.43 kB
gunsightglass.bmp01.07.1921.43 kB
intspit1_l.bmp08.14.0485.43 kB
intspit1_t.bmp11.01.044.00 MB
intspit2_l.bmp08.14.0485.43 kB
intspit2_t.bmp10.14.044.00 MB
intspit3_l.bmp08.14.0485.43 kB
intspit3_t.bmp01.07.195.33 MB
Leftbox_t.bmp10.26.04256.07 kB
p51h_pilot.bmp07.21.04682.75 kB
panel_l.bmp08.14.0485.43 kB
panel_t.bmp10.31.044.00 MB
propdisk3.bmp12.18.1785.43 kB
propstill.bmp09.25.18341.43 kB
sight.bmp07.22.04256.07 kB
spinner.bmp12.20.1885.43 kB
spit1_l.bmp08.14.0485.43 kB
spit1_t.bmp11.07.044.00 MB
spit2_l.bmp08.14.0485.43 kB
spit2_t.bmp11.07.044.00 MB
spit3_l.bmp08.14.0485.43 kB
spit3_t.bmp11.05.044.00 MB
spit4_l.bmp08.14.0485.43 kB
spit4_t.bmp10.31.044.00 MB
Spit_gear_l.bmp08.14.0485.43 kB
Spit_gear_t.bmp10.12.044.00 MB
thumbnail.jpg12.20.18210.30 kB
VCockpit.jpg01.07.19626.98 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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