MSFS Air Creation 582SL Ultralight

PreviewA fun recreation of the default FSX Air Creation 582SL Ultralight made compatible with MSFS by developer Alex Marko.

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A fun recreation of the default FSX Air Creation 582SL Ultralight made compatible with MSFS by developer Alex Marko.

Screenshot of the Air Creation 582SL in MSFS (2020).This add-on brings the legacy aircraft Air Creation 582SL to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. 

Based on the original FSX version and released under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using files and "assets" from Microsoft Flight Simulator X - this mod makes it compatible and usable in the brand-new Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020 release).

Version: 0.4.1.

The developer proudly states;

Wanna fly around your house? A trike is what you need! First ultralight aircraft in MSFS2020. Have fun!

This version is compatible with the latest updates/versions of MSFS as the developer states;

Version 0.4 and later is not compatible with earlier add-on versions, please remove it manually before install.


Extract folder microsoft-aircreation582sl into your MSFS Community directory.

How to uninstall

Delete folder microsoft-aircreation582sl from your MSFS Community directory.

Features and bugs

  • The original low polygon model from FSX
  • Uses the original WAV sound pack
  • 1K textures with 16K AI upscale
  • Uses advanced materials (normal/composition)
  • A single livery included with the pack (feel free to create your own)
  • Simple arcade flight model
  • Simplified gauges rendering
  • Landing light work (L key by default), strobe (O), headlight in first-person view (does not affect gauges surfaces)
  • Realistic and true-to-life specifications (weight, dimensions, engine power)
  • With the possibility to fly with motor or glide (just remove payload and fuel)
  • Included is a dummy pilot/passenger
  • Full native VR support

Developer: Alex Marko (thealxEECH).

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5Screenshot 6Screenshot 7Screenshot 8Screenshot 9Screenshot 10Screenshot 11Screenshot 12Screenshot 13Screenshot 14Screenshot 15Screenshot 16Screenshot 17Screenshot 18Screenshot 19Screenshot 20Screenshot 21Screenshot 22Screenshot 23Screenshot 24Screenshot 25Screenshot 26Screenshot 27Screenshot 28Screenshot 29Screenshot 30Screenshot 31Screenshot 32Screenshot 33Screenshot 34Screenshot 35Screenshot 36Screenshot 37Screenshot 38Screenshot 39Screenshot 40Screenshot 41Screenshot 42Screenshot 43Screenshot 44Screenshot 45

The archive has 228 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url08.22.1952 B
Screenshots06.07.210 B
screen-1.jpg06.07.211.21 MB
screen-10.jpg06.07.21875.91 kB
screen-11.jpg06.07.211.45 MB
screen-12.jpg06.07.211.55 MB
screen-13.jpg06.07.212.15 MB
screen-14.jpg06.07.212.18 MB
screen-15.jpg06.07.212.54 MB
screen-16.jpg06.07.211.63 MB
screen-17.jpg06.07.211.88 MB
screen-18.jpg06.07.212.23 MB
screen-19.jpg06.07.21358.91 kB
screen-2.jpg06.07.21965.74 kB
screen-20.jpg06.07.21370.34 kB
screen-21.jpg06.07.211.83 MB
screen-22.jpg06.07.21495.71 kB
screen-23.jpg06.07.21590.51 kB
screen-24.jpg06.07.21948.07 kB
screen-25.jpg06.07.21580.97 kB
screen-26.jpg06.07.211.33 MB
screen-27.jpg06.07.211.02 MB
screen-28.jpg06.07.21789.61 kB
screen-29.jpg06.07.21651.16 kB
screen-3.jpg06.07.21872.30 kB
screen-30.jpg06.07.21705.21 kB
screen-31.jpg06.07.21764.96 kB
screen-32.jpg06.07.21525.17 kB
screen-33.jpg06.07.21614.28 kB
screen-34.jpg06.07.21575.37 kB
screen-35.jpg06.07.21579.23 kB
screen-36.jpg06.07.21631.03 kB
screen-37.jpg06.07.212.13 MB
screen-38.jpg06.07.211.20 MB
screen-39.jpg06.07.211.21 MB
screen-4.jpg06.07.211.23 MB
screen-40.jpg06.07.211.55 MB
screen-41.jpg06.07.211.55 MB
screen-42.jpg06.07.211.63 MB
screen-43.jpg06.07.211.89 MB
screen-44.jpg06.07.211002.09 kB
screen-45.jpg06.07.211.18 MB
screen-46.jpg06.07.21403.23 kB
screen-47.jpg06.07.211.87 MB
screen-48.jpg06.07.211.62 MB
screen-49.jpg06.07.211.62 MB
screen-5.jpg06.07.211.10 MB
screen-50.jpg06.07.211.41 MB
screen-51.jpg06.07.212.08 MB
screen-52.jpg06.07.211.96 MB
screen-53.jpg06.07.212.08 MB
screen-54.jpg06.07.211.81 MB
screen-55.jpg06.07.21510.84 kB
screen-56.jpg06.07.211.54 MB
screen-57.jpg06.07.21540.38 kB
screen-6.jpg06.07.212.74 MB
screen-7.jpg06.07.21893.75 kB
screen-8.jpg06.07.21965.87 kB
screen-9.jpg06.07.21782.16 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.02.201.20 kB
microsoft-aircreation582sl05.07.210 B
Business.json04.18.21125 B
ContentInfo04.22.210 B
Aircreation582sl04.22.210 B
Thumbnail.JPG04.18.2126.71 kB
MarketplaceData04.22.210 B
microsoft-aircreation582sl04.22.210 B
ContentInfo_Thumbnail.JPG04.18.2126.71 kB
Marketplace.json04.18.21515 B
Thumbnail.jpg04.18.2191.63 kB
SimObjects04.22.210 B
Airplanes04.22.210 B
Aircreation582sl04.22.210 B
Aircraft.cfg04.22.213.29 kB
Aircreation582SL_check.htm07.27.0624.99 kB
Aircreation582SL_ref.htm06.08.063.03 kB
Aircreation_582SL.air09.04.065.73 kB
Approach.flt08.18.202.60 kB
Climb.flt08.18.202.60 kB
Cruise.flt08.18.202.60 kB
Final.flt08.18.202.60 kB
TEXTURE04.22.210 B
AIRCREATION_T.PNG.DDS.json04.22.21119 B
GLASS_MASK.PNG.DDS.json04.22.21119 B
M0MAT_BASECOLOR.PNG.DDS04.22.21682.80 kB
M0MAT_BASECOLOR.PNG.DDS.json04.22.21102 B
M4MAT_BASECOLOR.PNG.DDS.json04.19.21102 B
PROP_TRIKE.PNG.DDS04.22.2185.48 kB
PROP_TRIKE.PNG.DDS.json04.22.21119 B
texture.CFG08.14.06137 B
thumbnail.JPG11.10.20114.82 kB
thumbnail_small.JPG11.10.2033.58 kB
ai.cfg04.22.211.44 kB
apron.flt08.18.202.66 kB
cameras.cfg04.22.213.30 kB
cockpit.cfg04.22.214.78 kB
effects.cfg04.21.210 B
engines.cfg04.22.215.27 kB
flight_model.cfg04.22.2119.57 kB
gameplay.cfg04.22.211.11 kB
hangar.flt08.18.202.54 kB
model04.22.210 B
aircreation582sl.bin04.22.211.19 MB
aircreation582sl.gltf04.22.2155.63 kB
aircreation582sl.xml04.22.218.93 kB
aircreation582sl_int.bin04.22.211.19 MB
aircreation582sl_int.gltf04.22.2155.29 kB
aircreation582sl_int.xml04.22.218.93 kB
model.CFG04.22.21616 B
panel04.22.210 B
AirCreation_582SL.cab09.26.0790.14 kB
AirCreation_582SL_background.bmp08.11.06769.05 kB
AirCreation_582SL_popup_background.bmp05.12.0633.71 kB
panel.cfg04.22.21402 B
readme.txt12.20.201.34 kB
runway.FLT08.18.202.59 kB
sound04.22.210 B
Trike_01.wav05.12.06356.58 kB
Trike_02.wav05.12.06158.05 kB
Trike_03.wav05.12.06259.47 kB
Trike_04.wav05.12.06212.12 kB
Trike_GroundRoll.wav05.12.06234.12 kB
Trike_Shutdown.wav05.12.06311.50 kB
Trike_Starter.wav05.12.0627.93 kB
Trike_Startup.wav05.12.06308.70 kB
airframe_wind.wav05.12.06558.41 kB
c4wind4.wav05.12.06548.90 kB
c5wind2.wav05.12.06426.61 kB
c5wind3.wav05.12.06426.61 kB
cmtouch1.wav05.12.0622.71 kB
cmtouch2.wav05.12.0626.55 kB
cmtouch3.wav05.12.0616.17 kB
cmtouch4.wav05.12.0619.17 kB
cmtouch5.wav05.12.0622.33 kB
cmtouch6.wav05.12.0622.05 kB
cmtouch7.wav05.12.0619.70 kB
cmtouch8.wav05.12.0629.99 kB
cncrash1.wav05.12.06149.53 kB
cncrash2.wav05.12.06166.91 kB
cnroll.wav05.12.06227.71 kB
cnroll3.wav05.12.06337.69 kB
cnroll4.wav05.12.06464.21 kB
cnroll5.wav05.12.06486.21 kB
cnroll6.wav05.12.06357.71 kB
cnsplas1.wav05.12.06108.20 kB
cnsplas2.wav05.12.06104.20 kB
smblylnd.wav05.12.06627.18 kB
smwngscr.wav05.12.06263.85 kB
snwind5.wav05.12.06102.74 kB
sound.cfg06.30.068.30 kB
wind3.wav05.12.06123.46 kB
wind_general.wav05.12.06539.09 kB
wind_opencanopy.wav05.12.061.03 MB
wind_opencockpit.wav05.12.06536.12 kB
xTrike_Shutdown.wav06.30.06130.12 kB
xTrike_Starter.wav06.30.0619.29 kB
xTrike_Startup.wav06.30.0646.76 kB
xTrike_f01.wav06.30.06258.22 kB
xTrike_f02.wav06.30.06200.89 kB
xTrike_f03.wav06.30.06223.09 kB
xTrike_f04.wav06.30.06185.03 kB
xTrike_r01.wav06.30.06258.21 kB
xTrike_r02.wav06.30.06200.84 kB
xTrike_r03.wav06.30.06299.95 kB
xTrike_r04.wav06.30.06273.49 kB
xTrike_wind01.wav06.21.06269.53 kB
xTrike_wind02.wav06.21.06268.04 kB
xTrike_wind03.wav06.21.06528.07 kB
soundai04.22.210 B
AITrike_Shutdown.wav07.14.06130.10 kB
AITrike_Starter.wav07.14.0619.29 kB
AITrike_Startup.wav07.14.0646.73 kB
AITrike_f01.wav06.30.06258.22 kB
AITrike_f03.wav06.30.06223.09 kB
AITrike_r01.wav06.30.06258.21 kB
AITrike_r03.wav06.30.06299.95 kB
cmtouch1.wav05.12.0622.71 kB
cmtouch2.wav05.12.0626.55 kB
cmtouch3.wav05.12.0616.17 kB
cmtouch4.wav05.12.0619.17 kB
cmtouch5.wav05.12.0622.33 kB
cmtouch6.wav05.12.0622.05 kB
cmtouch7.wav05.12.0619.70 kB
cmtouch8.wav05.12.0629.99 kB
soundai.cfg07.14.065.08 kB
xAITrike_Shutdown.wav06.30.06130.12 kB
xAITrike_Starter.wav06.30.0619.29 kB
xAITrike_Startup.wav06.30.0646.76 kB
xAITrike_f01.wav06.30.06258.22 kB
xAITrike_f03.wav06.30.06223.09 kB
xAITrike_r01.wav06.30.06258.21 kB
xAITrike_r03.wav06.30.06299.95 kB
specs.txt08.26.20351 B
systems.cfg04.22.214.73 kB
taxi.flt08.18.202.57 kB
html_ui04.22.210 B
Pages04.22.210 B
VLivery04.22.210 B
Liveries04.22.210 B
Aircreation582SL04.22.210 B
Fonts04.22.210 B
Quartz.ttf08.18.2056.50 kB
altimeter_altimeter_background.png10.23.2011.83 kB
asi_asi_background.png10.23.2011.09 kB
compass_compass_background.png10.23.2012.51 kB
compass_compass_fixed_pointer.png10.23.201.05 kB
compass_compass_rotating_ring.png10.23.203.40 kB
fuel_fuel_background.png10.23.205.57 kB
fuel_fuel_needle.png10.23.20972 B
gauges_trike_1.css04.22.219.14 kB
gauges_trike_1.html04.22.211.13 kB
gauges_trike_1.js04.21.216.86 kB
gauges_trike_2.css04.22.212.23 kB
gauges_trike_2.html04.22.21459 B
gauges_trike_2.js04.21.213.26 kB
radio_radio_background.png10.23.2019.13 kB
rpm_rpm_background.png10.23.2011.54 kB
layout.json04.22.2121.51 kB
manifest.json04.22.21309 B

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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RHalkoMon, 14 Nov 2022 16:34:24 GMT

Same issue. 40 knots max and no lift.

XRayBobSun, 19 Jun 2022 03:26:41 GMT

Good job all on starting the conversions.

Carl KnightMon, 21 Feb 2022 15:00:26 GMT

Can't take off. Other downloads from fly away are ok. Is it me or the mod?

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